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Darius Build Guide by mirkoxxeproplayer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mirkoxxeproplayer

Darius tank and damage build guide

mirkoxxeproplayer Last updated on December 16, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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This build I made it becouse I "love" Darius. And I am pro with him. His ulty have so much power and when he kill somebody his ulty comes back. I made penta kill with him and I was so happy and impresed and I started making this build guide.


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Lore (story about Darius)

Enjoy in video story about Darius

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- Greater Mark of Desolation
- Greater Quintessence of Desolation
- Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
- Greater Seal of Defense

I choose those runes for some armor and magic resist per level and armor penetration for higher damage.
Greater Seal of Defense gives us bonus 24 armor on level 18.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist gives us bonus 24 magic resist on level 18.
Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation gives us bonus 25 armor peneteration what is cool stucking with mastery Sunder and Weapon Expertise what gives us more 6 armor penetration and bonus 10 % armor penetration.

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I choose 21/9/0 masteries for as much as posible damage and deffense and health points at start becouse I am building armor items.

Offencive (21 point)

I am using this mastery to empower my Ignite summoner spell.

Cool damage at start.

Some attack speed, we need it for next mastery.

Important 10 % armor penetration.

0,5 bonus attack damage per level, we need it for next mastery.

Critical damage increased by 10 %.

Bonus 3 % lifesteal that helps to sustain at lane.

Important 6 armor penetration.

Final mastery at offensive mastery tree that give 6 % bonus damage on targets that have less then 40 % health points left. It stucks with Darius ulty Noxian Guillotine becouse it is securing that you will get your ulty back when you tired to finish him.


It gives bonus 2 magic resistence.

It gives bonus 2 armor.

It gives bonus 6 health points per level.

It gives bonus 30 health points at level 1.

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Here are items that I buy for Darius

At start I buy Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions. It is best start for every champion.

At first recall I upgrade my Boots of Speed into Ninja Tabi. It is cool armor and damage reducation at start. It cost only 500 golds when you have Boots of Speed.

Now we are realy tanky but we need more armor so we can be stronger tank. Now is time to buy Chain Vest becouse it gives 45 bonus armor.

At this time we need more damage and health points to be even more stronger. We upgrade our Chain Vest into Sunfire Cape. We didnt get real attack damage but we get Sunfire Cape passive ability that is doing 42 magic damage every second to neerbye enemies.

At next recall we buy Phage to get more health points and some attack damage and passive ability that have 25 % chance to slow target for 30 % for 2,5 seconds.

Now is time to upgrade Phage into Frozen Mallet. Now we have a lot of health points and little attack damage and best passive ability in game what is Perma-Slow on every hit. Becouse of Frozen Mallet noone cant run away what gives us more time to kill our target.

At this point of game when we have a lot of health points we need to get more damage in way of our health points. We buy Cloak of Agility so we can later upgrade it.

We upgrade our Cloak of Agility into Atma's Impaler. Becouse of our health points we got a lot of attack damage becouse of Atma's Impaler passive ability. Little critical chance helps for some more damage.

We have our armor, Health points and attack damage but we need some magic resistence. With Hexdrinker we get some attack damage and little magic resist.

We upgrade our Hexdrinker into Maw of Malmortius and we get a lot of magic resist, attack damage, passive ability as much health points missing we get more damage and active ability when you get less then 30 % health points you get magic shield that apsorbs 400 magic armor for 5 seconds.

Now comes late game. We are buying Giant's Belt to get more attack damage from Atma's Impaler and it is cool health points.

We upgrade our Giant's Belt into Warmog's Armor to get so much health points and becouse of Warmog's Armor we will get more health points what will result with more damage becouse of Atma's Impaler.

This is all for item build for Darius. I think that I explained everything in best way I could. Enjoy in my build guide.

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Skill Sequence

At first 3 levels I unlock all my skills.
I am first maxing Decimate then Crippling Strike and last Apprehend, with respect to ulty Noxian Guillotine.

