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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Amumu Build Guide by deathalo44

Amumu the Sad Mummy - Crying Death

Amumu the Sad Mummy - Crying Death

Updated on June 8, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author deathalo44 Build Guide By deathalo44 5 3 25,867 Views 21 Comments
5 3 25,867 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author deathalo44 Amumu Build Guide By deathalo44 Updated on June 8, 2012
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Change log

09/06/12 - Yes, its very late, but I'm gonna try edit this somewhat :)
22/01/12 - Unarchived this build, some little updates
20/12/11 - 1st update in awhile! Just updated Mastery Trees :) More to follow
18/08/11 - Update this again, added in Jungle path and Zoning Tutorial vids :)
15/08/11 - Dragged myself to edit this again to make it less wordy :)
08/08/11 - Preparing for guide review, finishing touches added
29/07/11 - Updated again (Lol, I seem to like Mumuishness more than any others 0.o)
23/07/11 - Wow, late update lol. Added AP/Tank Amumu
30/06/11 - Edited Guide (Fortify)
24/06/11 - Added in Jungle blue golem style
19/06/11 - Small edit in masteries, added some explanations for them
12/06/11 - Slight (late) edit
02/06/11 - Reviewed guide and made changes (removed AP - Tank Amumu)
22/04/11 - Fused Junger for beginners guide(Mine) (Amumu-style) with this
22/04/11 - Insert gameplay (I can't believe I forgot this)
21/04/11 - Published Jungler guide
20/04/11 - Drafted Jungler guide
19/04/11 - Finished general editing
18/04/11 - Tested edited build 1 and build 2
17/04/11 - Insert Build 2 (Tankness)
15/04/11 - Guide made
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General info

Well, this is my first guide, so it may not be good. But I hope you find it useful!

Amumu the sad mummy is a hero that usually goes unused in most games, but he can turn the tide in a team fight easily. It works with many other champions' ultis, such as Nunu's Abosolute Zero and Miss Fortune's Bullet time. Basically, any champions with an AOE or hard to hit attack will easily benefit from Amumu's ulti, and he is still useful with his other skills even if his ulti is on cooldown.

Anyway, build 1 is more of a pure tankyness build. Build 2 is jungling for beginners, focusing on tank.

Build 3 is unrecommended, but possible. Its highly likely that you can get a hybrid of the builds I made. I just did it up when I was bored.
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Useful Summoner's spells

For laning, I usually pick this few.

Heal - Useful all rounder, greatest potential early game. Since the dominion patch, Heal has been buffed. At later levels, it STILL heals a truck. But it is always best at lower levels.

Teleport - Saves time so you get into a teamfight, prevent/get a gank, save a tower etc. However, make sure the ward is hidden, since teleport reveals the ward. (If it is in the middle of the lane, its not really useful to gank there, they'll just see and run usually)

Flash - Good escape/chase skill. A backup plan if you missed your bandage toss, and usually is one of the best skills. It may no longer have a godly range (Teleported over one whole wall plus a fair bit distance once), but its a good spell to have nevertheless

Smite - A golden rule for most junglers is to take smite.

Usually, Flash/Ghost to catch up and another utility spell (Clarity if mana hungry all the time, Smite for Jungler etc) will be the best on Amumu
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Useable Summoner's Spells

Here are the usable spells that do work, but not as much, for Amumu

First up, the chasers.

Ghost - Chase to continuous despair and possible hits (It got brought down since you can actually easily chase up to enemies). This may replace Flash if Flash gets taken down.

Exhaust - Usually you don't really need this, since you probably have your stun, or your ulti for many.

Ignite - You may want this, but its preferred to assist more instead of doing most damage seeing you cannot usually finish someone off yourself. This stands alone as the only damagy Summoner Spell that helps. Use it on other tanks late game and use it on low hp champions early to provide maximum benefits (Tanks usually have a godly ton of regen, which is why Ignite can be useful)

And pretty much, here are the rest.

Cleanse - Possible, but usually you don't have to run that much.

Clarity - Possible, but it gets useless for you quite fast after mid game.

