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Evelynn: The Builds of Madness

Evelynn: The Builds of Madness

Updated on February 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss Build Guide By Chaotic Bliss 12 3 54,012 Views 58 Comments
12 3 54,012 Views 58 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss Build Guide By Chaotic Bliss Updated on February 8, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Chaotic Bliss Presents: :The Builds of Madness

After months of waiting for the patch that was to change the way Eve was played. But that didnt come, so I revamped my Eve guides again and now I give them to you.

I like to build for early game dominance. Controlling early game can give you the momentum to control the rest of the game. As a unorthidox Theory-Crafter, Ive come up with some crazy builds. Most of them work extremely well, but not all of them. Eve is one such successful build. Ive taken her to new heights, and with the help of Scrax, she is well known ;) In this revamped guide, Ill take you into the madness of the Chaotic Bliss way of Theory-Crafting. I build for Synergy, and I build it well. What you will see will blow your mind. You will doubt the awesomeness that is choas, but you will see its glory. Prepare your-selves for The Madness >:)


This video was done by Scrax. He found my build interesting and put it to action. Note that though this is practice, the build is still effective. Early Game MUST be AWESOME!!! If not the build will struggle
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Masteries & Summoner Spells

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Builds 1&2 Masteries & Summoner Spells: 10/0/20 are all that these builds will need. The only different between the builds, is Build 1 has XP in Utility and Build 2 has increased mana in Utility. Other than that they are the same. All the caster things in offense, including the upgrades to and .

and are my summoner spells. They play very well off each other, and give more power. Cripple from Offense, will give a -10 MR and armor debuff. Thats very nice seeing as Eve is one of the more powerful nuking champs. If you combine that -10MR to the starting Mpen you get from runes, you have a total of 29.35 Mpen from the start. Thats more or less all of a champs MR at lvl one. Thats impressive. This synergizes with , since while its on CD, I gain 10AP, which means more dmg. And when it comes to early game dominance, all dmg counts. Near 100% MR reduction and that small boost of AP, expect rapid killing.

Build 3 Masteries & Summoner Spells: This builds is a lil more chaotic than the others and I suggest that it be played by the open minded.

21/9/0 is the set up for this Eve. I tried my hand at a AD build and it worked very well. All the phsyical dmg things in offense and then some armor, MR, and dodge in Defense. This isnt something for the typical Eve player.

As for Summoner Spells, I still keep and . These are classice for early game control. Make use of these, and you cant go wrong. Cripple is useful for the same reason in the other builds, and lighting people on fire is just so much fun. It causes so much rage. So stay on your toes.

Other Summoner Spells I find and are good for her too. These will give her great mobility. is ok, but if your team is on its A game, than your ult will be up most of the time.
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I have a unique outlook on how to build your skill order. I believe that if you find one skill that will synergize well with runes and starting item, than you can deal out serious dmg in the early game. Its possible to get 3 ranks of a skill at LvL5. That said, in each build .

Builds 1&2 the skills dont change. Even though Build 1 is typical AP and Build 2 is a Hybrid. Each of the builds benefit from the MR and armor debuff. Yes Build 1, has too much Mpen, but has a great AP ratio. That means dealing 75% AP dmg boost. Thats a fair amount of dmg with each . Build 2 being the Hybrid build, doesnt have as much Mpen, so the debuff will give power to both her magic dmg and phsyical dmg.

Both builds LvL skills the same since Mpen is heavy in both. That said is LvL'd second. This being spamable will give you great dmg output with all the Mpen each build have. This is also a great farming too, so LvLing this can help you get that well needed gold. is nice to LvL for the longer stun, but all you need is that one sec to deal massive dmg. Also with , you will be able to stay on top of them. Also, will help too.

