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Ezreal Build Guide by Avalonicous

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avalonicous

Ezreal, The Prodigal Funk

Avalonicous Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my Ezreal guide.

This guide will discuss how to:

-Not suck with Ezreal in lane

-Not fall off lategame

-Not run out of mana

-Understand Ezreal better, both playing him and playing against him.

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Pros and Cons


-Ridiculous Range

-Lots of damage ESPECIALLY early game

-Built in

-Global Ultimate

-Very versatile

-TONS of fun to play

-Hard to zone

-Good last hits (Minions or champs) ;)

-Best dance in the game

-Squish. Eeeeeeeeeee.

-Takes a while to get used to.

-Requires a degree of skill to use, not a ton, but a decent amount

-Team reliant, needs 1 or 2 other good team members to be really effective

-Victim of internet bullying (he is NOT a girl)

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Analysis of Ezreal

Ezreal is a mobile damage dealer, capable of dealing massive amounts of hurt either in bursts or over time.
He is neither a 'right click and profit champ' nor a 'fire and forget' caster .
Instead he lies somewhere inbetween and , an AD caster who can burst and provide sustained damage.

He also has wicked range on his ult.

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Mystic Shot

Meet Mystic Shot, Ezreal's best friend. It gives disgusting range, is spammable, and takes a second off of all his other cooldowns when it hits a target.

It also applies on hit effects, like red buff. And . And . And armor pen in general(it deals physical damage).

Sounds better every second doesn't it?

The only catch is that it doesn't go through more than one target. When you fire , make it count. Learn to position yourself to maximize damage against squishies.

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For runes I run
- to maximize my early game damage, which is already ridiculous. A good alternative is Armor Pen, but I don't find it to be as effective as flat AD.

- that mana ain't gonna regen itself. Ok, technically it does but it needs all the help it can get.

- allows for even more lane domination. Sometimes you have to beat a passive lane, and the only way you can do that is with pure aggression. More mana = more damage.

- to maximize the amount of flat AD Ezreal can have.

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For Masteries I run 21/1/8.


1) 1 Point in for the Ghost movespeed bonus.

2) 3 Points in to maximize early game domination.

3) 4 Points in for 4% AS, but mostly as a prerequisite to

4) 1 Point in for free Armor Pen, BOOYAH

5) 4 Points in the scaling is fairly negligible, but more AD is more AD.

6) 1 Point in 0% crit chance doesn't score you many crits so until you build the effects of Lethatlity are entirely nonexistant.

7) 3 Points in for the lifesteal bonus

8) 1 Point in This makes last hitting champs with a certain thing, instead of B.S.likeOoooh I got away with 3 hp, I'm so pro

9) 3 Points in for bonus mana, plus it scales nicely.

10) 4 Points in I am torn between this and .
Mana regen is huge on Ezreal, especially early game, but movespeed is huge all game.
If you find yourself having mana difficulties, feel free to switch points from Swifness to They are both great on Ezreal.

11) 1 Point in now blue buff lasts almost until it's back up again.

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Starting Items:

If you laning with a healer, or not laning against skillshot champs


For when you need to self sustain or dodge **** people throw at you

First Trip Back

If you are losing your lane:

Vampiric Sceptre

upgrade it A.S.A.P into:

If you having an average game:

If you are excelling in your lane:

Core Items

Final Build

The last item varies depending on the match.

Chain cc = get
Need more hp =
Need more damage =

Eventually replace with whenever you deem apropriate, or if you have enough spare cash skip Wriggle's and dive straight into Bloodthirster.

When you are losing a lane, grab and focus on keeping your lane/dragon warded, and farm farm farm.

In an average lane, will give you more damage on your poke and the ability to poke faster. Beware of the shorter cd on Mystic Shot, you are still mana hungry.

When you excel in a lane, rush . This will make Mystic Shot hit like a truck, give you more mana to work with and a little AP on the side. Whereas Brutalizer increases your damage overall, Sheen only increases your burst. Don't try to 1v1 someone with minions inbetween you unless you are sure that you will win the exchange.

Keep in mind that you ALWAYS should alter your build to fit your game.

Fed ?
Buy .

Tons of cc on the enemy team?
Trade your boots for Mercury Treads and get , etc.

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Item Explanations

This is a MUST HAVE early to mid game, it doubles your AD when you fire an ability, massively improving your damage and has perfect synergy with . Think of it like an "auto crit", similar to Gankplank's just a little less damage.

Ezreal generally has a problem farming due to all his damage (besides ) being single target damage. gives lifesteal, a free ward every 3 minutes and much easier farming. Keep in mind that the 300 bonus damage from can be proc'd from . On the downside, it's a rather expensive item that should only be bought when you are playing passively. This item will not win your lane, it will only secure yours.

This gives nice AD, nice CD, and nice Armor Pen, all great to have on Ezreal. This is my first item in the average game, and gives you a leg up on your opponents.
Sell it lategame for something better.

Didn't take and took ? GET THIS. Ezreal NEEDS a get out of jail free card, and when Rammus + + Puncturing Taunt you into his team, ain't gonna get you nowhere.
is actually more powerful than because it removes EVERY debuff, including and ultimates. It's also incredibly cheap for the advantage it provides.

