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Jayce Build Guide by EvilOranges

Top Face The Future of Your Climb - Fully Updated for 9.15

Top Face The Future of Your Climb - Fully Updated for 9.15

Updated on August 5, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilOranges Build Guide By EvilOranges 49 3 164,493 Views 2 Comments
49 3 164,493 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilOranges Jayce Build Guide By EvilOranges Updated on August 5, 2019
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Runes: Standard Lane (Top)

1 2 3 4 5
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Standard (Easy Lane)
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Face The Future of Your Climb - Fully Updated for 9.15

By EvilOranges

Hello Summoners! My name is EvilOranges, and this is my Jayce Guide fully updated to patch 9.11! I love playing Jayce because I like tilting my laner off the face of the earth! Do you want to be like me? Of course! Stick around and read to the end. I hope you enjoy my guide, and would greatly appreciate any feedback you have. Feel free to leave any comments with questions regarding anything as well!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my Jayce guide!
Why Play Jayce?
Jayce is THE lane bully in the top lane. If you ask any top laner who they hate playing against, they probably will say Jayce. (Or more likely Akali or Renekton but thats a story for another time. Jayce has insane poke and burst damage, which a bad laner underestimates, and a good laner fears. He has an insane early game and a late game which provides damage and utility.

+ Incredible lane bully
+ Snowballs hard
+ Denies CS
+ Most matchups are easy
+ Insane damage early game
+ Has good balance of damage, utility, and mobility

Jayce is played so that he is a monster early game. All the early CS and gold are under his control. He uses his poke and burst threat to zone people away from CS, all while obtaining gold for himself. He may not be as flashy and snowbally as a Yasuo, but through CS and early kills he makes the enemy laner a walking stick (completely useless) late game while he melts anyone he sees.

- Takes skill (Won't be too successful when starting)
- Doesn't scale that well
- Has 1 or 2 horrible matchups
- Weak to CC

Jayce has an incredible skillfloor, but it takes a while to get there. I am nowhere near the top, but I am at a floor, which takes a while to get to. He has a few almost unwinnable matchups, such as Aatrox and Illaoi. His damage late game is also reliant on hitting his Q-E or E-Q combo in cannon form, and everything in hammer form, making him easy to shut down with CC.
  • Summon Aery: This is almost the universal rune taken on Jayce. It deals more damage with his autos, and has the added benefit of shielding you and your teammates with Acceleration Gate. Good poke, good utility rune that is good to take into any matchup.

  • Electrocute: This works on targets without much damage early on and no escapes. It is actually quite easy to proc on Jayce.

  • Manaflow Band: Jayce has mana problems, and Manaflow Band helps him with that by increasing maximum mana and allowing him to use his abilities along with his autos.

  • Absolute Focus: This helps with laning and teamfighting, as Jayce is squishy and will either take 0 damage or be blown up immidiately. This is just a good rune compared to the others. Transcendence is an O.K. rune, but you tend to get 40 percent CDR through just core items anyways.

  • Scorch: I use Scorch for more damage early and more harass. It procs alongside Summon Aery so it provides a good amount of damage just through autos.

  • Taste of Blood: Healing is good for Jayce, as he does a lot of damage and heals a lot too. Good for laning and after laning, as he can heal back much of the damage taken.

  • Ravenous Hunter: Another healing rune, more oriented towards late game, where Jayce needs the lifesteal.
Summoner Spells

FLASH: Self-explanatory. An instant blink can help with gap-closing, escaping ganks, flashing over walls, etc.
IGNITE: Ignite is good for snowballing. It's a bit more risky especially for newer Jayce players, but an extra damage source could mean the difference between a dead Nasus and a Nasus who recalls and stacks into late game. High risk high reward. Almost a must take into healers such as Tryndamere or especially Dr. Mundo.
TELEPORT: Teleport, even after all the nerfs, is still good. I take into even/hard matchups where I'm likely to get ganked more or be forced out of lane. It is better late game, as you can join a teamfight quickly when split-pushing.(More on that later) However, keep in mind that Jayce is extremely squishy so you don't want to Teleport right into a fight, but more on the outer edges.
Hextech Capacitor (Passive): Hextech Capacitor is a meh passive. It's OK for getting back to lane faster and escaping ganks/engaging, but something like Gangplanks passive Trial By Fire is much much better.

