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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Brand Build Guide by Rawrawrawr

Brand: It burns when I...

Brand: It burns when I...

Updated on July 12, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rawrawrawr Build Guide By Rawrawrawr 4,105 Views 5 Comments
4,105 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rawrawrawr Brand Build Guide By Rawrawrawr Updated on July 12, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Introduction: Brand

A Guide for Brand, the man? Or thing on fire? Er..whatever, anyways, this is my first guide EVER for anything so for veteran players, please be nice and don't kill me D: But good feedback/ helpful criticism is welcomed. I'll be editing this when I can after reviewing comments, so don't fret or get super upset. I make mistakes too, but I'll try to fix them when I can.
This is as fancy as it gets. Honestly, I didn't know how to do anything on guide building a few hours ago.
I hit 30 not too long ago (like 15ish games ago, got from 27 to 30 over the period of a weekend with a 2exp boost things) so I'm not the most knowledgeable player.
Server was down, so I thought why not make a guide to help out? I mean I always refer to the guides on Mobafire, so why not give back?
So my background story. Skip if you want?

While I was a low level, I bought Brand with all the IP I earned since I needed one stable, "go to" champion. I needed a stable champion since I couldn't keep trying new ones, basically because I played with my friends that got me to play.(who were all 30 and some rage hard).Since then, I pretty much only played Brand until I was around level 25. You know, so I wouldn't cost the game that often. I got better though. Around 20 I started doing fine against level 30 teams. I gotten, well I think I've gotten good with Brand so I decided why not? in sharing my experience and whatever knowledge I have on him. (Also because I see some really bad Brands when he's free and even when he isn't)
So enough of me and my stupid background story, here's the end result. After a long, long (and hard harharhar double entendre) time of laboring through this, I present you, a guide for Brand, the champion that torches things. If you like First Blood, Trololo Kills, and a detailed(but not crazy detailed) guide then keep on reading.

*edit* I'm going to start playing Brand more often now...though it's not a great idea considering my computer lag spikes every few seconds. Just gonna try some things and get some results to better improve this guide.
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Pros / Cons

Amazing Burst
Great low health killer
Awesome AoE (when done right)
Really good early game (Easy FB)
Gets the kill even if they get away.
Short cool downs

Targeted a lot
No escape-ability
Skills cost a lot of Mana
Kinda useless when everything is on cool down
*edit* oh yeah, you might get KS'ed a lot. (Your Blaze would kill them, or your Pillar of Flame is still casting, but I've had a lot of experiences where people would last hit them before you would've gotten the kill)

Brand is great early game, since he can harass quite well and score that FB. His damage is also fantastic. However if you use his skills too often or incorrectly, he'll oom pretty fast and be an easy target.
His ability in getting kills is the one thing I really love about him. His passive does % damage overtime (2% per second for 4 seconds = 8% of their health! provided no mr) after he uses a skill on the target. Which really does wonders when they're at that little slim amount of health and have backed away from you. It's also a great way to harass and weaken enemies for the kill.
However, though he has wrecking ball damage(when played right), he has no way of escaping or survivability during hairy situations. Of course, if you it's one opponent, you could stun him and run like hell, or flash away from dangerous things, but lets say you're in a team fight and someone was being stupid, causing your team the fight and the logical thing was to run. Well, while the remainder of your team falls back, you have no means of getting away (pretend flash was on CD). Getting away fast is not the only problem, but you are also likely to be the first target. People love the to target Brand.

So overall

Brand is... Squishy, high dps, no running away skills, low CD, not a tank, not a polar bear, a threat (which means TARGET), and well, I don't want to think. You know that stuff above and in the other parts.
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This is a pretty generic(Brand) mastery. Everyone's different, so this might work well for some and not so well for others. What I did before I got to 30, was 10/0/x having a point on
Burning Embers
or, improve ignite. This helped me when I was lower level, since after bursting and igniting them, while on CD, I would have more AP. Early game, a free 10ap is pretty nice, especially if you have no runes. Nothing special about my masteries. Again, it's an example. You could go for more max mana or something if you want.
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Summoner Spells


Awesome when you're short a little extra damage.
For running the hell away, pulling a stun off that guy running back, or positioning yourself for sexy kill time.

My two favorites. Helps me get FB and gets me out of a death. Delicious :3


I mean yeah, Ghost kinda works like flash. It certainly lasts longer and can help chase, get somewhere fast, other. However flash can give you huge distance from chasers by flashing through a wall, while ghost needs to walk around. (given they don't use flash too) Ghost isn't that great either when you need to position yourself, since it's quite predictable.
Exhaust...ehh it helps, but flash= run away and ignite+ablaze= they still die if they run.
Clarity , it would've been bleh, but some people are super aggressive(good kind) that requires more mana. I'd rather have ignite.
Clairvoyance, only if no one else wants to and you feel the need to use it.
Cleanse I'm no fan of using it, and it's quite debatable. I suppose it's good against CC, but meh.


