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Nocturne Build Guide by Qemexy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Qemexy

Detailed Nocturne Jungle guide for Season 8 - Patch 8.7

Qemexy Last updated on April 4, 2018
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Nocturne Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection
LoL Rune: Ingenious Hunter
Ingenious Hunter

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

+14 ability power or +8.4 attack damage, adaptive and +5.5% attack speed

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Win 52%
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Threats to Nocturne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kayle You should not have any problems with her early on. The only thing annoying is her ultimate in team fights.
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So i have been on youtube for quite some time now. I mostly do montages, game highlights and music mixes for League of Lego. I am trying to post as much Nocturne content as possible. So check it out and enjoy. And here i will be posting it.


Something else in my collection of videos!



Another video, i got pretty lucky, but this exactly shows off the tanky build and as well the importance of standing in Duskbringer's trail.


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I did this myself i am going to be modest and say it isn't great but i tried my best.


Hello, and welcome to my Nocturne guide! My name is Qemexy, i play on the EUNE server. I am a platinum Nocturne main. I am not the best Nocturne player out there, i ve been ranked somewhere in under 1000s with him. But my peak perfomance with him is around 65% win rate. I am making this guide to try and teach you some of the tips and tricks i came across playing him. Also to try and share my experience with not only with Nocturne but as a whole Jungle role.

I've been playing League as one of those games when you go on a hiatus at some point. And turning to others or just abandoning gaming as a whole. I started playing league back in season 2. Fell in love with some champions including Nocturne making him my main back then. I came back only recently at the end of season 5. So season six is my first competitive season. And by making it into platinum i feel like i accomplished a good thing. Season 7 i am stuck a bit in platinum, trying to reach diamond. And our shadowy friend and the lethality meta is helping me get there. As far as Nocturne goes i like him as a champion the most since of his playing style. I am here to share my knowledge and as i progress further into this hell pit that we call League of Legends i will share even more. Let's get started.


About Nocturne

Nocturne is one of the most unique junglers out there.

He brings as the name clearly states darkness to the party.
One of the best early game duelists and quite possibly the
best level 3 champion out there. Unique presence is felt
once Paranoia is up. At the start, his high sustain and
aoe prove to be very useful for staying out longer in the
Jungle clearing the Jungle camps.

He is a very elusive and versatile ganker,
early game or late game. If you are creative you can gank
pretty much from anywhere. His Paranoia is a very elusive way of getting
past the enemies front line and getting to the carries.

His biggest weakness once you are in
there is no getting out easy. So be prepared to be burst down.
And burst down fast. My build is a tanky one. He is an
average off tank. Why? His lack of utility. Mainly on his inventory of
He only has one and that's his Unspeakable Horror.


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Okay so, with the complete overhaul of the rune and mastery system in patch 7.22.
They have been combined.
So there isn't really much i can tell you about it.
Still the best Mastery or Rune whatever you want to call it. Is the new Electrocute.
It's the same as the old TD.
So you picked domination and electrocute but you are having a hard time picking others?
Not to worry. The next thing you want to pick is Cheap Shot once you fear an enemy that enemy with impaired movement receives bonus true damage from you. Or you should go with Sudden Impact both are extremely good.
The next one you should probably pick of your choosing, but honestly i hate the poro's and the zombie wards, because they are simply very useless later on, i choose every single time the Eyeball Collection because it gives me bonus adaptive damage the more stacks i get. 20 being max.
Ingenious Hunter now for the hunters, if i was playing something like Warwick i would take Relentless Hunter because of the movement speed. Seeing how we have plenty of it and we are an assassin, its better to have cdr on let's say our yoummu's ghostblade.

So for the second tree, or secondary tree, you can pick anything you like.
What i have found useful is Sorcery.
With The Ultimate Hat being there for cd on my ultimate. Maximum of 5 stacks which is pretty huge.
And in the second one if you need more cdr pick Transcendence or pick Gathering Storm for more damage over the course of the game.
Now i use Precision and with that i use Triumph and Coup de Grace gives me more survivability.

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The following will show the most Strong or remotely strong items for Nocturne.


Okay so for his naturally first item and that's his jungle item i suggest taking either Enchantment: Warrior or Enchantment: Bloodrazor. Both work extremely well with Nocturne i myself prefer Enchantment: Warrior since it works a lot better with the tanky build i go with and ever since they took out Enchantment: Devourer.

