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Udyr Build Guide by RoleDyr

Jungle platinum

Detailed Udyr SoloQ guide!

By RoleDyr | Updated on April 29, 2019
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role
Ranked #8 in
Jungle Role
Win 54%
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Champion Build Guide

Detailed Udyr SoloQ guide!

By RoleDyr
About me

Twitch Streamer | best Udyr | Jungler
Name: RoleDyr
Udyr OTP Since:
4 years
Current State:
Rank 1 Udyr, Master 343LP SoloQ

Yo w***up guys,

my name is RoleDyr and I've been ontricking Udyr for more than 4 years now.
Why am I entitled to teach you how to play Udyr?
Currently I am the world's highest ranked Udyr player.
I am currently Master in EUW and I'll be fighting my way up to the Challenger tier over the next coming weeks.
You want to stomp your enemies with Udyr and leech some free LP?
Lay back and enjoy this guide!

Runes guide Back to Top

Runes Explanation
Press the Attack: The best keystone for Udyr so you can burst down your enemies as fast as possible.
Triumph: Your favorable option since it enables you to go for „low-hp plays“.
Legend: Alacrity: The attack speed provided by this rune allows for a faster jungler clear and it smoothes your auto-attacks.
Coup de Grace: It gives you decent amounts of bonus damage on champions with low life.
Regarding the secondary rune page you should decide on Celerity and Waterwalking in the “Sorcery Tree”. Additional movement speed is quite convenient on Udyr since it allows you to roam and rotate over the map more quickly.
Small runes : The lesser runes are quite easily to pick: 10% attackspeed, 12 AD and 5 armor is the way to go here. The attackspeed synergizes well with Legend: Alacrity, hence it provides for an even faster clear speed, the additional attack damage increases your Tiger Stance damage and more armor equals less damage intake from jungle camps, turrets and enemy champions.
Skills Orders Back to Top
MONKEY'S AGILITY (Passive): Entering a stance grants Udyr bonus Attack Speed and Movement Speed for a short duration. This effect can stack multiple times.
TIGER STANCE (Q): Tiger Stance: Activation - Udyr's Attack Speed is increased for a few seconds. Persistent Effect - Udyr's first attack and every third attack after will deal a high amount of damage over 2 seconds.
TURTLE STANCE (Q): Turtle Stance: Activation - Udyr gains a temporary shield that absorbs damage. Persistent Effect - Udyr's first attack and every third attack after heals him for 2.5% of his maximum health.
BEAR STANCE (Q): Bear Stance: Activation - Udyr increases Movement Speed for a short duration. Persistent Effect - Udyr's basic attacks stun his target for 1 second. This effect cannot occur on the same target for several seconds.
PHOENIX STANCE (Q): Phoenix Stance: Activation - Udyr unleashes pulsing waves of fire, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Persistent Effect - Udyr's first attack and every third attack after engulfs enemies in front of him with flames.

Why do I max Tiger?:

In the current meta, maxing your Tiger Stance is out of question.
Some patches ago the Phoenix Stance got nerfed so significantly that playing that is not a valid option any longer.
Many players are maxing Turtle Stance second to increase their sustain. But we are certainly not many players, we are playing the RoleDyr variant.
Following my playstyle you will always max Bear Stance as a second to chase down enemies more effectively and to not get kited as easily.
Turtle Stance will get maxed out third and you should always pray that you won't have to invest a single point into your Phoenix Stance, since Udyr is getting weaker by every single minute that passes.
Itemization Back to Top

Items Explanation

You start with Hunter's Machete instead of the Hunter's Talisman for a better jungle clear speed.

You absolutely prefer Challenging Smite over Chilling Smite, since it eases 1v1s and synergizes well with your Tiger Stance DoT.

After finishing your Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior you build directly into Trinity Force. You start with Phage if you are slightly behind and Sheen if you are already ahead. Stinger would always be your last buy.

Afterwards, when playing against crit-champions in the enemy team, you buy Randuin's Omen, if not, you go for Dead Man's Plate.

If you are facing a lot of consistent magic damage (dealt by Karthus, Cassiopeia or Kaisa among others) Adaptive Helm becomes the obvious choice. Otherwise, Spirit Visage displays a good alternative against magic damage sources. If you bought Tiamat early, Titanic Hydra is your last buy.

