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Draven Build Guide by OTGBionicArm

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OTGBionicArm

Draven: Complete Guide bouncing axes off faces.

OTGBionicArm Last updated on October 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to the League of Draven

Hello, I'm OTGBionicArm, and this guide is about one of my favorite champions, Draven, the Glorious Executioner. Draven is Darius' younger brother, and ironically is not the one constantly played by 13 year old sh**-talkers. Draven is a champion of skill, power, and overall badassery. He has one of the highest skill ceilings of any ranged AD carry, and is built to be much more aggressive. If you want to play "Let's watch each other last hit minions for 30 minutes, FEAT; Ashe, Soraka, Vayne, and Sona." This champion and guide are not for you.

Draven is adept at tormenting enemy carries and supports early game via Spinning Axe; a powerful tool of destruction that deals tons of damage, as well as applying his passive damage over time. This move refreshes when Draven catches the axe, meaning his onslaught is theoretically infinite.

To master Draven is requires careful positioning, movement, and balls of steel. One must become Draven, so to speak, one must be cocky, arrogant, and self-obsessed. This is the only mindset to play Draven.

This guide will cover how to shred bottom lane carries and supports, how to cooperate with Draven's support, and how to operate outside of laning phase.


My first ever Pentakill was achieved with Draven using the Trinity Force build variant. That build got nerfed. I am so proud of myself. :3

EDIT: Not Pentakill. Draaavenkill.

Guide Top

Why should you play Draven?

  • He's a massive troll of a character.

  • The sick fu-manchu. Draven is dead sexy, and you know it. You wish you had a sick fu-manchu like him. (Protip; you must only use his default skin, it's worth more troll-points.)

  • Draven gets all the *****es.

  • This is the League of Draven.

  • There is literally no following his footsteps. Merely walking behind Draven causes internal bleeding.

  • You want to do it all... with style! Like Draven.

  • You, much like Draven, are incapable of "do(ing) subtle".

  • Draven does not run off mana. He runs on sheer ego. As he uses abilities, his ego bar (the gray one) fills from right to left.

But, I'm a massive fan of Draven, so here's some non-biased pros and cons.


+ Has one of the best laning phases of any ranged AD carry in terms of harassment, and kill potential.

+ Draven is very sustained in his mana because he has low mana costs and Spinning Axe can be kept up indefinitely. Spinning Axe is also a very reliable last hitting tool.

+ Very powerful sustained damage and chasing power. Blood Rush can be spammed by catching Spinning Axe.

+ Global ultimate! Similar to Ezreal, Draven can use his ultimate to steal Baron Nashor or Dragon with proper timing and vision, or get a far away kill.

+ One of the few carries with the ability to completely stop channeled abilities, as well as some dashing moves (EX; Leona's Zenith Blade) with his Stand Aside, which can be invaluable.


- Has no reliable escape moves. Blood Rush is not reliable because it's short duration, and requires catching Spinning Axe to refresh.

- Draven can be harassed by skill shots as the enemy can see where his axe is going to land. However, this can be remedied by "leading the axe", which will be covered later.

- The nature of his kit is generally awkward for most people until you get a few games in with him.

- He is rather risky in team fights because of his Spinning Axe. Just remember that it is not imperative to catch every single axe, because they can put you out of position and can get you killed easily.

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For masteries I use a standard AD carry page. This is designed to amplify Draven's physical damage and prowess, with a dab into the defensive tree to give him some more health.

Offensive Masteries:
  • Tier 1: One point is taken for Summoner's Wrath , for the 5 bonus AD when Ignite is on cool down. It may not seem like much, but it adds up. 3 points are put into Brute Force for more AD and extra last hitting power early game.

  • Tier 2: 4 points are put into Alacrity for the added attack speed and it leads to our next goal in tier 3.

  • Tier 3: We put one point into Weapon Expertise for the 10% armor penetration, which is always necessary early game to do more damage against enemies. 4 points are put into Deadliness for 9 free AD at the end of the game.

  • Tier 4: All points are taken in Vampirism for the added sustain to your eventual The Bloodthirster. Lethality is take for 10% bonus critical damage, which will be helpful when you get your Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge.

  • Tier 5: The 2 points in Sunder are for even further armor penetration to hold you off until Last Whisper.

