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Cho'Gath Build Guide by OTGBionicArm

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PLEASE NOTE: This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OTGBionicArm

Cho'Gath: Complete Guide to quantifying nutritional value.

OTGBionicArm Last updated on November 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

Behold! It is I, Viktor, the Machine Herald! What, did you expect "OTGBionicArm"? Bah! His body is frail. He willingly volunteered himself for the Glorious Evolution, as many of you will in due time. He desires a real Bionic Arm? How about two... CURSES, that damned girl, Vi has beaten me to that endeavor! Never the less, I assure you that your friend OTGBionicArm is unharmed, though he will not return as the man you once knew. Steel will fix all of his flaws.

The following text is to be instructional. I give this information freely to you summoners so that you do not disappoint me when you summon my greatest creation to date; the Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath. Without further adieu, I bring you to the focal point of this document!
Witness the perfection that is the V-BC-CORP Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath! Once, he was a ravenous void creature with an appetite to match his ferocity. Observe! He is now evolved; from a malicious beast to shining metal perfection. He is a walking death machine, equipped with the highest quality weaponry of my design, as well as... a musical entertainment device! And don't think I have left out his original strength; growing through consumption. This design allows for the machine to consume his enemies and grow in terrifying metallic mass, just as he always has before his... operation.

He is perfectly adapted for combat on the Summoner's Rift and excels at destroying many foes who dare challenge him in the middle or top lane. The design is variable, and can be enhanced by the user to their preferences. Not only does he have advanced weaponry, perfectly capable for the intent of destruction; perhaps you fancy a more defensive approach? The Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath can also be enhanced defensively to be a solid wall of complete terror to protect his team mates!

Table of Contents:

Bah, sadly, steel cannot fix ALL flaws. The rig still has some glaring weaknesses, however the core strengths have been improved, and then some! As a summoner in command of this monstrous machine, you should be aware of it's limitations!

+ Core Strengths +

  • Very strong area crowd control.
  • Deals very heavy burst and sustained damage.
  • Very fast creep wave clearing speed.
  • Self-sustaining through destruction.
  • Grows in mass, becomes even harder to stop.

- Glaring Weaknesses -

  • Large frame limits mobility.
  • Initially weaker before consumption.
  • Weaponry drains a lot of power early on.
  • Being defeated is a large setback.
  • Large frame also hampers own team mates targeting.

jhoirulesthecashbah jhoirulesthecashbah
The armored plates of the Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath can be etched with magical runes for added statistical effect. The runes I have chosen are common to many bulky ability powered champions; and they work wonders on my brilliant construct! Greater Mark of Magic Penetration cause Cho'Gath's weaponry to do more damage by eating through the magic resistance of the enemy. The seals and glyphs are general purpose defense enhancements to help the chassis withstand incoming damage early on in the battle. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power is for some extra destruction early on, but alternatively you could etch in Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed for some monstrous demonstration of speed and mobility at the cost of raw early power.

jhoirulesthecashbah jhoirulesthecashbah
Masteries System
The "Masteries" configuration system within the software of Cho'Gath is highly variable. However, this is my favorite setting, and the most helpful to his role. 9 points into Offense allows his weapons to hit harder with Arcane Knowledge , and also grant him with bonus ability power throughout the battle with Blast . By taking 21 points in Defense, Cho'Gath becomes a true defensive nightmare, greatly improving his durability and ability to withstand damage to his structural integrity. It also reduces the effectiveness of slowing effects on the legs of the machine with Relentless and reducing the duration of crowd control effects with Tenacious ; an invaluable resistance!

jhoirulesthecash jhoirulesthecash Summoner Spells
Here is where you summoners come in with something to aid Cho'Gath in battle with your fancy "summoner spells". Ultimately the choice is yours, of course, but I am going to strongly suggest you follow my advice with these for the sake of my machinery! Flash and Ignite are the best combination of spells to use with Cho'Gath; the added killing power and shutdown of healing effects from Ignite will help you secure early kills on enemy champions, and as stated before, the Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath is slow and has poor mobility... Flash allows you to manually blink him in to engage a fight, or to escape from near destruction. Additionally; Teleport could be used effectively instead of Ignite. It is a great spell to have if you are focused on split-pushing lanes to quickly escape from enclosing enemies, or to rejoin your team when they really need the protection from the towering steel giant.