Boots of Speed - Boot option is all up to you, but really depends on the enemy composition. Boots of Mobility are my least favorite choice and i almost never use them. Boots of Swiftness are good if you want flat movement speed to even faster chase down your enemies. Berserker's Greaves goes well with both builds or if you max e or w second.
Ninja Tabi are good for any heavy auto attack champions such as Tryndamere or Master Yi.
Mercury's Treads are extremely good for you and i use these the most with my tanky build since it's great if their team is packing heavy CC's. You'll get in and out faster with these. If you don't die before that.
And last but not least Ionian Boots of Lucidity are really good for that extra CDR but i do not advise taking them if you and your team are not that dominant or take them early and then change into Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads. Also with the ultimate hat and if you go Enchantment: Warrior plus duskblade you should not have an issue with cdr.

Youmuu's Ghostblade With the lethalithy meta all around this season this is the second item i like on him now. Duskblade of Draktharr seeing how the duskblade is a much better choice. Stack them and you will get a lot of burst damage on Nocturne. Really works well with him i prefer to use it with my assassin build rather than the attack speed one. But the effect of it is huge. The armor penetration works well with him and you can assassinate anyone pretty quickly. And paired up with the trail from Duskbringer and the active speed buff from this item will make you chase down your enemies really fast. And it will almost be highly unlikely for them to escape you and break the line of your Unspeakable Horror.

Phantom Dancer Not only do you get your attack speed from this item while maxing your W, you also get a bit of critical strike. Also who doesn't want more movement speed on their assassin? Right? Anyway the biggest point of this whole item is the passive effect you get from it, both it's normal and unique passive's. The Spectral Waltz while chasing down enemies and laying down a trail from Duskbringer will make you go cruising by any enemy units you see. And the unique passive will make them deal less damage if they try and fight back.

Dead Man's Plate Another wonderful item for Nocturne and here is why. Not only does it have great defensive stats that you need to survive when going in team fights. But the item builds up stacks of Momentum. First off Dreadnought once on 100 stacks you gain 60 movement speed which will again help you chase down enemies. But be careful this item is really useful to run away as well. But if feared, blinded, stunned or if any other CC is put on you. You will lose your momentum, therefore you will lose your speed. Only slows will make the momentum go down slower.
And the second passive is the Crushing blow. As you build momentum you deal a Crushing blow to your enemies or if you played WoW it has a similar effect as the warrior's Hamstring ability.

Titanic Hydra or Ravenous Hydra alright these two, i use Titanic Hydra with my tanky build and it's pretty much the last item i get in that set. It's last because with the items and maxing out your W second you don't really need the extra cone damage for clearing camps. So therefore i get it when the team fighting starts. Once you are in with Paranoia you want to deal a huge amount of damage, what better way to do so then aoe damage. If you are pretty dominant you can use Ravenous Hydra with the tanky build. But i use it more with the attack speed build. Is it that good on Nocturne? HELL YEAH! The damage from this with your passive Umbra Blades will help you kill anything you haven't assassinated.

Blade of the Ruined King the tanky build a part from the passive effect from Umbra Blades doesn't even need that much life steal because by the time the fight is over you will still be at around 50% hp. If you play it right. This item does wonders for Nocturne and his squishy higher attack speed build. Since you will not have that much sustain once you go in. With this build you will be assassinating even faster. But you will have a more faster death if you do not find a way to sustain yourself. So this paired with Umbra Blades and maybe even a Ravenous Hydra will help you in surviving. Also did i happen to mention that it's active passive can slow down your enemies? Yeah. Great item.

The Black Cleaver This item is a great item for Nocturne even if i don't use it as much as i did before. It's a really good asset to have because upon killing an enemy or gaining an assist will trigger the passive from this item. So pretty obvious once you assassinate someone with Paranoia you gain speed which will help you chase down any survivors.


Situational Items

Maw of Malmortius So this item is a highly recommended item for Nocturne against any high ap damage dealers. I use this one the most if i am facing a really strong Diana because Lifeline will do you wonders, plus it gives now a bit of cdr which you will find useful for your ultimate Paranoia

Death's Dance Nocturne is the definition of death and darkness so naturally this item is great for him. Not only do you get a bit of life steal and damage. But that CDR will do you great. But be careful of the bleed effect that it gives.