I choose to max Decimate first becouse it is Darius main damage ability.
Second ability that I am maxing is Crippling Strike becouse it gives bonus damage to next hit and it slows target.
Last ability I am maxing is Apperhend becouse it has long cooldown and we only use it to close up our oppontents.
Out ulty is upgraded at level 6, 11 and 16. I upgrade it every time I can.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Summoner Spells

I choose Ignite and Flash as summoner spells. Ignite is my favorite damage summoner spell and Flash... you just need to have it so you can flash from teamfights if you being focused or just to catch enemy that already used flash.

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This guide is made today 17.11.2012. I will try to update it every day with new things. Feel free to comment anything you dont know why I choose and try my build guide. ^^

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Pros / Cons


- High damage without items
- Very hard to be countered
- Damage is easily applied
- True damage nuke
- Great counterjungling
- Difficult to disengage from
- Extremely low mana costs


- No natural tankiness
- Easily focused
- Easily ganked
- Easily kited
- No gap closers
- Can put own team behind
- Picked on by the ranged

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Who is Darius?
Darius is an anti-Tanky DPS champion who excels at dueling and picking up tremendous amounts of kills through his sheer power and damage. One thing that makes him so strong against other bruisers is that he deals physical, magical and true damage in his entire kit. This means that he is extremely difficult to counter and bruisers will often suffer if they build too much defense. Although Darius is a high damage champion, he is at his weakest if he needs to escape as he has no escapes whatsoever. This means you should always build a bit of defense with Darius.

Why Darius?
Simple. Pick him to completely shut down other bruisers and proceed to kill everything. Darius snowballs at an extremely high rate due to the raw damage of Noxian Guillotine and Hemorrhage. At top lane Darius is an unstoppable champion (save being ganked) who can lane and harass extremely well through Decimate and Noxian Guillotine. In the jungle, Darius is a very strong invader who can catch and kill his enemies through Apprehend, Crippling Strike and Hemorrhage. He also has a very good jungle clear time.

When not to pick Darius?
The worst thing you can do as a Darius player is to pick him when the enemy has either Anivia, Janna or Ashe. Since Darius has absolutely no gap closers, he can be kited to hell in teamfights and/or when chasing. So if you see a team with kite written all over it, don't pick Darius.

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LANE match-ups

Difficulty: Easy
-Constantly harass Akal i, she is squishy.
-If she hides in her Twilight Shroud, Apprehend her out of it.
-Call MIAs often to prevent her from snowballing.
-If Akali jumps onto you, punish her by a quick Decimate > Crippling Strike

Difficulty: Medium
- Cho'Gath is too tanky to be killed, focus on f
Delete Chapterarming
-Don't get harassed by his Feral Scream too much.
-If he starts getting aggressive, start trading and ult before he does.
-Ward often, Cho'Gath works well with allied gankers.

Difficulty: Depends
- Darius can do the exact same things as you can do, so be careful.
-The person to win the lane is the person who gets the first kill in lane.
-Try to land as much Decimates as possible.
-If in a struggling trade, use Noxian Guillotine and Ignite afterwards (Not killing them with your ult)

Difficult: Easy
- Decimate will hurt him hard early on.
-Call for ganks early, nobody likes a fed and unkillable Dr. Mundo.
-Try to avoid Apprehending him early as that makes you vulnerable to his Burning Agony
- Ignite his Sadism so you can kill him easier.

Difficulty: Somewhat Easy
-Try to bait her Riposte before using Crippling Strike.
-An early Ninja Tabi shuts her down completely.
-Don't use Decimate if she Lunges onto you, this deals less damage.
-Use Noxian Guillotine early if you need to, Blade Waltz counters Noxian Guillotine completely.

Difficulty: Medium
-He will poke you often with Parrrley, try to stay back and farm for a bit until you get higher in levels.
-If he maxes Remove Scurvy, ignore him and farm.
-Start Cloth Armor + Health Potions for sustain.
-Don't stand in his ult in a 1v1 or you will lose.

Difficulty: Medium
- Garen has an early game almost equivalent to yours, except he doesn't use mana.
-Attack him when he's done with his abilities, Garen has no damage outside of them.
-Try to Decimate him if he runs towards you with Decisive Strike.
-You might die to Demacian Justice if you don't use Noxian Guillotine quick enough.

Difficulty: Medium
-Abuse Irelias early game weakness.
-Stay ahead in gold if you want to win against an Irelia.
-Harass with Decimate as much as possible.
-When she hits level 9, you are likely to lose 1v1s.