Defensive Masteries:
  • Tier 1: 3 points in Hardiness is necessary at bottom lane against the enemy AD carry for the additional 6 armor. 1 points in Tough Skin is taken because Draven regularly walks through enemy minions chasing and harassing. Taking less minion damage is smooth.

  • Tier 2: Durability is maxed out to get an additional 108 HP at the end of the game.

  • Tier 3: Veteran's Scars is taken for the immediate +30 HP early game. 2 points are taken in Indomitable for similar reasons as Tough Skin , but it's all incoming damage.

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Core Runes:

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells:

Draven should almost always have Ignite, because any lane with Draven in it is a kill lane. Draven thirsts for blood, first blood, that is, and Ignite helps him achieve that ever so well. It's also handy to cut down the heals from those pesky Soraka's and Sona's.

I shouldn't have to explain how helpful Flash is. Amazing for escapes and securing kills. And since Draven lacks a reliable escape/gap closer, Flash is staple on him, and most AD carries.

Other Viable Spells:

Ghost is a great summoner spell for Draven to be much quicker to picking axes up in team fights, to chase, or to flee. Flash ultimately has better utility, but the choice between the two is largely preference. Alternatively, using both and dropping Ignite makes you an uber mobile machine of death.

A great choice some times for aggressive plays. Heal can be used to sustain yourself in a lane, or to bait enemies into over-committing to killing you, which can turn a fight in your favor.

Would rarely use this myself, but I see it's viability. Would be very useful to get out of deadly situations like Crescendo or Dazzle.

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Ability Explanation

Wicked Blades: Draven's critical strikes deal 30 + (4 × level) bonus physical damage over 4 seconds. Spinning Axe also causes this effect even if it does not critically strike.

This passive is a large part of what makes Draven so deadly in lane. It deals incredible DoT damage at all stages of the game, and it does stack, just not like his brother, Darius's bleed. When applied to a target already affected by Wicked Blades, it will refresh the timer and add the left over damage to the new stack.

Spinning Axe: Draven's next attack will deal bonus physical damage. The bonus is equal to a percentage of his total attack damage.
This axe will ricochet off the target high up into the air. So long as Draven catches it, Spinning Axe will keep applying to his next attack.
Cooldown permitting, Draven can have up to two Spinning Axes readied at once.

The core of Draven. You will hammer enemies and look like a BAMF doing it. Only a truly skilled and hardcore warrior like Draven can pull insane axe catching off like this, perfectly, every time. This ability is your enemy health bar deleter, and minion decimator.
Tips and Tricks
I'll take that.

Blood rush: Draven gains increased movement speed for 1.5 seconds and increased attack speed for 3 seconds. The movement speed bonus decreases rapidly over its duration.
Catching a Spinning Axe will refresh Blood Rush's cooldown.

Your own personal mini- Blood Boil. This ability is what makes it a bad idea to run away from Draven. He will hunt you down, and he will kill you. The most spammable uber steroid in the game, and it makes Draven truly terrifying when he catches his axes.

Tips and Tricks
Now this is how to move.

Stand Aside: Draven throws his axes, dealing physical damage to targets hit and knocking them aside. Targets hit are slowed for 2 seconds.

This ability is amazing for displacing and locking down enemies with the help of your support. The knock back is small, but it often throws people off and messes with their pathing, which can get them killed. It's true use however is to disengage a dashing threat like Leona, or a channeled ultimate, like Nunu's Absolute Zero.

Tips and Tricks
Stand back.

Whirling Death: Draven hurls two massive axes in a given direction, dealing physical damage to every unit struck.

Upon reaching the edge of the map, striking an enemy champion or upon the reactivation of Whirling Death, the axes will slowly come to a stop before changing direction and returning to Draven: dealing the same damage to every unit struck on the way back.

Whirling Death deals 8% less damage for each unit hit, down to a minimum of 40%. The damage reduction resets when the axes reverse direction.

Draven's ultimate is much like Ezreal's, except that it does a return trip for more damage-! It's best used at the start of team fights for some buffer damage on as many targets as possible, or to steal Baron or Dragon.

Tips and Tricks
Perfection? I got that.

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Spinning Axe should always be maxed first because it is a majority of your damage output. Blood Rush is pretty good even at rank 1, but should be maxed second. Stand Aside is only used for it's utility and thus is maxed last. Obviously, you take Whirling Death at level 6, 11, and 16.

