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Ezreal Build Guide by remorie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author remorie

Ezreal: Modified,Original and Everything Else You Need To Be

remorie Last updated on June 26, 2016
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Welcome to yet another amazingly interesting blue ezreal build because there aren't already 100 others out there. Except this one will be more developed and will go in depth on every single detail i can think of. Now this is all taken from my own experience ( 300+ ranked games with him in plat) so all the fanboys that are gonna be all over my case for building him like qtpie, I was doing this build before his ****er was raised. Before we get into it just a few warning about this guide:

1. I'm lazy and therefore if you notice a spelling mistake, unless its serious PLEASE do not rage about it in the comments.
2. This guide is not for the faint at hear as it contains poorly constructed humour that may offend or otherwise harm some people's feelings
3. THIS GUIDE IS FOR AD EZREAL BOT LANE, I WILL NOT DISCUSS HOW TO PLAY HIM MID, TOP OR JUNGLE (yes he can jungle for those of you wondering).
4. I don't care what you people think, Pulsefire is the best skin and all the others can suck it

Ok now that is out of the way. Lets get Exploring.

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Why play ezreal and why blue build (+ Pros and Cons)

Q: So why would you play Ezreal in the first place?

A: Ezreal is a very safe ad carry both in lane and in teamfights as well as outputting a good amount of damage AND being a big nuisance at all points in the game. Even though the damage isnt as high late game as someone like Vayne, he makes up for it by having (with this build) an extended range flash on a 6 sec cd as well as 1100 range massive damage poke that can be spammed endlessly.

Q: Why would you build him so differently from a standard ad carry?

A: This has become a really popular ezreal build lately because

  • It gives his pretty decent damage output with Muramana ( 4 Mystic Shots are enough to kill a squishy late game).
  • Gives him the ability to kite better than any other ad carry while still outputting damage.
  • Allows him to siege towers very well because landing a few key Mystic Shots on high priority targets can easily force a team away from the tower or allow your team to towerdive without problems.
  • Ezreal's base mana pool is actually really low, so it allows him to spam his skills without worrying about going oom
  • His base attack range isn't very great so this allows him to be relevant in fights, even if the fat tank is zoning him out of auto range of the backline.
  • Gives him very good dueling potential once he has a few items, allowing him to win 1v1's agianst the toughest of bruisers and ad carries ( if you are good, you can easily 1v1 a Vayne or Tryndamere simply because you have incredible range)

This build is different from the standard Infinity Edge/ Phantom Dancer combo most ad carries go for, because ezreal is actually a very unique ad carry and is the reason why he is a pretty high pick in tournament play as well.



+ Extremely safe
+ Great tower sieging potential
+ Amazing kiting ability (can self peel in team fights)
+ Very good duelist vs bruisers
I've already kind of gone over this in the little Q&A above but just to sum it up, Ezreal is basically the kind of all in one package as far as ad carries go. He offers everything a team could possibly want from their ad carry and is an amazing pick in both low and high elo


- This build takes away some early - midgame power
- Needs items to get going
- Not very useful if he falls really far behind early
Okay so the only real cons of blue Ezreal is that it takes some time to ramp up (about 7k gold and Muramana completed). Also he is like i said the all in one package for ad carries, but he gets outshined by people like Ashe and Varus in utility and by like Draven and Vayne in damage so you have to make sure your team can accommodate for that.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Other options

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Mastery Explanation

So the mastery tree set ups are pretty straightforward for any ad carry with this one containing a few minor differences but still having the same goal in mind; dealing damage.


Tier 1: 4 points in Sorcery for the cooldown reduction which is oh so important, as well as 2 points in Butcher for easier last hitting.

Tier 2: 4 points in Deadliness for ad and a point in Destruction so that you can push towers easier

Tier 3: 1 point in Weapon Expertise for the armor pen and 3 in Havoc for a little bit of extra damage

Tier 4: Just 2 points in Brute Force because the more ad you have, the better

Tier 5: 3 Points in Sunder for even more armor pen

Tier 6: Finish off with a point in Executioner for extra damage on low health targets


Tier 1: a point in Summoner's Resolve so you can make Barrier stronger as well as 4 points in Durability for extra health and more trade potential

Tier 2: 3 points in Hardiness because you can never go wrong with getting armor against another ad carry

Tier 3: Finally a point in Veteran's Scars for some more hp early which will sometimes make the difference between life and death.

