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Lucian Build Guide by TROLLing1999

AD Carry [Comprehensive Guide] Stomping Solo Queue with the Purifier!

AD Carry [Comprehensive Guide] Stomping Solo Queue with the Purifier!

Updated on November 19, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TROLLing1999 Build Guide By TROLLing1999 49,016 Views 20 Comments
49,016 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TROLLing1999 Lucian Build Guide By TROLLing1999 Updated on November 19, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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TROLLing1999 over here with another guide on Mobafire. This time I will be featuring another marksman: Lucian, The Purifier!

Lucian is arguably one of the strongest marksmen in the current meta and especially in solo queue. His incredibly powerful kit allows him to be at least decent during every stage of the game, as it has a lot of burst and trading potential along with tons of mobility. As a consequence, Lucian can snowball really hard at any point of the game and single-handily carry his team.

On the downside, his AA range is rather low making him vulnerable to long range and poke oriented marksman+support combinations like Caitlyn+ Nami. In addition to that, getting the hang of Lucian might requires one to put in quite a lot of effort as his skillset consists exclusively of skillshots and he is also a slight bit item dependent.

All in all, Lucian has a considerably high learning curve but he also comes with high rewards afterwards. Here is some evidence of my ranked stats with the Purifier.

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For my mastery choices I like to run the typical ADC 21/9/0 setup focusing on physical attacks and damage output increase.

I am running pretty much the standard mastery setup for caster marksmen such as Lucian focusing on Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving , as they significantly boost your damage when combining abilities and basic attacks. Warlord is a noob trap as it provides very little boost and it is much better to invest your points in Dangerous Game and Frenzy . The first one allows you to make really clutch plays and win impossible fights during every stage of the game and especially in 2vs2 bot lane duels, while the second one increases your DPS. If you're running CDR in your runes you should get Sorcery over Fury because you can get you close to 30%/40% CDR depending on whether you build Youmuu's Ghostblade or Statikk Shiv.

In the defense tree, I put my points in masteries that can boost my lane sustain and durability in trades. The path listed is the one and only optimal one, as the other masteries do not provide much for a champion who shouldn't be built tanky.

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For Lucian, I am using the standard ADC rune setup. The 9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage allow you to last hit more fluently and slightly boost your damage in trades. I prefer to run 9 Greater Seal of Armor because they outscale the combination of Health and Armor Seals once you hit 850 Health and onwards, being thus more efficient for the most part of the game. The 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is essential as you will often face a lot of magic poke in the bottom lane, especially now that supports such as Nami or Zilean are becoming more popular. Finally, the 2 AS Quints will skyrocket your trading potential during the laning phase, while the 1 AD Quint is great for last hitting much more efficiently in levels 1-3, especially if the enemy shoves the lane hard and you are forced to farm under your turret.

The only possible variation is to use 6 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction, which paired with the Sorcery mastery will get you almost to 40% CDR when following the Youmuu's path. Another possibility that I really dislike though, is to take 1 Greater Mark of Critical Chance. Loosing 1 AD is negligible, while the random crit can win you a fight out of nowhere.


Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush
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Summoner Spells

Flash is mandatory on marksmen, even on Lucian who is the most mobile one. It can really get you out of sticky situations and repositioning yourself with it can be really crucial or fight changing in certain situations. For my secondary, spell I usually choose Heal. It heals a lot of damage both for you and your allies, which can be vital especially in lane duels; the MS boost is also really cool for chasing but primarily kiting and running away from your enemies. However, you should consider taking Barrier if your support chooses Heal or if the enemy bot lane has considerable healing reduction effects such as Tristana's Explosive Shot. Finally, Cleanse is really worth the value against hard CC lanes(such as Ashe/ Jinx+ Morgana/ Leona) or teams. Note though that it should be used within these 1-2 seconds while you are CC'ed and that you lose quite a lot of lane presence if you prefer this over Heal.
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The bread and butter start for every marksman. It outclasses the Long Sword + 3 Health Potions starter as it actually provides equal sustain, more tankiness (the HP) and the damage difference is negligible. This start gives you all the necessary early stats for farming and trading and can almost guarantee you a long stay in lane. It synergizes well with the rune and mastery setups, too. Finally, the vision provided by the Stealth Ward is too much to be ignored and you can assist your lane partner by warding the river/lane bushes.