||| Before you start controlling the beast, you must have it etched into your cranium exactly what his weaponry and other features are capable of. Otherwise, you make my machinery, and yourself, look silly. Consider yourself a test subject if that happens! I will use the following code names for his weapons and system: Carnivore, Rupture, Feral Scream, Vorpal Spikes, and Feast.


||| Carnivore // Passive
>> The Battlecast Prime rig contains a self-sustaining system the recovers itself as it destroys units. This allows Cho'Gath to stay in lane much longer than many of your adversaries. Remember to keep killing as many creeps as you can to fuel this system.

||| Rupture // Cost: 90 mana / Cooldown: 9 seconds / Range: 950

>> Ahh, the 600 Caliber Doom Tremor Cannons. They are affixed to the forearms of the machine. They fire explosives into the ground that cause massive tremors that will send any enemies in the area flying straight into the air; truly a magnificent sight to see! These cannons will be your primary means of initiation, as well as escape in dire situations.

|| >> Try to place the Rupture in the path your enemy is moving in! The explosion has a delay and poor placement will cause the tremor to miss entirely.
>> If things are dire, place the Rupture underneath the machine itself and keep moving. After the delay, the tremor should stop any pursuers.
>> Rupture is great for controlling jungle paths, place it in a choke point to obliterate your enemies chances of escaping or entering with a tremor!

||| Feral Scream // Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana / Cooldown: 13 seconds / Range: 700 / Coneo: 60
>> On the shoulders, I have mounted 451 Exawatt Omnisonic Speakers. The sound waves these glorious devices will emit is utterly deafening, and cause massive disruption to the enemy lines... They also can be tuned to play a rather sick beat... Do not judge me! I enjoy what you call... "shuffling."

|| >> Use Feral Scream, as well as Rupture to stop channeled abilities; such as Nunu's Absolute Zero! The crowd control these weapons provide your team are invaluable.
>> The sound waves are instantaneously damaging to anyone in their area of effect; use them as your primary means of harassment in your lane!
>> Try using Feral Scream to stop your enemy from using dashes or Flash to avoid Rupture.

||| Vorpal Spikes // Cost: X mana / Cooldown: X seconds / Range: 40

>> Mounted right beneath the speakers are the CG-209 Twin Vorpal Missle Bays. Inside the machine, the system is constantly creating more missiles using the consumed enemy from enemy units! These will automatically fire every time Cho'Gath attacks an enemy with his Titan Blades, causing a lot of damage to everything in front of him; unless you choose to turn the auto-fire off.

|| >> Remember to turn off the auto-fire when near an enemy turret. If you strike an enemy champion with the missiles, they will instantly retaliate against you. Turrets can cause massive damage to the rig, so avoid that!
>> Use Vorpal Spikes to quickly clear creep waves and push lanes. The Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath is almost unrivaled in speed at doing this!
>> If your other weapons are still cooling down, you should be attacking with these in team fights. The Vorpal Spikes are your most consistent damage.

||| Feast // Cost: 150 mana / Cooldown: 60 seconds / Range: 100

>> This is why the Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath is my crowning achievement! I searched for many ways to retain the beasts living strength; growing in strength and mass by consuming enemies. My final design includes the Rex Capacitor, which converts directly consumed enemies into overall mass to the machine itself. Not to mention the steel maw of this behemoth can do quite a number on anything it chomps into. It is not a fun sight for the squeamish... But I, personally, marvel in the carnage.

|| >> You can Feast on large monsters such as the Ancient Golem, Elder Lizard, Dragon, and even the feared Baron Nashor. These objectives should be stolen from the enemy team in this manner if you can do so safely!
>> Enemy champions that are weak enough will have a red targeting reticle for a short period of time when they can be consumed. Watch for this!
>> Defeat of the machine is a massive setback to its power. Upon this, you should once again power up by consuming creeps until at maximum efficiency.

Other Useful Tips To Assist You In Your Domination!



> > >

Feral Scream's silencing effect is the most favorable thing to upgrade first. At max efficiency the silence is 3 seconds; this a very powerful shut down to many champions who rely on their abilities. Second, you should be upgrading Vorpal Spikes to increase the rate in which Cho'Gath can push lanes and improve his melee damage. Rupture is upgraded last as the upgrades do not do anything to improve the overall utility of the weapon; only the damage. Of course, upgrade Feast whenever possible as it further increases the size of Cho'Gath.