Guide Top

Standard Build Order

Starting Items:

This is the only starting item setup I'd recommend on Draven. While a Doran's Blade would be helpful if you have a sustain support, Draven's gameplay is partially based on movement anyway, so this is almost always a better option. It also helps him avoid skill shot harass from the likes of Ezreal and Varus.

Early Game:

I usually pick up two of these on my first back. They give you a decent chunk of health and a tiny bit of life steal for a bit of lane sustain, and 20 AD, which is not bad. They should be sold later in the game to finish your core items. If you're farming really well, or absolutely murdering people in lane, just skip these and go straight for the B. F. Sword.

A boost in attack speed with your upgrade to tier 2 boots is nice, and all for a cheap price. You should build these immediately after your Doran's Blades.

This item should be built after your Berserker's Greaves to give you a boost to sustain in lane. It should be noted that Spinning Axe procs the full effects of life steal, making this an amazing early buy for Draven.

Great boost in damage. It builds into your core items so it's essential to get early.

I recommend buying this after all the other early game items, because damage is prioritized over attack speed for Draven. This builds into your Phantom Dancer.

Mid Game (Core Items):

This buy is assuming you are getting kills in lane and/or farming well. If you're wrecking your lane, rushing this will help you snowball harder. The massive boost to raw attack damage and sustain of this item is unmatched, especially for Draven. However, if you are behind, you should instead build the Infinity Edge.

This item gives a massive boost to your default attack speed and movement speed, as well as critical attack chance. This item screams Draven, and turns him into a super fast axe-chucking nightmare.

This item is necessary to deal with enemies stacking armor. You will see a noticeable increase in damage to tanks due to the increased armor penetration, and you won't ever regret buying it.

A situational alternative to Last Whisper. Ask yourself the following questions before building this. 1.) How much armor does the enemy team have? If none of them really have a lot of armor, this item leads to a lot more damage. 2.) Am I confident I will be able to get the stacks up fast enough and stay in the fight? If you're behind, or being focused, this may not be the best choice. This item has the capacity to out perform the Last Whisper but is riskier and takes longer to kick in. Just be aware of it before building it.

Late Game:

By now you're likely being focused, and Draven has a bad habit of getting caught in team fights at time because of Spinning Axe. This item will allow you to be a little more aggressive, and if they do focus you, they either waste time waiting for you to come back to life, or switch targets. These things make or break team fights, so I feel like it's pretty critical to build one.

If you're doing really well and hard CC is kicking your ***, you need one of these. This item is such a life saver against hard CC initiations like Malzahar's, or Warwicks.

Massive critical chance and critical damage buffs. Yaaaaaay. This item is the highest boost in damage in the game and will ensure you're wrecking people even if you purposely aren't catching axes or something. If you built Infinity Edge first because you were behind, The Bloodthirster goes here.

This is a super situational item. I build one of these if the enemy AP carry is literally wrecking everything. This usually only happens with choice AP's like Mordekaiser, Ahri, and Ryze. But you get my point, this item is just to mitigate their damage, and get a cool shield for magic damage.

Guide Top


Early to Mid Game:

As with any ranged AD carry your top priority should be farming, and Spinning Axe is pretty damn good for last-hitting minions as well as playing mind games with your enemy. If an opportunity presents itself, chuck an axe at the enemy carry when they go to last-hit a creep. Lead the axes backward to avoid counter harass. Once you instill the fear in them you can get a bit more aggressive, chasing them a bit as they run backwards and maybe get 2 Spinning Axe hits. You can now effectively zone them by running towards them with an axe up, and keep farming, punish them for being near creeps. Safer lanes like, oh say, Soraka and Caitlyn won't deal with that BS though, so it's sometimes better off to just farm and not waste time trying. Also, only last-hit creeps[/color], unless they are attempting to zone by shoving to your turret, auto attack the creeps back to a safe lane distance in that scenario.

If your support engages a trade with the enemy laners, MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW UP! Pay attention to what your support is doing. Taric feels a little less outrageous whenever a carry neglects to follow up his truly, truly, TRULY outrageous Dazzle Shatter combo, and he generally takes a beating because you were standing back and farming as opposed to helping him trade damage. Following up with a support like Taric or Leona is often an easy kill for Draven, so abuse it. Taric will weep for you, otherwise. :[

Hopefully your support is warding well and has the bushes under control. Squishy supports like Janna and Sona sometimes have trouble keeping bushes under wraps if the enemy team has an aggressive support like Blitzcrank or Leona, so be aware of that. When ever you back, if you have any left over gold, please help your support and buy a sight ward or two. It's every ones job to help ward. Most carries believe they are entitled to never ward, they are wrong.