To the Skies!/Shock Blast (Q):

Hammer Form: To the Skies!

This is a good waveclear ability that leaps to an enemy. You can use this when towerdiving to escape tower range, and is also a good engage ability.

Cannon Form: Shock Blast

Your main poke ability besides your auto. Good for waveclear also, but has a high mana cost. When shooting through E Acceleration Gate it increases in size, speed, and damage. (More on that below.)

Lightning Field/Hyper Charge (W):

Hammer Form: Lightning Field:

Lightning Field isn't a great ability because it scales off of AP rather than AD, but it serves as a good waveclear tool. The main part of your hammer form W is the mana regen with autos. This allows Jayce to regain some of the mana he uses in lane.

Cannon Form: Hyper Charge:

Your cannon form W, Hyper Charge is useful because you can string together 4 autos in a row. This is the real reason why you level up W before E, because of how powerful you get with the 110% damage. To execute, auto once then W-Auto-Auto-Auto for a quick 4 shot combo.

Thundering Blow/Acceleration Gate (E):

Hammer Form: Thundering Blow:

Thundering Blow is an AMAZING ability. Good disengage, good engage, good for escaping ganks, etc. I will use this on my laner when they engage on me to knock them away and switch to cannon form and combo them. Also great for ganks by say a Lee Sin by knocking him away when he jumps on you.

Cannon Form: Acceleration Gate:

Acceleration Gate is really used for 3 purposes. 1.Combo-ing with Q Shock Blast. 2. Engaging in lane where you need the speed boost. And 3.Running the **** away from fights. That is all.

Mercury Hammer/Mercury Cannon (R): Not sure why a HEXTECH weapon is called a MERCURY weapon, literally unplayable, rito pls. In all seriousness though, you can't put any points into this. You start with one point in this ability, and can level up all your abilities to rank 6.

Hammer Form: Mercury Hammer:

When switching to hammer form, Jayce gives him magic resist and armor by 5/15/25/35 (based on level). More importantly, the first hit in this form deals damage that scales with his AD, which is really good for damage. Keep in mind that this first attack is decently powerful, which means you can deal a surprising amount of damage when CS'ing or trading.

Cannon Form: Mercury Cannon:

When swapping to cannon form, the first attack shreds armor and MR. I usually will always use this attack on the enemy champion before going in, as you will find that you do more damage due to reduced armor. Other than that, not much else.


Starting Items

Doran's Blade is a great starting item all around. Lifesteal, AD (Bonus damage on auto-attacks), and health all in one item. A fine buy into any lane, and I take it into even/easy matchups. Health and lifesteal helps you to stay in lane, and AD helps you bully more.

Doran's Shield is the item for hard matchups. Especially those that you know you need to survive to win such as Illaoi or Darius. D-Shield is also good if you are new, as you will have more room for error.

Corrupting Potion used to be good alongside Time Warp Tonic, but is now not as good as before. I still take it into sustain lanes such as Irelia or Maokai, but a lot less often than before.

Core Items

Youmuu's Ghostblade is the best item for Jayce, hands down. Lethality, AD, 10 percent cooldown reduction, and movement speed allows for a deadlier, harder to catch lane bully. It also helps him splitpush and get to fights faster.

The staple item on top-lane. This combined with the armor-shred using Mercury Cannon and the attack speed boost from Hyper Charge gives you extreme tank-busting power in top-lane. AD, 20% CDR and health plus armor shred and movement speed is extremely powerful on Jayce..

Duskblade of Draktharr is an item that helps Jayce deal more damage and roam. Flat 55 AD, Lethality, and 10% CDR is great, but compared to Ghostblade, the passives are less useful on Jayce. The Oracle Lens passive allows him to remain unseen by wards, which makes roaming and setting up for ganks easier.

Trinity Force is purely when you are ahead. It provides health, AD, 20% CDR, movement speed, and mana, all of which Jayce needs. However, it is expensive and the items building to it aren't that strong compared to a Phage building up to Black Cleaver. I will only build this if I am 3+ kills above my enemy laner.

