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League of Legends Build Guide Author sk1llzn00bz

[BadC Build Repository] Vayne, Alistar, Akali, Olaf, Shyvana

sk1llzn00bz Last updated on July 19, 2012
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BadCompany is a group of gamers from the westcoast of Norway (aka Vikingland) that have lately gotten interested in League of Legends.
BadCompany consists of:

D4rkZelda - The Chuck Norris of solo top and AD bot
sk1llzn00bz - The Bruce Lee of solo mid, jungle and support

Together, we are now putting together a Build Repository for League of Legends, containing builds for our favorite champions.

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Item Explanations

~ Will be added later, at least for sk1llzn00bz' champions

Added for:
Vayne - by sk1llzn00bz
Alistar - by sk1llzn00bz
Akali - by sk1llzn00bz

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AD Carry: Vayne

For my boots i take Berserker's Greaves for the attack speed bonus, as it is, in my opinion, the most viable on vayne, because it does not 'only give you attack speed'. The AS bonus, helps you get three shots on an opponent faster, which helps you deal more truedamage.

Other viable boots for vayne is Mercury's Treads for a little resistance against crowd control, or Boots of Swiftness for easier chasing.

Pretty self-explanationary, and every AD Carry needs it. It gives you the highest AD Boost in the game, as well as a crit-chance boost, and, the sweetest of them all, every critical hit you do will deal 250% damage, rather than 200%.

I pick this over The Black Cleaver Because the Phantom Dancer have a lot more to offer vayne. The crit-chance synchs well with the Infinity Edge, and the AS boost is higher. It also offer you a great movement speed multiplyer, that makes chasing or escaping easier.

I pick this, because without The Black Cleaver i need a way to penetrate armor, and Armor Penetration is a lot more reliable then the cleaver's passive is. Last Whisper also offers you a nice AD Boost. Not as much as the black cleaver, but again, Armor Penetration is more reliable than the cleaver.

Gives vayne some much needed life steal, and a very welcome AD Boost. There is not much to say about this item, as it is pretty straight forward.

This item is so good on vayne. It offers an AD Boost, AS Boost, MS Multiplyer, some health, crit chance, etc. The list goes on. Although, the REAL reason we build this very expensive item on Vayne is for the sheen passive, which basically doubles your damage after using an ability.

Damage + Sheen(After Tumble) + Crit + Silver Bolts = Roughly 1.5k damage, depending on the opponents max health, before applying Armor and Magic Resist.

In addition to this, the Trinity Force offers us an occasional slow, that makes Vayne a ridiculously strong chaser combined with her passive.

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Support: Alistar

I pick up Boots of Mobility because Alistar needs it, like, for real, my first match with Alistar i was RAGING because i couldn't make it into the fights in time. true, Alistar would benefit more from Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads, however, what does it matter if you cannot reach the fight in time?

I have serveral times found these boots saving me or one or more of my teammates, wich is ultimately what you want do do as a Support / Pseudo Tank.

Such a great item on Alistar. Gives you and your teammates some much appreciated beefiness. Although it may not look like much, it really can be a lifesaver, and most certainly a pain for the opponent team, as it will make your team in general much harder to kill.

shurelya's reverie
Most likely my favorite item for any support. it gives you beefiness, regen, CDR and a really sweet active. The active is, yet simple, so useful, it can be used to escape a gank, escape a unfortunate teamfight situation, or chase down basically anything that decides run away.

Core on every support, ever!

Another great item that gives you beefiness, a useful aura and another sweet active. Being able to shield everyone on your team for just above 200 damage? Yes pleaz! That shields your entire team for, all together, 1150 damage! Pretty sweet, and definitively going to save many lives!

One of the two items, along with a Guardian Angel, that is gonna let you step in as a tank, either if your team have no tank, or if the one you have is unable to tank for whatever reason. In addition to MR, this item also gives you VERY GOOD health regen, especially with the LOTIS and Shurelyas passives.