By the end of early game, you should generally have built at least two Doran's Blades, and Berserker's Greaves. If doing very well you may even have a B. F. Sword and Vampiric Scepter as well.

Mid to Late Game:

Ideally, by now, you should have a few kills, with The Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer on the way. If multiple enemies start to stack a lot of armor, start building Last Whisper immediately to keep up in damage. In mid game, one or a few towers have probably fallen, and most fights start becoming team fights. You should NEVER BE ALONE, unless it's to farm creeps that are pushing your lanes, and you can do it safely. Many carries get careless and walk through a visionless jungle and get mauled by Udyr or Nocturne because they disregarded the power of warding. Stay safe, keep your farm up, and stick with your team and you should be fine.

In team fights, you should not go out of your way to kill enemy carries unless they put themselves within your reach. Stay behind your beefier squad mates. I cannot stress enough that catching every axe is great, but you don't have to catch every single one. If it goes in front of you, it's probably a bad idea to try to pick it up unless you were wining and chasing. Just attack the nearest target to yourself, or get in position to safely peg some squishies. Your ultimate is great AoE damage in a fight, so abuse it at the start.

You should also be gathering objectives with your team. Despite Draven's wishes, these are more important than kills, securing them should be top priority. If you manage to get some kills out of them contesting them, that's awesome. Mid game, the most targeted objectives will be Dragon and turrets.

Remember that if you have vision on Dragon, (or Baron Nashor if they have the balls to do it this early) and the enemy team is trying to get it, try to steal it with Whirling Death! Pulling this off will be one of the greatest feelings you can have as Draven because it's kind of a **** move. >:D

And if you don't have your core items ( The Bloodthirster/ Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Last Whisper) by now, FARM! Don't stop farming unless you're fighting, or needed at a fight.

Late Game

Your top item priority late game should be Guardian Angel for the extra life. The enemy team will be targeting you first if you're doing well, or facerolling, (Which you should be! :D) and this item can give you some breathing room to do your job, which Draven so loves.

This is the stage of the game where teams will commonly "force" fights near Baron Nashor, either to take the buff, or to hopefully win a team fight and end the game. If you can either steal Baron Nashor with Whirling Death or assist your team in surprising and decimating the enemy team, you may very likely just win the game, either via surrender, or hyper pushing lanes. Baron should always be warded at this point and you can help your team by buying wards if you have extra gold/space.

Coordinate with your team and play smart in team fights, because come late game, one ace can ultimately decide a game, play your best to make that team is not yours. Do not disappoint Draven!

After winning a game, remember to type in all chat "Too easy." while spamming Draven emotes for funsies.

Guide Top

Supports, working with them and against them

Here is a list of the supports you will commonly see at bottom lane, and how to deal with them.
My scale on how difficult each support is to lane againt goes as follows:
  • EASY: These champions are either too easy for Draven to harass, or they fall easily in team fights due to the nature of Draven's kit. Generally, Draven counters these champions.
  • CHALLENGING: These champions are a skill match-up for Draven. The players skill behind each champion will ultimately decide a win or a loss. Jungler presence on each team can also be a factor in who wins the lane.
  • HARD: These champions counter Draven and he should not even be used against them. If he has to lane against them, he will require a watchful eye and helpful hand of his own support, and perhaps his jungler in his lane often.

My scale on how well Draven synergizes with a support goes as follows:
  • AVOID: This champion does not synergize at all with Draven's play style and should be avoided all together. They are a hindrance to him and possibly your entire team.
  • GOOD: This champion is pretty good at working with Draven and can easily help him rack up kills or zone the enemy out of farm. They have good poke/DPS and CC.
  • EXCELLENT: This champion is extremely good at working with Draven and working together they probably will get easy kills and win the lane hard, assuming both of you are decent skill. They generally have very good hard CC and contribute to DPS better than other supports.


Difficulty: HARD

As your support:
  • Alistar has some of the best CC in the game, and a good one will lead to very easy kills. After his Pulverize, Headbutt combo, follow up with Stand Aside to create an even longer period of time the enemy cannot move.
  • Alistar is pro at tower diving after level 6, if he commits to a tower dive and starts tanking turret, you'd better be right behind him backing him up to get kills.
  • Triumphant Roar is a great sustained heal, while being a small heal, it's pretty cheap for Alistar to spam early game, keeping you both in lane longer.