After having a team with 2 clairvoyances, I realised how godly it can be. Basically, we had insane "maphacking" skills :) However, it only applies for a small area and tanks don't usually add that much, so the cooldown doesn't change.
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The ones you may be flamed for

Revive isn't all that useful most of the time - You can get guardian angel instead. 10min CD boosts in making you want to throw this out of the window
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Cursed Touch reduces the target's magic resistence by 15/25/35 for 5 seconds. This can be useful to assist/kill opponent. It is Amumu's passive and helps quite abit. It upgrades at level 7 and 13.

Bandage Toss throws a bandage at target location. If it hits an enemy unit, Amumu will pull himself to the enemy, stun them and deal 80(increase by 60 each level + 100% ability power) magic damage. The cooldown is 18 seconds for level 1 and decreases by 2 seconds, cost is 80 mp and increases by 10 each level with a range of 1100. Useful stun skill and possibly escape by targetting Neutral Camps

Despair is a toggle skill that saps the opponent hp by % and additional damage. It starts off as 1.5% and increases 0.3% each time, and the bonus damage starts with 8 and increases by 4 each level. It is an invaluable skill against seriously high hp tankers with thornmail.

Tantrum is a skill that is quickly reusable if hit (reduced by 0.5 seconds) and does 75 damage + 50% of ability power (increases damage by 25 each level). Its passive blocks 2 damage per level from every single hit, a useful skill at early game.

Curse of the Sad Mummy is godly - an AOE stun around yourself. Bandage toss/Flash in and a 2 second stun for any enemy kind enough to enter. Useful for turning team fights around and can be used to kill 1v1 or 1v2.

Bandage Toss is pretty useful, but its cooldown is really annoying. However, adding it at level 1 may give a 1st blood to either the person you lane with or yourself, which is good. However, you can neglect adding it if you aren't laning with someone, or that you decide to play defensively. It can be used to stop opponents from targetting your teammate, save yourself by escaping via enemy creeps, but most important of all, gank and killing your opponent. (Luring your opponent to your tower can always lead to a solo lane 1st blood)

Despair is one thing that makes Amumu shines. This skill can do 2.7% of hp as damage, plus 24 magic damage on an opponent. This really helps against tankers, and since Amumu is also a tanker, you can always target your enemy and easily kill without attacking. (Don't bother attacking if the opponent is low on hp, just walk with him and spam skills on him) In teamfights, this may prove to be an invaluable skill.
Note : When Despair is on, towers will aim you if you get too close to enemy champions near it.

Tantrum doesn't seem comparable to the other skills late game, but at killing creeps, its relatively good. It also blocks some damage, wellcome to any tanks. Also note that Tantrum's cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds each time Amumu is hit (Except last second). This skill can be used to harrass and can be spammed to kill waves of creeps.

Curse of the Sad Mummy is the best part of Amumu. He stuns enemies within range, enabling your teammates to quickly kill the champions without fear of damage from opponent. It helps with many others' ulti which require aiming or AOE and pretty much can turn an entire teamfight. Don't hesitate to use if your teammates are low on hp in a teamfight - you may just turn the tide.
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Pros and Cons - Tank

    Great anti-tank skill
    Awesome ulti if used well
    Easy to get above 10 assists
    Syncronize with others well

    Skillshot may need practice
    Cooldown really long
    Easy to kill for a tanker
    Small range for ulti
    Dependant on skills
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Masteries - Tank

As a tanker, you would want to go 0 21 9 for masteries (Laning)
For most, its obvious as why I take (extra armor, MR etc)
For the not so obvious, I'll explain.

Refer to the chart above for a throughout version of what I add.

Anyway, most of it is relatively good to a tank. Base armor and magic resistence, Flat and per level health, HPregen, CDR for more CCs available in skirmishes, reduce damage in % and finally, 10% Tenacity.

Tough skin/Bladed Armor can be taken for a jungler (Unrecomended as Amumu is able to take on the camps w/o much help), Initiator isn't good (Bandage Toss usually works better), blocking 1/2 incoming damage with Indominatable may be good early, but not for late. The rest should be self explanatory.

Both Utility tree and offensive tree can be taken, depends on you want CDR and MPen, or movement speed and buff duration, or mana sustain.

