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Master Yi Build Guide by Kathalyse

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kathalyse

An YI like like no others... (Totally recasted)

Kathalyse Last updated on December 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Wuju, passez moi cette potion!

Hi, some summoners plays Master Yi like a AD glass canon, or they play AP Yi, or... some does not play Yi! I introduce you a new way to play him (not a revolution), MY HYBRID MASTER YI

Since the new masteries' arrival and new runes, Hybrid Master Yi will have more impact.

In deed, he is my second favourite character, so there it is.

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Pros n' cons on Yi

-Probably the best DPS character ever seen
-Generally, he is a monster on 1 vs.1.
-Owns a very good heal even he gets rooted.
-Very good jungler, probably the speedest if you use alpha strike.
-Every CD comes back to 0 when you kill someone with Highlander, this is what he makes him viable on every form (AP, AD, Offtank...)
-Basically Squishy
-Can be owned by any deadly CC...
-Easy to understand, hard to master...

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Hard to master that Master???

In deed, Master YI is kinda easy to play but, quite hard to Master, because:

  • He has one of the pathetic early game of all champions.
  • He needs some CCers to be effective when laning, or being in solo mid for well farming.
  • Farming is the greatest way for Yi's income, not kills (not like Akali)
  • Jungling with him is not so easy. (not like Warwick or Fiddlesticks

If you have noticed, our master is not so much picked at ranked games, because he is well countered...

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Pros n' cons of Hybrid Master Yi

-Cannot be well countered because he hits hybrid
-Can handle 1 vs.1.
- Alpha Strike and Meditate renforced.
-Still a good jungler because you go on AD early game.
-Can do some tricky actions with more efficient (turret dive, backdooring...)
-Extremely difficult to discern his role on a team fight because he deals not as much damage as full AD Yi or AP Yi, because of penetration (can be disabled with runes and masteries)
-Can be owned by any deadly CC...
-Maybe less viable than others form...

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There is a setup for our Master Yi viable but since the release of "hybrid" runes. You can take them, it is even better...


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

You can go for an other setup based on defense but it is less viable on Yi.

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You can go for 2 setups with Master Yi, at least for this one.

Full enpowerment, better late game but harder jungle, but it doesn' mean you will automatically fail your jungle.

The second setup is for aneasier jungle, but you will be less powerful at late game.

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Skills and order

: This is the skill which makes Master Yi at beast of DPS. In deed, uping AS will makes him more effective. Simply clever.

: This skill makes everything for you, harrassing, gap closing, bursting, jungling easy... More effective when you are AP yYi but still useful for dealing good damage. Take it at lv 2 and max it after Wuju Style.

: Decent one, makes you able to tower dive, sustain at the jungle etc... I take it at lv 4 and 8, then max it last.

: A very good "steroïd" which gaves him 35 AD passively at rank 5 and 70 AD when active. Notice that if you kill someone with your ultimate, you can reach 105 AD without any AD items! Max it first.

: This skill makes our master dangerous because it gaves him MS and AS. Moreover, if you kill someone, your CDs will be gone! Besides, it makes him able to multi kill, maybe Pentakill like Karthus.

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Summoner Spells

There is good, viable, and bad spells for Yi. Let's see...


: always a good spell for every situation. (ganking, fleeing, chasing, killing...)
: Same as Flash but I prefer Exhaust due to his lower CD, and renforcing it makes it better... A Must I think.
: hehe, with that YI is unstoppable, BUT! If you need to jungle, change it for Smite.
: THE spell for Jungling, even if you can without , TAKE IT, this thing can change the game. (Steal Drake n' flee to base, Lizard Buff n' kill the stolen, Golem Buff n' flee, AND... Baron Buff n' Win the Team fight n' Own the Game!)


: Always also a good spell to defend, gank and all... nothing to say about.
: gives you AP and AS. What else?
: Always a Movement Speed buff and the ability to pass through units, combinate with your ultimate will make you a terrible chaser, fleeer or anything else...

The rest is Bad? no, actually those are goods spells, but some will be taken by support, tanks... or it's just according to Master Yi himself.

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Items purchase

The begining.

-When jungling:
: A must of jungling! With the proc, the ward, the armor, AD given. Jungling has never been so easy! For Yi, begin with a
then you rush your lantern.

-When laning:
: Always a good item to start, you have to multi stack them (2 more)
Grab your boots on first back.

The difference beetween laning and jungling is your mode.
When jungling, your will be AD dominant, when laning your will be AP dominant.

mercuries's treads: always have those boots when you have to face 3 or more CCers. If there is too much AD and auto attacks based like Xin Zhao or Tryndamere take .

: Always take this after your boots. But you have to craft it on if you're jungling or if you're laning.

Build a catalyst the protector for building a because you need HP, Mana, and AP.

: maximize you AP skills with this. No more problems on Meditate or maxing Alpha Strike damage output.

: will help you to deal decent DPS, while decreasing armor. Gives you AS too.

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Situational Items

There are some situational Items that you can take instead of the items quoted at the previous paragraph.

Offensive AD arsenal.

You can take some of them you want to do more DPS.

Offensive AP arsenal.

You can take some of them you want to do more burst damage.

Defensive arsenel.

Dying too much? too much focused? So here some defensive items.

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Trinity Force vs. Lich bane


Those two items are really good but you can take (if you want) one of them. Because of the poke, if you want more AD, take Trinity force, if you want more AP take Lich Bane.

I actually like those items but, I don't take them because it will not contribute for the "hybridity".

Finally, gives some AD domination.
gives some AP domination.

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Laning Phase

Lane with Master Yi means solo mid, solo top or duo bot. At lv 1 take Wuju style for the AD scale, just farm until lv 2, which means that you have to wait Alpha strike to harass, farm better hehehe. and you can spam abilities with Doran's Ring so don't hesitate.

One Thing: there is a spell combo with Yi. Prepare your passive (Double strike), then Alpha strike on the opponent AND while Alpha Striking, Active your Wuju Style then double strike your enemy, They will not realize the damage output of that combo! force him/her to back, if it is done, you will crush him/her at last hits, and... dominate Your opponent! Start ganking, when LV 6, grab assists or kills! Easy with Yi. Continue like that until Team Fight Phases.

Don't forget that laning with Yi is better when maxing Alpha Strike because you harrass, last hit safely. Then later Wuju Style.

Miracle with Alpha Strike

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Jungling With Yi

Begin with a Vampiric Scepter

Ask mates to Clairvoyance when you need to keep your jungle safe.

Yi can begin Wherever he wants, depending on the item you take. Begin with golems, then focus the big Wraith n' kill the mini wraiths, and kill out wolwes, take at lv 1 Wuju Style (even if you can begin with Alpha Strike) then lv 2 take Alpha Strike. Then at lv 4, Take Meditate, then max your Wuju Style. Start ganking when you got the red buff for the slow impact.

If you are based on Alpha strike, dealing pokes is really based on chance. And I prefer Begin the jungle by wolves first. So it really has an impact on Yi's rapidity to clean Jungle.

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7/11/11: Publication of this build
8/11/11: Add of Situational Items, laning, jungling phases, and EDITS paragraphs.
10/11/11: Add of one sentence in Situational Items about Banshee's Veil.
24/21/11: Entirely recast of this build since the message of NicknameMy.

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Master Yi is one of my favourite champion because of the high potency of creating new forms. Some says that Ap Yi is a joke, offtank less, but they will maybe troll you. And to finish Hybrid Yi is efficient but it requiers a lot of training to master him...