As your enemy:
  • Alistar is slow and you can generally stop his advancement towards you with Stand Aside, which usually save you from being hit with Pulverize. Once he hits level 6 though, he'll probably just pop Unbreakable Will and CC chain you anyway, which will likely kill you, so watch out!
  • Alistar doesn't handle harassment well because he's melee and it forces him to burn mana to spam Triumphant Roar more often. Make him burn his mana and leave the lane to keep him behind.
  • Be very careful about an Alistar tower dive. If you're alone, or you and your support are at low health, it may be a better idea to just leave.


Synergy: GOOD
Difficulty: HARD

As your support:
  • Blitzcrank is very easy to follow up with because he pulls a character right to him with Rocket Grab. At level 6, this can likely result in a kill after he pegs them with Power Fist and Static Field so they cannot escape.
  • Blitcrank is very adept at zoning. If the enemy is playing too safely you have free reign to deny the enemy carry creeps and out farm them.
  • Blitzcrank's Mana Barrier and Overdrive make him a very durable support that can actively help you fight with pretty good DPS.

As your enemy:
  • Always stand behind your creeps. Mirror Blitzcrank's movements and move accordingly around minions. Rocket Grab can easily get you killed unless you Flash, so you should always be watching out to avoid it.
  • Blitzcrank's Mana Barrier makes him super durable. Do not focus him unless he's alone. Coordinate with your support to kill his carry first.
  • At level six, if you get pulled his ultimate will like seal your fate with it's silence.
  • Make sure both brushes are warded. Blitzcrank is one of the hardest abusers of brush.


Synergy: GOOD
Difficulty: EASY

As your support:
  • Fiddlesticks has very unique CC and it's really good, hence why he's become popular as a support. Make sure to get some free hits if he uses Terrify to fear someone.
  • Terrify in conjunction with Dark Wind and your Stand Aside are pretty potent action denial and should be abused in fights.
  • Fiddlesticks is very durable for a caster with his Drain. If they focus him in his Drain, hammer them. Drain does very good base damage, and they'll be sorry they tried to kill him.
  • If you see Fiddlesticks channeling, be ready! he's gonna jump out an-CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW. Yea, that Crowstorm hurts, so be ready to help him massacre people.

As your enemy:
  • Stay a bit away from minions to avoid Dark Wind. He won't get close enough to throw the crow directly at you, he'll bounce it off minions.
  • Draven is pretty much a counter to Fiddlesticks because Stand Aside stops his two most potent abilities - Drain and Crowstorm. If he's draining you, use Stand Aside and hammer him for being squishy. He usually won't channel Crowstorm outside a bush though, so be ready for the cawcaw's. Ward the brushes to avoid surprise crows.
  • Most Fiddlesticks supports build some AP, be respectful of his DPS.



As your support:
  • Janna makes you faster, and Zephyr makes them slower, abuse the advantage in mobility.
  • Janna's usual harassment combo is charge Howling Gale in a bush and peg the intended target with Zephyr. Follow up with Stand Aside and start pegging them with Spinning Axe. Janna will give you an OP attack damage buff shield with Eye Of The Storm. Just watch and listen for her charging her tornado.
  • Good Janna's will do ballsy maneuvers like Flashing behind a target and using Monsoon to push them towards you while pushing the other one away. This is certain death if you follow up well.

As your enemy:
  • She is squishy, so it may be better to go for her. She'll fall pretty fast under fire from you and your support, and she'll usually throw her shield on her carry before herself.
  • If you see Janna floating towards you, she's probably looking to initiate with Zephyr and Howling Gale. Move side ways to avoid the tornado, and counter harass her.
  • You can stop her from channeling the heal on Monsoon with Stand Aside.


Synergy: BAD
Difficulty: EASY

As your support:
  • She cannot greatly contribute to DPS as all of her cool downs are long, and her heal and shield are mediocre compared to Janna and Soraka. She only really does good damage if she's almost dead. Just avoid having her as a support.

As your enemy:
  • She's squishy, but she does decent damage if she's near death, just watch out for that.
  • You'll never see this champion in the first place.