Note : 10% off death timer is better than base mana, unless you are also going for the regen part

Some things to note
Try keep your masteries to ? 21 ?, seeing that its good for a tanker. At lvl 30, aim to get either utility buff increase or plentiful bounty. The EXP increase is also important, but can be negated if Zilean is on your team (passive +8% exp)
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Runes - Tank

I used to follow a guide, relatively similar to this. The runes I suggest are similar, or the same ones, but help most Amumu players.

space space space

Face it. In early levels, Penetrating through enemies' defences is good, especially since even normal attacks from weak champions can change the outcome.[nextcol]space

Seal of Resilience helps you tank better, seeing its the best choice out of most of the seals, as it gives carries problems. Can be swapped with Seal of Warding, preferably if you don't have Glyph of Warding.

Magic resistence against spammer type spells. Need to say more?

Flat HP will never go wrong early, and its almost a full 100 to boost your health by.
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Items - Tank

Most of the time, other champions are unpredictable. So, items may vary, but I suggest these items - they help in most situations.

Build 1

Basically, we start off with Regrowth and a health/mp pot.

Getphilosopher's stonephilosopher's and heart to boost hp capabilities and regeneration, as well as the 10 gold per 10 second boost.
Merc Treads replaces Ionian boots for much better tanking capabilities over Ionian boots. Also, you have little MR. However, Ionian builds is also OK.
Warmog is generally the best tanking item in the game and it can seriously boost your chances of surviving an onslaught from a gank. So, its best to rush it ASAP.
Banshee has a 45 seconds cooldown of blocking a spell and has some magic resist capabilities. It is generally one of the best magic resist items in the game.
Force of nature further boost your magic resistence and has a 0.35% regeneration added, with all your items, it makes nearly 200 hp regen! However, if facing a ton of carries, you may want to swap this for a thornmail so as to deal back damage. Banshee is usually good enough for magic resistence by itself
Randuin's and Shurelya's are basically useful items for slowing opponents close to you and speeding your team respectively. They also provide a healthy boost on your armor. Randuin's Omen slows the opponent 35% for 2 seconds + 0.5 seconds for every 100 magic resist/armor you have, so its really good for this build.

Build 2, the Jungler

Traditionally, you start with a cloth armor and 5 hp pots.
After going back 1st time, you should be about lvl 3 (at least). Buy a regrowth pendant and a few more pots.

As soon as you run out of pots again (or find that you have 1175 gold), go back to get aphilosopher's stonephilosopher's stone and a heart of gold to boost your cash.

For Amumu, I suggest Ionian boots of lucidity for cooldown reduction. If you go for a ninja tabi or mercury treads(most others are useless)

If you had gotten any boots besides Ionian boots of lucidity, go immediately for glacial shroud. Upgrade to Frozen Heart late game!

As soon as possible, after getting the basic few cheap items, rush for warmog. Remember to get and/or . Ruby Crystal isn't that useful as compared to the others.

Another important thing is your Force of Nature. Even if there aren't much spellcasters, the 0.35% heal is really useful seeing the high amount of hp amumu can reach. Remember to get negatron cloak as its 1st ingrediant for its magic resist.
Shurelya's Reverie is the next up your list. It gives Cooldown reduction as well as the boosts you already have from philosopher's stone. Also, it can speed up your teamates in a teamfight to chase down opponents.
Randuin's Omen is an important and good tanker style item. Its active slows an opponent for 2 seconds + 0.5 seconds for every 100 armor and magic resist, making it very, very useful.

Now, with your main, godly items, there is few you might buy. If you didn't buy Ionian boots, it means you are free to spam elixers, while otherwise, you will have to buy a last item. Guardian angel can be really useful when packed with your FoN which regens quite abit.

Also, some items you may consider :

~ Tank Items ~
Thornmail - Useful against carries
2nd Warmog Armor - If you need more hp, regen and armor
Leviathan - 2 stacks per kill, 1 stack per assist, each stack increasing tanking abilities and at max cap (20) reduce damage by 15%. But 1/3 is lost per death.
Randuin's is a generally good tank item with cooldown reduction (5%) and a slow on attacking enemies as passive. Its active slows down opponent champions around your champion for 35% in 2 seconds + 0.5 second for every 100 magic resist/armor you have.
Good item with some tanking ability and cooldown reduction (15%) as passive, with a speed boost to surrounding team champions when activated.
Frozen Heartreduces cooldown by 20% and has 99 armor boost, welcome to any long cooldowns. Amumu's bandage toss and Curse badly needs cooldown reduction, so this may be the best viable option.
Eleisa's Miricle If you think you can never reach Shurelya's Reverie and face a ton of CCs, this is the item for you, giving much needed Tenacity to help.