Mercurial Scimitar Yes this is on here. Why? Movement speed of course. So this item i pretty much never use. But it's a good thing to have if you are fighting a huge amount of ap damage dealers and if you have to deal damage quickly and if they have a great amount of CC's. It can make a substitute for your Banshee's Veil. If you are dealing with a Warwick this item is great because it's highly unlikely you will predict if he is going to jump on you.

Randuin's Omen a great item to have. If you are dealing with a Tryndamere for instance. I build this if i have to late game if i am dealing with a huge amount of heavy critical ad carries such as Caitlyn.

Infinity Edge To infinity and beyond! Oh yeah this is here. If you pair this item up with Phantom Dancer you will have an amazing 50% crit which will bring down your enemies and put them in 50 feet below ground even faster. And just imagine that 50% crit with the stacks of momentum from Dead Man's Plate it will do a highly amount of damage]]

Duskblade of Draktharr A must have as of patch 7.14 this item will do you wonders. Buy it, rush it, love it!

Guardian Angel Really useful item now for him with the mr being taken away and damage being introduced. Get it last or don't at all your choice.

Sterak's Gage This item is a highly recommended one if you are going up against a team of high burst damage. Such as Zed. But the most valuable thing about this item is it's passive which shields you and you gain some damage. This item really works well if there is a dominant wolf on the enemy team because once Warwick jumps on you, even tho you are pinned down it will trigger. Making his ulti completely useless.

Sunfire Cape I put this on here. If you ever want to build an even more tanky Nocturne. This item will do you good. Also if you are laning with him, you can use it for higher cs-ing.

Thornmail This is a good item if you are dealing with a high amount of AD, since you will be diving them with your Paranoia they will focus you, so pretty much you'll be dealing damage not only to the carries but also some to the front line. Think of it as an inside job.

Edge of Night a pretty good looking new item for Nocturne or any assassin or fighter for that matter. With granted health and lethality. This is a great asset to have in Nocturne's arsenal.

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No need to explain this, i have seen a lot of people use Ghost instead but think about it, you already have speed from the items i gave you and Duskbringer you don't need more, if you take it you will not have an escape. So flash is the best for Nocturne.

Please just don't act smart and think you don't need this. You can not live in the jungle without it since you can't buy your jungle item. And it helps you clear faster and as a Nocturne you will be in the position to steal baron/herald and dragon buffs a lot. So take it and your life will be much easier.

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Skill Sequence and Explanation

His abilities.


This is Nocturne's passive. This is your main sustain ability. Watch for it when it's on cooldown. As it can help you tremendously at the very start of the game. Goes really well with the two hydras. Since it's his main aoe ability.

Now when you are clearing be sure to hit all monsters in a jungle camp. This can be overlooked as a thing that doesn't matter but it does. The more enemies you hit the better for you.
And try to proc it while having the little buff from Duskbringer.



This is his main ability not only for dealing damage but also for being faster.
It's a really good way to clear your jungle camps or chase down enemies.
Because it not only gives you an increased movement speed while on the trail. And also gives you attack damage while on it. So just like in the Hobbit do not leave the road.
Also it takes a really low amount of time to be cast because of it's animation so use it in between attacks so you don't lose damage. Also it's a good tool to run away from your enemies but be sure you have some distance from them, cause that little animation can cost you.
It really goes well with Phantom Dancer, because of the movement speed but also both give you just like with Kassadin that sense of being in the void so to speak as they give you the ability to avoid units or unit collision.

Nocturne's basic skin is a very good thing because it leaves a great black trail behind your enemies. So even if you hit them with Duskbringer and they are in the fog of war you will see where they are going. Here that Halloween skin comes in really handy, because it leaves a white bluish trail behind. Making it even easier to see.


Shroud of Darkness

This is your main defensive ability. Why? Because just like Sivir you can block any spell, and i mean any spell from harming you.
I build Nocturne as an off tank, so i max this before i max my Unspeakable Horror because i gain a little extra attack speed that i don't have and a lesser cool down on it. Which makes me even harder to poke.
If you block a spell also there comes a buff on the attack speed and it doubles if you do so, which is tremendous if you are chasing down someone.
You can without worry cast it anytime you feel like you are in danger. Be careful not to push the button to soon.
Also it can disable any traps like Bushwhack, Yordle Snap Trap or even a Teemo mushroom.
And something that i love doing is defending not only myself but my teammates with it, is when a teammate is focused and a killing blow is about to be dealt to them, i try and body block the spell that way i shield not only myself but someone else.