After-core Items

Lord Dominik's Regards shreds tanks while providing a decent amount of AD as well. Use this when there are tanks on the enemy team, and especially if squishies are stacking armor, such as an Ezreal with Frostfire Gauntlet. LDR is just a great item for top-lane and especially late game as you can melt tanks with Mercury Cannon, Black Cleaver, and this.

Buy Guardian Angel if you are carrying and being focused and killed by the enemy team. It provides armor and AD as well. This can be the difference between the enemy Kai'Sa getting 1000 gold and you killing the entire enemy team. This is also a staple 4-6th item, because of how quickly Jayce can die while being focused.

Situational Items

This is a guilty pleasure item. Death's Dance provides a whopping 80 AD and a passive that negates burst. It transfers 30 percent of damage into a bleed over time rather than instant damage, and also has healing built in. This is good when you are ahead and are being bursted down.

Completely shuts down any healing champ, which will most likely be either a Dr. Mundo or a Vladimir. Buy Executioner's Calling early against these champs and complete it after Ghostblade+Black Cleaver.

Buy Quicksilver Sash against major CC that will shut you down, such as Malzahars Nether Grasp and Warwicks Infinite Duress. CC is your worse enemy when all-inning as Jayce.

I rarely buy this, unless it is SUPER late game. It provides meh stats for the price, and unless I am up against Warwick, Malzahar, Orianna, and Leona, I will probably hold off on buying this.

A good anti-mage item. Bought later in the game when champions such as Kassadin and Ahri start to get EXTREMELY infuriating.

More lifesteal! Great for healing back up by auto-ing minions. Later in the game Jayce does so much damage that he barely takes any damage as long as he is attacking something and lifestealing.

Preference Items

Blade of the Ruined King is an item that people tend to disagree on. I personally don't build it because I like me burst damage hur melt ppl, but others like to play up close and personal with Hyper Charge with attack speed, like an ADC. I don't recommend that newer Jayce players try it unless you are also an ADC main.

Pretty hotly debated, but it used to be better. Nowadays once you get a hang on Jayce's mana costs you should need to build this item, nor even Tear of the Goddess. It nerfs your damage and doesn't provide much else except for mana. Hardcore, oldschool Jayce mains may still build this, but if you are that experienced at playing Jayce you wouldn't be reading this guide.

Boot Options

One of 3 tier 2 boots. Use when there are multiple AP enemies and some CC.

A boot option for multiple AD champions. My preferred boots of choice, especially against a fed ADC or AD bruiser.

Also a decent option early game, if you want to spam abilities more often. 10% CDR isn't that much, but if you are skipping Black Cleaver and Trinity Force it may be worth getting.
Early Game playstyle
The early game is THE most important part of the game for Jayce. You have insane early damage along with the poke of Summon Aery. Use your cannon form and range advantage to zone other players off of CS and poke them when they do go in. Hold off on your abilities until you are certain they cannot dodge them. The most important part is to not let them close the distance. If they close the distance you will have to play reactive. As Jayce you always want to be proactive, zoning, poking, and all-inning is all up to you.

Easy matchups:

Garen, Darius, and other immobile champions without range are easy to play as against Jayce. Beat them by zoning them off CS and not letting them scale. Use your range to consistently poke and trade under your own terms, and ask for repeated ganks from your jungler. ALWAYS make sure your Summon Aery is off cooldown, as it should be used on every CS attempt by the enemy.

Medium matchups:

Jax, Fiora, Irelia
I usually classify "medium" as bruisers with dashes. The same goes with harassing and trading with a large minion wave, but now you have to play around their engage, such as Jax's Leap Strike and Irelia's Bladesurge. Use your hammer form E Thundering Blow to knock them back when they engage. Specifically against Irelia, you want to save your E until they start to all-in, not just for short trades. Stay out of your minion wave for Irelia, stay in it for other champs. If they are looking to trade they will take a ton of minion damage.