Build 3 is 3/5 but it builds over . This is so the target cant get away. The stun will last longer, so she will be able eto stay on top of them. Build 3 again isnt the build for people that arent open minded. This build is meant to help stun so your team can dive in and swarm the target. But you are packing some power too. Also, this build has a lil survival from melee. She has a fair amount of dodge chance, so dont be afraid to stay in the fight. Again, and will help you with dmg and survival. Ult than will give you insane dmg and mobility. Not to mention, the faster you kill, the faster you get the passive heal from .
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Build 1: These runes are overkill on Mpen.

and . All Mpen and there is a reson for this. Now this is where things get really fun. The base MR for champs is about 30 yes? Cripple breaks that down to 20, and with these runes, you have 14 Mpen. That gives your target only 6MR, so since you start with an and 8AP from runes, and than 10 from using , thats a total of 38AP. That 38AP will add 38 dmg to , due to 1.1AP scaling, so 138dmg before what little MR has, thats gonna hit hard. You might only get on cast off, but its a powerful shot. That will help you team gain First Blood, and than you are off to a great game.

is for giving her some AP early game. She has great AP scaling for , so AP early game is good to have. Its not much, but anything that helps early game is worth having.

greater seal of Vitality is used to help her survival as the game drags on. There is nothing wrong with getting health runes as a caster. Especially as Eve. She so squishy >.< But she makes up for that >:)

Build 2 This being the Hybrid, Ive gone with another chaotic rune set. It plays to both her melee and caster attributes.

and greater mark of desolation are very strong in this build. This build gives insane mana and she will gain some AD as the game goes on. These play to her AP skills, and with the ArP she will be hitting extremely hard while under the effects of .

greater seal of knowledge will also give her some AD power as the game goes on. She will have plenty of AP, so her AP skills will be fairly powerful. Eve can have issue with mana, so as she lvls these seals will give her more. A great seal for a mana hungry champ.

For meeting your Mpen needs. I dont have as much Mpen in this build do to the fact that the boots will give me more than enough. Ill get more MR reduction as the game goes on, so its not that big of a deal to skip on some Mpen.

greater quintessence of desolation is because I dont invest in or yoummuu's ghostblade. These will give me some more ArP, and as the game goes on, she will gain more through . It all comes together as the game progresses.

Build 3 is for those players that want to play Eve in a way she shouldnt be played. For those that want a challenge for one of the more challenging champions ever to set foot into the Institute of War. AD IS HERE!

greater mark of desolation is great for anyone that is concidering to be a melee DPS. Thats right I said it... Melee DPS. Dont be hating on the awesomeness that is Eve.

will help her when it comes to melee based champs. She will eat casters alive, but these are to combat those melee champs that can down her very fast.

to help cut down on the CDs. Eve can be CD dependant as AD, so trying to get as much CDR as possible is nice. Can never go wrong with CDR.

is again to help combat those pesky melee DPS that have always given Eve trouble. Think of this Eve as the female version of . The burst ability will be insane and getting out of a sticky spot will be so much easier.
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Items First thing I want to say is that no matter how you build , there are a few items that you MUST have. and .These items will not be put into the item sets for each build since they are in all of them.

This item maybe a lil expensive mat wise, but there is no better item for Eve. More AP as she attacks, and she attacks faster. This is just a great item for her. This is one item that is a must for any Eve build. Great Stats, AP boosting ability, and just purely awesome.

is another item that is a must for any Eve build. This item alone will give you such a great advantage in any fight. Works very well against tanks and other bulky DPS. Olaf for example. A great item and its effected by Mpen too. So expect great things. This is a Late game item, so you will want to get this after in builds 1&2, and after in build 3

Situtational Items

is a great life saver for all builds. The health and mana are great for laning, and the passive is great for when you open on someone with hard CC. This item is best used if you find your self getting focused. Very useful and is worth the gold.

is great for Builds 1&2. This will give you some CDR, armor, and its passive will give you more fight time against melee champs. This is another item that can save you since you are so squishy. This is best for heavy melee teams.

is wonderfull for the Hybrid and AD build. If you find that you are against high HP tanks or bulkys DPS, this will give you a great edge over them. It might be expensive, but it is worth every piece of gold you put into it.

is great if you are playing against champs with deep or shallow mana pools. If you find a champ with a shallow mana pool, they will go OOM and they are at your mercy since they cant cast. If you find a deep mana pool, you have more time to deal extra dmg since they have more to drain. Its a win win item. This works best for Hybrid and AD builds.

Those were just a few items that can be swapped out according to the enemy team comp.