Difficulty: HARD

As your support:
  • Leona has a super high burst for a support early game. She needs to be level 3, but generally her full combo of Zenith Blade, Eclipse and Shield of Daybreak combined with Draven's Stand Aside and DPS is usually first blood. Which Draven loves.
  • Her ultimate is one of the more surprising initiations in the game, and it's on a rather short cool down. Be quick to follow up with her for easy kills.
  • Her Sunlight debuff makes you utterly murder people.
  • Her Eclipse makes her a tank without even trying, and her initiation usually makes her the first target, or just makes the enemies panic. She's super durable and has great abilities to peel for you.

As your enemy:
  • With very tight timing you can stop her Zenith Blade initiation with Stand Aside. But be aware that if she gets a good hit, she'll stun you and you'll take a good chunk of damage or possibly die.
  • at level 6, even if you stop her Zenith Blade she'll just Solar Flare you and kill you anyway. However, Leona's weakness is disengaging supports, so ask for a Taric or Janna if you have to fight her.
  • Make sure your support is warding the brushes so you can better react to her Zenith Blade. Think of her as a female Blitzcrank that comes to you as opposed to you coming to her.


Synergy: GOOD

As your support:
  • Lulu has a very good poke, pretty good CC and above average DPS. Her passive, Pix, Faerie Companion will chunk people early game and contributes greatly with your DPS. Glitterlance is a reliable poke with a strong slow.
  • Whimsy is essentially silence, but it turns them into an adorable squirrel that moves slowly for Draven completely butcher. It's almost too adorable to hit, but you have to! Draven must hide his true feelings about adorable squirrels.
  • Help, Pix! is pretty much like Janna's Eye Of The Storm, except instead of bonus AD, you get Pix's magic damage on hit for 6 seconds, which they won't be building defenses for, which is better in some cases. If she cast's it on an enemy, it grants vision. Smooooth.
  • Her ultimate, Wild Growth is hilarious and turns you into Mega- Draven. You gain max health and an OP slow aura around you. Stay near melee range to them and throw massive Spinning Axes the size of their character. She will often use this kind of like a Heal bait.

As your enemy:
  • She's a squishy mage, but she's harder to catch because of Whimsy and she's pretty good as disengaging Draven with Glitterlance.
  • Her harass damage is nothing to scoff at, and if she lends Pix to her carry with Help, Pix! they can easily win a trade if you aren't careful.
  • Request a lockdown support like Blitzcrank or Leona that can bypass her Glitterlance and stop her from moving.


Synergy: BAD
Difficulty: EASY

As your support:
  • Nunu is possibly the worst support with Draven ever. Draven has Blood Boil on demand with Blood Rush, which is redundant. He also doesn't do anything to contribute to DPS after Ice Blast except hoping to God his Absolute Zero doesn't get interrupted. Then he eats your creeps because he takes harass damage like a boss. Avoid having him as your support as Draven.

As your enemy:
  • He's melee and has only one move to harass you with, but avoid fighting him and his carry after he pegs you with Ice Blast. Just get free harass on him because he got close to you.
  • His carry will have a higher attack and movement speed than you by default because of Blood Boil, but they likely won't engage on you, because that carry is probably Kog'Maw and they just wanna farm.
  • Ice Blast hurts a lot, and the attack/movement speed slow is pretty damn annoying. If he's starting to do too much damage with it, back away from him.
  • Use Stand Aside to stop his stupid Absolute Zero.
  • Him and his carry will be very fast. Get a hard CC support like Alistar or Leona.


Synergy: GOOD
Difficulty: EASY

As your support:
  • She has a wide variety of passive effects, debuffs, a small spammable heal and some of the best harass damage in the game. However, she lacks any real CC until level 6.
  • Her harass from Hymn of Valor and Power Chord is frightening if she does it right, follow up with Spinning Axe for scary harass damage.
  • Her heal is spammable and will keep you in lane. In fights it also gives you a small armor buff which actually helps a lot in trades.
  • Crescendo is one of the best ultimates for a support and it makes them dance. Abuse this to murder two characters at once.