Unspeakable horror

This is why he has the lack of utility in his arsenal. This is his only CC, and if properly dealt with by an enemy champion a not very useful one.
So for this to work you need to be close and personal with your enemy. Why? The more range they gain of you. The more likely will that bond, so to speak, break.

This is a very useful spell and can be used with some CC's that your current teammates have but don't use it all at once.
Watch out for any Flash abilities because it will make the bond break. Also this will not be effective on Master Yi while he has his Highlander up so don't bother, also one of the hardest champions i've come across to put this leash on is Ahri make sure her ultimate is on cool down. Because she can easily escape.



And last but not least is his ultimate. The Paranoia. So this is a two click ability. First click you call upon darkness as it blinds not only enemy champions but everything that the enemy team has. You will see a red marking below an enemy champion. You can pick one. And click the ability again and this will cause Nocturne to fly to the target area. It's a great tool for ganking or chasing down opponents that have blink abilities such as Ahri for instance. It will do a slight amount of damage to the enemy, so you can even execute low hp enemies with it. Be sure after clicking Paranoia for the second time in case that you are chasing someone down. Be ready to set your Unspeakable Horror as soon as you hit, followed by a Duskbringer in this case if you have not one shotted them already you will finish the job and they will have no escape.
For this ability routine you will need a bit of time to learn because i remember i failed at first back when i started playing Nocturne.

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Ability Sequence

This is a bit weird. Enjoy!


Weird eh? I know, that's what makes it so unique and crazy. I do not judge anyone who doesn't follow my path simply because i did the exact same thing on every path that was given to me. In this case it's his abilities. The first spell i take is his Shroud of Darkness. Why? Well this is easy to explain. I do not need the damage from my Duskbringer that much at the first camp. Simply because your teammates if they are nice people will help you with their own damage. Therefore i chose this as a first as it helps me clear the first camp even faster. Second one is now naturally Duskbringer seeing how you will be now at your second camp and that is probably your buff camps try and hit every monster in that camp with Duskbringer for that extra damage. And the third point is Unspeakable Horror in this case it can help you fear any large monsters in case you are low on hp. And by this time you should consider trying making a gank.

First to max is Duskbringer of course for the damage output and buff you get while on the trail. I like to play this game as i feel like that is most comfortable to me, so this is why i max Shroud of Darkness before my Unspeakable Horror. You can choose which ever you like, both are good in their own way, but pick something you feel better playing with. Not just follow one path like a sheep not even knowing why. And as for Paranoia goes, get it when it is available at levels 6,11 and 16.

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We have the abilities, now how to use them?


So Nocturne is a really easy champion to master once you get a hold on a couple of things.

He has a couple of basic and advanced mechanics in his arsenal.

First off the basics

Basic #1
How to even start a proper gank is a really good thing to know and how his combo goes as a whole. The most basic way is to start by casting your Duskbringer on your enemies, even if you don't hit them, which is highly likely you will still get closer to them faster. Most of them will probably want to CC you and make your gank useless, so with a properly times cast on Shroud of Darkness you won't let it happen. Finish off with by casting your Unspeakable Horror by this time your auto attacks will finish them off.

Basic #2
The combo that you want to use is explained above, try and navigate your teammates into attacking the enemy even before you engage so you can properly put the Duskbringer trail on them. Next once you are close and personal cast the Unspeakable Horror and stick with the enemy until they are feared. By this time they will probably be dead already.

Advanced #1
Okay so imagine doing all of that, that i have stated above, and it's a bust. Why? Well mainly because some champions can counter your ganks pretty badly. Let's say for instance you are ganking a Fiora on top, and all of her abilities are up. What do you do first? It's a natural instinct for people to think that you will cast your fear first. That's where you play it smart. Why have i listed Fiora? Well her Riposte is a killer for your Unspeakable Horror ability. So be sure that when you get close to her with or without Duskbringer expect that she will cast Riposte, the first one to crack wins, so if she casts Riposte be sure to avoid it or use your Shroud of Darkness to dodge it since it will slow you and your chance of killing her. Then cast your other abilities.

Same goes for Fizz while he is more squishy then Fiora. He is a fish, and he is slippery and can get away quicker than Fiora. What does this mean? Well his Playful / Trickster ability is a pain. Because he can totally shut down your damage from Paranoia or even evade your Unspeakable Horror so make him use it, disengage, then reengage because he is sure to follow if not wounded.