~ Helpful Boosts ~
Sunfire cape - stacks with despair for additional 35 damage as well as decent hp and armor.
Rylai's Crystal Sceptre - Your tantrum and despair, if spammed, with this item it slows 15%, same for your ulti. If you bandage toss, its 35%. Free slows with spells work well!
Spirit Visage - Cooldown reduction and heal/regen boost is never unwelcomed (not really useful at later parts of game)
Guardian Angel - Rebirth is useful, especially in baiting your opponent to go after you instead of your opponent and provides a possible round 2 fight
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Unique Items - Tank

There are several unique items for tanks in League of Legends, each with its own use. There are some items to note, and here they are :)

Thornmail is one of the best items overall. It gives 100 armor and a thorns effect against your opponent AD carries. However, this is NOT THAT GOOD. Unless they have 5 AD carries or your team is pure tankier than you, this isn't a good choice. The only times when this is good is when your opponent AD carries like to aim you, which isn't too good. However, this is one good item for you as a tanker, since it gives 100 armor at a single go, and discourages opponents to aim you.
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Gamplay - Jungle (Easy)

Jungling is really good in most games since they allow your team to have 2 others to have 1 lane exp, leveling much faster. Even if you decide to stop jungling, you can always lane and help to gank any champion after getting level 4.


1) Golems (Bottom/Top)
2) Wraiths (Next to Mid)
3) Wolves (Bottom Left/Upper Right)
3b) Teleport back to base
4) Blue Golem (If can) (Left/Right)
5) Red Lizard (If can) (In between Wraiths and Golems)

To give a rough overview of where the camps are, the area is written for both teams, blue and purple respectively.

After level 7, you won't have any problems NCing anymore! Remember to last hit with smite! Calculate the damage or estimate before you smite! In case of enemy junglers finding you, just save smite to prevent buffs from being stolen!

Jungling in general would be hard for beginners who usually do not have runes. Therefore, instead of going to the usual jungling suggestions, aka the blue golem(buff) and then the red lizard, this guide is specifically for beginners.

Anyway, start off with Golems. Ask your laning teammate to help with killing but NOT taking the exp from the golems. Maokai would be a really good friend seeing his Sapling Toss can help seriously without leeching exp ( 1-3 saplings can easily help).

IMPORTANT Smite! Use health pot before/ just after engaging golems!

If you have experience increase, you should have been the 1st level 2! Anyway, seeing you saved smite, go to the Wraiths (middle of map). Smite the Biggest wraith if you haven't, and engage the other 3 Wraiths. Try save MP by only activating despair or using tantrum only twice.
Go to wolves. There shouldn't be much problems by now. Heal whenever you run out of pots and none are activated so as to heal as much as possible.

Keep going in Golems, Wraiths, Wolves in order until you reach lvl 3+ without any pots. Go back, get a regrowth pendant and either level to level 4 by Wraiths and Wolves or else just go Blue Golem (I have problems with it at level 4, so try level 4 for safety). If you smite the Wraiths, you may not be able to get smite in time to kill the Blue Golem, but you probably can take it on without smite.

Red Lizard is your next target. Trash it and make sure you don't get pwnt by it. If you didn't smite the Blue Golem, you may have problems since you taken a lot more damage and regen slowly.

After this 2, just go in the same order of Golems, Wraiths, Wolves to maximize your exp gain.

After level 7, you won't have any problems!

IMPORTANT Always use a pot before jungling! Especially before you get your regrowth pendant! If you have no pots in use or in inventory, just use heal to get abit more hp to NC longer. You can ignore this if you are trying to reach level 4 before Blue Golems (Meaning you aim the rest of the Wraiths and Wolves 1st). Try to buy less than 4 pots after you get your regrowth - You probably won't use some!