Difficulty: Easy
-Don't get poked by Dragon Strike too often.
-You can pull Jarvan IV out of his flag pull combo.
- Jarvan IV runs OOM easily, force trades often.
-Getting an early Phage will help against his mobility.

Difficulty: Medium-hard
-Stay away from Jax when he has Counter Strike on.
-Avoid using Decimate if he Leap Strikes onto you, this deals less damage.
-Buying Wriggle's Lantern can help if you are dying too often.
- Decimate spam is an easy way out of this lane.

Difficulty: Hard
-You will get poked often when he's in ranged form, start cloth and 5.
-Don't try to waste mana on trades, Jayce can just knock you away with Thundering Blow.
-Call for ganks often, you can't win against a good Jayce.
-Dodge his Shock Blast often.

Difficulty: Extremely Hard
-Build double gold per 10 and stay away from a good Kayle, you can't damage her.
-If she uses Reckoning on you, retreat.
-Don't get too greedy with Noxian Guillotine as Intervention will stop that.
-Stay near your minions if Kayle uses Righteous Fury, it pushes her lane and enables your jungler to gank.

Difficulty: Medium
-Take last hits with Decimate if he pokes too much with autoattacks.
-An early Hexdrinker will enable you to deal with Kennen.
-Dodge his Thundering Shuriken often.
-Misuse of Apprehendg can be premature due to Slicing Maelstrom.

Difficulty: Medium-hard
-Dodge his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike often.
-Avoid Apprehending him, this allows Lee Sin to use Tempest / Cripple.
-Don't underestimate his Q+R+Q combo, it is just as deadly as Noxian Guillotine.
- Decimate spam if you want to even out the lane.

Difficulty: Hard
-Don't fight if he Ground Slams you.
-Focus on farming, Malphite is too tanky for you to deal with.
-Don't stay around with low health, he can ult you to death.
-Build some MR to negate his Seismic Shard poke.

Difficulty: Easy
- Mordekaiser is a squishy melee, harass him hard.
-Don't Apprehend him if he has all his skills up.
-Deplete his shield before using your abilities.
-Don't use Noxian Guillotine too late, or you will be killed by Children of the Grave.

Difficulty: Easy
Harass Nasus to prevent him from farming his Siphoning Strike.
Don't fight him if he uses Wither on you.
Bait his ultimate before you Noxian Guillotine him.
If he rushes Frozen Heart, push your lane.

Difficulty: Medium
Kill Nidalee before she hits 6, as she will become hard to catch.
Build an early Ninja Tabi to help with her poking.
Land a Crippling Strike right after she heals herself to negate the attack speed increase.
Make sure she has used her heal before you execute her.

Difficulty: Medium
Use Decimate if he uses Reckless Swing, it puts him in the "danger zone".
Don't get poked by Undertow too often.
Use Crippling Strike before he ults.
Build some lifesteal to negate Olafs passive.

Difficulty: Easy
Attack him after he uses his abilities, he is an AD caster.
Bait Renektons ult before you execute him.
Don't use Apprehend until he uses his Slice and Dice.
Health counters Renekton harder than armor.

Difficulty: Easy
Harass as much as possible with Decimate.
You can stand still and duel Rengar, after the nerfs he deals pretty much no damage.
You might want to ult early to kill him before he uses Thrill of the Hunt.
Stand in bushes to zone Rengar.

Difficulty: Medium
Try to bait her Valor before attacking her.
Flash out of her wind slash if you have good timing.
Don't use Apprehend until she has used her Ki Burst.
Call for ganks often to shut down her carrying ability.

Difficulty: Medium
Don't Apprehend him if he has his Electro-Harpoon up.
Build an early Hexdrinker to deal with him.
Don't stand in his ult or you will lose trades.
Bait his shield before attacking.

Difficulty: Medium
Be aggressive with Apprehend, Shen can't outdamage you in straight 1v1s.
Don't get poked too often by Vorpal Blade.
Alert your team when Shen his level 6.
If Shen stacks armor, push your lane.

Difficulty: Easy
Don't stand in his Poison Trail for too long.
Only Apprehend when he starts running away.
Decimate chops up his early health well.