Boots choice Back to Top

Ninja Tabi

Mercury's Treads
Does the enemy team consist of many auto-attack based champions, go for the Ninja Tabi. If you are facing a lot of crowd control, you'd pick up Mercury's Treads instead.
Counters Back to Top
Jax: Every auto-attack based champion hates him. Due to his Counter Strike he nullifies enemy auto-attacks. Therefore he is not just negating Udyr's initial burst and most of his damage in general but also putting the stun of your Bear Stance on cooldown without actually getting stunned. Furthermore winning split-push battles (which is part of Udyr's agenda) against a Jax in the late-game is next to impossible. Fortunately Jax is mostly seen on toplanes nowadays and therefore can be ignored for most parts of the early- and midgame.
Nocturne: The Eternal Nightmare indeed, especially for Udyr. His Shroud of Darkness prevents him from getting stunned by Udyr's Bear Stance. Moreover Nocturne can pretty much freely choose wether or not to fight Udyr owing to the fear caused by his Unspeakable Horror. Its range is too high for Udyr to attempt any countermeasures. Hitting a Duskbringer and benefitting off of the extra AD it provides, the long-lasting fear and the keystone Lethal Tempo even allow Nocturne to win 1v1 battles against Udyr. Nocturne's ability to pick fights whenever he wants to, his superior scaling and the fact that Udyr can't win early encounters, declare the living shadow the clear winner of this jungle match-up.
Pantheon: And just another champion to block your Bear Stance stun, this one with his passive ability Aegis Protection. You see the pattern here? Any fight against Pantheon is virtually unwinnable, thus invading him is not an option. In addition to that, Pantheon's playstyle is heavily focused on ganking with pretty much unmatched frequency. That in combination with his ridiculous snowball potential, seemingly makes him Udyr's worst and strongest counter.
Synergies Back to Top
Aurelion Sol: Pushing in wave after wave in the early game enables him to easily assist you during invades. Beside his good roaming potential he can also follow-up to your stun with his Starsurge and effortlessly chase down enemies which again perfectly synergizes with Udyr's core elements.
Galio: Having one of the best follow-up and assist ultimate abilities ( Hero's Entrance) in the entire game qualifies the Colossus to be not just one of Udyr's most favoured midlaners. With a Galio strengthening your back, invading becomes a piece of cake. Just like Sol, Galio too has follow-up crowd control with his Shield of Durand which can make reckless invades become tyrannizing hunting parties for the enemy jungler.
Zilean: The pretty much best supporter you could have as an Udyr player is Zilean. The Chronokeeper provides you with gigantic movement speed bonuses, especially in the later stages of the game. Beyond that his ultimate grants you an extra life whenever charging head first into the enemy team. By that you can easily force everyone's attention onto yourself (without actually facing the risk of being punished) since you are too much of a threat to be ignored.
Talon: Another preferable midlaner would be Talon. His roaming capabilities are unmatched and even while being pushed in, a Talon can almost always come to your aid while invading the enemy jungler, without completely forfeiting his lane.
Jungle Pathing Back to Top
The Jungle Pathing:

You always want vision on the Rift Scuttler as well as on the jungle entrances. Thereby river wards are absolutely vital. You begin every first clear at the Blue Sentinel , due to your high mana consumption. After having cleared that you carefully observe the lanes. Seeing the enemy toplaner before their botlane appears on lane, usually indicates that the enemy jungler started on his botside jungle and vice versa. There are some rare exception (see Kayn's solo start at raptors e.g.).
After finding out where the enemy jungler started you kill the gromp . From here on out it depends on which side your team started the match.
If you are on blueside the following applies: Once you've reached the first rift scuttler you must track the enemy jungler via the wards in the river. If you see him taking the upper entrance of the botside river he is most likely on the way to his Red Brambleback . In that case you can cheese him in his raptors brush. If he is entering the bottom side of your jungle he is most likely to invade your Red Brambleback , which allows you to take his entire topside jungle. Thereafter you can decide on wether or not you want to pay a visit to your top- or midlane.
If none offer you viable ganking opportunities you go back into your jungle to take your Murk wolves after which you port back with approximately 950 gold.
There you buy Skirmisher's Sabre (650 g) and Boots (300 g).
If the enemy jungler has started at his Red Brambleback you immediately run for your own after taking the topside Rift Scuttler .
Afterwards you instantly go for the botside rift scuttler . If that one is cleared already you catch off your enemy at his Blue Sentinel . Otherwise you clear the rift scuttler before you visit the enemy's Blue Sentinel in order to take it or kill the enemy jungler.

The same is true for starting the match on opposite sides of the map, only contrariwise. If you see your opponent entering the bottom side of the topside river you cheese him in his Raptors brush while he is on the way to his Red Brambleback . If you notice him entering your topside jungle he is attempting to invade your Red Brambleback , therefore you are taking his and the remaining camps in his botside jungle. Instead of top your botlane now may offer you good ganking possibilities but then again, if ganking seems too unattractive, you just go back to buy the obligatory items mentioned earlier.