Late game gameplay is usually similar to Pusher gameplay, just with slight changes in items (Not recomended to get AP build with Amumu Jungle)

Jungling is NOT a good option if the solo laner has a ton of problems. That kind of situation includes tower suffering great damage, solo partner dying a few times etc. I've seen enough games when the tower is destroyed before the 12th minute mark because the jungler was still being busy reaching level 10.
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Gameplay - Jungle (Hard)

Note : After a long time since using Amumu, I tried jungling with him again. This time, I find Amumu's jungling relatively easy, even with starting at blue golem w/o leash.

This time, I had taken my Chogath Runes, Magic penetration, Armor, Ability Power and Ability Power. It worked, and here I am to tell you. Its recomended you reach at least lvl 21 for masteries, and if possible get the runes, armor is the most important for you (seals), glyphs can be replaced by CDR or Magic Resist, marks can be anything, quints should be hp (But with my rune setup, I went semi tank/ap, focusing on helping my team reduce their MR and slow them (Abysal's Scepter/Rylai). Full AP for Amumu is not recomended even with the good scaling.

Note : Use pot whenever necessary

Start with Blue golem. If possible ask people to help you leash (Important in ranked games). Leashing is basically easy, usually done by ranged champions or champions with ranged skill, hitting the golem 1st to deal some damage OR drag them to bush. Either way, you take less damage while they suffer minimal damage, make sure to switch on despair as soon as the golems are leashed. There are 2 purposes in leashing, that is to get you hidden (make them think you finished or have teammates, so they cannot counter-jungle you). Use a pot as soon as you get damaged.

Note : You SHOULD add Despair. The % damage is better than tantrum's fixed damage (8 + 1.5% = above 20 dmg per second, tantrum is 75 dmg and cd of 10 seconds at level 1, reduced by 1 every hit taken, making it about 75 dmg in 4 seconds, less damage than despair (It is possible to take tantrum, but unexperimented. I'll try it soon)

Next, go to wolves. By now, you should be level 2 (If you added EXP increase) or close to it. Despair and if possible, tantrum a couple of times and kill. Save your tantrum/Despair after killing the big wolf, or just tantrum them to death. Either way is possible, tantruming saves you time (But less mana).

The wraiths is next, and a piece of cake. Activate despair in the middle of them and just tantrum. They won't be able to take it :)

Red Lizard. By now, you should be able to get your smite in about 10 seconds or less. Fight them with despair, activate tantrums to kill the small lizard and red buff :)

Golems. They are easy to kill with despair, save your mp, you are gonna gank soon :)

Pick either mid or bottom lane. This way, its best and you get a chance to kill someone easily. You should have 1 on bandage toss, 1 OR 2 on despair, 2 OR 1 on tantrum (Tantrum 1st would be better in most cases). After pulling of a successful gank (or even an unsuccessful one that all of you live), go to their blue golem and take it (If there isn't an opponent jungler, or if you have backup). As soon as possible, its best to smite it when you can kill. If your teammate requests the blue buff, let him take it, scout the area to prevent their jungler from smite-ksing the blue buff.

Finishing with your jungling, you can start ganking or just continue jungling if you can't gank. This is much more efficient than easy jungling since you get to lvl 4 before backing, as well as the fact that you get to gank (usually with 400+ hp)
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Gameplay - Lane

Remember this is a laner style Amumu!

Defend your carries as much as possible and let them get the kills unless only you can kill!

For tankers, there is no such thing as a 50/0/0, seeing that tankers usually don't have much damage. But I've seen some situations by my friends, etc myfoot1 using Malphite and killing enemy Evelynn without even hitting (Thornmail return)! But don't get thornmail cause of this, not unless there is a ton of carries (3-5)

Bandage toss is really, really important. It can be used to stop ANY channeling ulti, such as Katarina's Death Lotus and Nunu's Absolute zero, also, you can stop Fiddlesticks' lifesteal etc. Its important to use it to pwnt and disrupt.

~Early game (Level 1 to Level 6-8)

At level 1, add bandage toss if you aren't soloing (add bandage toss at lvl 2/4 instead if you solo lane). You should nearly always lane with someone since your bandage toss can easily lead to a 1st blood for your teammate in lower level games. Try not to ks since you are a tanker, the carries need wayyyy more $$ to get their items and therefore get more epic as a fighter. However, ksing is way better than not getting it at all.