Another Possibility Instead of Defence


Tier 1: 1 point in Summoner's Insight for reduced flash cooldown, 3 points in Meditation for extra mana regen to spam more abilities and a point in Improved Recall to go back to base faster.

Tier 2: 3 Points in Mastermind for EVEN LOWER summoner spell cooldowns

Tier 3: I like to put the last point in Vampirism because it gives some extra lifesteal + spellvamp makes your Mystic Shot heal you even more.

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Summoner Spells

This is the all purpose spell that is needed on Ezreal. Even though he already has high mobility, having this makes him near impossible to catch. It is the one spell i would consider MANDATORY because no other summoner spell comes even close to the amount of utility this thing adds.


The most common pick ever since it was enabled for use on SR at the beginning of season 3 since it can block a lot of damage as well as bait people into diving you and then dying because they didn't account for the extra 300 damage shield you're gonna get.

A very viable option against heavy cc because as Ezreal (or any adc for that matter) you can't afford to get locked by cc late game since you die very easily. Also remember that this removes Exhaust so it can allow you to win trades because the enemy carry is exhausted and you won't be.

I don't really like this spell that much with this build because you lose a lot of the early game power needed to make use of this spell but if you have a high damage support like Sona for example this could be a viable option for securing kills. Also a good pick if the enemy team has a Swain or Dr. Mundo to stop their healing.

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Skill Breakdown

Rising Spell Force (Passive): This is actually an okay passive as when you stack it up, you get a free Recurve Bow which as you can imagine makes a big difference in lane trades. Keeping it stacked in teamfights also helps a lot when trying to auto attack in between cooldowns.

Mystic Shot (Q): Alright so this ability practically is what defines blue Ezreal. Since you don't auto attack much you use this to do damage. The base damage on the ability isn't actually that great but it has a whooping 1.0 scaling of off TOTAL ad and it APPLIES ON HIT EFFECTS. You can basically think of this skill as a long range auto attack that does extra damage. Learning how to properly aim this is what makes or breaks this build since you rely so much on it.

Tips and Tricks
  • The hit box on this is actually pretty small so make sure during the laning phase you look for opening in between the minions your opponent is hiding in for free harass.
  • If you hit a unit with this skill with Manamune in your inventory, this will actually count as 2 procs and you will gain 8 mana instead of 4.
  • Remember that this skill is basically an auto attack so hitting an enemy with it that has things like Randuin's Omen or Thornmail will cause them to proc on you.

Essence Flux (W): This skill used to be amazing in season 2 because it would slow the attack speed of enemies by about 50% so it would make it impossible for anyone to trade with you if you landed that (except maybe Graves). Now however this skill is primarily used to secure objectives like turrets or baron faster and stack tear. Once level 18 you can use it for damage because the base on it is actually pretty decent + you'll have some extra ap from Iceborn Gauntlet

Tips and Tricks
  • Remember that this ability goes through creeps and and hits only champions so if you have the mana you can harass.
  • Make sure to position yourself so that you can hit as many allies as posible when doing objectives as it helps a lot.
  • Much like Caitlyn's eq combo, you can cancel the cast time on your w by using it immediately after a Mystic Shot

Arcane Shift (E): This is what makes Ezreal so hard to pin down. With this build you can have a 7 sec cooldown on this ability which gets reduced even further if you can land mystic shots. To put in in simple words this is a long range Flash.

Tips and Tricks
  • This can jump ANY wall in the game while a lot of other skill cannot go over the thicker walls, keep that in mind when trying to escape.
  • Unlike most other escapes that are considered dashes or jumps, this is a Flash so you can use it to jump over things like Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Trap or Nidalee's Bushwhack
  • This spell takes precedent over any form of cc. What that means is that if you get cced and use this spell at the same time, the cc will take effect after you've shifted. So you can use this literally WHILE you are getting Blitzcrank grabbed and effectively cancel his grab.

Trueshot Baragge (R): This is in my opinion the best skill in the game. YOU SHOOT A GIANT BANANA ACROSS THE MAP. In all seriousness this is an amazing ultimate because it has high base damage, high scaling, a large hitbox and an extremely low cooldown. It has a multitude of uses and can actually be used defensively to clear a minion wave from across the map as well. Also if you can land it on multiple people in fights it can actually be pretty gamechanging. The only downside to it is the cast time, but in the tips and tricks ill discuss how you can actually use that to your advantage.