Infinity Edge is the cornerstone item for every ADC in the game and the most popular go-to rush item. It adds up a lot to your DPS thanks to the increased damage on your critical attacks and the critical chance, which thoeretically guarantees that every fourth attack is going to crit. Additionally, the huge bunch of AD amplifies well with your high AD scaling on your abilities and all in all increases your bust and general damage output. Lightslinger especially powerspikes hard once you complete IE. My preferred boot choice on Lucian is Ionian Boots of Lucidity because of Lucian's dependency on his spells. These boots are superior to Berserker's Greaves, as they actually bring more damage to the table(more spells also result in more Lightslinger procs) and increased mobility/ultility thanks to the lower cooldown on your dash. If you can afford The Brutalizer/ Zeal before completing tier 2 boots, go for it. These items, especially The Brutalizer gives a huge lot of lane-bullying power and is more desirable if you're snowballing.


The aforementioned items are the ideal purchases after your boots to back up Infinity Edge. On the contrary with Trinity Force or Blade of the Ruined King, these two items are not ridiculously expensive and provide a considerable amount of Critical Chance to synergize with IE.

Statikk Shiv has strong base stats and boosts your burst and DPS quite a lot especially if you manage to pull out full combos and be able to perform attack moving frequently(more stack on the item passive). Lightslinger's second hit can proc the passive and (if you crit) reach unbelievable numbers in terms of damage dealt. Additionally, it makes you slightly more mobile and gives some very valuable mid game waveclear, which is great for pushing sidelanes or sieging/defending mid lane.

On the other hand, Youmuu's Ghostblade does not have that impactful bases stats. The AD provided is a bit low and the critical chance is not high as SS's either. However, the CDR is fine as it indirectly boosts your damage and utility, while the ArPen can be really useful against opponents who have build some early armor. The primary reason, though, why you should built Youmuu's is the active. It makes you much more mobile, allowing you to chase, escape or kite more effectively while the AS boost increases your dueling potential. Above all, The Culling is much stronger when the item is activated.

Overall, these two items are kind of equalvient in my eyes. I feel though that Youmuu's Ghostblade becomes stronger than SS late game because of the enchanced The Culling and the increased dueling potential. On the other hand, the lightning burst from Statikk Shiv slightly falls off.


The life steal item choice is both preferential but it also depends a lot on the circumstances of the game.

Bloodthirster give a great bunch of AD(80) and double the life steal from Blade of the Ruined King. Additionally, the shield is particularly useful against the 100-0 assassin meta and occassionally the heavy poke compositions. Statistically speaking, it is the more standard and all in all better choice as it augments well your burst, gives tons of sustain and provides you with a safety valve.

Blade of the Ruined King, however, is incredibly powerful against HP stacking teams(i.e. Dr. Mundo, Renekton, Cho'Gath), while the active is great for dueling, kiting, chasing and escaping. In addition to that, it can be purchased against heavy bruiser frontlines. This item is quite situational as its base stats are not as good and the Health meta has been replaced by the AP top lanes with natural tankiness. Still it is a great fit in Lucian's kit under the right circumstances.

Last Whisper is an essential and very cost efficient item. The good deal of ArPen allows you to shred through every target's resistances and hurt every single enemy including pure tanks. The AD bonus is nice, too. If the enemy team has a full tank on top lane or is stacking 2 major armor items(prime example Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart, then purchase this before your lifesteal item.