Most of the time in Laning style Amumu, at level 1 isn't enough to kill, not unless your teammate has a stun/slow of his own (Laning with ANYONE with slow can easily give your team the 1st blood). Basically you tantrum your way to last hit creeps ( keep at least 100 mp ) and harrass your opponent. If your 1st blood attempt fails, don't use your potion, wait for regrowth pendant to do its work

Your fighting style is usually walking to your opponent and use despair + tantrum before trying to stun. This way, the opponent won't be able to run while thinking, 'Oh, I have a godly amount of HP to survive, there's no chance I'll die'. Easily trashing people.
Try using your ulti sparingly - only use if there is an absolute chance of killing enemies or saving teammates, don't go stun a whole group where your laning partner will surely die and you'll follow up. However, if there IS backup coming, just use your ulti, get them hit by turret and let your team finish the rest.

~Mid game (Lvl 7 to Lvl 12-15)~
Now, you'll get Ionian boots or Frozen Heart for your CDR, which makes it much easier. Also, your ulti may be level 2 and this makes team fights so ever easy. Now that you got CDR, use your skills much more. If you hit 2 people, there is high chance 1 of them surely die, if there isn't enemy backup, both will almost 100% die. If you hit 4 or 5 enemy champions, your teammates should be ready to faster kill all existing opponents before they can even attack back. Warmog should come ASAP for tanking, and following up, a Force of Nature for spellcaster opponents or Thornmail for alot of carries. Thornmail is optional if there aren't much carries while Force of Nature is important for its regen boost. Practice your bandage toss!

~ Late game (Level 13 - Level 18) ~
This is where you become the near unstoppable force of godly tanking (But still easily killable if they really try picking you off) . Try to kite(lure) your opponents to kill you while your teammates come to finish them off. A sudden reversal can easily disorientate your opponents plus the face that they casted most of their spells on you. Don't go too heroic though, you still can die if they really gank you when you have no backup! Basically, wait till their 1st wave of spells end and signal your teammates to come for the kill!
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~Jungle Style~
Ganking is gang killing, which can be done any time after level 4 (or level 6 for safety). If you do so, its best to aim mid as mid is probably the easiest to kill. Ask your teammate to let them push without being too suspicious, and before the opponent knows it, he may be killed!

~Laner Style~
Laner style basically allows you to gank any time at all, even at level 1. Just make sure you don't suicide and you stay alive as much as possible, don't dive towers unless there is an absolute kill and a chance to stay alive.
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~Jungle Style~
You can always go back to any lane that has lost a allied champion, preferably mid since you won't interfere much with the exp flow others get. This way, you can get roughly equivilant exp until your teammate comes, which is your cue to either gank or jungle again.

~Laner Style~
As usual, just harrass your opponent until its easy to go in for a kill!
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Pros and Cons - AP/Tank Amumu

    Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy does 1k damage each (Non-true)
    HP Burner (Over 5% per second)
    Decent tanking abilities

    REALLY dependant on team
    VERY fragile early game
    Dependant on skills
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Masteries - AP/Tank

I took a 9 21 0 build, focusing on Magic Penetration and tankiness.

Offensive Tree

Taking 4 increased base AP (or 3 with Summoner's Wrath), CDR and MPen should be a good option if you want to deal magic dmg.

Defensive Tree

Same as tank, to sustain yourself in early to late levels.
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Runes - AP/Tank

Among the best options for runes, I'll pick out these :

space space space

Magic Pen FTW

Great tankiness early game, and helps with overall tank.

Same as Resilence, now for MR

Picking either Magic Pen or health depends on the state of how you play, Aggro take Magic Pen, Passive take Health. Health works even with Aggro gameplay though.
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Items - AP/Tank

Amumu's skills all are AOE around him, with the exception of Bandage Toss. Since they usually involve Amumu being close up to your enemy, you MUST be tanky. A common scenario is a non-tanky AP Amumu suicides via hitting a bandage toss into a nuker and gets raped in 2 seconds. So, while AP is your piriority, tank is a neccessity.

Some great items based on AP but has tanking capabilities include:

Rylai is one of the greatest items on Amumu. The HP, the Slow, the AP are all great for Amumu. This ensures that you can next to always chase down almost ALL champions.

