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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Lucian Build Guide by NateDog13

AD Carry ☆-|Blazing Down!|-☆-(Outdated)-☆

AD Carry ☆-|Blazing Down!|-☆-(Outdated)-☆

Updated on July 6, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NateDog13 Build Guide By NateDog13 27 2 430,160 Views 62 Comments
27 2 430,160 Views 62 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NateDog13 Lucian Build Guide By NateDog13 Updated on July 6, 2015
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Lucian
    Morpheus (Standard)
  • LoL Champion: Lucian
    Neo & Trinity (Caster)
  • LoL Champion: Lucian
    Mr. Smith (Split Push)
  • LoL Champion: Lucian
    Tank (Anti-Assassin)

I. Lore (The One)

Guide #2

Hi and welcome to my Lucian guide! I'm NateDog13, a measly diamond player :^)!

My Roles (In Order of Strength): ADC (Main), Support, Mid, Jungle, Top

Season 1: Solo Bronze 1
Season 2: 3v3 Gold 1, Solo Silver 5
Season 3: 3v3 Diamond 5, Solo Gold 1, 5v5 Gold 3
Season 4: Solo Diamond 3 (Currently)

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II. Blazing Down! -Lucian's Real Song-

Lucian comes riding on a midnight train!

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III. Pros And Cons

So, who is Lucian, what does he do, and why is he so popular in the new meta that has been established? First off, the current "ADC God's" revolve around 4 specific champions: Sivir, Jinx, Draven, and our man Lucian. The reasons behind these 4 picks is due to what they bring to a team. With Sivir you get massive initiation in the form of On The Hunt, with Jinx you get massive waveclear and tower siege via Switcheroo!, with Draven you get massive single target damage and sieging with Spinning Axe, and finally with Lucian you get wave clear, tower siege, single target burst, and to top that all off, the magnificent ult, The Culling.

So, let's go more in-depth with his Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
+ Strong Damage Dealer/Burster (Arguably 2nd To Draven In This Aspect) - 550 Range Leaves You Close to Enemies.
+ Large Range With Abilities (Q,W,R) - CC Utterly Destroys Lucian (Harder To Dodge With Only Short Range Dash)
+ Lightslinger Makes It Impossible For Champions To Out-Trade If Used Correctly - Requires Either More Than Average Amount Of Peel Or Strong Kiting Mechanics
+ Powerful Ultimate (Good For Waveclear And Disengage) - The Culling Requires Intelligent Decision Making (Can Lower Your DPS If Used At Wrong Points)
+ Great Waveclear -Mana Problems Prevalent At Every Stage Of Game
+ Great Poke Damage
+ High Mobility With Relentless Pursuit
+ Can Go Through Some Walls With Relentless Pursuit
+ Crit Works With Lightslinger
+ Does Enough Damage With His Kit To Get Kills With A Passive Support (Ex. Soraka, Janna)
+ Has Two Guns (Better Than The Usual 1 ADC's Have)

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IV. Masteries

Morpheus (Standard)/Neo & Trinity (Burster)/Mr. Smith (The Splitter)/Tank (Anti-Assassin) Masteries

The general focus of this mastery tree setup is to output the largest amount of damage, while still keeping a safe laning phase via 9 points in the defense tree (my preferred setup). It's a pretty cookie cutter ADC mastery setup, alternatively you can put 4 points into Sorcery instead if you run the "Neo & Trinity (Caster) " build to get more spells off, and/or you can put those 9 defense points into the utility tree (with whatever setup you choose, not a fan of it myself).

You can also try and move some points around to accommodate for picking up Blade Weaving and Spell Weaving since Lucian is a semi-caster ADC. I wouldn't suggest anything else past these alternate changes to the setup.

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V. Runes

Morpheus (Standard)/Neo & Trinity (Burster)/Mr. Smith (The Splitter)Tank (Anti-Assassin) Runes

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VI. Summoner Spells

Best Choices (Order of Viability):

Heal: After the rework for it, this spell has taken over. It's currently fighting Barrier for which is the best spell to use for bot lane. I honestly can't tell you, but I do know that I'm really liking both and either one is fantastic. I do however, now have heal as the starting spell for each Lucian build, due to just how fantastic it is when you run it in dual lanes, and how the move speed works absolutely magnificent with Lucian's kit.

Barrier: This spell is a magnificent piece of work, and due to its versatility in terms of defense, offense, and the baiting potential it offers. It is now questionable on whether or not this spell is more efficient to start with/throughout the game, or Heal is, definitely personal opinion and general comfort with either spell.