Banshee's Veil is the most popular and by far the best defensive item choice right now. It gives the most MR in the game, a lot of Health and a lifesaving shield. This item is great against any team composition but works wonders versus combo-reliant casters/assassins like LeBlanc or Ahri. Do not forget to enchant your boots if you have not done so already.

In some cases, you should replace Banshee's Veil with a more appropriate defensive item according to the situation you are in. Mercurial Scimitar is really worth the value against hard CC teams and/or Zed's ultimate. Usually, you should buy an early Quicksilver Sash and upgrade it later into the full item. Guardian Angel has lost quite a lot of popularity among marksmen because it actually requires you to die to be used to full effect. However, if you are extremely fed and the absolute number one priority target for the enemy team, it might be a good purchase. Still it is quite unreliable in the sense that it needs coordination your team's side. Finally, Randuin's Omen is an item I honestly dislike on marksmen but it can be used against full AD team comps with powerful bruisers.

Enchantment: Alacrity makes you overall slightly more mobile, which is good for moving around/chasing/escaping etc. It makes up for the lack of base MS when you are using Youmuu's Ghostblade. It is recommended for this build.

Enchantment: Furor allows you to kite better, but it gives no base MS and some Attack Speed is required for the passive to work at full potential. Thus it works better with Statikk Shiv.

Enchantment: Distortion is very situational since you are quite mobile already. However, if you feel like you need the reduced CD on Flash to escape from a particular enemy/some sticky situations.

Enchantment: Homeguard is ideal when you need to return to base and then go back to combat in order to defend your base or contest objectives. Put simply, buy them when loosing.

If the game goes deep into the late game, consider replacing your boots with Zephyr. While you loose some MS, you make up for it by the other considerable stats you gain(AD, AS, CDR, Tenacity), that perfectly fit Lucian's kit.

What should be my first purchases following my starting items?

Why not Trinity Force?

Why don't I get The Bloodthirster/Blade of the Ruined King earlier?

What about trinkets?
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Abilitiy Explanations

This is a very strong passive. When it is used to its full potential, Lucian's damage output can reach quite extreme numbers. When fighting always try to combine your abilities with auto attack in order to proc this passive as much as possible. Note that this ability also does well with cooldown reduction. The more often you cast your abilities, the more chances you will have to utilize Lightslinger as well.

Piercing Light is your main damage ability all game long as it scales incredibly well into mid-late game. A thing to note is that this spell, while being a targeted ability, functions as a line area of effect ability(line AoE) with a remarkable cast time(yet, in a way, it predicts your enemy's movement, making successful aim slightly easier to achieve). Thus enemies are able to dodge this with dashes or sudden changes in their movement speed or direction. Also remember that the line fires behind your selected target meaning that you should learn to use it on a creep in order to damage a champion who stands right behind it. Finally, it can also be used to shove the lane and clear minion waves.

This ability's primary use is not the damage. On the contrary, it should be used for its mobility. The MS boost allows you to kite, chase or run away with great efficiency. The MS boost also procs with your ultimate, which means that combining these to spells makes kiting and chasing down targets much easier. Other more situational uses of Ardent Blaze are poking, waveclearing and extra damage in all-in trades.

This is a typical dash ability and should be used pretty much in the same way as every other of its kind: engaging, chasing, repositioning yourself in a fight, dodging skillshots, kiting and escaping are just some of its uses. While Relentless Pursuit has a considerable base cooldown, its cooldown is being reduced with every Lightslinger attack, allowing you to perform unbelievable in and out combos. Also remember that it passes through thin walls and that it weaves really well into your AA, even though technically it is not an AA reset.

This a very powerful ability in the right hands. This ability should not be used for fighting from close range in the first place as your basic abilities+AA combos deal more damage. The Culling has a range of 1400 units and you must take advantage of this. Starting trades with Ardent Blaze+ The Culling combination can give you the upper hand in a duel before you even reach AA range. If you're already in AA range, it's better to weave the rest of your attacks first and then use the ultimate to clear out the fight and chase down fleeing enemies. Finally, it can be used to clear minion waves incredibly fast when needed(after patch 4.19 you must choose more wisely). You can use Relentless Pursuit or Flash while your ultimate is activated.

