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Darius Build Guide by duggy boy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author duggy boy

darius, a detailed guide to being a successful solo top

duggy boy Last updated on May 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welocme to the ultimate Darius guide!don't forget to vote and comment. P.S. i know there are spelling mistakes! i will try and fix them soon!

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early game

dorans shield
this is viable starting item, good sustain, and is great if against melee solo top, Olaf
boots and pots
good starting item, means you can dodge skill shots and even when you don't you can get your health back
cloth armor and pots
again means more sustain and can be built into better things

mid game

this helps get the gold to build other items quick, nice health as well
tenacity and speed, what more is needed.
need to build infinity edge for damage should have soon.

Late game

this point you want to become tanky
+health +damage +chance of slow, this item is a must!
magic resist + damage + shield, YOU SHALL NOT DIE!
health and health regen + armor + passive and active slow.
bonus damage to health with the extra crit chance and armor, if you are in the tank role or not you need this!

other viable options

if you want to come back to haunt them
having an AD problem.. not anymore
doing tank role and not getting noticed? buy this!
same as above if you need to be noticed.
why you ask? more mana+health + magic resist + spell shield, why not?

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summoner spells

reccomended summoner spells

yes please, go for this every time! effective for chasing and escaping, perfect.

if solo top you want this, to prevent towers getting pushed by the enemy laner and jungler.

viable summoner spells

good for closing gap and escaping, not as effective as Flash because it takes a while to charge up to full speed, but still viable.

ok but you have your ult to finish people on low health and if you are in the tank/off tanking role then you aren't meant to get all of the kill that are available and ignite is an easy way to finish them, so watch out if a carry is attacking them.

this spell is your 1v1, the spell i would take if not Teleport, slows there movement speed and attack speed, they can't get away and they can't fight back.

not viable options

shouldn't have to use this if you are careful with your mana.

you shouldn't be dead

shouldn't need this really, if you are careful then you shouldn't lose any health.

you don't need this, your abilities are more important so this isn't needed.

your not support, only supports need this.

you are not the jungler so you don't need this.

this is useless, this just gives the enemy more gold.

if you get Mercury's Treads then you won't need this.

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skill sequence

the sequence is:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
this is the sequence because i find the your Q, Decimate, is you main damage dealer so it needs to be maxed out first, then it is your Crippling Strike because you need the damage out put. then finally it is Apprehend because this is utility and is not needed to be maxed early.

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i have chosen Greater Glyph of Armor for the bonus armor, simple. i have chosen Greater Seal of Health because earlly game health is essential to a victory of your lane. i have chosen Greater Quintessence of Desolation because this works with the passive on your Apprehend so you have a large damage out put even against tanks. i have chosen Greater Mark of Desolation because again this works with Apprehend.

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This is epic, constant bleeding effect helps finsh off enemies on low health, bit like Twitch's passive, excellent for finishing people once they escape, so there is no escape.


nice damage, does more damage the further away they are so great for staying away yet doing damage, good for harras and farming, this is you Main damage out put.this image shows you an idea about what the range is so you can farm from a safe distance.

crippling strike

On hit slow speed and and attack speed, cast just after auto attacking to get a double hit of for max damage. This is excellent for chasing down a wounded enemy and if they turn around there just going to have a bad attack speed and are going to regret trying to fight, nice counter to champs like Tryndamere who focus attack speed.


This is your main utility, an amazing pull that will catch anybody in it's grasp, it's main problem is the range of this spell, but a quick Flash should close the gap so you can get the kill.

noxian guillotine

wow, true damage scaling AD + resets every kill + increase damage with every Hemorrhage stack. This can cause some major damage during a team fight which can cause you to be a focused in future team fights. Just be careful and allow your tank to be focused first then go In and cause havoc, just make sure your carries get some of the kills to make sure your team doesn't get under fed.

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These are the chosen masteries because it gives me the extra damage needed as well as armor Penetration + the extra health and armor to sustain with.

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Boots of what?

So what boots do you choose then? Here are some options.

Mercury's treads

These are my boots of choice, this is because during a team fight when your focusing someone down if you are stunned or slowed then you might not get to him or her alive, so this is best way to make it through the team fight, these are best against a team with large amounts of CC's or AP champions, perfect example Leona has got 2 CC's and is an AP champ.

Ninja tabi

These are also a good choice because if you take less damage then you stay alive to deal more and to win, this is best against an AD heavy enemy team, ie Tryndamere lots of AD and not many CC's

Boots of swiftness

This is the least viable option, but if the enemy team has not many CC and have lots of Skill shots ( Lux) then this could be a good idea so you can dodge certain abilities, this is completely situational and is prob not necessary but its an idea.

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Early game solo top laning

Against tanky solo top

when i say this i mean champs like Cho'Gath, Olaf and Nautilus, what you have to do is play defence and try to use Decimate whenever they are in range, but other wise you should prob just farm, if the have low health and are being cocky then you could Apprehend and use your combo, if needed you could flash to close the distance to get them, other wise wait until jungler comes then Apprehend then.