Cleanse: This is one of those spells where it hurts to be unable to pick due to their being a variant in game, Mercurial Scimitar/ Quicksilver Sash. And because Heal/ Barrier generally outshines it in most scenarios. Only in the most CC heavy comps can you get away with picking it, and you generally get punished in lane for not having Heal/ Barrier, but players like Doublelift have shown that taking Cleanse is still a very viable option. And for that reason, I tip my hat towards them.

Flash: This is the general go to spell for movement, generally the one you want to pick up with Lucian since Relentless Pursuit's range is pretty small overall in terms of ground movement and wall jumping.

Ghost: This is a really interesting spell. Over the seasons, Ghost has fallen out of play, but still remains EXTREMELY versatile, as pro players from all over the world have shown. It shines best in team fight scenarios due to how fast it allows you to position, or re-position yourself. And though it isn't an instant gap close, it does allow you to keep up with people who would otherwise get away due to you not being fast enough after flashing and using an ability.

Alternatives (Order of Viability):

Ignite: This spell is for the cheese lovers. Damage in its rawest and most true (pun intended) form. Makes all ins at level 2 almost guaranteed to land a kill, if not two. Just be careful, this does significantly impact your lane if you fail, and it can also impact your late game without the defense from
Heal/ Barrier/ Cleanse.

Exhaust: Generally better to put on your support. But it has about the same killing potential as Ignite without the damage. (See the rest of the Ignite Explanation)

-Any spells not listed I consider not viable for Lucian-
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VII. Skill Set

Lightslinger: After using one of his abilities, Lucian's next auto attack within 6 seconds will strike twice. The second shot deals 50-75% of Lucian's AD based on level, but fully applies on-hit effects. Minions and monsters take full damage from the second shot. The second shot can critically strike.

*Tips and Tricks for Lightslinger*

- If the target dies to the first hit of Lightslinger, the second shot will target another nearby enemy unit. This will prioritize enemy champions, and minions with low health.

- The second shot can target enemies that are hidden in the fog of war or a bush.

- When going to trade early, use an ability on an enemy champion, and ALWAYS follow up with the passive and then back out (whether it be walking away or dashing out via Relentless Pursuit) to do maximum damage and put the trade/lane in your favor.

- Because of this passive, stacking only damage items and leaving out attack speed items ( Statikk Shiv/ Phantom Dancer) is viable.

Piercing Light: After a 0.4 second delay, Lucian fires a laser in the direction of the target enemy: dealing 80/110/140/170/200 (+60/+75/+90/+105/+120 Bonus AD) physical damage to all enemies in a line. Minions take 75% damage.

*Tips and Tricks for Piercing Light*

- You can target a minion in front of an enemy champion to fire from a farther distance and hit them.

- Piercing Light relies solely on your positioning in order to hit enemies out of cast range, be aware of this because it can make you miss.

- Piercing Light can be dodged, so try and use it when the enemy is immobile, or stopping to attack/get cs.

Ardent Blaze: Lucian fires a shot that explodes upon hitting an enemy or reaching the end of its path, damaging enemies in a cross pattern for 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+90% AP) (+ 80% bonus AD) magic damage and marking enemies hit for 6 seconds.

If Lucian damages a marked target with his basic attacks or abilities, he gains 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 flat movement speed bonus for 2 seconds. This does not consume the mark.

*Tips and Tricks for Ardent Blaze*

- Ardent Blaze explodes in a cross pattern, so if you can land it in such a way that a single spoke hits the enemy, you can deal a ton of damage.

- Ardent Blaze does magic damage, making it a good ability to use first, when possible, vs. armor stackers with low MR.

- When being chased, throw Ardent Blaze at your chaser and kite to get the movement speed buff to stay out of range/get away.

Relentless Pursuit: Lucian dashes a short distance and removes all slowing effects. Relentless Pursuit's cooldown resets if Lucian scores a kill during The Culling.

*Tips and Tricks for Relentless Pursuit*

- Relentless Pursuit removes slows, attack speed and move speed. It can remove Exhaust's AS/MS slow, but will not remove the damage reduction aspect, same with Mocking Shout and Chomp.

- Relentless Pursuit only removes slows on-cast, and will not remove any slows that are applied during the dash.

- Relentless Pursuit can go through small walls.

The Culling: Lucian starts firing shots in the target direction for 3 seconds, each shot dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits. The number of shots fired scales with his attack speed. The Culling deals quadruple damage to minions but not monsters.

While using The Culling, Lucian's basic attacks are disabled and he cannot activate Piercing Light or Ardent Blaze. He can, however, move freely and activate
The Culling can be reactivated to end the effect early and it is interrupted by crowd control effects that inhibit basic attacks.