With the wealth you earn by killing creeps, and decimating enemy champions, you will be able to purchase powerful artifacts that even further amplify the destructive or safeguarding prowess of Cho'Gath. I will go over the best artifacts to purchase over the course of battle; pay close attention!
SPACE This is a hybrid offensive/defensive relic. It defends you from magical damage, as well as having an amazing aura that reduces the magical resistances of nearby enemies, while also boosting your ability power. Indeed, a very strong artifact to have on the Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath.

SPACE For those who favor non-stop barrages of gunfire! This artifact will allow contsant fire and quicker recharging from all of the Battlecast rig's weaponry as well as providing some magical resistance and ability power.

SPACE This is a strong relic to build against enemies who posess long ranged abilities that deal considerable damage, such as Nidalee, or Lux. It also hinders assassins and mages from unleashing their abilities combos on you!

SPACE An upgrade to the Glacial Shroud. This is the finest piece of technology for defensive purposes on the Battlecast Prime. Massive armor enhancements, weapons system cool down quicker, and it possesses a powerful aura that slows down the rate at which enemies can attack around you. By far my favorite relic to purchase!

SPACE If you are threatening enough to the enemy team, (which should always be the case!) you will be the focus of their assaults. This trinket will bring the system back online if it is shut down, either wasting the enemies time, or forcing them to find a new target before you boot up.

SPACE An upgrade to Haunting Guise, it is a very power relic to build to counter champions who have very high health totals such as Vladimir. The item burns them based on their current vitality, and it works even better if the enemy is under the effects of a slowing effect; like the one from your Rupture! Remember that it is only working at half efficiency because all of Cho'Gath's weapons damage in an area of effect.

SPACE A very cheap trinket that adds a moderate amount of durability to Cho'Gath. It's real selling point is the powerful active shield it can provide to you and your allies!

SPACE The perfect answer to champions with obnoxious healing effects such as Swain, the "Master Tactician". bah, who needs tactics when you have the best raw firepower techmaturgy can produce? This relic also cools down Cho'Gath's weaponry faster for rapid fire assaults!

SPACE Overcharge the Rex Capacitor! This trinket adds so much outward power to Cho'Gath's weaponry, it's insanity. This is a staple purchase for those who have one goal in mind; total annihilation.

SPACE This trinket is perfect for when you have one goal in mind; decimate the enemy carry! It completely demolishes their attack speed and movement speed as well as providing Cho'Gath with enough durability to get his job done with ease.

SPACE This gives so very much to bolster Cho'Gath's onslaught; however, it takes time to reach maximum efficiency, so it must be purchased as early as possible to get the most out of it! The increased vitality and ability power from this item make my construct a truly terrifying sight on the battlefield.

SPACE A very well rounded purchase that gives the rig almost everything towards it's durability. It also contains an aura providing armor, magical resistance and health regeneration to nearby allies! A must have purchase when configuring Cho'Gath as a tank.

SPACE The magical aura this trinket provides causes magical damage to enemies near Cho'Gath. In drawn out battles, this causes a consistent, slow, and agonizing fiery death to your opponents. It also provides ample defensive statistics for my machine!

SPACE Provides unrivaled magical resistance as well as cooldown reduction. It also synergizes with your Carnivore systems, providing unparalled levels of sustain.

SPACE This relic provides moderate magical resistances and ability power. However, it also sends out two spectral wraiths to seek out your opponents and lock them down! A great purchase for roaming the map and ganking. Those poor plebs will never see it coming! Bwahaha!

SPACE This item is used primarily to eat through the massive amount of resistances to magical damage that some champions will purchase. But it still greatly boosts your damage output in many situations.

SPACE Become an unstoppable mass of metal! This artifact provides so much raw durability to Cho'Gath, the enemy won't even be able to comprehend it.

SPACE This weapon increases the rate at which Cho'Gath attacks as well as dealing bonus damage on his attacks. Combines with his Vorpal Spikes, this item is very potent for consistant damage! It also provides magical resistances. A great offensive/defensive buy.