Tips and Tricks
  • Becareful when clearing waves in lane with this because it will not 1 shot the minions, but it will put them very low so if you under a lot of lane pressure you may loose that entire wave.
  • When using this in lane during a fight, try to hit minions after the champion you intended on targeting so that you can stack Rising Spell Force
  • Once you start casting this ability it CANNOT GET CANCELED UNLESS YOU DIE. What this allows you to do is if imagine your Arcane Shift is on cooldown and an Aqua Prison is about to land right on top of you. You can start casting your ultimate right before it hits and it will still go off. What this does is basically negate the cc since you wouldn't have been able to move while casting your ultimate anyways.

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Okay this section is gonna be pretty long because Ezreal has a lot of options on what to build. First off

The most commmon starting items for ad carries these days. It gives you some attack damage for last hitting and trading, the extra health is nice when going in for fights and the little bit of life it gives you on hit is actually pretty decent when paired with lifesteal quints. One thing you have to make sure to have in order to take this item is either lifesteal quintessences or a support with sustain like Sona or Soraka. You cannot buy potions with this so if you dont have something else to help you sustain the other adc will just force you out of lane repeatedly.

If you feel that you will be really heavily harassed and may need some extra sustain you can go with a Long Sword and 2 Health Potions which gives you a lot more sustain than a doran's blade early game. However it does make your all in and trades weaker if the enemy has a Doran's Blade. You can also take this against a lane matchup that you believe will be very easy to win and do not need to spend money on the Doran's Blade, which allows you to go straight into a The Brutalizer or Vampiric Scepter

This is a possible start, however i don't recommend it as even though you have a lot of sustain with 4 Health Potions, your last hitting under tower is a lot more difficult and you will never win a straight up trade with your opponent, which forces you to cs/ harass with mystic shot. If you do this, you might want to consider bringing 1 or 2 Mana Potions instead of the health because you are going to be spamming Mystic Shot like a psycho.

This is the most important item for the blue build ezreal. You want to get this as early as possible because the sooner you get it, the sooner you can start stacking it. It upgrades to Manamune and later into Muramana which is when you really hit your power spike and actually start doing **** tons of damage for a little while after you've completed it. Now for those of you who aren't used to building Ezreal this way, its gonna take a while for you to get used to spamming skills because you have to as much as possible. You usually want to have this fully stacked by the early 20 mins of the game.

THIS ITEM IS BRUTAL....Y AWESOME. It gives a decent ammount of attack damage, some armor penetration AND cooldown reduction all for just 1337 gold. The main reason this item is bought is because tear of the godddess and Muramana take a lot of early game power out of you since they don't do much until they are stacked. On the other hand The Brutalizer is extremely strong early game due to the flat armor pen and low cost. You buy this to make up for having to spend gold on tear instead of more immediate damage.

This item is your replacement The Brutalizer. DO NOT BUY THEM BOTH. You take this if you really just can't live without lifesteal and really want a The Bloodthirster. You basically just make your pick depending on how you think the lane is going/ what your preferences are.

COOLDOWNZZZZZ is the name of the game here. Pretty obvious choice of boots considering you're gonna be relying on your Mystic Shot to do damage, you obviously want to spam it as much as possible. You also want your Arcane Shift up as much as possible so that you can jump around more pretending you're Kassadin.

Again depending on your preference you may want to get this before or after Ionian Boots of Lucidity. In general Sheen is better for trades in lane, while the tier 2 boots are better for stacking Tear of the Goddess and make you a lot harder to gank because of how much mobility they give.

No Lizard Spirit, What?

You may have noticed that this build does not include a spirit like the original and this is why. So for those of you that don't know this build was originally made famous by bebe from the Taipei Assassins (S2 wieners) and it was core to the build that your first major item was Spirit of the Elder Lizard. Now this was bought because it gave good stats for a very low cost. Sadly a while back riot thought the item was way too strong and nerfed it 2 patches in a row. Now the stats it gives aren't nearly as good and it makes Ezreal's trading even worse early game. This is why if you watch high elo/ tournament games, you will see people replacing it with the likes of The Bloodthirster or a The Brutalizer because those items are simply way better for Ezreal now.

I like to get this item mid game instead of rushing it because it really doesnt offer much in terms of stats for 1400 gold and also doesn't stack that much faster than Tear of the Goddess as long as you are spamming Mystic Shot. However need this to upgrade to Muramana so whether you get it early or wait until the tear is fully stacked is completely up to you.