Heal is for noobs! Joking...sorta? Well I've seen a few good people that dominate with it. I don't like it. I believe that if you have it, it means you're prone to getting damaged, can't avoid attacks.

Fortify, Revive, Rally, and Smite... no. You don't need these. Period.
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I believe these are all considered S-Rank runes except the Glyph (A-rank) by Searz standards. (Rune tips - What secondary and primary means and more.)

Magic Penetration. Good for AP. MR got you down? Well this is like anti-MR. (Mag Res.) So let your fire burn more (both passive and active)

Going OOM stinks. Let this little buddy help you out by increasing your MP5

You can never have enough AP. You could swap this with CDR, but for AP, this is the best for Glyphs in my opinion(also cheaper).

I once had AP/lvl but decided that flat HP runes would be better(though much more expensive), since it means more early game survivability. And let me tell you, trading those AP/Lvl for Flat HP was a good idea. I can be a little more aggressive, crazy, or just live longer due to them. Also, it works well with my other page.
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Other Optional/Situational Not Listed Above Items:

*edit* took out ionian boots, not needed since Brand's cool downs are already short.
Now, since no situation is the same and no player plays the same,(I think?) item order and what items to used should depend on the situation.

If you're awesome, mejai's and snowball that AP. Lots of AP on the other team? No problem, Merc Treads/Abyssal/Banshee's/etc.

My purchase order above is just an example of things I would get. I would switch a few of them, like zhonya's for lich or vice versa, or grab a banshee's if the other team is ap/cc heavy or Void staff if I need the mag pen.
*note* I included Lich Bane because I think it helps out late game. Lich Bane seems to be a problem/controversial topic for a lot of people. I don't advocate to use it, I'm just putting it out there.

Now you may think getting Doran's Ringfirst is questionable. Well, it's really up to the player. I prefer to have it when I mid, since the health bonus, AP, and mp5 is really nice considering the price.

Doran's Ring + Greater Quintessence of Health = great survivability.

I also like having a Hextech Revolver early game to stay in lane longer and surviving those close fights (Spell Vamp ftw). However, again, depending on the situation you might get something different. If you're doing really well and have no problem getting those kills, you can put it off and skip straight to Rylai's or Rabadon's or grab Mejai's.

Building Rylai's right after shoes is also another route. The health, damage, and passive that makes your spells slows enemies (35% slow 15% for AoE) helps to keep them from getting away and living through the fights.

Core Items

Sorc Shoes: Speed and MP. Makes you move faster (either to chase, run, go here or there) and magic penetration which helps you burn more of their HP with your passive and skills.
Rabadon's: AP, AP, and more AP. A bit expensive, but it gives you so much AP which is great. More AP= more damage.
Rylai's: Survivability, awesome passive, and AP. Enough said.

This is merely a suggestion on what to get. For you AP players, I'm sure you have an idea.
I didn't include Archangel's Staff or Morello's Evil Tome because, well I don't use it, and this other Brand guide that I read awhile back said so, and I sorta agree. (Brand- The Inner Fire) BUT if you are used to using them, by all means, go for it. Just because I don't use it, doesn't mean you can't. (Mainly because I are forgetful of things)

Since the Item Build is very dependent on the situation, I'm just gonna add an extra part to this.

Situational Items

Lich Bane : More AP, your regular attacks will do 100%of your ability power (great against towers/inhibitor/buildings in general), movement speed, Mana and MR. I think it works well end game, but many people would rather have something else so continuing...
Banshee's Veil : Great defensive item. More health and MR too help you live longer and spam more spells. More mana for more spamming capability. And that passive that will save your butt from those harmful spells.
Void Staff : Too much MR on the other team? Need more AP and wanna have more Blaze burning damage? Well this pretty much solves the problem. The MP helps anytime at all so does the extra AP. With your runes and an Abby, no one will stop your fire.
Mercury's Treads: Tenacity is great against a CC heavy team, plus the MR well help you take less damage from their AP attackers. It gives the standard +2 movement speed so that's cool too.

So I've been talking over about item builds with some people and here's an alternative early game route.

Sapphire Crystal --> Boots --> Catalyst the Protector --> Situational things or skip --> either Rod of Ages or Banshee's Veil (again situational --> Situational (The items I put for the item build on top and in optional items can go in the blanks)
Since if you combo stun and end with Pillar with Brand early game, they'll most likely die. Brand is a crazy high burst/dps character at very early game.

*another edit*
I also forgot to put something important.
Your team and the opposing team (also how your team is doing) is very important when considering what to build/build order. Like you wouldn't get Will of the Ancients when everyone on your team is AD or Mejai's if no one on your team can tank/initiate/get aggro from the other team(they'll most likely target you in that case, causing you to lose stacks).