Hard matchups:

Illaoi, Pantheon, Aatrox

Generally, these 3 matchups are the hardest. Illaoi has insane zoning power, and does way more damage while having more health, Pantheon has an extremely strong early game and can all in you easily with his passive and Aegis of Zionia, and Aatrox has way stronger levels 1 and 2, and has arguably more range than you with his Q The Darkin Blade and E Umbral Dash. I usually freeze against these 3, as your primary objective is to not let them get ahead. Even though Jayce's late game isn't extremely strong, he still is a source of reliable, good damage with his Q E combo, whereas if an Illaoi falls behind she will be squishy without good engage.

Ranged matchups:

Teemo, Quinn, Viktor, Kennen

These matchups depend on the enemy. Teemo is good early but also scales very well. Viktor is a good all-around champion, and Quinn really wants to snowball and roam. Kennen is also a lane bully.

For matchups against early game oriented champions: Kennen, Quinn, and Heimerdinger, you may not be able to poke as much without retaliation. Look for good engages with Q To The Skies! and deal as much damage as possible. These laners are squishy with high damage, but as long as you can use both Hammer form and Cannon form you should be able to beat them.

For matchups against good scalers:
Teemo, Viktor
Look to harass and take little in return. Keep in mind that Teemo actually has longer range than you with his Q Blinding Dart, so play around bushes and look to all-in. Take Ignite against Viktor, because he is less likely to force you out of lane. Take Teleport against Teemo, as he is also strong early game.
Wave Management
Generally you will want to slow push the wave. This means you build up a large minion wave and allow it to push to the enemies tower. Why? Because Jayce has great poke that can even allow him to harass his enemies under their tower. It is also great for dives as well.

Slow push the wave by attacking the enemies caster minions, rather than their melees. Their caster minions deal more damage, and have less health. This comes more from experience, but here is a more in-depth video. All credit goes to Blitz Esports for this great video!

+ You can take objectives quickly
+ You have good mobility
+ You can 1v1 or 1v2 (whether or not you are ahead)
+ You can clear waves
+ The enemy team is strong at 5v5 teamfights
+ Your team can 4v5
+ You built Black Cleaver or Triforce rather than full lethality

Make sure that your team can 4v5 when you split. Generally only splitpush for tier 1 or tier 2 towers, rather than inhibitor towers. Jayce can easily 1v1 or 1v2, but he starts to fall off, and doesn't have as much mobility as a Tryndamere.

- You are behind
- You built full lethality
- Your team is behind
- You are getting killed while splitpushing
- Your team is better at 5v5's

Don't splitpush when you are behind, as you will get caught out and killed, setting you even further behind. I choose to ward and farm up rather than risk becoming completely useless. Group up with your team and pick off squishies if you built both Youmuu's Ghostblade and Duskblade.
Thank You!
If you are looking for a new one-trick or just another champion to have fun on, Jayce is THE champion to play. I hope you learned something from my guide, and if you have any comments, questions or queries about my guide, feel free to post them in guide comments, and I will answer them as soon as I can get to them.

Remember to Never Look back as you Fight for a Better Tommorow and Pave the Way to Face the Future and Make a Stand Without Fear For Piltover!

And yes, that is a pointless sentence using Jayce's quotes and lore. Check his and his rival Viktor here! All sources by Riot Games.

Jayce's Pretty Cool Bio

GLHF bullying on the toplane,

Updates+Future Plans
This guide is not done! I am working every day to update and add a lot more info to it! Also while you are waiting, why not check out my Kha'Zix and Kindred guide here as well!

My In-Depth Kha'Zix Guide Here!

Thank you again for reading, and I hope to see you on future guides I write!
June 1st: Added splitpushing section
May 8th: Added some more runepages, changed the name of "Standard Mid" to "Credenda", Conqueror and Kleptomancy rune pages, and added Teemo, Tahm Kench, and Fiora matchup details. Changed skill order slightly.
April 4th: Ackkkkk. Can't believe the icon for summoner spells was smite! Changed that plus a few formatting.
January 20nd: Finally back at it! Added Early game playstyle with basic matchups, and wave management chapter!
January 3rd: Still workin' hard on adding info, adding Runes, Summoner Spells, Abilities, and Itemization to the guide.
January 2nd: Happy Belated New Year, and Hello World! Guide created with builds and Intro, Why Play?, and Pros/Cons
League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilOranges
EvilOranges Jayce Guide
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Face The Future of Your Climb - Fully Updated for 9.15

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