Advanced #2
So most of your ganks will if you are creative and brave happen early on, even without Paranoia, that means pre level 6, the above goes for it as well if it is on cooldown.
If it's up use the same ability order as i stated above. But there is a catch, that's why this is in advanced. And you will need some time or a few games to get the hang of it. Upon casting Paranoia and engaging on one marked enemy, before you even hit the enemy, remember, keep your finger on your key bind for your Duskbringer this will help you completely to chase them down, if you haven't pretty much one shotted them already. The moment you lay it down, try if they are still alive and breathing to get your Unspeakable Horror on them as well.

Advanced #3 This is the last one. And it's the most simple one, but people i believe never use it. Remember how Paranoia can be used to quickly get to your enemies and kill them? Well as i said before it has two functions or two parts. First click is what we need here. It blinds your enemies, most people only use it for one thing and one thing only and that's engage, they overlook the possibility of the whole ability. It can be a great escape tool for you or your teammates who are being chased down by the enemy team. You need to get some distance for it to have effect and for them to not be able to see you. So use it carefully.

Also it is going to be funny seeing your enemies running for their lives if you click Paranoia even tho you didn't intend to use it on them.

These may look really easy, and they are, but you need to master them to have a good play time with Nocturne.

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Jungle Routes

His jungle early clear is somewhat one of the fastest, and by doing it right you should get away with a lot of hp at the very start.


So the picture below is still good but kind of outdated. So for him the best route now is to do red or blue depending on where your bot lane is. Yes i go with the bot lane as of faster damage. If you start blue do Gromp, than wolves and look for a gank. If you start with red after that go wolves, blue and gank something! You can do raptor camp as well, seeing how he has pretty great aoe damage at level 2.


As one of our streamers would say "GET OUT OF MY JUNGLE!" and then marking only the enemy starting point as the enemies jungler's actual jungle. That has a meaning tho, everything you can get, take it, don't hesitate this will lead to second guessing yourself and probably failing in something. Take whatever you can, rift, dragons, crabs in the river. Every single thing you can get.

If you plan on getting a dragon or a rift be sure that you already done everything else, and that means clearing all the other camps, the enemy jungler is at a distance, yes he can gank the other side of the map, and of course warding the surrounding area.


Counterganking and invading

So pretty basic, Nocturne is a really fast champion who can get to his enemies quick. The usage of Paranoia can help you quite a lot when an enemy jungler is trying to gank one of your teammates lanes. If let's say Vi has ganked one of your lanes, you can easily countergank her, she has probably used all of her abilities to engage and now doesn't have a way to escape, making it maybe an easy double for you and your team.

As far as invading goes, you can easily do this with Nocturne past level 3, because he is considered one of the best level 3 champions with all spells having at least one point. Best counter jungle is for instance Lee Sin early on if you can block his Sonic Wave with your Shroud of Darkness he will probably be dead if he continues to fight you. Just like with Lee you can invade anyone else you feel like is in need of invading, steal their turf for yourself. AP jungler's at the start are your best choice like Evelynn since she has a pretty slow clear speed.

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Okay i can not stop saying how important this is. Nobody tends to listen to me, because hey he is in gold still, why should we listen. He doesn't know. The worst part about it is that i get this from people who haven't even made it into gold yet. Let me explain, when you start playing this game. Hang your ego somewhere before you play this game. Since it will do you no good.


So this pretty much stays the same, i always go for it, but instead of the season 6 pink wards we have a new ward called Control Ward Pretty good item to pick up every chance you get. Since it literally controls the area now. It stops all other wards from working. so use it as much as you can. Now for regular wards, you can place them wherever you want, whatever area you might feel like it's necessary. They are stealthed and can't be seen unless the jungler has smited the raptors or if he has Sweeping Lens.
Why have a i marked those four spots? Well many people know, but some of you may not. How many times as a jungler have you walked by a brush and didn't even bother checking it?
Exactly, next time check everything, these four spots included and before everything else. These four brushes, stealthed areas always go overlooked or just passed. And it gives you an amazing advantage over your enemy team jungler. You can see if he is in the bot side of the jungle. With Nocturne this gives you great opportunity to gank the top side or steal his top side jungle camps.

So WARD! Everything and anything that you can, especially if you are a jungler. This will give you a great advantage.

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What do you do before and during a game?