*another edit*
Been playing brand more often...on my bad computer, but I've noticed some games I go guns-a-blazin' and disregard survival. Where I have (end game) Will of the Ancients Sorcerer's Shoesor Mercury's Treads Rylai's Crystal Scepter Rabadon's Deathcap Void Staffand maybe 1 defensive item (though Rylai's and Merc Treads and spell vamp might be my survival). Lately, I've been getting kills fast and surviving the Flash ins with a bit more than half health to spare. The junglers normally take over or try to gank, but my disregard for survival, actually kept me alive as ironic as it sounds, mainly due to my high damage. At level 6, I've been able to take down 2 enemies at a time, but only in certain situations will I come out alive. Such as the guy I'm laning against is at half heath, I go in for the kill or try harassing more when out of nowhere the jungler comes out to gank me. I run back a little stun or just Conflagration and run. Pyroclasm and 1 goes down (the weak health) then Sear (stun) the guy alive, Pillar of Flame, Ignite, I win. So if you like being a high dps output that can die super fast, try this :D If you get lucky like me and know Brand well enough you can be pulling off so many kills early game and many more later on.
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Skill Sequence/Strategy

So, here's the breakdown and how I use Brand... I think.


Early game Pillar of Flame is your harassing, zoning, sometimes creep killing choice. It's your highest damage skill (next to your ult) and is AoE. By casting it in strategic locations early game, you'll get more creep kills, a higher chance of FB, harass the **** out of your opponent, scaring them to get close to you or your minions.

After Pillar of Flame, you get Conflagration. Why not Sear? Well, for one Conflagration is not a skill shot unlike Sear.(though the range is smaller)Also creeps won't interfere with it and it won't miss. Conflagration also synergizes well with Pillar of Flame. This means more creep kills and more harassing. If they don't get caught in the Pillar, you could always target a minion near them and Conflagration it, causing the fire to spread to them. You can also just use it now and then to harass if aiming gets difficult.

Now for the skill that kills. Sear is what you'll be using to get that kill. By level 3 you'll have all three skills and hopefully with some skill and luck you'll get a kill. After setting him/her on fire and having a clear shot, Sear them and finish them off . It's also great for running away, given the chaser is on ablaze or far enough to set ablaze and stun, or for turning the tides by stunning and destroying them. It's also a bush checker. For example, you're in mid, top is mia, and you're unsure if a gank is impending. You can check if they're in the bush waiting for you by FIRE-ing Sear in the suspect-able one. (Which would be the long bush if you're mid'ing. To safely check without getting attacked, you could go back towards the tower and from the ledge shoot straight through the bush, checking about the whole thing. They can't touch you unless they can range too, but you'll be the safest there. You'll know someone's there if you hear a little pshhhh sound)

Pyroclasm is like a lottery skill, I hope they die skill. It bounces randomly in large groups and can be a hit or miss when trying to finish someone off. So this should be cast on targets away from minions. It's also pretty slow when the target isn't set ablaze, which could also ruin it's effect. An example of a good time to use it is either when 2 enemies are close together and will have difficulty splitting up, such as being slowed/walled in/CC'ed. It can also be used as the "finisher" when you're unable to finish off an opponent.

Skill Sequences

Once you get to level 3, you are ready to get that kill. If done right, it's almost a "fo'sure" thing. If you harassed, their health should be in the killing range. What you'll do is either Flash in or get them when there's an opportunity. When the time is right Conflagration them, then Sear to stun, Pillar of Flame, and if that isn't enough(either they'll live it or the Blaze won't kill them) Ignite will surely do the trick.

For killing minions, Pillar of Flame wait a second or two then Conflagration, done. If you know that won't kill them, don't bother since it'll waste mana (especially early game). For harassing while attempting to get minion kills, its best to use Pillar of Flame on a minion while overlapping on the opponent. If that succeeds or fails, you have a second opportunity to get them by using Conflagration on a minion that's within range of the opponent.

Sear is also a good harasser, if you're great with skill shots or your opponent likes linearity. It could also be the skill to set things ablaze, which you could then Conflagration and then Pillar of Flame.

Remember, Pillar does more damage when things are set ablaze, Conflag will spread fire when things are ablaze, and Sear will stun if they are set ablaze.