As your enemy:
  • Mute girls can't say no. She's squishy (c wat i did thur. Double entandre. Huehuehue.) and while her harass damage is good, yours is better. Draven alone can easily zone her.
  • Her mortal enemies are Leona and Blitzcrank so request them for major trollage and get first blood on Sona.
  • Sona is typically a counter to other passive lanes ( Soraka, or Kog'Maw/ Nunu) so her actually locking in against a kill lane, like any lane that includes Draven is a bad idea for her.
  • Do be mindful of her Crescendo, though. While Draven does not actually dance (Dancing is for sissy carries like Graves, huehuehue.) the effect is devastating enough to get Draven killed if he isn't careful. In other words, don't tower dive like an idiot if she has this up.


Synergy: BAD
Difficulty: Easy


As your support:
  • Avoid at all costs. These champions have absolutely zero synergy. Possibly a worse choice than Nunu. Soraka would be awesome if you were Ashe. But you aren't You're Draven. You want kills and she doesn't really help you get them. Starcall pushes the lane and that's her only damage move besides Infuse which isn't terribly great either. Infuse isn't needed for the free mana either because Draven doesn't use much mana.

As your enemy:
  • Her heal is potent and gives a massive armor buff, but the key is just to switch targets when she uses it and kill that person. She's got no mobility and only 2 abilities which have lengthy cool downs. (Support Soraka doesn't level Starcall)
  • Don't fall for the HAHA-larious Astral Blessing, Wish, Heal burst heal bait. That tactic is so obvious you'd have to be seriously damaged in the head to fall for it.
  • If she silences you, it pretty much only stops you from clicking Blood Rush for a few seconds. Woopty doo.



As your support:
  • Taric is possibly the best support all around. He's got a heal, a super reliable stun, and anti-armor AoE. He fits on every team comp, and he's a beast to have with Draven.
  • As mentioned early, follow up quickly to Taric's Dazzle Shatter combo. With your Spinning Axes after this, they will be severely hurt or dead. Taric's early burst is rather formidable, and the armor reduction of Shatter is OP with Draven
  • Shatter gives you both a passive armor buff. You can be much more aggressive while it's active.
  • If Taric uses Radiance he probably intends it to be a full engagement, however it's on a short cool down, so he probably won't be too disgruntled if no one got killed in the encounter.

As your enemy:
  • Taric has one of the most reliable stuns in the game with Dazzle, and he's what you call a "brush *****". Have your support ward the brushes to react quicker to him.
  • Don't do a trade with a carry if Taric Shatters you, because the armor shed can get you killed.
  • If you manage to get some good harass damage on him or his carry, you can burn his mana very quickly. Also, if he stuns you without his carry being able to follow up, (You were walking backwards to catch an axe) he will quickly run oom.
  • Be aware that most Tarics will just wait for you to be aggressive to stun you, let your support do the engaging to avoid this.

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Enemy Carries


Difficulty: EASY

  • She has an abysmal early game and low mobility. She just want to farm so she can be good later. However, she's adept at kiting you with Frost Shot. Just do quick harassment via Spinning Axe.
  • If you have an aggressive support, just murder her, she's probably got some passive support like Soraka with her.
  • Your support will not always be able to abuse the brush because of Hawkshot. A good Ashe can be aware of jungler ganks before they even hit wards as well.
  • In an all out engagement, she simply cannot trade damage with you. She will probably fire Enchanted Crystal Arrow to save face, so watch out for it. Also, do not tower dive Ashe when you know she has her ultimate, you will be stunned and killed.


Difficulty: HARD

  • She completely out ranges you can harass you easily. She's also very hard to catch because of 90 Caliber Net. Use your mobility with Blood Rush or an opening from your support to get some damage on her with Spinning Axe.
  • She is adept at zoning. She will often shove the lane as hard as she can and then block you from leaving your turret with Yordle Snap Traps. If you hit one, she gets a free Piltover Peacemaker and otherwise you're just missing creeps and EXP. Request a bulky and durable support like Blitzcrank or Leona and have them step on the traps for you.
  • A good support will block Ace in the Hole for you, but if they can't and you're at low health, you're pretty much dead.
  • Her weakness lies in her mid/late game. If your support manages to help you kill her, even once, you have a massive edge in damage. Stick it out til mid game where you do far better than her.



  • Ezreal is a very safe carry with a built in blink. He will likely focus on farming but with an aggressive support he can actually be very damaging. However he cannot win trades with you because Essence Flux doesn't stop Draven's main damage source; Spinning Axe.
  • A hard CC support will be needed to lock Ezreal down. Taric or Leona is a good choice.
  • Stay behind minions to avoid his primary harass; Mystic Shot.



