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League of Legends Build Guide Author kyuibi

Assorted Champs i know well

kyuibi Last updated on March 12, 2013
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Xin Zhao

Xin is a melee jumping master. He is powerful when built correctly but terrible if not. Just follow the item build until after you get Hextech Gunblade. After that sell you berserkers greaves and buy guinso's rageblade. if you earn enough gold after that, then sell Last whisper and buy trinity force. All you have to do is turn on you battle cry as you aproach your target(s). then proceed to activate the triple strike move and initiate with the charge. Continue to auto attack until they are flung in the air. use your sweep at this time and continue to auto attack. keep using you spells as the cooldowns run out.

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Simple yet strong. use your axe throw to initiate. then hit your W then use your E. when your taking a lot of hits than use your R.

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One of the most simple and entertaining ways to play tryndamere. He twitches when he attacks instead of swinging and it crits <100% of the time. Spin to win into people and auto attack. when your low on health use your heal. if your near death after heal then use ultimate and rip them to shreds. use your mocking shout when they try to escape.

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Once you have all items but the frozen heart, go ahead and sell the doran's ring and make it. Start off by snarring them with your Q. then hit them with your W and auto attack. While they are snared, use your R and stay close to him/her. use your shield on yourself or whoever is getting focused.

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The order on this build may seem to be weird but it is quite effective according to my 18/2/2 score and others close to that. If you do well enough at the beginning , buy doran's blade for early power to get yourself fed making the rest of the game easier. use your q to check bushes without being seen.

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Yi i dont remember the items but he needs speed crit strike and life steal. Other than that enter with quickly hit your r and e then jump on them with q and auto attack until you can continue to use spells as needed


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