SPACE A very powerful device that bolsters the armored plating of Cho'Gath and gives him a very large amount of ability power for such a defensive item. It has an invaluable effect that will lock you in stasis for 2.5 seconds, making you untargetable by the enemies. Use this powerful effect when things are dire in team-fights to buy a few extra seconds.

- Lᴀɴɪɴɢ Pʜᴀsᴇ -

In lane, you should not be looking for kills immediately, although I can see how much you would want to with such a deadly looking weapon at your disposal. You must be patient with Cho'Gath early on, as he must be "warmed up"; once you have the ability to Feast on creeps and become stronger, that is when you can start escalating aggression. Early on your goal is simply to kill as many creeps as you can, and more than the enemy if at all possible.

If the enemy gets hostile to you, use Feral Scream as incentive to leave my creation alone. If that doesn't work, don't hesitate to throw some Vorpal Spikes their way to show them true power! As a precaution, you should only leave the auto-fire for Vorpal Spikes on when in a heated fight or skirmish, and not while you are killing creeps. It pushes the lane up, and into the advantage of your adversary. Their jungler could come at any moment to pray on my beloved machine, abusing its sluggish movement. Stay safe before your first return to your team's well; I will be charging you for any major damage Cho'Gath receives! Speaking of junglers however, if yours decides to come along and sneak up on your enemy, surprise your foe with a well placed Rupture so that you and your ally can slaughter the obsolete creature.

When you return to your well for the first time, make sure to purchase at least one Sight ward. These devices are invaluable; I wish I had been the mastermind behind them! But alas, all summoner's should know of their importance by now. Place these wards at key locations around your lane, and be alert to watching your map to avoid sneaky attacks from enemy junglers.


Once a few towers have fallen on either side, the enemy team will start roaming around together; as should yours if they half a brain! Your job in the coming battles is that of both a defender of your allies, and something to be feared by the weaker members of the enemies' team. You will pave the way; for victory!

The above work of art depicts two example teams; one including yourself, controlling the Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath!

In the above scenario, your attack damage carry team mate is Corki, however you are also allied with Kha'Zix, a fellow void creature that I have also evolved; he is also somewhat of a carry. So who should you focus your attention on protecting? The answer is simple; Kha'Zix. Not only is he another one of my magnificent machines, he is also fragile, and is required to be just as close to adversaries as you are. Corki has better means to escape attackers and preposition himself, not to mentioned he's firing machine guns from far away; he is in less inherit danger than Kha'Zix. If he becomes the enemy team's main target, try to give him some breathing room by placing Rupture and Feral Scream on any champions that are attacking him. Your general size also can get in the way of enemies even targeting him; Size does indeed matter! Hah!

Your target in this scenario is first and foremost Ezreal; though it would make me smile to see Jayce suffer. Ezreal will likely use his Arcane Shift to avoid anything you throw at him, but if you silence him first with Feral Scream and land Rupture consider him energy for the Rex Capacitor! Even if you do not kill him, you've likely exhausted all of his abilities to escape further assault and he will have to leave the fight; in which case your second target would be Orianna. These two champions are their largest damage dealers, and without them, they will not have the offensive bulk to win the fight. Rammus obviously should be ignored unless he is the last one of them alive.

To summarize; your job is to protect the most important members of your team, and consume theirs. Many team-fights can be won by knowing the limitations of not only Cho'Gath, but of your allies, and especially the enemies. Destroy them, then I will improve them!


Objective #1: Towers / Inhibitors

Towers and inhibitors are your primary objective to destroy in the battle. Cho'Gath is well equipped to quickly push through creep waves and destroy towers himself. Just be careful when "split-pushing" like this, and pay attention to your map, if you cannot see any enemies on it, they are likely coming to stop your destruction and you should leave; IMMEDIATELY!

Objective #2: Dragon

Control over the dragon's den is part of your concern if you are in the middle lane, and you should be leaving wards near it to help guard it. As mentioned earlier you can consume the Dragon; If the enemy team tries to steal the kill on it from you, CONSUME IT. If they enemy team is trying to take it; run in, CONSUME IT and Flash over the wall behind it. Crediting the kill on Dragon to your team creates a very large advantage in global wealth.