ONLY GET THIS IF YOU WENT FOR Vampiric Scepter. BT is an amazing item on ezreal because it allows you to have a lot of power in the mid game due to the raw ammount of damage it gives, it becomes very hard to out trade an Ezreal with BT in lane since the mystic shots have a 1.0 ad scaling which makes them hurt a whole lot. If you go for this item instead of simply a The Brutalizer make sure to keep in mind that you are delaying Iceborn Gauntlet as well as the rest of your build.

1 of the core triad of items blue ezreal needs. You will upgrade your Sheen into this and say screw Trinity Force( even though you may still build it but ill get into that later). Once you acquire this item, you will kite so hard it'll make Ashe more jealous than if Ahri were to Charm Tryndamere. Seriously this makes it nearly impossible for melee bruisers to reach you once they've blown their gap closers. On the other hand it also help you chase like a boss. You think its hard to run from Kassadin? Try running from an Ezreal with this item. Also it helps when you are trying to clear large minion waves. I could go on for how awesome this item is but i think you get the idea.

This item is another one of the core triad of blue Ezreal and should be completed by now as i consider late game 25+mins. NOW YOU ARE A BEAST. For the next roughly 5 mins after you complete this item (assuming you finish it on time) you want to get your team to force a fight unless the other team is very far ahead or has a very strong teamfight oriented team. Basically you want to abuse the fact that you do extreme ammounts of damage since everyone on the enemy team is still fairly squishy and haven't bought the huge armor items. Make sure you learn to manage the toggle, for example when you are farming creeps, don't use it because your mana will get shredded. Also if your mid lane doesn't need it, ask if you can have blue because it helps out a lot especially while siegeing towers.

This is the last item of the core triad of blue ezreal. You want to build this item next to allow you to shred tanks. Nothing special to say about it. I bet you were expecting a long paragraph like for the other items, well too bad. Its just very simple if you have this item you'll do damage to tanks, if you don't, the 300 armor Renekton charging at you might be a problem.

if you didnt opt for The Bloodthirster earlier, this will be your first lifesteal item. Also it counters the cheeky tank who's stacking health with no armor since each of your mystic shots will also do 5% of current hp in bonus damage sooooooo tanks will have fun against this. Also allows you to kite even better due to the active and in a clutch situation the extra health can save your life. I know im gonna get a bunch of "but blade got nerfed 3 patches in a row, its not that good anymore," shut up, it is and unless they remove that active it always will be.

FINALLY we are upgrading The Brutalizer; be honest, you thought i forgot about it didn't you? It's just that the other items are a lot more important but this is great as well. Let's ignore the 200 health because lets face it, with or without that 200 hp if you get caught, you're gonna die. Now some good stats... LOTS OF AD, this will put you at the cdr cap and it will also give you some nice armor shred to make your Mystic Shot hurst that much more. I want to say that this item is interchangeable and if you got The Bloodthirster you wouldn't even have it.

Even though I've called it "situational items" this is really just substitutes for your last item.

Basically a Quicksilver Sash that also gives some really decent ad. Get this item if the enemy Zed is too much trouble or if the Warwick or Malzahar keep ulting you. Basically its good against any heavy cc so if you are dying because you are getting cc'ed get this.

You realized that the enemy has a really heavy dive comp and no matter how much you try to kite, they keep getting to you? It happens, not often but it happens. So instead of whining about how your team can't peel properly, you get this bad boy right here. Then you laugh in the face of the enemy team because after they blow everything to kill you, you come right back and wreck their faces. Then they whine about how their team isn't cooperating and while they are arguing you win the game. Pretty simple.

I know im gonna get a lot of flak for putting this here but hey if you dont like it, dont build it. This item gives a little bit of almost every stat and unlike most other ad carries, Ezreal can make use of all stats. Yes i understand that you already have a sheen upgraded into Iceborn Gauntlet. Try this item out and see how you like it, as i noticed it differs from person to person.

This is the most common one i seem to get. This is because of the amazing mobility it gives you since it procs off of Mystic Shot. Basically with this, it becomes nearly impossible to catch you unless they can hit hard cc.

Pretty decent enchantment if you want a lower cooldown on your Flash. I usually don't take this as much because you have a built in flash in your kit, but again its personal preference.

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Support Synergy

Click the spoilers under the support you want in order to view a rating as well as a brief breakdown of what the support can do.

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