*Tips and Tricks for The Culling*

- The Culling is great for wave clearing under turrets, don't hesitate to use it if you need to save a turret.

- Temporary attack speed steroids that are active on the casting of The Culling will influence the number of shots fired.

- The Culling is only interrupted by crowd control effects that inhibit attacking, silences and blinds WILL NOT interrupt it.

- Lucian can activate Ghost, Flash, and interact with Dark Passage when using The Culling.

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VIII. Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Piercing Light is your bread and butter. Really strong when maxed first. Gives you all the harass you will need in lane, and the damage to take out your enemies. Max this first.

Generally, you'll find yourself maxing Ardent Blaze for more upfront damage off the bat. There are times where I choose to max it last though. This ability may be maxed second or last.

Relentless Pursuit isn't always a "last max" ability. A lot of the time you'll be able to get away maxing Ardent Blaze second, but for the rough scenarios when you have the whole enemy team trying to jump on you, or constantly debuffing your MS/AS, that's when you want to max Relentless Pursuit second. That way you have an escape/debuff remover up a lot faster than usual. I would actually argue that Relentless Pursuit can be a second max every game, but it really does rely on the player and the kind of style they have. Max this ability second or last.

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IX. Skill Combos

Piercing Light + Lightslinger
Explanation: Normal Harass Combo

Ardent Blaze + Lightslinger
Explanation: Normal Harass/Kiting/Chasing Combo

Relentless Pursuit + Lightslinger
Explanation: Normal Harass Combo

Relentless Pursuit + The Culling
Explanation: Retreating/Chasing Combo

Relentless Pursuit + Piercing Light + The Culling
Explanation: Finishing Combo

Relentless Pursuit + Ardent Blaze + The Culling
Explanation: Finishing Combo

Relentless Pursuit + Piercing Light + Ardent Blaze + The Culling
Explanation: Finishing Combo

Relentless Pursuit + Ardent Blaze + Piercing Light + The Culling
Explanation: Full/Finishing Combo

-Add Lightslinger either before or after abilities if you have enough time/can stay in range for the full- combo
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X. Build Explanations

Take Note, There Is No Main Build.

Morpheus (Standard) Build

This is the standard build that generally gets run in the LCS when either behind or not getting enough gold to sustain the Trinity Force build). Not my personal favorite, but it gets the job done exceptionally well. Generally games tend to last past 30 mins at LCS level and above platinum division, sometimes for lower divisions. Because of this reason, and the fact Statikk Shiv generally falls off past 25-30 mins, Phantom Dancer has become a norm around these levels of play. And considering that Phantom Dancer gives 10% more crit chance and attack speed, it stacks better with Infinity Edge than Statikk Shiv around this time. To add to the already insane combo. is the fact that Lightslinger can critically strike on BOTH shots, making the burst from Lucian absolutely crippling for the enemy team. The general staple defense item has become Banshee's Veil, due to it's powerful blocking ability vs. the CC/Burst Casters that are frequently picked in this current meta: Thresh, Leona, LeBlanc, Kha'Zix, Pantheon, etc. It allows players to survive through attempted picks and generally brings down the kill potential of the enemy team overall. All in all, the general build gives you a ton of burst while allowing you to survive through most dives to you/your back line.

Neo & Trinity (Caster) Build

This is the usual build that gets run in the LCS (swapping the Randuin's Omen with a Banshee's Veil/ Guardian Angel). Most pro Lucian players gun for this from the start, however, the amount of gold you have to amass in order to actually keep up with the enemy ADC is massive, so if they fall behind after the BT, they run the "Morpheus (Standard)" build. Generally, you need to pick up at least 1-2 kills and be ahead in cs to allow your power curve to shoot through the rough. With Lucian, the Bloodthirster shoots his killing potential through the roof and with the Trinity Force, his power curve hits the ceiling and doesn't drop because of the Last Whisper on top of it. On top of this, his siege potential and his tower destroying abilities become the best out of all the ADC's. However, you have to realize that you need to be dominating the lane to truly keep the power curve even/ahead of the enemy. Otherwise, you fall behind extremely hard, to the point of basically shutting you down completely.

Mr. Smith (Split Push) Build/Tank (Anti-Assassin) Build

This is the season 3 meta build when everything revolved around hardcore splitting and teamfighting. This build still does work, though it is not as strong as it used to be, as shown by the LCS/higher division players switching over to the "Morpheus (Standard)/Neo & Trinity (Caster)" builds. However, I would say that this build is more fit for solo que carrying rather than premade 5's/ranked 5's like the "Morpheus (Standard)/Neo & Trinity (Caster)" builds are geared towards.