Dadada daaaaaaaaa!
This badboy gives the effects of , and all in one package! Gives great all around stats, which are essential to balance on a carry, and a bunch of beast effects you can abuse on DO WANT.

Get this if the enemy isn't buying armor. It's more expensive that but the attack speed will help you take down objectives quicker and 55 AD is pretty hard to ignore.

Get this if the enemy has been buying armor, or if the enemy team contains .

I already bought Brutalizer, the most expensive part of Youmuu's, why wouldn't I want to finish the item for bonus damage, cd and crit chance?
I like your initiative, but no. Youmuu's is not the answer. While the active is nice, Ezreal doesn't need crit chance as your main source of damage comes from abilities. There are much better things you can get for the money.

This is a great item for shredding tanks, and gives nice damage and attack speed too. The shred is an on-hit effect so will proc it.

Late game BEAST. Gives crazy damage, crazy crit chance and makes your crits crazy. Unfortunetly Ezreal doesn't need it as much as Tryndamere or Vayne does. If you get a and find yourself snowballing out of control, by all means, grab it and crit to victory. Otherwise stick to something more reliable like or .

Every now and then a game doesn't go well and the enemy gets fed. Build into this instead of .
This takes Ezreal from oh look a squishy take him down to huh that guy is moderately tanky unless he gets low I think I'll go for someone else.
procs the slow, making kiting INCREDIBLY easy.

Enemy team has a . Seriously though, this gives two stats you need, damage and mr all from a single source, with a magical bubble to boot.

Not good for a serious AD build, but it does make and hit harder and it is pretty fun getting spell vamp off of .

No idea how to pronounce it. Great item for beginners on Ezreal. Gives a bottomless mana pool as well as some nice AD. You don't need it once you get used to his moves and mana. Or when you constantly have blue.

This a great item and I love it. Don't get it.

I consider this to be the lategame defensive equivalent of . The instant the enemy sees you with the buff, you become less of a target. It also gives both defenses great scaling plus the effect is KILLER(seewhatIdidthere).
You cannot sell it once you've popped the effect and refresh the cd. I've tried.

This is a great counter to fed AP in teamfights, or when that won't leave you alone. Once you hit full stacks, you'll be taking noticeably less damage from magical abilities.

Great item to get if you have a good start, and is less easy to lose stacks because of his escape mechanisms. For some reason, I've never really trusted snowball items on anyone.

Also, the visual effects from and together look Badass.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty much every Ez I see runs + .
This kind of works, makes up for the cc Ezreal lacks and who doesn't want 2 ?

With the recent nerf, is it really worth taking over ghost when you already have one flash to begin with? With less range on flash, and more movespeed on ghost, I consider it a fair trade.

I also pick for two main reasons:

1) Being cced at levels 1-6 (before you can build ) generally means death for squishy, squishy Ez. It's especially brutal on chain cc lanes like:


2) shuts down Ez, HARD.
now removes exhausts and other dangerous cc all game long.


Makes up for his lack of cc, shuts down that Tryndamere after he already blew his . Also lets you reliably 1v1 people as opposed to always having to kite.

Double flash. Lets you get away with really stupid stuff.

Does true damage over 5 seconds as well as halves any healing effects on the target. This is really nice in combination with for First Blood. It also shuts down anyone healing based *cough* *cough* and is good for that last hit on the enemy that thought they were home free.

Gives very nice map control, as a gank top could easily go from a 2v1 to a 2v2. Also allows for split pushing or when you get forced out of lane early. A neat trick that has only worked once for me is Ulting a tower than teleporting to it, similar to the Ashe trick but without the cc. I don't usually take this because you can use for supporting fights far away, and can't get you out of position as reliably as can.

This is actually a decent pick on Ezreal, not only because you can keep track of the enemy jungler but because if they are low enough you can outright kill them. Also lets you investigate a bush halfway across the map. Far more useful than it sounds.

The 'NOOOO' Section

This is an OK spell despite its unpopularity as it can save a teamfight or dire situation and is good for baiting first blood. Unfortunetly Ezreal is ranged so the effect will largely be felt by only you. Save it for the tank.


See jungle

Hahaha no.

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Skill Sequence

This is pretty cool passive, keep an eye on it when taking down towers/buffs/dragon when you're low on mana, if you wait until the last second before hitting something with an ability you'll get the maximum amount of damage for the minimum amount of mana. If you see a team fight breaking out and the enemy is in a straight line consider ulting just to start off with a chunk of their health missing and you at full stacks.

<-- Applies on hit affects ( , , Red Buff, to name a few)

Short CD, long range, lovely ability.
This ability will make or break every part of every game you play. Master this and master it well for doing so will reap unspeakable rewards, namely Rampages and lots of gold.

Very 'meh' ability. I grab a single point in this and never touch it until I have to because not every enemy you face will be attack speed based. It's very nice to have when taking turrets to buff allies so they get bonus turret wrecking power AND you get more stacks of Rising Spell Force.