  • Graves has a very angry burst and attack speed steroid with Buckshot and Quickdraw. He rivals your damage, and you must respect it.
  • You out range him, and are also much faster. Abuse mobility and range against Graves when trading.
  • Do not stand in his Smoke Screen, but since you're Draven you like won't be standing still very long anyway.
  • Watch out for his Collateral Damage if you're at low health, it has a massive range compared to the rest of his abilities.


Difficulty: EASY

  • Her Boomerang Blade does stupid damage early game if it hits you without going through minions. Avoid at all costs. It kills her mana to spam it though.
  • You out range her, abuse her lack of range like you would do to Graves.
  • Your supports may have issues locking her down because of her Spell Shield. Bait it out first.
  • Her ultimate, On The Hunt, is an amazing team organizer, she can lead the charge with her entire team rather quickly for a rampage, so watch out.



  • By level 13, she will have the highest auto attack range in the game. But early game her range is more comparable to yours. Abuse it early, because her mana costs are too high to actively poke you.
  • At the first sign of danger she will probably Rocket Jump away or Buster Shot you away, hard CC and lockdown supports help a lot to kill her, like Alistar or Blitzcrank.
  • An Aggressive Tristana will look for quick kills, with an aggressive support like Leona she can easily burst you to death very fast, so watch out.
  • She cannot avoid pushing her lane due to Explosive Shot's passive, so tell your jungler when they are close to your turret.


Difficulty: EASY


  • Basically, just watch out when he disappears on you, oh noes, he suddenly appeared again for you to wreck him in damage output.
  • He's held together only by his ultimate, Spray and Pray because it makes him do considerable AoE damage, just murder him hard before level 6.
  • His poison I guess kinda hurts when he stacks it and uses Expunge, but you'll likely kill him before he does that.
  • He is terrible at following up with his support, so they'll probably be more busy arguing than killing you.


Difficulty: EASY

Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse

  • He isn't really a carry, he's a poking bruiser. And a really ****py champion if you ask me. Even before his nerfs.
  • You out range him, his main source of damage is super easily avoided. (If you think it isn't you're terrible at avoiding skill shots. Just don't be so predictable with your axes.) So just harass him nearly for free. I know he has a shield. Woopty doo, a whole auto attack got shielded.
  • Many Urgot players have difficulty with Draven anyway, because he is almost always moving, unlike other carries.
  • He is terrible at hard engages, he wants to poke you, not fight you. Force a fight with him, but make sure the lane is warded well because he can easily use his ultimate to put you in position for a jungler.



  • He out ranges you, and gets attack speed steroids by killing creeps, as well as bonus magic damage on hit. He's very good at poking.
  • If you hear him yelling, or see him stretch his bow out, look out to avoid Piercing Arrow. That thing really hurts if it didn't go through minions. Most Varus players will charge this in a brush for more surprise, so tell your support to keep them warded.
  • Hail of Arrows can easily halt your approach to him without your supports help. His... arrow to the knee (*sunglasses* YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH) is that he is void of ANY mobility, what so ever, so hard CC supports absolutely wreck him.
  • Watch out for his blight stacks, if he detonates 3 of them that's a hefty chunk of magic damage.
  • Chain of Corruption can cripple Draven severely because it denies his ability to catch Spinning Axe. Avoid the initial cast and stay away from your team mates if they get hit.



  • She has a terrible early game, but if you mess up and let her have easy kills it's GG. She carries harder than any champion in the game if doing well by late game.
  • Do your best, with your supports help to shut her down and deny her farm early game. If you can end the game early enough the better.
  • She will probably Condemn you away from your axes if you are chasing, and god forbid you ever get hit into a wall, you're probably dead if that happens. Avoid walls.

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Summary and Change Log

Thank you for reading my guide about Draven. Hopefully this guide will help inspire others to play him he will see more play. His carry potential is amazing with the right team composition, and he punishes a lot of squishies at bottom lane. He also a very unique type of AD carry, and I'd like to see more unique AD carries around.

If you liked my guide, shoot me a comment! If you have a problem with something, please comment me first before voting, please! :D


Change Log. Smooth.

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For teaching me how to make a guide, as well as providing line dividers and other images, I'd like to thank jhoijhoi! You can see her awesome guide about making a guide here.

For allowing me to use his guide as a reference of layout, I'd like to thank BlackiceT!