If you have trouble hitting your ultimate aim The Culling in a straight line that follows the path of the map. The mark is applied in an AOE, so hitting a nearby minion to give yourself a speed boost can help you catch up when chasing.
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Skill Sequence

My preferred skill sequence is different compared to what some other Lucian players do.

Maxing Piercing Light first is pretty much the only way to go. Every point in it increases both the base damage and the AD ratio allowing you to deal insane amounts of damage all game long.

In most of my game I max Relentless Pursuit over Ardent Blaze. Lucian has only 500 range, which means that he is in real need of the extra mobility his E provides. While you lose out in terms of damage, you still have great burst with Piercing Light, Lightslinger and The Culling. The 40 base MS is also enough for early-mid game and the extra bonus there is not much needed until late game.

As with almost every champion, put a point in The Culling whenever possible.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Ability Combinations

AA Your standard mini-trade tool. It deals quite a lot of damage and can instanly win you most trades. In most cases you want to abuse the max range of the ability and Q through a minion.

AA AA This is my level 2 punishing combo and once the rest of the abilities become available my primary all-in combo as well. If you hit level 2 before your enemy, go on and pull this off. It's almost sure that your enemies won't be able to return the damage.

As mentioned earlier, your ultimate procs the bonus MS. As a consequence you can use it to kite or chase down an opponent and in some cases to start a fight. Fill in Relentless Pursuit, if necessary.

AA AA AA This is actually a more complicated version of 2. It's a combo for all-out fights and duels. You start off by dashing in/to the side with your E and follow up with the rest of your spells, always remember to auto attack in between to proc Lightslinger. If you hit 6 before the enemy bot lane duo attempt to pull out this or the next combination.

AA AA This is another all-in combo for fights and duels. This time you start off by finding a good angle to initiate the fight from very long range with Ardent Blaze and The Culling. Use your E either during your ulti is activated to keep up with the enemy's movement or afterwards to close the distance and deal more damage with Lightslinger. Finish off with a well-aimed Piercing Light and one more AA.
*Note: In the latter two you should be able to dash out with your E depending on how much you use your Passive.
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Making Your Way
Once the game starts and you make your first purchases you should help your jungler by guarding his buff for possible invasions. Then you should leash for him. How big a leash you're going to depends on what route you're going to take to reach your lane. The first melee minion dies at 2:13-2:17, which means that you should be in lane at most at 2:05 so that you don't get pushed. For the purple side the safe route takes around 14s to complete while the unsafe route takes around 11s. For the blue side the safe route takes around 16s while the unsafe route takes 12s, so this is what you should base your leash time on.

Level Advantage
The winner of the lane is often decided already from the start. Whoever reaches level 2 first has a huge advantage over the enemy. Both the adc and the support have 1 more ability than their enemies. Forcing a trade at this point will give you a huge advantage in terms of zoning out the enemy in the future. Anyway, the way to manage this is to start pushing a bit once you arrive in lane. The exact amount of minion necessary to earn level 2 is the first wave and the 3 melee minions from the 2nd wave. Once you reach level 2 either ask your support to initiate or simply use Relentless Pursuit>AA> Piercing Light>AA on the enemy ADC.

If you managed to land your combo or your support made a good initiation, you have a great opportunity to zone out your enemy and deny him farm and experience. Keeping your enemy zoned for some time will give a huge advantage gold- and XPwise. This is how to zone:

1. Be able to win trades: You can't really attempt zoning your enemy if you are behind. As Lucian you should be able to outtrade most enemies due to your high damage on Piercing Light and your outplay potential with E, which you should be using to dodge the enemy's main damage source(if it's a skillshot). However, Corki, Twitch and Caitlyn can get you into some trouble.
2. Control the Brush: Your support should ward/get in the brush that is closer to enemy turret and keep control of it or you can use your trinket. It's really crucial to control the brush area against supports with strong initiatons such as Leona, Nami, Thresh or Blitzcrank. However, pretty much any champion with some kind of CC can hurt.
3. Freeze the Lane: 'Lane freezing' refers to keeping the minion wave at the point you wish. This is accomplished simply by tanking(ideally your support) the minion wave and then keep last hitting at the very last moment. This might be a risky move if your enemies are close and have the opportunity to harass you.
4. Limit your enemies' actions: Easily achieved by placing yourself between your opponent and the minion wave. Only attempt this if way ahead.

Playing Passive
If you didn't manage to get level 2 first or did not manage to land your combo on your enemy, then you should follow a more passive strategy focused on farming and equalizing the disadvantage for the time being. The most effective and safest way to farm is to last hit minions. This means that you wait until the enemy minions fall low on hp and then you make only the killing blow. This way you won't push the lane much and still earn the gold and experience. Last hitting is clearly a matter of practice and after some time you should be able to have ~100 cs in min 10-11. Between last hits, it's advisable to harass the enemies. The most reliable way to do this is to by using Piercing Light on a minion that is in front of the enemy ADC and then follow up with an AA. A good time to do this is when their marksman is about to last hit since it will be impossible for the enemy to return the damage.

When you are last hitting under turret, keep in mind that Caster Minions need 2 turret hits to die, while Melee minions need 3 turret hits to die. Balance your attacks before and after the turret hits to make the last hit. Below I show you hot to last hit during the early levels before B. F. Sword or any other item that provides a considerable number of AD.

Caster creeps: AA - Turret hit - AA
Melee creep: Turret hit - Turret hit - AA

Pre 6, I generally wait for my support to initiate the fight. Once they do this I just throw in every spell I have followed up by AAs to proc Lightslinger. The order in which you should use your abilities is situational. For instance, if your opponent is far away it's advisable to close the distance with your E. If not it's better to save it to chase them down or to disengage. If you have a clear advantage over your enemies and you notice any member of the opponent bot lane out of position, you can also attempt to start the fight. Relentless Pursuit to the side and then just burn all your spells!

At level 6, your damage skyrockets. I strongly suggest you attempt to make an all-in together with your support unless you're way behind. You can choose between initiating with Ardent Blaze+ The Culling(Combo 5) from long range or using the same combo you did pre 6, just with the addition of your ultimate as the finishing touch(Combo 4). Both options are particularly effective, but the first one requires a good level of coordination. A think to keep in mind when fighting is that you should move between abilities and AA because this way you're much less vulnerable to CC, damage etc. This is easily accomplished by learning how to successfully cancel your attack animations.

Another thing you should be trying to accomplish as Lucian is to force extended fights. Lucian is a master in 2vs2 bot lane fights because of his high burst and mobility. Put simply, once you realize that you have a lead you and your support should play aggressively and try to engage, whenever possible(always within limit).

Following the Fight
If you won the trade, you can either attempt Dragon or shove the lane hard in order to take down the enemy turret. Note, though, that you should focus on destroying the bot lane tower only if you're behind. Otherwise, just snowball your lead in the short lane. If you do not have enough time/Health for either of the above, just push the minion wave towards the enemy turret and then recall. This way, you can deny your enemies a good deal of gold and experience. If you ever need to recall at some point(and you will have to) avoid recalling on the cannon wave. If your enemies recall on the cannon wave, shove the and try to destroy their turret.

Your Jungler
Another important thing to remember when playing at the bottom lane is that you should inform your jungler whenever you see your lane recalling as this often creates an opportunity to take dragon while the enemy team is undermanned in the bottom half of the map. Top lane also play as important role in dragon fights/attempt as an initiaton with Teleport on bot lane or the dragon area can easily turn the fight around. Additionally, you should mention that keeping your jungler informed about your opponents ward placements as well as which summoner spells they have used is extremely important.