Objective #3: Baron Nashor

Later in the battle, defeating this monster can often mean victory for the team that defeats it. Because of this, the area will be in a constant heated war of wards, and forced team-fights. Apply the same tactics you use to secure the Dragon to Baron Nashor! Cho'Gath is unrivaled at securing this creatures death by consuming it! You will likely be doing this in the middle of a team-fight, so after eating the creature and gaining it's power for your team, revert back to your original target in the fight.


|Lane: Mid
The Nine-Tailed Fox may be alluring to obsolete humans, but to an incredible monstrosity like Cho'Gath, she is nothing more than food to be consumed! Just avoid her Orb of Deception and Charm. If you even have remotely decent control of your basic motor functions, it shouldn't be too difficult! Ahri will attempt to roam and kill your allies; if this happens either alert your team and shove up to her tower, or follow her and counter the assault. Be aware of her mobility with Spirit Rush. You likely won't land a Rupture unless you use Feral Scream first.

|Lane: Top
This man truly knows how to wield an axe! What an out-dated weapon... Avoid at all costs early on. If he approaches you, use Feral Scream. Do not engage him in a fight, because it is a fight you will lose. Once you are able to Feast you have better chances, just make sure if you are forced to fight him, consume him before he can absolutely destroy the chassis with Noxian Guillotine! His short reach and poor mobility means he cannot chase you very far, however.

|Lane: Mid
She cannot very much to you in lane. You out damage her so immensely that she will not even bother. She will either keep her distance and farm, or leave to attack your allies. Do not take this threat lightly as she become absurd if she gets easy kills! Same treatment you give to Ahri, except make sure your allies KNOW she is missing. Be aware that her Agony's Embrace can do massive damage to the very core of Cho'Gath, as well as shielding her from harm.

|Lane: Top
Will of the Blades, Bah! Those blades are fancy, but there are better uses for steel. You will largely be watching each other kill creeps. Neither of you will really have an edge, however she becomes very frightening with items. Coordinate with your teams jungler to shut down her gold income by massacring her! Watch out in a committed fight, she can heal herself with Hiten Style and Transcendent Blades and stun you with Equilibrium Strike, you must deal damage and consume her as quickly as possible in order her kill her.

|Lane: Top
I could make Jax *into* a real weapon, hah! He is a very confident duelist, so don't try to fight him head on! More emphasis on your weaponry will be needed, because he can block your direct melee attacks with Counter Strike, as well as stun you. His Grandmaster's Might will give him very powerful attack enhancements as well as a defensive steroid. Avoid fighting him one on one at all times when he has this unless you have a clear advantage.

|Lane: Mid
Apply the same tactics from Ahri, and Evelynn. The Sinister Blade is by far the easiest one to deal with for Cho'Gath. Being aggressive to you will get her silenced, knocked into the air and eaten alive. Just, above all other things, in team-fights, make sure you stop her Death Lotus with Rupture or Feral Scream.

Lane: M/T
Ahh, another one of my evolved creatures. Shame it will need to be destroyed if you face him. He possesses great damage output and weaponry as well, however he is far more fragile than the Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath. Avoid standing alone as his Taste Their Fear will do serious integral damage to you. His Void Spike hits very hard at a range, and it will be his most dangerous ability. He also has very strong mobility in his Leap and Void Assault; this is where he excels far over you. Well placed Ruptures and Feral Screams followed by a Feast can easily dispatch him, however, due to his fragility. Watch out for his evolving mechanics; my designs allow him to adapt his weaponry to various situations.
Lee Sin

Lane: M/T
The Blind Monk will give you trouble early on. His multiple ability combos, high mobility and in-built sustain, means you need to be safer for the early phase of the battle. Focus on killing creeps and use Feral Scream on him if he gets in your "grill". Once you enhance your armor, you can start damaging the blind man, and hopefully consume him. If you get an edge on him, he will fall behind quickly.

Lane: Mid
This girl is very difficult to handle with the Battlecast rig. Her spells have massive range and crowd controlling effects, and they can easily burn holes into the chassis. However, she lacks mobility, and landing a Rupture could mean certain death for her if you have Feast readily available. Move erratically to avoid her spells. Be cautious when she has Final Spark! She can easily peg you with it, even out of vision and destroy you at low amounts of vitality.