If the enemy jungler starts at his Red Brambleback you just go to your own after having killed the first rift scuttler on botside. After that you attempt to take the second rift scuttler again. If that's been taken you head straight towards the enemy Blue Sentinel as usual.
All in all that covers the most important parts of the early jungle pathing.
After heading back on the map once you got Challenging Smite and your Boots, your main priority is to seek and find constant 1v1s with the enemy jungler.
Warding Back to Top
While invading the following wards are important:

Blueside Start:

Control Wards:

On topside you have multiple options. You can either put your Control Ward in the river to secure the rift scuttler , provide vision for your midlaner and always make sure that you won't get spotted while invading the enemy's red brambleback .

Your second option would be a quite aggressive one, in the brush next to the enemy's red brambleback .
This is only advised when you have a winning midlane on your side, which can assist you during invades.
If you don't have the required midlane pressure this Control Ward will simply get cleared as soon as someone in the enemy team notices it.

The probably best spot to place a Control Ward is in the upper brush in the enemy jungle, that is in the gap between the blast cone and the enemy's red brambleback .
That Control Ward will hardly ever get spotted and it offers you valuable insight in the jungle pathing of your opponent.


The most important Stealth Ward are the ones in the enemy's raptors brush.
Since invading the red brambleback is a main priority, this Control Ward will give you information about your opponent's presence, the second he enters his topside jungle.
Thereby it allows you to go for them cheesy kills.

On botside the only important brush you want to put Stealth Ward in is the one next to the enemy's blue sentinel .

Redside Start:
Pretty much the same, just the other way around.

Mid- & Lategame Back to Top
As mentioned earlier you are always looking for 1v1 skirmishes with the enemy jungler.
Once you finished your three core items, namely Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior, Trinity Force and the corresponding boots, you start splitpushing. At first your are mainly looking to destroy as many turrets as possible. The further the game progresses the more focus you should put on destroying the botlane inhibitor in order to put a lot of pressure on this lane with the hardpushing super minion waves. Once the pressure is built up you start grouping with your team at baron nashor . With the sidelane pressure you are now able to force the enemy team to make a difficult decision. They will always need at least one splitpusher to take care of the botlane super minions. Thereby they are only able to disrupt your Baron attempt with 4 people which already makes it a lot harder for them. You will take advantage of the fact that they are outnumbered and force the 4v5 teamfight. Once you've slain the Baron you start splitpushing on the toplane while your team takes the midlane inhibitor. This is the basic formula to win games with Udyr, from early to late game.
Tips & Tricks Back to Top
A few tips & tricks:

When facing auto-attack-nullifying champions like Pantheon you should always engage them while being in your Tiger Stance or Turtle Stance. They won't lose their passive on-hit-effects even when hitting into Pantheon's Aegis Protection e. g.
Initiating an attack with your Bear Stance will have no effect at all and would simply put your passive stun on a cooldown.

Should you attempt to cheese an enemy, in his jungle let's say, there is a superior attack/ability pattern you should always try to follow.
Use your Tiger Stance preemptively and wait for the ability to cool down (not more than 6 seconds with 0% 'CDR'). Now you have a passive damage-over-time effect up that helps you to increase your initial burst on an unknowing target.
The second the enemy jungler shows himself and walks towards the brush you are waiting in, you initate the fight with an auto-attack to let your Tiger Stance do it's work.
After that very first auto-attack you swap into your Bear Stance to stun your opponent just to immediately swap back to your Tiger Stance autoattack and get the maximum damage output.
In my video you will see 2 examples in which I am showing you how I killed enemy champions with that combination. Even though Vayne was extremely fed, she didn't even stand the slightest chance against me, due to that quick ability rotation.

With your Turtle Stance you can use every single Jungle Plant to heal yourself for a small amount.
If you are not having mana issues you should always swap to that stance to get that free extra health back.
Furthermore you can also stack your Tiger Stance on plants.

While your Bear Stance is active you gain the passive Phantom Dancer effect which allows you to pass through units.
Once the active wears off you are getting minionblocked again.
The End Back to Top
The End

I'm hoping I could bring my favourite champion closer to some of you out there.
If you encounter any questions, feel free to check out my stream.
Though it is in german I'll do my best to answer all the open questions that you may have.
If you enjoyed this guide I'd truly appreciate it if you would leave me an upvote to help spread the message of how awesome Udyr actually is.

Here is my Udyr guide in a video so you can see everything step by step.
It's on German but I'm pretty sure that it will help alot still!
Just mute the sound and enjoy. Kappa

You can see everything I mentioned in the video below:

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