Gives you nice armor and MR, which helps you tank. The passive is not very useful, as you will not get focused(hopefully you will). although, it gives you a second chance to keep supporting your team with AoE heals and CC.

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AP Carry: Akali

For boots, i pick Mercury's Treads, as no other boots are too viable on Akali. Although akali DOES benefit from MPen boots or CDR Boots, it does not make up for her weakness against CC. You also want to build Akali slightly tanky, or rather bulky, because glass cannons suck IMO. Also, since we will play Akali in mid lane to rape squishies, we need MR to counter AP casters.

The first core item on Akali. Offers akali so much: Ability power and health being two of them. The most important reason however, is the slow. It makes it so easy to pick off kills om squishies, and it makes your ganks so much more effective. With this item you can, for the most part, easily gank bot lane for a easy kill on the opponent AD Carry.

Easily the best item for akali. The AP is great, the AD is good, the Spell Vamp is awesome and the life steal sortof helps. The passive is great for additional burst and slow, but weakens a little lategame.

At this stage of the game, you can pretty much kill anyone on the map, so just roam, get kills and snowball.

Steroids. Gives your damage some 'oomph', with 140 AP, plus 30% of your total AP. Deathcap is ridiculously good on Akali.

Gives you damage, magic resist, movement speed and a *** kicking passive. The idea is that your gonna do Q > R AA > E > AA > Q > R AA

Lets break it down:
Q > R > AA
You Q to apply Mark of the Assassin, then you shadow dance to the target and proc the mark, as well as proccing Lich Bane, for massive damage.

E > AA
Because of the slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you will be able to use Crescent Slash to activate and proc the lich bane once more.

Q > R > AA
Your main combo once again, by now Teemo should already be dead. Squishies in general should, wich means you are able to do your job, take out the opponent carries.

You will get focused. After all, you are Akali. The Guardian Angel provides you nice bulkyness, and a second life. You are Akali, the goddess of juking, so use your second life wisely, and remember that it is easier to juke in the jungle.

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Jungler: Shyvana

Well, i think this item requires a bit of explanation. First of all: shyvana does not require any items to jungle. Secondly: Shyvana lacks CC, so why not rush the Phage? you need the slow for your ganks.

Boots of Speed is a very viable first item against very slow champions without escape mechanisms, like Anivia. Especially Anivia, as she cannot really start with boots of speed, she needs a mana item such as Sapphire Crystal.

For boots on Shyvana, i pick Mercury's Treads, as the build contains a overweigfht of armour, and needs magic resist. The tenacity is great against stuns, snares and such, and will make ganking easier. Shyvana doesent really give a **** about crowd control, but it helps anyway.

Core on every Shyvana, probably, and especially for a jungle shyvana. Attack speed lets you clear jungle camps faster, and regen fury faster. The passive gives you a great increased damage output, and it even procs twice with Twin Bite. The magic resist is great ofr a offtank/bruiser like Shyvana.

Also, the item is very cheap compared to all the stats it give. Definitively one of my favorite items.

Great for Shyvana, as with any bruiser or offtank. Gives you a little AD and a decent(actually pretty good) amount of health. And DAT PASSIVE. This is the item that make shyvana ganks work. 35% slow on every hit, makes it almost impossible to escape a gank without flash, and even then, you burned his flash, wich is the second best thing that could have happened. With this item, or even phage, Shyvana will really punish anyone that over-extends.

Shyvanas main source of AD. will, when you reach 4k health, give you about 60 AD. That is a bloodthirster. It also gives you nice armor, which is really necessary, as the build has only contained MR up to this point.

Your main source, along with Frozen Mallet, for health. The Warmog's Armor let you pass 4k health, and also gives you nice health regen. Makes sour Shyvana really beefy, and hella' scary when in dragon form.

I pick this item, mainly because it gives you armor AND magic resist, as the only item in the game. The passive is good, but you will not be focused if the opponent team is good, so it might not be of any use. The armor and magic resist is great though, so the Guardian Angel is a good item anyways.


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