It's a built in flash with a homing beacon, what's not to love? You know that , , or that just stealthed with a sliver of health left? Use this to where you think they are and more often than not you get a nice kill.



It's that ability that makes you lift off the ground and go HUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAA - AH! And then NNNYYYYYOOOOOOOOM "An enemy has been slain"

Facts about

1) When you fire it you must make a "NNNNNNYYYOOOOOOOOOM" sound. This is NOT optional.

2) It's rare, but when you kill someone while standing at Fountain you have just performed a Shot From Downtown. You don't have to, but I encourage making some kind of 'downtown' remark in all chat ("From Downtown with love", "All the way from downtown baby", "Got a delivery from Downtown over here").

3) You can push entire creep waves with it. You won't completely annihilate the wave, but you will get some bonus cash and make somebody on the enemy team play defense for a little bit.

4) Perfect last hitting tool. When that Rammus escapes the team fight with 3.5 hp and is no doubt laughing his spiny but off, that's when NNYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOM "An enemy has been slain"

5) Great initiator. If you see a team fight about to break out and can hit at least 4 of the enemy team with Trueshot Barrage, DO IT. DO IT NOW. It won't be as significant as, say, Brand's Pyroclasm but your team will notice and so will the enemy.

6) Downtown shots. Hee.

From Levels 1 - 4

-> -> ->

After Level 4, prioritize > > >

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How To Not Be Mana Starved

If you use any ability other than once every 15 seconds during the laning phase, YOU WILL BE MANA STARVED.

If you use or Essense Flux to harass an enemy champion, YOU WILL BE MANA STARVED.

If a fight breaks out, YOU WILL BE MANA STARVED.

If you consistently last hit with Mystic Shot, YOU WILL BE MANA STARVED.


1) Capitalize on openings the enemy gives you while still being conservative (hit them with a then auto attack them and run, as opposed to using both and Essense Flux).

2) Abuse your zone without actually abusing it. The range on is ridiculous, sometimes it's better to pretend to line up a risky shot to zone your opponent, but be sure to only use it when you have a clear shot.

3) Learn to kite without . Don't hesitate to use it when things go south, but don't use it unless you have to. That mana cost BITES.

4) Don't use Essense Flux unless taking a tower or dragon. Just don't.

5) Don't use to last hit. I'll allow you to do it, but only if you are being completely zoned, or if there isn't enough time to auto attack two minions at the same time, just this once. But I've got my eye on you.

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Jungle Ezreal

People think that with the Jungle Update in the Volibear patch that just ANYONE can jungle.

People are right.

But before you instalock Ezreal, keep in mind that other people can jungle faster, more reliably, counter jungle better, don't need help to get dragon, and can gank better.

Just because you can stick your thumb in your eye doesn't mean you should.

That being said, the route you should take is Wolves -> Blue -> Wraiths -> Red -> Golems.


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How to be a Badass

Always check if the enemy has a jungler. If they do, make sure you know whether or not they started their jungle at Blue Buff. If the enemy jungler did, keep these things in mind:

1: The enemy blue will respawn anywhere from 7:15 to 7:45.
2: Unless the enemy jungler is extremely mana dependant, they will be handing blue over to mid.
3: If the enemy mid gets blue, they have a much better chance of beating your mid.
4: The best way to prevent this is to put a ward where the enemy blue spawns at 7:00.
5: Keep on eye on your ward, and when the enemy jungler starts attacking blue, ping him. Ping him hard.

This will lead to one of two scenarios -

1. Your allies from bot lane and your jungler will perform a coordinated gank on the enemy jungler, resulting in a free blue buff and possibly a double kill on their mid. Your allies will now look at you with respect, as none of it could have happened without you.

2. Your allies will ignore your pings. It is now up to you to steal their blue. Simply wait until the ancient golem's health drops below 500, then

Enjoy your free blue buff.

Next, give your best Clint Eastwood impression and pretend like you know what you're doing.

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It might seem like something minor, but smartcasting makes a HUUUUUGE difference in the success of Ezreal.

It lets you fire your abilities the INSTANT they come off cd, and lets you take advantage of someone the INSTANT they step out of position as opposed to the second after. It makes your combo much more fluid, faster and feels natural.


Downside being that you no longer see the range of your abilities; get the feel of how far you can fire before you take off the scope.

I also leave off Smartcasting because I rarely use it in the middle of a combo and the utility of having a hitbox on Downtown shots is too useful to ignore.

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Beware of the Fizzle

No, not , though you should be wary of him too.

's animation 'fizzles' out at the 95 - 100% range. It's hard to tell if it's going to hit someone before the animation ends or not at that range, especially if both you and your target are in motion. Know that these shots might not hit and plan accordingly.

Guide Top


Mind your Q's.

Beware of Fizzling.

Don't spam unless you have Blue.

Abuse your range.

Kite, and kite vicously.

Smartcasting, learn it and love it.

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Why did you title this "Ezreal the Prodigal Funk"?

Because if you replaced one word in each champion's title with 'funk' it makes them that much more awesome.

This is my first guide ever, please leave a comment on how to improve this guide.