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Ezreal Build Guide by Heliiix

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heliiix

Ez-Pez Ezreal

Heliiix Last updated on August 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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- Introduction -

Hello summoners, I am Heliiix and this is a guide for Ezreal. I'm making this guide for new players who are not familiar with skillshot based champions like Ezreal, and need some extra tips, a few I learned on the way from levels 1-30.

I have played 500+ games with Ezreal, ever since I was level one. I have learned some neat tips and tricks on the way and I will share my experience with you. :)

I would like constructive criticism or feedback on my guide, since it is my first. Without further ado, enjoy the guide and good luck on the Summoner's Rift!

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- Pros / Cons -

+ High poke potential
+ Can use Arcane Shift into Flash for high mobility
+ Attack speed steroid passive (up to 50%)
+ Can give allies attack speed buff for getting objectives
+ Great killing potential
+ Global Ulti

- No CC
- Hard to play and master
- Dem skillshots
- Really squishy
- Farm dependant

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- Runes -

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal: The extra Lifesteal from the Quints provide you extra sustain in lane plus your Dorans Blade.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Simple flat ad marks for the advantage in attack damage. You can also swap these out for armor penetration if you would like.

Greater Seal of Armor: The flat armor in lane helps you sustain against the enemy ad carry and potential enemies doing physical damage to you.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Same goes for the armor seals, they help you sustain very well and can help you sustain from magic damage dealers since carries are squishy and have little defence.

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- Masteries -

The masteries are quite simple and basic, 21/9/0, but instead of putting points in Lethality and Frenzy, since you will be building absolutely no crit, what is the point of putting enhancements on it when you aren't going to be using it? So instead, I put points in Blast and Arcane Knowledge for the extra ability power and magic penetration because all of Ezreal's abilities base off AP. Then for the defence tree I put a point in Summoner's Resolve for the extra 20 shield on my barrier, which is enough to save your life.


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- Items -

The item choice I had previously got a lot of feedback, and I am updating the build with new items. Thank you all of those people who helped.

Starting Items: Doran's Blade gives you and extra ten damage for last hitting and a whole lot of sustain in lane with the +80 HP, with the 5 HP per hit PLUS your Greater Quintessence of Life Steal to regain your health. I really think the Doran's Blade is one of those the best, if not the best starting item for Ezreal or any AD Carry out there right now. For the secondary starting items, the Long Sword and two Health Potion s, is alright, but is more for if you are going to be against a harsh kill lane or a poke lane that harasses you every time you go up to farm since you wont be able to proc the Doran's Blade passive if not being able to hit creeps, instead regaining you HP by using the pots.

Core: When building the core, I rush the Tear of the Goddess and either Boots of Speed or Vampiric Scepter. The Tear of the Goddess gives me a ton of mana early game so I don't run OOM every five minutes in lane while the enemy has tons left, while you are vulnerable to potential ganks or deaths and that I can stack it early so that I don't have to go with the pain of stacking it later game after the nerf to it so that it stacks a lot slower. My next buy is the The Bloodthirster, it gives me TONS OF DAMAGE and works well while I'm stacking the tear, so its easier farming for stacks while I can spam Mystic Shot on creeps to get stacks on both items at once. Next I go for the Sheen which procs my Mystic Shot and works really well stacking my Tear of the Goddess because the passive counts as a spell. So instead of using an ability and getting 4 mana, you get 8, which really helps and allows you to build your Muramana a lot quicker.

Mid Game: After I finish building my Tear of the Goddess, The Bloodthirster, and Sheen, I build my Manamune ONLY IF I AM CLOSE TO FULLY STACKING THE Tear of the Goddess. I only do it because of the toggle and passive on the Muramana. It is that extra damage on your abilities and auto attacks that mean everything. Plus, when the Manamune is barely stacked, the passive does barely any, so I really find not much of a benefit as to stacking it fully before purchasing the full item. The extra 1000 mana on Muramana allows you to spam your abilities like there is no tomorrow, or at least let you not run OOM every five minutes. Since the toggle does 6% of your total mana on abilities and auto attacks, and you have around 2300-ish mana, that is around an EZ-TRA (punsofdamage) 130 or so physical damage per hit! 130 damage is a lot considering that your auto attacks at mid game - late game do around 250-300, plus the passive grants you another EXTRA 2% of your 2300-ish mana, that is another 45 or so AD. The toggle also works on your Mystic Shot so you can spam it with your CDR from your Ionian Boots of Lucidity for high poke potential. The next item I build is the Iceborn Gauntlet which has an AOE slow and damage passive which is really great for kiting enemies or poking. It also grants you an extra 70 armor which helps you since you are an AD Carry, very squishy with little survivability and sustain, as well as 500 extra mana which adds additional AD with your Muramana passive, and 30 extra ability power for the extra bit of damage on your abilities.

