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Wukong General Guide by ZebSul



Updated on July 2, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZebSul Build Guide By ZebSul 3,022 Views 0 Comments
3,022 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ZebSul Wukong Build Guide By ZebSul Updated on July 2, 2018
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Coup de Grace


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hello there. I am ZebSul and I am over here, writing a Wukong guide. I am trying my best to make it as readable and useful as possible using my experiences with the champion. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or maybe hit me up in private if you wish to discuss them together. For now, let's get started.

If you're reading a Wukong guide, I guess you're thinking about trying him out or maybe you have already and you're here because every game you play with Wukong simply goes too bad or as much as you play good games with him, you still have him stuck at Mastery 5, am I right? That is fine. We have all been there. I have too. For months. I have been a League of Legends player for about two years now and Wukong is one of the few champions I have actually used for over two hundred games; most of them in a row, since he became my personal, main choice for a while until I learned how to use him.

You can play this champion anywhere; top, mid, bot, support and jungle. I know what you may think, because I have heard this question before: "wukong adc? wtf??? report"

Click here; that is what happened the last time I have played Wukong bot.

But, that is not recommended at all. The monkey is not meta. But, no one expects off-meta picks, especially a champion like the Monkey King to be played in the bot lane. You could pretty much carry a game, getting fed with the ADC (because the easier targets for the King to assassinate are squishy champions or mages) while at times, you may do horribly, get flamed/cursed and receive so many report threats you're eventually gonna start a collection.

Honestly? Do not even worry about people flaming you; are you playing what you want? Then, that's about it, play the game and have fun.

If it's a ranked game, though, do not try that at home.
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+ Ultimate with high DPS and CC
+ Easy to learn
+ In-built Stealth with damage and juke potential
+ Strong unit in teamfighting with powerful mid-game
+ Attack Speed buff in his kit to take down objectives quickly
+ Adaptable to all situations

The Monkey King is actually a good pick, especially in low elo. I am not saying he can't be good at higher elos, but he does certainly need quite the experience both with the champion and the game as a whole to function. He's also got Warrior Trickster + Nimbus Strike which work well to give Wukong an edge when you are chasing a champion or making an escape. His burst damage and AA reset is a nightmare to ADCs, allowing him to get insanely fed. His Crushing Blow's armor reduction can also stack up nicely with his Cyclone's passive and DPS.

- Terrible early-game and average late-game
- Easy to shut down with CC
- No real sustain
- Worst passive in the game
- Item-dependant champion
- Useless against tanks

Wukong has his strengths, but he's also full of weaknesses which tend to outshine his power. First off, he's usually conceived as a top laner, but he is not. He has some favorable match-ups but they are only a few and he is literally better off in every other role but the top lane. He does not do well against tanks. They are not impossible for him, but they are very skill-based while some of them just outright 'nightmare-ish'. I am looking at you, Darius. He is very weak until you can afford his core item and Stone Skin is the most useless passive in League of Legends, you will seriously never notice the difference.
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  • Electrocute: With this, it's very easy to deal a ton of burst damage with Wukong, it's pretty much Thunderlord's Decree but with the newer runes. It works amazingly with the Monkey King because of his combo redundancy and it's pretty difficult to avoid given how fast you can combo with Wukong. This rune is very useful against squishy targets, so it won't work too well against tanks unless you can manage to survive trades against them.

Dark Harvest
  • Dark Harvest: Now, this rune can actually be crazy on Wukong. The problem is that you need to farm a lot of souls, which is not impossible, but you're going to find yourself in trouble if you can not clear your jungle quickly enough. But, once you reach over 200 souls, you'll pretty much be able to deal more damage than Electrocute does and proc it after every kill.

  • Predator: This one is definitely interesting. But I believe it's a good keystone if you main jungle; one of Wukong's greatest issue is that at times your enemy team has very good escapes and most of the time they can just run away from you. You can easily solve this by taking predator, rush tier two boots (possibly Mobility Boots), Youmuu's Ghostblade and maybe pair those with Celerity + Waterwalking. You'll have crazy MS and also get AD off that. With that, no one will be safe from the King of the Jungle.

Hail of Blades
  • Hail of Blades: A very powerful keystone, but it has nothing to do with Wukong. Surely, you might give it a try and has some strengths but Attack Speed is simply not for the Monkey King. It would work best on champions like Master Yi.


Cheap Shot
Not really worth it on Wukong.


Taste of Blood
The premise is interesting but it takes away too much from Wukong and gives very little to make up for it.


Sudden Impact
This rune was simply made for Wukong. Lethality bonus with his Nimbus Strike and Warrior Trickster is simply too good to ignore.


Zombie Ward
This is quite useful if you're a jungler and are either insecure or perhaps you're not too good at warding.


Ghost Poro
If you pick this with Wukong, find another champion and learn how to use control wards.


Eyeball Collection
Bonus AD for kills/assists and killing wards? That's amazing! You don't even have to worry about collecting eyeballs during the game, because you do simply by doing things you should normally do during a game; join teamfights, clear wards— which is also great for vision control.


Ravenous Hunter
Now, this rune can definitely be a life-saver in most cases but there's so little opportunity for Wukong to make use of this. The only abilities that trigger this are Nimbus Strike and Cyclone and the healing received is not very decent.


Ingenious Hunter
As much as this rune is pretty much for 'Utility' which is something Wukong lacks, it's definitely not a good pick on him as the champion lacks most opportunities to make a good use of it.


Relentless Hunter
Now, this rune is actually something you can roll with Wukong. Because one of the monkey's greatest issues is the lack of mobility, so this rune is excellent for him no matter the role; whether you're jungle or not, this is going to help you roam and chase your targets. Plus, it has a good synergy with Celerity. Bonus movement speed = more attack damage.


Ultimate Hunter
Monkey face rune. Why do you even ask? Honestly, though, this rune is also pretty good on Wukong. His ultimate is one of the greatest tools of the monkey as it makes him what defines him as a key champion for team fights. So, it's definitely something you might want to try out.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZebSul
ZebSul Wukong Guide
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