Build 1

is one item that you can use, AS LONG AS YOU PLAY SMART! Some players think this is a great item, and it is, but you need to play smart. This item will give you so much early game power if you paly right. Stick to your guns as a ganker. This is effective with 6 stacks, and thats not hard to get if you play right. So just take it slow, and play like a ganker. Wait until the opportune moment.

should be made early. You will get the max amount of Mpen by getting these early. Some people like to get Swiftness or Mobility, but the patch is making her more of a ganker so there is no need for being fast to escape. Get in. Get the kill. Back into the Shadows.

is where you will get so much insane dmg, and with the armor debuff from and , this will help you deal lovely burst dmg. You cant beat that in a caster can you? Massive AP burst and lovely burst AD dmg. Love the synergy of this build.

Zhonya'a Hourglass is the last item. Its the icing on the cake for those nuking builds. You cant beat this item as a caster. It gives great stats and a great survival tool. You might not get to finish this item, unless you rush it. But I suggest that you only rush this if you are getting focused.

Build order: Start with .
First recall: you will get , and a second tome. This will give you some more AP so you can hit harder.

Second recall: Kage's lucky pick and . You should have a few stacks on Mejai's also. If you have enough, get a third tome so you can work on . Im sure you will since you have Kage's giving you free gold and you have awesome farming.

Third recall: After some farming, you should have enough for and . This will give you some more power and get ready to start owning.

Forth recall: finish and work on . Keeping stacks on Mejai's and great farming will make this easy.

Fifth recall: Complete and than have fun. There should be no reason to work on since the fight is almost over. You can if you have the time and funds. Its an item that can save you.

Build 2 The Hybrid build. This build is slighty cheaper, but still effective.

is the first item. This item is cheap to make and its good for the build. Having a high AS will help her after he opens. Faster stacks on Guinsoo's makes having this item very nice. It will also apply a debuff on MR, so she can hit hard with her AP skills too. Thats really good since, will now heal her ;P
Scrax will love that for his Vamp build :)) Over all a great item for this build.

should be made early. You will get the max amount of Mpen by getting these early. Some people like to get Swiftness or Mobility, but the patch is making her more of a ganker so there is no need for being fast to escape. Get in. Get the kill. Back into the Shadows.

is the next item on the list. This is where she will get much of her power. The high AS will give her the mana she needs to deal that heavy melee dmg. This item will allow her to stay in lane longer. It compliments . Lets do some math for this shall we? Lets add that 1k mana to her pool. She will have 2785. Nice pool IMO. 2% of that is 56 rounding up. Add that to her 158, and you get 214. Thats not bad for Eve.

is where you will get so much insane dmg, and with the armor debuff from and , this will help you deal lovely burst dmg. You cant beat that in a caster can you? Massive AP burst and lovely burst AD dmg. Love the synergy of this build.

Build Order Start with

First recall: Grab kage's lucky pick and a . Remember to sit on Kage's. Let that gold roll in.

Second recall: and finish . This will get you moving faster and attacking faster. These will help you in on your road to ganking like a beast.

Third recall: and if you have enough a and an for

Fourth recall: Finish and .
Remember that you are sitting on kage's lucky pick This is all possible.

Fifth recall: and . Get some AD and get that bonus dmg from that proc. Helps with all that burst.

Sixth recall: Finish and start working on . By now the game should be close to finished if not done. Full mana from so you are hitting hard and fast.

Seventh recall: is all bout . You have so you will have enough power to give you good dmg so this isnt a big item to rush. Its a luxury at this point.

Build 3 AD build for the brave or for those wanting a different look on the Widow-Maker

is an item that I use when I play melee DPS. And this Eve can fit that role. As long as you are playing in a premade, and you are well co-ordinated. This items gives this Eve all she needs. ArP, Crit, CDR, the active can be used offensively or defensively. But either way, you have to play smart. Great item, cheap to make, and it can change the flow of a fight.

is the boots. They are cheap and they give her the defensive stats she needs to stay in the melee range. These also work well with her runes to give her that extra boost to dodge.

is the of this build. The proc will give so much power and it covers all of the stats she needs. Crit, Movement, etc. Its expensive but its worth it. With each Hate Spam, you will have the proc at maximum up time. Not to mention the AS you get from Ghostblade, you will bring them down fast.

Build order Start with

First recall: upgrade to kage's lucky pick and get

Second recall: and

Third recall: get a and

Fourth recall: You are still sitting on your gold items, but you want to get and

FiFth recall: complete and and bring the pain.