End Game: Last Whisper which gives you 45 extra AD, and the OP 35% armor penetration. The Last Whisper is great for killing enemies that are building armor, or stack items like Thornmail, Frozen Heart, and Randuin's Omen, or even those AP Carries with Zhonya's Hourglass. I usually start building this item quickly because you really don't know when people are going to start building armor against you. My last item I get is a defence item, the Frozen Mallet because it gives me high sustain and the slow also works with my Mystic Shot for kiting. After building this, you also have your Muramana and Iceborn Gauntlet that proc with your Mystic Shot. That is three whole passives working with one ability helping you kite. You have the extra damage from the Muramana, the slows and some more damage from the Iceborn Gauntlet, and the Icy passive slow on the Frozen Mallet. Damn.

Optionals: With the optionals, you can choose from more sustain/attack damage/attack speed. The two I will focus on are the Statikk Shiv and Spirit of the Elder Lizard. Those two proc on hit effects. Which means that they will apply more things with your Mystic Shot for poke and kiting. Those two are great items that you could build and still have high kiting potential. I won't go too much in detail of the other items, they should all work with Ezreal and are optional, you can use them if you would like.

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- Summoner Spells -

Flash is one of the spells that I take with Ezreal, honestly, Flash has saved my life so many times it's uncountable. Many people say you don't need flash with Ezreal, but since it has such a high cooldown early game, you can use Flash to get away out of those sticky situations while it was on cooldown, since... For example, use it to dodge Thresh's Death Sentence. You can also use it to leap over two walls at once which is really good against champions that have blink/leap abilities as well, like Kha'Zix or Tristana.

Barrier is another one of those "must have" summoner spells because it so great at saving your life if somebody Ignites you or uses an global ultimate that might indeed kill you. For example, Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole or Karthus's Requiem at low levels.
Ignite is a great summoner spell that not many people use to this day in the meta, but it is still very viable. Ignite on Ezreal works, but I prefer Barrier. You can still use Ignite if you wish, since it picks up most of those early kills or if they are trying to get away. I only take it if I'm in a really harsh kill lane like an Ezreal and Blitzcrank lane where I can literally dominate in lane without getting hurt easily. Even though it can pick up those easy kills early game pre-level 6, you can quite easily snipe the enemy with your ultimate later on and spam Mystic Shot after your Tear of the Goddess to reduce the cooldown quickly.
I rarely ever use Cleanse on Ezreal since it is quite easily replaced with Quicksilver Sash built into Mercurial Scimitar. It is still very viable if you don't want to build the Mercurial Scimitar or want to be very cost efficient and take out the Barrier from your summoner spells.

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- Lane Phase and Teamfights -

With Ezreal in the lane phase, you want to be constantly farming and harassing with your Mystic Shot. When they come up to farm, use your Mystic Shot to deny farm. I like to keep my goals at 90 CS at 10:00, and 130 CS at 13:00, and 180-200 CS at 20:00. With Ezreal you want to keep farming and poking the enemy, when they try to engage a fight on you, you want to Arcane Shift back and keep poking with your Mystic Shot and lining then up and dodging enemy skillshots with your Arcane Shift. Early game, you have to be very moderate of your mana because you have a lot of problems without your Tear of the Goddess. After you get your Tear of the Goddess, keep moderate of the enemy's position, mana, and health. For example, in a lane where you have Thresh, and the enemy has Miss Fortune and Lulu, Miss Fortune is very mana dependant and can't do much without it. Try doing a hard engage on her and monitor the map for ganks. Engaging a fight on them when they have no mana or little HP is a great way to get a kill, or even catching them in a bad position.