Against off tanky solo top

when i say this i mean champs like Garen, Riven and Jax, once again you just have to harass with Decimate but you have to be more aggresive you could go in for a kill IF they are on low health and they haven't built very tanky yet, other wise just wait until your jungler comes and farm

Against squishy solo top

When i say this i mean champs like Teemo, Kennen and Fiora, this time you can be super aggresive, you just have to watch out for things like blinding shot from Teemo and you should be fine. be careful when attacking them, most have a mobility move, IE lighting rush which means flashing up to get them could result in a waste of Flash.

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how to beat who?

this section will cover some solotop champions and how to beat them.

This champ is an excellent solo top, fighting against him is difficult because of his passive which increase health regen. What you have to do is interupt his passive constantly so he isn't getting any health back, when you engage in a 1v1 you have to be careful of his ult, bit like yours but is physical damage and scales depending the amount of health they are missing, so be careful inthe 1v1's, other wise just stop his passive kicking in.

this champ is tricky to face if there jungler comes in, so you want to ward the river (if you haven't already), so if the jungler is there then you can make a hasty retreat,other wise keep harass as he doesn't have much of a sustain except if he has life steal/spell vamp. when he has his dodge up DON'T use abilities, he will dodge them and you will lose mana and If you are chasing him make sure you stay out of the stun, with Apprehend it doesn't matter if you lose some ground on him, but other wise farm, stay defensive and place wards.

with this champ don't engage 1v1's, unless he is really low health, his passive means he get more attack speed the lower his health, and with his W, Vicious Strikes increasing his AD and life steal he is very hard to 1v1, if he comes close to you he might use Reckless Swing, once he gets to level 9 this will do 340 true damage so watch out. once again you need to wait for your jungler to come, then Apprehend and Crippling Strike him as the jungler comes in, at this point he wil prob ult if he is level 6 which mean Apprehend and Crippling Strike do nothing, this means you need pure damage out put, Shyvana is a good jungle pick because she has a large damage out put and once she has ulted she has no more CC's so Olaf's ult is useless, if he uses it before she jumps in, she needs to be careful she doesn't fly through him and end up away for him meaning he will escape.

lee sin
once again you want to ward the river to warn you of the enemy jungler, other wise stay behind your minions to stay safe from his Q Sonic Wave if he does hit and jump towards you then is your time to strike, straight off use Crippling Strike and Apprehend, this will stop him Safeguard / Iron Willing to safety and then Decimate to finish him, if he trys to ult you towards their jungler, try and injure them as you go past with Decimate and try to Flash to safety, other wise farm and wait for your jungler.

once again you want to ward the river to warn you of the enemy jungler, if he is no there then you can engage. watch out for the stun and the knock back and you should be fine, one problem though is that most of her abilities are mobility or are some sort of CC so it could be an idea to wait for your jungler which most preferable would be someone with a stun, EG Udyr.

wukong with his Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow he can do alot of damage in a small amount of time, Decoy can get him away again without taking much damage. Best way to counter him is wait until he is low mana, next time he jumps to you, place a vison ward to see him when he is invisible and use your combo, this will scare him and show him he can't charge into the fight all the time without taking damage, if you want to do this lots of times get an Oracle's Elixir so you can always see him, this renders one of his abilities useless making him waste mana every time he uses it.

Basically when she jumps at you fight her off, shouldn't be too hard just watch out for that ult of hers, she will become untargetable which is a real pain but if you walk towards your turret it will mean she comes back further away from her turret so she has more to run to safety.

If you have any other annoying solo top champs you are struggling to play against please comment say who and i will say how to beat him/her.

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you should just last hit minions, no need to use your abilities because your are a mana hungary champion, so just last hit, if you are struggling to get last hit because you opponent is being aggresive and you are backing off then just walk so your Decimate is on the edge to max damage and use it, this should get you some farm and mean you don't get behind on your lane, if you kill the aggresive player max out the CS you get after they have died to give yourself an advantage.

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Team Work

Team work with this champ is essential, too much kill stealing with your ult Noxian Guillotine and cause your team to be under fed, if you got focused then your team wouldn't be any good. Make sure to only ult when:
1. there are no carries around or they are dead, this is becuase this feds the carries more so your team does more damage, (with this build, Darius does scale as much as an AD carry late game)
2. 1v1, no ones there to say "KS"
3. essentail moments like when enemy team tries to steal baron, no one like losing Baron.
4. tower diving occasionally, quick and easy way to get the kill and get out with taking much damage.

Don't KS you carries unless you have to is the point i'm trying to make.

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Team fighting

I am going to make an enemy team wigh contains:
Tryndamere Veigar, Ashe, Soraka and Nautilus

so who do you go for?
1. go for Veigar, he has amazing burst damage and needs to e stopped first, ult if they are fed and you need them dead.
2. Ashe is next, with a large damage out put she needs to be stopped quickly to prevent her killing your team fast.
3. either Tryndamere and then Soraka, this is because Tryndamere is the next biggest damage dealer but shouldn't be much of a threat as long as a carry is helping you.
4. if you have survived this far then Nautilus is next, this is where your armor pen comes in, you will be the biggest damage dealer to him and this will be essential for getting the ace (give this to your carries if they are alive.)

In all cases if it seems a Carry is going for them don't ult unless it is to important and If it does **** up then try to save your carries, for you are in the part tank/off tank role.

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Thank you for reading and using this guide please leave your opinion so i can tweak and improve this guide don't forget to +1 -1. please say anything you would like to see added to make this guide the best.