The anti-assassin build is geared towards keeping Lucian alive through all of the dives that comes his way. An abundance of lifesteal, on top of health/resistances make this possible. And sometimes the amount of lifesteal can allow you to heal completely through the damage taken and even give you more, allowing you to take out targets who have up to 3x your health.

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XI. Item Explanations (Early core)

Early Game Core Items on Lucian

vs. vs.

Throughout all of my games on Lucian, debating with others and researching consistently, as well as utilizing multiple builds, watching the LCS religiously and many other things, these are the items that every Lucian player guns for first. Each of these items fit different peoples play style and brings a set of pros and cons to the table that may or may not work in certain situations, here is my analysis of the three.

Starting off is Bloodthirster:

Pros Cons
+ Huge AD Boost - Pretty Hefty Pricetag (Sometimes Forces Vampiric Scepter + Berzerker Greaves Starts)
+ Huge Sustain Boost
+ Passive Adds On to Previous Bonuses
+ Shoots Kill Potential Through The Roof
+ Boosts Damage Of Whole Kit
+ Cost Efficient

This is the general staple item that EVERYBODY goes for. There are literally no negatives aside from the points in which you get put behind and you can't afford to get the whole thing outright. It gives your auto attacks more damage, it gives all of your abilities more damage, and on top of that it gives you a ton sustain for the laning phase as well as trading before teamfights and teamfighting. All in all, this is the best item you can gun for from the start.

The next item is Trinity Force:

Pros Cons
+ AD Boost And Passive ( Sheen) - Heftiest Price Tag Of The Early Core Items
+ AP Boost - Most Unforgiving Item Of The Early Core Items (Sets You The Farthest Behind)
+ AS Boost - No Sustain
+ Crit Chance - Waveclearing Isn't That Good Early
+ Health Boost - Siege Potential Gained Is Useless Early
+ Mana Boost - Killing Potential Isn't As Strong As Bloodthirster Early
+ Movement Speed Boost And Passive ( Phage)
+ Boosts Damage Of Whole Kit
+ Siege Potential (Mid/Late Game)
+ Waveclear (Mid/Late Game)

Trinity Force is an amazing item, it has a ton of positives, but the most devastating cons that makes it a high risk, high reward item. I'll go more in-depth on this item explanation in the Trinity Force section.

The last item is Blade of the Ruined King:

Pros Cons
+ Damage Boost - Damage Boost is marginal vs. Bloodthirster and Trinity Force
+ Lifesteal/Sustain - Lightslinger and Passive isn't as strong early
+ AS Boost - Requires Use Of Active To Be Efficient
+ 15% Health/30% Movement steal Active - Can set you behind
+ Active Makes Getting Away and Chasing Easier - Can Be Overshadowed (Easily) By Armor Stacking
+ Rips Apart Health Builders - Lowest Early Game Kill Potential Of Early Core Items

Alright, I know people are probably going to look at this item and just flip out, so bare with me for a second and listen to my madness. I'm not a promoter of starting off with this item myself. However, it is viable, I have seen it, and even though Bloodthirster and Trinity Force overshadow it completely in terms of damage early, it still works because it beats them both in terms of sustain. If it didn't work with Lucian, you wouldn't see people running the "Tank (Anti-Asassin)" build that has a defensive item with Bloodthirster and Blade of the Ruined King (in either order). This is an item that was made to save laning phases that would otherwise be destroyed by either a camping jungler, a high harass lane, or a horrible combination of both.

Take note, all of these items (including the mid and late possibilities section) are interchangeable in my builds. These are the starter items that you want to aim for during the early game depending on your style and the situation/lane you have been given. Try to take everything into account when making the choice because it may cost you your lane and ultimately the game, or vice-versa.

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XII. Item Explanations (Mid Core)

Mid Game Core Items on Lucian

vs. vs. vs. vs. vs.

These are the six follow up items that connect with at least one of the Early Core Items mentioned in the previous section.

The first item, following up the early Bloodthirster, is Trinity Force:

Pros Cons
+ AD Boost And Passive ( Sheen) - Heftiest Price Tag Of The Mid Core Items
+ AP Boost
+ AS Boost
+ Crit Chance
+ Health Boost
+ Mana Boost
+ Movement Speed Boost And Passive ( Phage)
+ Boosts Damage Of Whole Kit
+ Siege Potential (Mid/Late Game)
+ Waveclear (Mid/Late Game)

So you might be wondering, "Nate, didn't you just copy and paste this from the previous section?", Yes and no. The reason you can see less negatives is due to the fact that Bloodthirster covers all of the inherent problems of an early Trinity Force making this a very viable follow up, albeit really pricey and a terrible route to go should you be behind.