Another great item, providing HP, MP and AP. Usually for Amumu, you'll be spamming ALL your skills quite a lot. So you'll need some MP. Take note that that probably won't be enough.

A great item for Amumu. It provides MR and AP, as well as working like Fiddle's passive, which reduces the MR of enemy champions around you.

This is one desperate item for Amumus. Getting this means that you have to use it similarly to Guardian Angel instead of what you might usually use it as. It is much more important to use Zhonya's defensively so your carries won't get carried away (Lol Puns FTW)

Take note that you are STILL a semi-tank. I met with some scenarios where I left my team's main carry to die and regretted it for the next 60 seconds :P Its still best to act similar to a tank, but this time, make sure you deal enough damage as well.

Among your items, if there is anything to swap out, it will be Zhonya's Hourglass. Next would be Rod of Ages for another MP boosting item, but take note : Sometimes its worth drifting back as a tanker.
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Items - AP

Now, we have finished the 4 only AP/Tank items on your build. That leaves boots and Rabbadon's Deathcap... Does it?

Listed alphabetically, are your possible options where tankiness isn't that necessary.

Well, Archangel's Staff is a great mana item, the only thing that offsets it is your long cooldowns, which makes it unlikely to be a good item. Take note that you can spam skills in your spawn point w/o losing mp. It isn't a good item unless you are pwning, seeing that even the high mana boost won't be achieved.

Deathfire Grasp's stats is uncomparable to some others, but its gold earned earlier (Kage's Lucky Pick) as well as the active (30% of current hp + 3.5% for every 100 AP) nuke gives Amumu some great abilities. As Amumu has long cooldown, and this provides CDR, its great! Not to mention the fact that you already have long CD skills at your desposal, making it 5 skills that are castable :D

A great item for Amumu in my opinion. It is equivilant to extra 3 skills (or at least, the damage). Lich bane provides an alternative when you need a couple more skills to pwn someone before he reaches safety, and is an overall good item, giving slight magic resist on the way.

Its not that good on your, but is a possible option. After all, you aren't that tanky to hold it in, without a good escape (Bandage toss and flash only).

This is a possible option, being cheap AND useful. It gives CDR, good AP and mana regen, 3 things an AP Amumu should never leave home without.

MUST HAVE. It may not be as good early game (You'll die horrifyingly fast without anything else) but it is great in late. 30% AP is no small deal.

One great item to help your team :) As well as decent survivalbility from spellvamping back.
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Gameplay - AP Amumu

Gameplay of AP Amumu is quite similar to lane Amumu early stages, due to lack of survivalbility as well as damage abilities. However, this part is for AFTER at least 3 AP/Tank items, or a Rabbadon's Deathcap.

Your damage potential may come from [Bandage Toss size=20] and [Curse of the Sad Mummy size=20], but the skill you'll use more often is [Tantrum size=20]. Tantrum is easier to spam, as well as being great overall. Use Bandage Toss to chase, or use to do a 90% kill, while ult to get more than 1 single player (Even using against 2 people its worth it sometimes!)

Therefore, you'll rely a lot on survivalbility items to stay alive, while destroying your opponents with your AP Ratios :D

Remember to always switch on [despair size=20] when you engage :D Its damage is invaluable.
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Some things to note

Some champions have skills that will still work even after you used your ulti. Katarina's Death Lotus, Nunu's Absolute Zero are such skills that will still work even after you used your ulti on them.

Bandage toss does hit creeps, so long as they're not your team. So, to get more accurate hits, try position team fights further from lanes

Amumu's skills all increase damage with ability power, use it to your advantage!
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After reading this far, its timeeeee forrrrrrrr VIDEOS :D
If you didn't dutifully read, you deserve to be thrown into a dump >:(
Just Kidding XD

Here they are!

Shurelia's Zoning tutorial
Stonewall008's Amumu Jungle Path (The one I usually use)
Stonewall008's Counter Jungle guide
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This guide/build will be edited from time to time, but as for now, it is done.

Thanks to myfoot1, froggyfrog, gtd.kingshii and KingBisc for help in many games :)
And also thanks to Kryptix since your guide helped and inspired me to do this :) for his guide.

Thanks for viewing my guide! Hope it helps!
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Leave your suggestions here :)

Anyway, next up is photos for jungle :D
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