So, let me guess you are losing and you are blaming your team for what is happening? Let me tell you i might be in gold elo, but this is why i know so many things about it, because i have seen all types of people raging, flaming, blaming everyone else. This happens to most people when they have a bad day, a big losing streak. But still you keep asking yourself why am i stuck at this elo? My team is bad, i am good, i am the best i should be at the top!

Ask yourself tho, with that attitude you would be the same in Challenger or Master. So it wouldn't matter.

The thing is, it's not only your team's fault you are loosing or lost. But yours as well.
Before the game you probably were just sitting there, waiting for the game to load up or even worse, you were looking up your opponents to see what elo they were? Trust me, that may be a factor, but i've seen bronze players play better than gold or platinum.

There are games in which you can't do anything, you are shut down. And you can lose. But in most cases there is a tiny little hope. A chance for the enemy team to throw or make a mistake. I am not talking just about Nocturne here but he is a great example of making plays that can make an enemy team throw the game. I stated it above if you were reading carefully, that your Paranoia can be used greatly to steal baron/herald or even dragon buffs. So use your head, stop raging, because rage will blind you. Take a moment, stop, think and be creative.

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Nocturne can either be great in this or be just a big bust for your team. It really depends on how you position yourself, where your team is and where your enemies are.


Nocturne like any other assassin. Can either dive and kill himself for no reason or can destroy the enemy team from the inside. So, the big question is finally answered. Why such a heavy off tank build? Well i like to play Nocturne that way i stated it above, as a go in, get out champion. Meaning i build him this way simply to avoid everything else from my main target and survive when the dust has settled. Because i am sure about 80% that the enemy team will try to burst you down if you engage on their AD carry. So in most cases you can kill the carry, and they will still go for you first. While your team casually kills them one by one. If you get too low you can disengage early with the use of only one escape you have and if it's not on CD and that's your Flash.


So wait for the right time to jump in with Paranoia because here Assassin has a really great factor as well if your teammates are not too close. If the enemy team has already engaged, you can easily assassinate their carry and then try and help out your squishy compadres without even wasting your Flash.

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I hope i have taught you something today or any day you are reading this guide. To sum it up, Nocturne is a very elusive and strong fighter and assassin with the ability to be sustainable for a long period of time. Want more attack speed with him? Do the second build. Want more sustain and damage to kill your enemies? No need, with the first build they will go running for the hills as soon as you hit Paranoia, with him sending shivers down the enemy spine every time you hear EMBRACE THE DARKNESS!

If you would like to see Nocturne in action or many more champions check out my youtube channel where i have new content uploading almost constantly. I will try and make many more Nocturne videos just for the sure evolution of this build and guide.

Also don't hesitate to send me a message on there or on my facebook profile

Or just comment here for any questions, also any criticism is highly welcome. This is League so i am expecting it kinda. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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Just like with anything i am going to try to update this guide whenever i have the chance.

Patch 8.5 brace yourselves brothers and sisters we are neglected no more. Ever since of the start of season 8 i have truly not played Nocturne that much, seeing how weak he has been for some reason. He fell out of the meta and plundered so much that i don't see him at all.

As of patch 8.5 we have received some crucial buffs to our kits. And one minor change.

His passive now Umbra Blades base healing has been increased and cooldown refresh has been increased from 1 second per hit to 2 seconds per hit on enemy champions.

His Q Duskbringer has been slightly buffed, the speed it travels has been increased.

His W Shroud of Darkness has been modified, if you use it while you recast Paranoia to get to a target it will stay active until you have reached your target. Pretty pointless during the flight, but really nice to not get knocked back straight away by Janna's ult or Tristana's.

His E Unspeakable Horror has not been changed at all.

And his Ult or R Paranoia has been buffed as well, so your blackout and recast duration time has been increased from 4 to 6 seconds.

Patch 8.6 We have been changed a bit again, with the R Paranoia being buffed yet again, on level 11 and 16 in which you should put points into the R. The base damage goes up, the one on level 6 has not been changed. Also his ratio has been changed as well to about 1.5 bonus attack damage.

Patch 8.7 Now with the changes in the past on his Q Duskbringer being faster Riot has been surprised by his changes, so they were kind enough to give us some more damage. Life is good sometimes, right?

That's it for now, i will keep you updated. These patches have been really kind to Nocturne and to us playing him, seeing how Nocturne has been neglected for so long. Good luck!