The next item, following up an early Trinity Force, is Bloodthirster:

Pros Cons
+ Huge AD Boost - Pretty Hefty Pricetag (Sometimes Forces Vampiric Scepter + Berzerker Greaves Starts)
+ Huge Sustain Boost
+ Passive Adds On to Previous Bonuses
+ Shoots Kill Potential Through The Roof
+ Boosts Damage Of Whole Kit
+ Cost Efficient

Now following up an early Trinity Force with a Bloodthirster is the route you generally want to go, that way you can turn your original problems with Trinity Force into strengths and set you up for a strong mid game. If you're running this route, you definitely shouldn't be behind, otherwise you'll be in for a rough game.

The next item, following up an early Trinity Force or Blade of the Ruined King, is Last Whisper:

Pros Cons
+ AD Boost - Penetration May Be Useless Early/Mid Game
+ Armor Pentration - Sometimes Feels Weaker Than Bloodthirster Follow Up
+ Whole Kit Does Full Damage Throughout Early/Mid Game
+ Teamfighting Ability Shoots Through The Roof

Last Whisper is generally taken to make sure that you do full damage throughout the mid and late game. You give up your early game killing potential, but you do get a more solid power curve and a better kill potential across the board versus every champion on the enemy team, allowing you to have an easier judge what it will take to kill... say the top laner compared to the adc.

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XIII. Item Explanations (Mid Core Extended)

Mid Game Core Items on Lucian (Extended)

vs. vs. vs. vs. vs.

The next item, following up an early Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster, is Infinity Edge:

Pros Cons
+ Huge AD Boost - Huge Price Tag
+ Huge Crit Chance Boost
+ Critical Damage Passive
+ Crit Works With Lightslinger

Infinity Edge is a strange follow up item for Lucian, simply because for any other ADC rushing it as a second item is completely insane because of the need to balance attack speed and damage to keep your DPS at its highest. For Lucian, Lightslinger takes care of this, so he can get away with something cheesy like this and snowball out of control. Take notice though, you don't want to go Infinity Edge after Trinity Force because the sustain you get from your early/mid game lifesteal is too important to pass up, and it can completely shut you down should the enemy team capitalize on it.

The next item, following up an early Bloodthirster, is Statikk Shiv:

Pros Cons
+ AS Boost - Can Fall Off Late Game (Vs. Tanks)
+ MS Boost - Not A Good Pickup When Behind
+ Crit Chance Boost
+ Burst Passive
+ Synchronizes well with Lucian's Kit (Burst Focused)
+ Great Split-Pushing Item
+ Passive Stacks Quickly On Lucian( Lightslinger and Relentless Pursuit)
+ Doesn't Fall Off Late Game (Vs. Squishy Teams)

I have to say that Statikk Shiv is definitely a really solid item on Lucian and I can see why it was being used heavily during the "split push to win" phase in the LCS. It's cheaper than its counterpart Phantom Dancer, gives a huge amount of waveclear power (which is invaluable vs. heavy siege teams), and gives a solid add-on of magic damage to add to Lucian's already burst heavy kit. Shreds through high priority squishy targets with ease at all stages of the game. Not too great a pickup when behind unless you plan on split pushing your way back into the game, which is really risky.

The last item, once again following up an early Bloodthirster, is Phantom Dancer:

Pros Cons
+ AS Boost - Doesn't sync as well with Lucian's kit as other items.
+ MS Boost
+ No Unit Collision! (Easier To Juke) (Passive)
+ Crit Chance Boost
+ Doesn't Fall Off Late Game (Vs. Squishy and Tanky Teams)
+ Good Item To Pick Up When Behind
+ Crit Chance Boost

Phantom Dancer is a really interesting item on Lucian. It gives him quite a bit of of outplay potential because of the passive with the move speed and really makes his Lightslinger because of the crit chance just being phenomenal. This is generally a pickup you'll see often in LCS if Lucian players aren't able to dominate their lane or just generally want to feel safer going a route that costs less gold overall. This is also the go-to item that people have flipped back to after the Statikk Shiv critical strike change, since it takes more of the random factor out of the equation.

Now to move away from just pointing out the pros and cons of these single items, all of these items have a single purpose. This purpose is to set Lucian up for a healthy mid game full of kills and CS. These items may seem daunting with their large price tags, but they all serve to turn Lucian into a monster. Take each of these items powers into account when deciding on where you want your build to go in a game, plan it right and reap the rewards!