In teamfights, with Ezreal or any AD Carry, you want to be in the back dealing damage. Keep spamming Mystic Shot into the enemy team and getting in a position where you can hit the whole team where as you are just poking the tank while the opposing team crushes yours. Use Arcane Shift to line up your Mystic Shot to proc the Iceborn Gauntlet passive, and then keep poking and kiting if they want to advance, and use your Trueshot Barrage in the beginning of the fight instead of the end because they will all be scattered and you have a higher chance of missing. The enemy team will most likely be focussing you, so use your Arcane Shift to move back further for 475 units, while your Mystic Shot has a 1100 range. If you have the chance to clean up, use your Arcane Shift to secure a kill as to using your Mystic Shot first. Your Mystic Shot reduces the cooldown of your other abilities, so take advantage of that, and use your Arcane Shift wisely because of its long cooldown.

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- Tips and Tricks -

- Save your Arcane Shift as an escape move instead of using it to engage, which is the worst thing that you could do. (unless it is one person and you are securing a kill)

- If your Mystic Shot hits a target, it reduces all the cooldowns of your abilities by 1 second. Spam this a lot when you have your Tear of the Goddess.

- If you are low and trying to get away, use Arcane Shift to leap over a wall, and use your Mystic Shot to proc a slow from either the Iceborn Gauntlet or the Frozen Mallet, and then use flash over another wall to surely get away.

- Once you hit level 6 or post level 6, use your Trueshot Barrage to clear waves of minions before going back for some extra gold.

- If your enemy AD Carry is missing, use Trueshot Barrage to push the minions to the tower so they lose xp and gold.

- Once you catch an enemy that is low, use your Trueshot Barrage to snipe them since it is a global ultimate which goes all the way across the map.

- Use your Trueshot Barrage to its fullest potential by using it in the beginning of a teamfight instead of later on because it is both easier to hit the enemy team as to later on when they are scattered, and that you get stacks on your Rising Spell Force for that extra attack speed and DPS.

- Use smartcasting on Ezreal

- Line up your other abilities with Arcane Shift

- Use your Essence Flux on teammates while pushing towers whilst it gives them an attack speed buff.

- Using Essence Flux is a really easy way to get Rising Spell Force stacks.

- Essence Flux goes through targets, so use it when poking enemies whilst they are behind their minions.

- Use Trueshot Barrage when you are in the Fog of War so they don't see it coming.

- Instead of face-checking brushes, use your Mystic Shot to see if anybody is there, if there is an enemy, you will hear a noise and will gain one stack in Rising Spell Force

- Trueshot Barrage does 10% less damage per each unit it hits, so use Arcane Shift (or simply walk) over to an angle where it wont hit minions or any other units to maximize its potential.

- Arcane Shift fires a bolt of energy to its nearest target, so use that to deal extra damage to the enemy when they are close to you.

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- Supports -

- Blitzcrank is my favourite support to go with Ezreal. His Rocket Grab is great for picking up kills, and his high CC that helps me line up skillshots without getting hit or them dodging it with an ability. His Rocket Grab + Power Fist combo allows Ezreal to land a lot of skillshots, and even his Trueshot Barrage in most cases.

- Taric is another one of my really adored supports to go with Ezreal, Taric's stun grants Ezreal to hit a lot of skillshots and deal TONS OF DAMAGE! His high defence and armor buffs are really nice in the lane phase as well.

- Leona is similar to Taric, both very tanky and have high sustain. But with leona, you can do hard engages and in most cases safely use Arcane Shift to deal damage and lane loads of your abilities.

- Soraka is a really good sustain support, her unlimited mana is really good on Ezreal because during early game he cant spam his Mystic Shot to poke/farm, her Wish is really nice in teamfights or even saving you from Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole when she is in the fountain. [[soraka]'s high sustain is really great.

- Janna is a support I have played Ezreal with quite a lot. Her Howling Gale immobilizes the enemy, allowing you to kite/kill/disengage quite easily. Her Monsoon also grants you extra AD while healing you, it also zones them out so you can spam your skillshots while they are coming back trying to kill you. Even in teamfights it is something great to have, dat aoe healing.

- Sona is a champion that I also highly adore as a support. Her constant heals and poke to the enemy champions to zone them out while I can farm freely is great. Her Crescendo also is a high burst ability that allows you to spam your abilities like there is no tomorrow, while securely landing them all. You can also use Trueshot Barrage while they are stunned by her Crescendo which is a great combo.

- All other supports are great like Alistar, Nunu and such, but the ones that I mentioned above have high potential with Ezreal

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- Summary + Credits -

Thank you for reading this guide, you are now ready to own some people on the Field of Justice! You have officially graduated from Heliiix's Ezreal Academy.

I would like to thank all of those who gave me feedback and help, also to jhoijhoi for her guide on How to Make a Guide

Have fun summoners :3