More About Freezing
When will you want to break the freeze? How should you do it? The enemy marksman might attempt to freeze the land and zone you. You shouldn't allow this and you should try to break the freeze. If you are stronger than your enemy you can force a trade but this won't be the case in various situations. When you want to break a freeze you should push the minion wave as much as possible to the enemy turret. The next wave will be in the middle of the lane.

Keep in mind though that there will be situations where you'll want to keep the freeze, as freezing the lane has many defensive uses. Lane freezing is not just a way to zone out your enemies. It is also a sure method to avoid being zoned. Freeze the lane just out of the range of your turret as illustrated in this image. It will be very hard for the enemy jungler to make a successful gank, whereas your jungler has enough room to operate really well. It also prevents your turret from possibly stealing creeps from you.

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Post-Laning Phase

Lucian's transition to late game is quite strong. He can bring a lot of damage to the table just with the core items, while being incredibly mobile.

If your team is doing considerably well and you have established a lead during the laning phase, it's important to contest objectives and try to close out the game as fast as possible.

Lucian can function well in a siege composition. While he is not as strong as Corki or Caitlyn and his siege power was hurt with the CD increase to his R, he is stil; good at it. When matchep with a composition with a lot of poke and waveclear it's wise to join them and use your skillsetto assist them with waveclearing and harassing. The Culling can really zone out whole teams if used correctly because of the extreme poke and fast waveclear it provides(however you should be really sceptical about using this to clear a minion wave because of the high cooldown). This way your enemies won't be able to engage you because of the Health and minion advantage you should be creating. Pressure them under turret and destroy the towers.

Keep an eye on side lanes for large minion waves or for the enemy marksman splitpushing. As Lucian you can win most ADCs in a duel. Only Vayne with Final Hour activated ond Twitch(if he surprises you with Ambush) can outduel you and that only if you do not use Vision Wards when fighting them. Corki might cause you some trouble as well if you fail to dodge his skillshots.

When dueling, just dash in with Relentless Pursuit and weave your spells and AAs. Your E will be up again once you have made 3 full Lightslinger procs allowing you to chase down the enemy or run away if something did not go well. Note that if your team can stand fighting 4vs5 already because of superior waveclear and poke, you can attempt to split push bot lane on your own and create huge map pressure. When split pushing you will have to face enemy champions and fight with them. Lucian has kill and outplay potentiall on almost every target(even assassins and bruiser) but you must judge carefully before you get into the fight. The most objective way to do that is by looking at your opponents item purchases. Obviously, you won't be able to take down a Syndra euipped with Deathfire Grasp and Rabadon's Deathcap when you only have your Infinity Edge.

Warding during this stage of the game is also crucial, especially if you decide to stay on bot lane and farm up/push. You really do not want to be shut down because of 3 man ganks. Ward the tribush and possibly some bushes in the enemy jungle. Your team should make sure that drake and the river are warded as well.


Catching Up
In case you did not have a lead early game, the best way to catch up is to farm the sidelanes. The safest method to do this is to freeze the lane by tanking the damage from the next enemy minions waves near your turret. The lane will eventually push but you can freeze it once again later on. It's really important to know how to trade objectives. For instance if you notice 5 members of the enemy team on mid/top you can enough room and time to push the lane as fast as possible to and destroy a turret at the bottom side of the map.

Team Fights
Teamfights start to erupt around mid-game, once the first turrets fall down and teams begin group up. Teamfighting as Lucian is a bit complex because of the low AA range and the difficult use of The Culling. However, if you use your E wisely you shouldn't find yourself in a tough position.

The most important aspect of teamfighting as a marksman is positioning. You need to stay in your team's backline, avoid taking damage but still be able to deal damage. Kiting well is also crucial and you should always be moving between your attacks in order to become less vulnerable. The longer you stay alive the more DPS you can deal.