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XIII. Item Explanations (Trinity Force)

Trinity Force on Lucian

Every Pro and Con for Trinity Force has been listed in the sections previous to this, but why exactly is it considered a first or second item on Lucian?

Since the release of Lucian, players have tested an endless amount of builds with him, and the builds that make the most impact tend to show up the most in solo queue, as well as the LCS, its counterparts, and Worlds.

The most prominent build has been the Bloodthirster into Trinity Force rush, waiting to buy boots as a third item in order to increase the killing potential of Lucian as quickly as possible and usually unneeded until that point in the game, from smart decision making and usage of Relentless Pursuit. The other reason that this rush works so well is due to the reason that bot lane swaps are extremely common at high level play, so while you may not be able to kill the enemy top laner or bot laner, you can get away with it and have insane damage for mid game. (The last two items are ones from Defensive Items/Offensive Items set and can be swapped out for others)

The next prominent rush was shown by OGN teams, the Korean LCS counterparts. Because of the constant lane swapping, ADC's usually aren't punished for rushing the items that they choose to go for first and ignoring boots until that third slot. The Korean teams decided to show this via Trinity Force into Last Whisper, a rush that was carried over from the days of heavy Ezreal picks during season 3. The focus is to make any sort of armor stacking completely irrelevant throughout the whole game so you are doing complete damage to everybody at all stages of the game. This is usually only reserved for usage against heavy tank teams of two or more. (The last two items are ones from Defensive Items/Offensive Items set and can be swapped out for others)

The last setup is lifesteal ( Vampiric Scepter) into Trinity Force into Bloodthirster. The general focus of this is when you are dealing with the normal 2v2 lanes you're expected to have bot, and in rarer cases, top lane. It gives you the lifesteal you need to continue trading and stay alive. Gives you a safer route through your build, sacrificing early killing potential for survivability. (The last two items are ones from Defensive Items/Offensive Items set and can be swapped out for others)

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XIV. Item Explanations (Late Possibilities)

Offensive Late Game Items

Last Whisper: Average pickup for an ADC at any stage of the game. Pretty self explanatory.

Black Cleaver: This is one of those items you really need if your team is all AD or the enemy team just has monstrous armor stacking tanks like Shyvana or Malphite.

Executioner's Calling: Super situational pick up that is used to deal with annoying lifestealers and healers like Soraka/ Sona and Swain/ Aatrox.

Zephyr: People tend to switch boots out for this, and it gives some more shots to Lucian's The Culling.

Manamune: This is one of those strange pickups that I honestly don't know where to stand with. I've tried it out with a Blue Ezreal-esque build with Iceborn Gauntlet, and it was actually pretty decent. Definitely does a lot less damage than the Trinity Force route, but it definitely stands as a viable item/item route with Iceborn Gauntlet.

Offensive-Defensive Late Game Items

Frozen Mallet: All around solid pickup to deal with mixed damage teams when you just need something to allow you breathing room/allow you to kite better or just give you more health and damage.

Hexdrinker/ Maw of Malmortius: Great pickup against annoying AP burst champions like LeBlanc who can take you out in seconds, can change teamfights around completely due to its passive. Solid alternative vs. Banshee's Veil and Guardian Angel.

Quicksilver Sash: Definitely a solid pickup for when you just want the active to deal with the enemy team, more gold efficient than its upgraded counterpart Mercurial Scimitar.

Mercurial Scimitar: Super situational item. Reserved for situations when you are extremely rich and the only thing keeping you from destroying the enemy team is CC, definitely a sink item (an item that requires a HUGE amount of gold and is generally just bought because you can get away with it).

Iceborn Gauntlet: One of those pickups that's super rare, but works really well against champions that can easily be kited via slows, Udyr being the most prominent example.

Defensive Late Game Items

Banshee's Veil: Most standard defense pick up currently. Banshee's is great against CC teams as well as heavy AP teams, gives you a lot of defensive power against pick off champions like Pantheon, LeBlanc, and stops crazy all in-ners like Malphite from locking you down.

Guardian Angel: Standard pick up against Assassin heavy teams. Gives you that comfort of knowing you can't be taken out by an assassin in one combo and leave them dead in their tracks, forcing teamfights to turn into 4v5s for the enemy team. Solid picks against mixed damage teams where you don't really need more health as much as you need resistances.

Spirit Visage: One of those pick ups that you should pick up if you really need to lifesteal your way through a fight desperately. Fits the best with the Anti-assassin build, generally a pretty rare pick up for ADC's.