Sixth recall: finish

NOTE: If you find your-self against a heavy melee team, rush . With the stuns and blinding effects, you should be able to hold your own. You will still want to get kage's lucky pick and
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Game Play

Game play
Game Play is fairly simple in cases of all three builds. You will want to start off making your Gold per 5 sec items. These are fairly cheap to make and it will help you with gold if you arent getting the kills and assists you need. You have to play the assassin role. Wait for the time to strike, and NEVER start a fight unless you know you are gonna win. You should be laned with a DPS that can easily burst a target once you have them stunned.

Builds 1&2 you will want to play as AP. You will be waiting to skulk in, stun, and nuke the target. You have to be very careful though. Eve is very squishy and if you are too reckless you will pay for it. Eve is one of those champs that needs to dominate early game to be successful late game. If you can instill some fear in the enemy in the early game you will have a mental edge. Make Sure that you are all over the map. Once you have made your presence known, move to a different lane. Dont let them set you up for Vison Ward.

Build 3 you will want to play like AD . Be sneaky and coordinate with your team. You will still be looking for the stun, but you have more staying power in terms of consistant dmg. You will have insane burst by means of , but you will be able to keep consistant dmg after the stun. You will still want to follow the assassin rules. Wait for the right moment and set up for the team. You are not a carry so dont act like one. It will cause you to make some mistakes. Like the AP and Hybrid builds, never start a fight unless you know you will get the kill. Also like the other builds, stay mobile once you have established lane dominance. This will keep you out of trouble.
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Wards and Oracles

Wards & Oracles

Ok we all know what happened when people see . and . These are the bane of Eve if the other team is getting ahead. But it is easy to play around them. As I said in the Game Play Section, as long as you are having a great early game, stay in a lane until you have established dominance. Once you have made your self known in a lane, expect Oracles or Wards. Time to leave that lane for at least 3 minutes.

Once you see someone with , turn around and get away. If you suspect are in play, than get and Oracles your-self. This is a great way to neutralize that defense against you. Same can be said for wards. Using the enemies defense, as your offense will save you and your team. Wards serve as both map awareness, and revealing enemy wards and/or stealthed champs.

There is only one time you should engage someone that has Oracles. Team fights. When the rest of your team has started the fight, and CDs have been used, dive in and do what you do. Find the stragglers, or dive on the focus. If you know that you can get the kill, take the chance. But remember to counter wards and oracles with wards and oracles.
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Team Work

Ganking & Team Pushing

Ganking... What can I say about Eve and ganking.... Hmmmmmm.... SHE ROCKS AT IT! Being one of the top gankers, she has become easy to counter, but Ive explained how to counter that. Wards and Oracles, counter Wards and Oracles. The best way to gank, is to get in and get out. The key to this, is coordination amongst the team. You can stun and nuke down, but its best to have a friend with you so the odds of getting the kill are higher. When ganking while there are more than one enemy, make sure that there isnt an oracles elixer on anyone. If you are in the clear, than you have 2 choices.

1. Get the Squishes in the back. These champs are usually casters, support, or ranged champs. You will have a slight edge on them since they will be so far back from the rest of the team. If there are mulitple champs in the back, find the one that would be the easiest to kill.


2. find the enemy with the lowest amount of life. This will grab you an easy kill, and than you simply duck out, re-stealth, and go back in. This will give you that edge you need. Paranoia is a great tool to have on your side.

When it comes to Item use, for builds 1&2 use to help you can the upper hand against tanks and high HP champs. This will help you so much with your burst dmg. The 'rotation' in which you engage a champ, be it 1v1 or gank, should be this

Auto-Attack for stun> > > /Spam > . You should have no issues at all with this. The fact that will have great uptime since you can Hate Spam, so you will be bursting like a beast. Great AP from will also help. With the increase to dmg, you will also have an increase in the amount you are healed. Your Ult will also help you keep the target slowed and blinded, adding some survival.

For the AD build you will follow the same 'rotation', only using to open and get the proc, and using instead of . You will want to lead with your ult so you can keep the target in range. The nastiness of your ult, ,and the dash from , you are in great shape for chasing. But make sure that once you get the kill, you fade away again. Dont get focused.
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Evelynn: The Builds of Madness

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