Difficulty: Easy
Crippling Strike shuts down AD sion, Decimate shuts down AP sion.
Call ganks often, Sion can't escape that well from 2 people.
Don't let Sion farm too much or he will become tanky.
Break his shield before using Noxian Guillotine.

Difficulty: Extremely Easy
Always Decimate if he walks close.
Apprehend him if he uses Rake.
Make sure to get an early Vision Ward if he Shadow Assaults out of your Noxian Guillotine.
Talon is squishy, call in a gank for an easy kill.

Difficulty: Hard
Take a look at his stats before deciding whether to buy armor or MR.
Try not to Apprehend him if he has his Blinding Dart up.
Decimate obliterates his health.
Get a Crippling Strike on him if you are fighting, Move Quick can be annoying.

Difficulty: Easy
**** on Tryndameres early game by harassing him hard.
If you get a Crippling Strike on him, he will surely lose duels.
Don't use Noxian Guillotine until he has used his ultimate.
Don't push your lane too hard, Tryndamere is a beast when farmed.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Tiger Udyr actually deals magic damage with his proc, build Mercury's Treads.
Get some early lifesteal to duel better.
Decimate when he isn't using Turtle Stance.
Make sure to kill him with Noxian Guillotine as Turtle Stance can save him from Hemorrhage.

Difficulty: Somewhat Easy
You will lose early on, his poke is too strong.
Land a Crippling Strike before he uses Sanguine Pool.
Don't try to fight at low health, Vladimir can finish you with Hemoplague.
Hexdrinker shuts him down.

Difficulty: Medium
Ignite Volibears Chosen of the Storm to execute with your ult.
Don't overextend as Volibear can flip you into a tower or a gank.
Crippling Strike shuts down his damage by a lot.
Don't Apprehend if he seems to be getting aggressive, it is likely to be a gank.

Difficulty: Easy
Wukong runs OOM easily, force trades.
Be careful of ulting the fake Wukong.
Don't let him get free harass often, or else you will lose the lane.
Building health is a better counter as Wukong reduces armor with Crushing Blow.

Difficulty: Hard
Back off if he uses Audacious Charge on you.
Save Apprehend for when he starts retreating, Xin Zhao has no escapes.
Don't overextend as Xin Zhao works well with co-ordinated ganks.
An early Warden's Mail can help against Three Talon Strike.

Difficulty: Hard
Build gold per 10s and play passive, Yorick is stronger than you early game.
Build a mix of MR and armor as Yorick deals both damage.
Don't Apprehend him as it gives him a chance to nuke you with Omen of War.
Call for an early gank, Yorick is bad at escaping ganks.

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The Black Cleaver The Black Cleaver The Black Cleaver The Black Cleaver
2865 2856 2856

The Black Cleaver
The Black Cleaver

NOTE: I prefer to build Darius with less damage and more defense in the jungle as it is safer to build durability if you aren't snowballing (Junglers need to snowball as they get less gold income).

You can't jungle without this item now. Buy it with 5 potions. There's nothing much to say about the machete.

A great item for jungling, it will give everything Darius needs. AD, armor, lifesteal AND an extra ward? Perfect! However this will make you prone to stealing blue from your own AP carry because of its proc and Hemorrhage, so try to stop a bit early from attacking it.

You should buy boots accordingly. I don't need to explain do I?

I think this is a good mix of items. Phage will help you catch your enemies while giving you extra damage and durability, while Aegis of the Legion will make you extremely tanky.

Rush this item afterwards. It's actually a very good tanking item for little gold.

You should then rush Frozen Heart. Why not Randuin's Omen you ask? Well, since the new jungle screwed you over in terms of damage, you kinda need the extra CDR to deal damage (relying on base damages and ability spamming). Plus, you can just build the Warden's Mail and wait to see if you need randuins, since Warden's Mail builds into Frozen Heart now. The mana and armor is also useful for tanking.

By now you are tanky enough, so it is affordable to get some extra damage. Usually I would buy a Hexdrinker to help against burst magic damage.

These are a great mix of items as well. I like to build Frozen Mallet on jungle Darius so I can be unkillable and make my enemies become unable to escape from me. Maw of Malmortius for obvious reasons.

Afterwards you can sell Wriggle's Lantern for whatever item you need.