Randuin's Omen: If you've got a ton of AD champions/AD assassins trying to jump on you ( Rengar, Shaco, etc.) this is the pickup to grab, the active and the passive along with the armor and health are absolutely magnificent to counter them and keep yourself alive.

Thornmail: This is one of those super situational items that you literally only pick for champions that cannot be slowed/or not be stopped when trying to kill you, Master Yi being the most extreme example of this.

Warmog's Armor: Generally you pick this up when you've literally had no problems with anything the enemy team has, and generally you always get into extended teamfights.

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XV. Gameplay (Early)

Early Game

Early game with Lucian is very cookie-cutter. Generally most Caitlyn players will find themselves liking Lucian for the same reasons they like Caitlyn: large range, good juking/outplay potential, and extremely strong early harass. Lucian doesn't really have a large amount of killing potential early until he gets his B. F. Sword; however, he is a massive bully in lane. You want to be in the enemies face, when they go to CS and none of their minions are close to dying, auto attack them or Piercing Light into Lightslinger and if you really want to do massive damage, follow up with Relentless Pursuit into Lightslinger afterwards. Push them out of lane and keep strong control of the lane. After you get your B. F. Sword, you should be around level 6 and have killing potential on the enemy bot lane, so try and chunk them a bit while keeping enough mana to use all of your abilities, and then go in for the kill.

Laning phase shouldn't be too bad unless their jungler starts trying to campbot lane, if that occurs then you want to call in your jungler to counter gank and hopefully kill all three or at least two. If you do manage to pull it off, the enemy team's jungler should dissuade the enemy jungler from ever wanting to come back to bot lane, and if you get really lucky, even turn the jungler against their own teammates verbally. You would be surprised how little things can affect a persons playing, and when a team gets a single dent in their armor, it can be their downfall.

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XVI. Gameplay (Mid)

Mid Game

At this point the game has decided what you are going to need to do to win.

Scenario #1 (The Perfect Scenario)
If every lane is winning and your team is completely positive and a tower is down for any one lane, get that person(s) (whether it is you and your support or top/mid) and your jungler to group with you and start taking objectives. Force down the first towers on the enemy sides, keep control of dragon, and have most of the crucial map spots covered by wards.

Scenario #2 (The Struggling Lane)
So it turns out you stomp lane and you're in a good position to set your team up to start capturing objectives; however, you've got a lane your jungler wasn't able to help out as he camped top/mid and the other one struggled and/or is struggling. This is the point in which you roam to the lane and set up kills for your teammate, if they can't secure these kills, take them and give them the assist (don't get greedy, greed is not good, it spells doom). After you gank two to three times, have them split push safely to catch back up and do some work on objectives to get them back in the game (fall back into the Scenario #1 strategy from here should this be successful).

Scenario #2 (The Struggling Lane [Failure])
So scenario #2 doesn't work at all, you end up dying on the first gank you do because their jungler counter ganks, DO NOT GANK AGAIN! grab everybody else who is doing well, force dragon and towers, keep the flak off of your struggling lane, and have them split push and jungle to come back as fast as possible. If they can pick up some assists without dying have them do it (should this work you get forced into Late Game with a potential win).

Scenario #2 (The Personal Struggle)
KEEP YOUR COOL! You know exactly what to do in this situation, you've struggled in lane but you have studied and prepared for this. Keep farming, stay back, pick up assists, maybe a kill if you can, and help get objectives if necessary! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE, A WIN IS A WIN EVEN IF YOU STRUGGLED! (Should this fail, hope your team can carry you and do your best to assist, otherwise it's a loss if they can't, positive attitude goes a long way though, never surrender!)

Scenario #3 (Please Kill Me)
This is the painful scenario because it can go in so many directions it's ridiculous.
Every lane is failing, your jungler is struggling to do anything, you gave up first blood, you're down 10 kills, and there seems like no possible way you can salvage your early game. HAVE NO FEAR! Try to stall every tower that isn't an inhibitor turret and farm under them, keep a constant amount of wards in your jungle entrances should the enemy get ballsy and try to counter jungle. Also, focus on keeping team morale up, don't ever say you want to give up, there are games where you can turn it around completely. Focus solely on getting to late game if your team beats them in scaling. Sometimes teams just lose against team comps simply because they're all late game vs. cheesy early game champs (like Vayne vs. Pantheon in comparison of length of game potential/power curve). This scenario can either go uphill or downhill really fast, just keep a steady head and know your limitations!