So for those who thought, TL DR,

High AoE damage/most damage
Sear --> Conflagration --> Pillar of Flame

Attacking People
Conflagration --> Sear --> Pillar of Flame -?-> Ignite and/or Pyroclasm

Running away (2options)
Safe way (works on 1)
Conflagration --> Sear
Like a boss (works on 1 too, but can set up a potential table turner)
Pillar of Flame --> Sear

What the 2nd way does, is by casting Pillar of Flame on yourself or where they'll walk into and then continuously running, if timed and done right, you'll get the chasers in it. Then you can Conflagration them and/or Pyroclasm them, possibly scoring a double, maybe even a triple kill if they're at low-ish health. It works really well when your tower hugging/running towards the tower and the opponents decide to tower dive. I've only pulled this off a few times, but when I do it successfully, well

Group/Team fight

Pillar of Flame --> Conflagration --> Pyroclasm
Throw in a Sear somewhere for more damage or if you need to stun someone, like a carry, healer,or some guy just for fun.
Sear --> Conflagration --> Pillar of Flame etc.

That's how I play I think...most of the time? Getting late and I can't remember things...
Of course, it's a guide or example, you can play however you like. This works well for me, maybe not so well for others.

Tip: Early game, skills are expensive, so don't go around guns ablazing casting Pillar of Flame. Place it at the right time, know when to and when not to use it. If you do so, mana shouldn't be too big a problem.

Well, I lied, maybe. Sometimes getting that kill doesn't go as planned. Like a stupid creep moving last second and getting in the way of sear. You may then want to try to finish them off with Pillar of Flame. Sometimes it's worth it, other times, it's a waste of mana and casting Conflagration afterward trying to maybe get them, will only make you go oom faster, which equals to you having a higher chance of dying or doing anything.

So conserve wisely and you should be fine.

Blue Golem is also your good friend. Unless you have a jungler, especially a mean one, try to get him when possible.

Additional note: I prefer to have Conflagration maxed first, since Pillar of Flame gets expensive in mana cost (In mana cost, Rank 3 Conflag = Rank 1 Pillar, Rank 5 Conflag= Rank 2 Pillar). Sear is the cheapest at flat 50mana, but requires aim, can be blocked by something, no AoE, and I use it mainly for a quick stun (Stun is 2 seconds flat all levels). So I max Sear last.

To sum up things with numbers. (for people who don't wanna hover over the icons)
Passive Blaze : After using an ability, deals 2% of their MaxHP as magic damage per second for 4 seconds.
Sear : Mana:50 (all lvl) Flat DMG: 80(+40/lvl) so at max 240 Scaling 65% AP CD:8(-.5s/lvl) at max6.5 secs If Ablaze, stuns for 2 seconds.
Pillar of Flame : Mana: 70(+10/lvl) at max 110 Flat DMG: 80(+45/lvl) at max 260 Scaling: 60% AP CD:10 seconds (all lvls) Passive: Units Ablaze take 25% more damage
Conflagration :Mana 60(+5/lvl) at max 80 Flat DMG: 70(+35/lvl) at max 210 Scaling: 55% CD: 12(-.5s/lvl) at max 10 secs. Passive: Unit Ablaze will spread the damage to nearby units (no reduction except MR)
Pyroclasm : Mana: 100/150/200 Flat DMG: 150/250/350 Scaling +50% AP CD: 105/90/75 Passive: Bounces to nearby targets up to 5 times, if ablaze, missile speed increases. Max 3 hit per same enemy.
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I played Brand in many different ways from when I bought him to now. I've gotten quite good at using him (I hope). And this is the result of it? I'm not the best or phenomenally good, but this guide should help starting Brand players. For the more veteran players, a lot might be redundant and questionable (like item build, even I question it a bit), which I apologize for, but I do hope it helps. I would post my scores, but my good streak of Brand wins are covered and gone by my good, meh, ok, damn wth? scores from other champions I've been trying. When I get the chance to go to a PC lounge to play a few games since my computer is getting to the point of dead. I'll post how I do. I don't get 30kills every game and stuff (I can't even remember if I ever got that high), but I do stay positive in K/D ratio and average 15kills a game with 10ish assist...most of the times. We all have bad days.

Again thanks for reading my guide, good luck, and leave a comment/feedback (positive please D:)

Also I could really use some veteran player's critique.

Lastly (damn, how many of these p.s. things do I have?) I tried to use decent grammar/english/blah blah blah, but it's 3am (6am now) and I don't wanna work on this guide like I do on essays. And I'm getting paranoid now, since I think I might have used some terminology wrongly. > Paranoid Parrot <

Comment and Rate please ^-^
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Random Things

I had a few ideas for other Brand related things.
For titles, my other ideas were:

Name Brand, Generic Brand?
Kellogs Brand?
Raisin Brand
Brand New Guide

Also I wanted to quote some things. I'm pretty sure a few or a lot of you will know what it's from.

Let's burn!
Need a lighter?
Is something burning? Ha-ha. That's what I thought.
Nothing like a good smoke.
Are you trying to get invited to my next barbecue?!
Got´╗┐ any question about propane?
..or propane accessories?

Did anyone notice the coloring of the fonts? Like the pattern or theme?

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