Lane: M/T
The Bestial Huntress fights using a "whittle them down and pounce!" tactic. Avoid her Javelin Toss at all costs! It can almost destroy the hull if it hits just right. If she attempts to attack you, use Feral Scream and Rupture. Like many other champions, if she is caught by these weapons consider her consumed. Beware that she can transform into a couger, and is much more agile in this form; respect this beast's mobility and combat prowess! I do not want a cat gnawing on my machinery!

Lane: Top
This Viking can be a true terror if you allow him to be; show him who the TRUE terror is! He will be throwing Undertow at you if he can get a clear shot, avoid this if at all possible. If he gets even remotely close to Cho'Gath; use Feral Scream otherwise he will tear off some metal with Reckless Swing. Focus on killing creeps. Once he has Ragnarok there is no stopping him; he will be immune to crowd controlling effects in this state, and there is no reason to bother trying to kill him, unless you have an advantage and Feast ready.

Lane: M/T
This intimidating man makes up for what he lacks in pants with very high damage output. He will throw his Spear Shot to deter you to stay away from killing creeps, take as much of the abuse as you can (within reason, fool!) and use Feral Scream to harass him back and stop his Heartseeker Strike. If you see him preparing for Grand Skyfall use Feral Scream to stop him, otherwise he may drop on your allies can slaughter them.

Lane: Top
A small girl with a exceedingly large sword. Over-compensation! She is very mobile with her Broken Wings and Valor. If she starts to come close, use Feral Scream and avoid engaging her in direct melee combat. When she has Blade of the Exile, avoid any duels with her, as she may activate this and outright destroy you. Your best chance is to ask for jungler assistance to kill her. If you crush her early enough she will fall behind and bow down to Cho'Gath.

Lane: Mid
The Rogue Mage poses little threat early on to Cho'Gath. You can push him around easily with Feral Scream and Rupture as he lacks mobility. Just watch out if he casts Rune Prison on you, as he is likely holding you there for his jungler to attack you. He does get faster, harder to kill, and much much more powerful as the game goes on, so focus your efforts to consuming him early, and often.

Lane: Top
This is one instance where you will want to shove the lane as hard as possible. Ward your lane well and keep shoving. Keep him at the mercy of his own tower! He has exceedingly poor skills to kill creeps efficiently and will fall behind heavily losing so many to the tower. Another amazing tactic is to use Feral Scream when he attempts to save his allies with Stand United. Shen is not coming to save you, pathetic worms!
Xin Zhao

Lane: Top
Xin will not allow you to kill creeps. He will abuse your sluggish plodding speed, and attack immediately when he has the chance. If this does not destroy the machinery, he will keep doing it. Not even Feral Scream will stop his Three Talon Strike or give him any incentive to back away. You will need help from your jungler early on, and as often as possible until you reach a point where he cannot outright decimate you, and Cho'Gath will be able to consume him.

Well, summoners of MOBAFire, that is all I can give you for now. This manual is all the help I can provide in controlling my magnificant creation, the Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath; short of evolving you to be a better summoner! Hahaha! I am kidding... or am I? My intentions are that by reading this, more of you summoners will command Cho'Gath with the level of skill I would myself! DO NOT FAIL ME. If you have questions or concerns about my manual, state them in the comments; I will have my new acolyte, OTGBionicArm answer them.

Now, OTGBionicArm has requested that I "thank" a few people who contributed in the making of my instructional document. I respect his wishes as he will be a valued asset to my evolution, so here we go... the... "thanking"... begins now!

JhoiJhoi: For creating the guide that helped me to write all of this. Such an advanced coder would be perfect... for my Evolution, hah!... No, seriously, Jhoi is on my "most wanted" list of summoners for the Evolution.

MissMaw: For allowing me to copy the format for her abilities and sequence section. I DID NOT STEAL IT, I ASKED! I also promised to create adorable mechanical animals. But that is beside the point...

Minho: For doing pretty much all of the coding and graphical work. I may recruit him for visual designs of future machines... Get to work on Battlecast Kog'Maw you insolent Photoshop monkey!

Berzerk: I refuse to "thank" a Jayce Resistance loyalist, now matter how much he helped with the configurations! I am sorry, OTGBionicArm, but this... I cannot do. Jayce could have been such a strong ally... So stubborn.

Hogopogo: For creating the introduction banner. My apologies for... "customizing" it myself... Bwahahah!

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