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XVII. Gameplay (Late)

Late Game

Scenario #1 (The Perfect Scenario)
In this scenario, you end up with a 20 - 30 min win. You stayed in control of the map, in control of nearly all objectives, and didn't throw at a single point. The enemy team is either trashing each other or throwing up the /ff. Congratulations for pulling it off!

Scenario #1 (The Perfect Scenario -Twist-)
So you find yourself having taken every dragon, taking every tower that isn't an inhibitor turret, and you can't seem to be able to siege these turrets to get a firm ground in their base to secure a win. At this point you have a few choices: you can have your best duelist split push another lane while you have 4 push and stall, you can attempt to bait a baron for an ace in order to either secure the baron and then rush towers, or you can rush towers/inhibitors period.

The one other thing you can do is ward all of their jungle camps and buffs, focus on catching at least one champion out and then swiftly crushing the enemy opposition by forcing teamfights or in this case for them, the "Running-from-the-enemy-team-as-I-get-destroyed-from-behind-tactic." You'll also find that depending on the person you catch out, the support and others will attempt to save them and even go so far as sacrifice themselves leading to the gap you need to get to that inhibitor. After this occurs, you're on your own in terms of how you need to win the game. Keep a steady head, make solid choices, and above all SCREAM WORTH AFTER EVERY KILL, just kidding, don't be that guy.

Scenario #2 (The Struggle)
So at this point only two things can happen, you either lost during mid game/early late game because you weren't able to keep up, assist enough, and ended up not only getting shutdown but your team also got shutdown, leading to a loss by late mid game/early late game. The second thing that has happened, is that you have managed to scrounge up every piece of gold you've ever had in your pocket and get a good enough build that you aren't behind anymore or you can at least assist your team enough to make a difference in teamfights. From here on out, your job is to stick with your shotcaller/best player on your team, he/she is doing the best for a reason and you want to get those positive vibes as well as move as a cohesive unit that could potentially catch one enemy out. Stay focused and use the previous tactics mentioned in Scenario #1 -Twist- if you find that your team is winning, but struggling to finish.

If your team is losing teamfights and can't get objectives, then you need to turtle and attempt to use different tactics like forcing teamfights under your teams tower or baiting the enemy team into them. Either way, your focus is to get as much gold as you can to recover and give yourself a fighting chance. Put your game face on, it is going to be a long game.

Scenario #3 (Please Kill Me)
This is the same thing as #2, you've either lost way before here, or you're recovering in an attempt to win. My advice stands the same as the previous mentioned. Don't be discouraged if you do end up losing anyway, you put up a good fight and you know you need to improve. Go over the replay for the match if you can, or if not, think back to how you played and what were the reasons you were beaten, improve through small changes in playstyle and the rewards can be extremely large.

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XVIII. Teamfighting

Teamfighting with Lucian is pretty simple. Although, he does really have a different style of play from most of the ADC's, if there is any champion I would compare him to, it would be Ezreal in this aspect. You start off the teamfight staying in the back and dropping your abilities whenever people get close/to the closest enemy near you. DO NOT WASTE YOUR Relentless Pursuit until you either need to use it to get away, or the enemy team is running away from you. If the enemy team isn't focusing you at all, try and get in range of the ADC/APC and blow them up with a combo, because the second one goes down and you have more members on your side it's a chase. From here on out, you should be using the combos found in the combo section to finish off whoever else you can get to. Always remember that it is more important for you to be alive and able to take objective after teamfights, than it is to sacrifice yourself for kills, so don't let tunnel vision get to you.

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XIX. Lane Matchups

-Click The Face Of The Champion Matchup You Would Like To See-

Difficulty: Easy/Medium


Difficulty: Hard


Difficulty: Easy


Difficulty: Hard


Difficulty: Easy


Difficulty: Easy/Medium


Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard


Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard


Difficulty: Easy

Miss Fortune

Difficulty: Medium


Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard


Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard


Difficulty: Easy/Medium


Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard


Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard


(If You Don't See The Matchup You Are Looking For, Comment/PM Me And I Will Add It)

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XX. Synergies

Top Synergy Combos:

Synergy Level: Strongest


Synergy Level: Strongest


Synergy Level: Strong


Synergy Level: Strong


Other Possibilities:

Synergy Level: Strong/Alright

Synergy Level: Strong/Alright

Synergy Level: Strong/Alright

Synergy Level: Strong/Alright

Synergy Level: Strong/Alright

Synergy Level: Strong/Alright

Synergy Level: Strong/Alright

Synergy Level: Strong/Alright

Synergy Level: Alright

Synergy Level: Alright

Synergy Level: Alright

Synergy Level: Alright

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XXI. Matches

My Matches:

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