If you have the opportunity to use The Culling in the beginning go for it. You can activate it to zone out some of your enemies or to follow up an initiaton on your team's side. Try to focus on one target instead of spitting the damage. Always start at (almost) max range and while your ultimate is channeling you should slowly but steadily approach the fight. This way you will avoid all the early CC and still be in AA once your ult goes off. If you did not get the chance to use your ultimate, just postpone it. Even if you notice that your team clearly has the upper hand from the first moment, it's generally better to wait until the enemies burn their CC, before going in with Relentless Pursuit.

The general rule is that you should be fighting people that are within your AA/Spell range. If the target is a Maokai or an Alistar, so be it. Hopefully, you will have enough damage to take them down or force them out of the fight. Save Relentless Pursuit for a defensive use. A timely activation and your E can really save you from an enemy assassin or bruiser, allowing you to kite them down with the rest of your spells and AA. As Lucian you have enough self-peel with Relentless Pursuit, Ardent Blaze, your summoner spells and sometimes Blade of the Ruined King and Youmuu's Ghostblade as well.

Lucian is particularly good at surviving the main part of the fight and then clearing out the remaining opponents with his burst and mobility. If you did not use The Culling yet that's the time for it.

Once the fight is over and some/all of your enemies are dead the first thing you should do is to look for what objectives you can get. Whether it be turrets, Dragon or Baron go for it. However, you should prioritise and judge correctly. For instance, if you have the opportunity to push the base and finish the game, there really is no point in attempting baron.
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In general, Lucian is a very versatile champion, which results in great flexibility with team compositions. However, he does shine the most in pick team comps with great catch potential either on individual opponents or in teamfights with AoE initiations.

The team comp laid-out above provides a lot of CC to make up for Lucian's own lack of this element allowing him at the same time to get the most out of his insane mobility. Given that there is good vision coverage around the map, there is a lot of potential to catch enemies out of position and secure kills and objectives early-mid game. Additionally, this team can perform fairly well in teamfights because of the (AoE) CC and the insane burst DPS. Waveclear is also there, event though you might actually have some trouble against certain siege comps before you acquire some items(mostly Lucian and Syndra).

As far as supports are concerned, my favourite partners are:
The Nami+ Lucian combination is just outstanding. Nami provides you with even more mobility thanks to her passive and has a lot of CC to set up kills at bot lane and allow you to land your combos. On top of that she is godly at kiting/peeling for you and assisting you while you are kiting, with her Heal, CC and MS boosts.

Thresh is a very well-rounded support, as he brings a strong initiation, good damage, an escape and little bit of poke to the table. A level 2 hook is almost guaranteed to secure you a kill or force the opponent to burn their summoner spells. He can help you snowball the lane and offer you a safe farm-oriented laning phase with lots of outplay potential.

Janna and Lucian bot lane duos are some of the stronges couples out there. While Janna does not have much damage or a good initiaton for Lucian to go all-in, she provides a lot of CC and has tremendous disengage protecting you from any threat and giving you time and space to land your skills and AAs over time.

Braum is a great support that can protect Lucian fairly well in every stage of the game and has good damage/CC. The most important part of this synergy is how easily Lucian can actually proc Winter's Bite. His mobility allows him to the marked targets, while Lightslinger makes stacking the passive easy-peasy.

Leona is a bit one-dimensional since she does not offer a variety of things. However, she is a great initiator with good damage(increases your damage as well) that allows you to win the most of your trades in lane and her ultimate plays a very important role in teamfights. She cannot peel for you though and the only way of protection she has is bodyblocking skillshots with her insane tankiness.
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The End

That's all folks! I hope you learned something from my Lucian guide. Best of luck in the fields of justice!

Before signing out I'd like to credit jamespongbob and Emikadon for coding the entire guide and doing the guide graphics(welcome banner, chapter headers) respectively! I couldn't have done this without you.

Should any of the reader have any questions, remarks or any other form of constructive criticism, feel free to post in the discussion box!

This is TROLLing1999 signing out...
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