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Fiora Build Guide by Keondre

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keondre

Fiora - The Deadly Duelist

Keondre Last updated on August 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone! My name is Keondre, and I bring you a Fiora guide. I chose to do Fiora because she is very overpowering and does a lot of damage. She is the perfect top laner, but can lane at bot or mid as well. I highly doubt you are going to be mid, but that is slightly probable. She can 1v1 a lot of people, and is an amazing carry. Go ahead, give Fiora a shot! This is my second guide. Fiora is an awesome champion. If you have 975 RP or 6300 IP, get Fiora. You will not be disappointed with Fiora. If you have her, then you can tell them that she owns! Fiora is an amazing champion, and syncs well with MOST champions. With Fiora, you can 1v1 the most fed Tryndamere if you are built right and know when to time Blade Waltz to counter Undying Rage. Tryndamere, Master Yi, and Xin Zhao are very difficult laning opponents, but I'll go more in-depth on laning opponents in another section. I worked hard on this guide, so please like it xD! I present: Fiora, The Deadly Duelist!!!

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Pros / Cons

Overpowering Pros

+ High damage
+ OP Ultimate
+ Great 1v1er
+ Pretty good jungler
+ An awesome turret killer
+ Fun to play! xD
Deadly Cons

- Squishy
- Mana hungry if you spam moves
- Focused all the time
- Shut down by CC
- Bad ultimate timing = death
- Not noob-friendly

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  • Summoner's Wrath : Pretty basic reason why I take this, because I take Exhaust. It reduces their armour by 10, so that means you will be able to do more damage to them. Pretty self explanatory why you would want their armour to be reduced by 10.
  • Brute Force : 3 attack damage to add on. You will be last hitting most of the time so this makes it a bit easier. You can just auto attack them, but you won't get as much gold as you would last hitting.
  • Alacrity : More attack speed to add on with Burst of Speed. You will be hitting pretty fast so make sure to make use of Alacrity and Burst of Speed. Makes it easier as well to last hit as well. You will be getting a lot of $Gold$.
  • Weapon Expertise : Armour penetration.... self explanatory.
  • Deadliness : Attack damage per level masteries. Really useful mastery.
  • Lethality : Extra crit damage. Since we are getting Infinity Edge, this will make you hit harder with it.
  • Vampirism : Lifesteal to help you stay in lane more.
  • Sunder : Armour penetration.... self explanatory.
  • Executioner : AMAZING MASTERY! You will be doing 6% extra damage to enemies that are 40% below their maximum health. Amazing mastery for those 1v1 situations.

  • Resistance : 4 magic resistance. Helpful to reduce the magic damage taken by a little bit.
  • Hardiness : 4 armour. Helpful to reduce the physical damage taken by a little bit.
  • Durability : Health per level mastery. Really useful mastery to make you a little bit beefier.
  • Veteran's Scars : 30 health. Really useful mastery to make you a little bit beefier.

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of DesolationMarksGreater Mark of Desolation

  • Greater Seal of Defense: Armour per level seals. I think that flat armour seals are better, but if you want more armour when you level up, then get this. Comes in handy if you are getting harassed by Gangplank and his Parrrley. Your Riposte should be enough to keep his harass at bay (no pun intended xD). These also give you that extra push saying, "Level up more so you can absorb more damage." These are more useful on a tank or support, but take it if you wish. This is better for late game armour, but out scales Greater Seal of Armor.

  • Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: CDR is EXTREMELY helpful on Fiora. Fiora has long cooldowns, so this helps a lot. I don't take these because magic resistance is better on Fiora, but these can take the place of magic resistance more than any other glyph can. CDR is great on any champion, especially Fiora. CDR also means you can cast Blade Waltz more, so that means more champion kills for you, and assists for your teammates.
  • Greater Glyph of Health: HEALTH, HEALTH, HEALTH! Because Fiora is so squishy, these glyphs help a lot, and I mean, A LOT! These give 2.67 health flat out, but these are better on seals. Greater Seal of Health gives 5.35 health flat out which is better than 2.67. But bring these if you still want to keep your Greater Seal of Armor runes, but want more health as well.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: These give magic resistance per level. I think that flat magic resistance is better, but these help. Helps a lot because it encourages to stay in lane more so you can get more magic resistance as you level up. Apparently, people prefer these over flat magic resistance, so that is why I am putting it as an option. The more you level, the more magic resistance comes your way. Personally, I don't like these.... so yeah.

  • Greater Quintessence of Life Steal: This is more lifesteal. If you take 3 of these, they give you a total of 6% lifesteal. If you start with Doran's Blade you will be starting with 12% lifesteal. That's a pretty hefty amount of lifesteal starting a game. 12% lifesteal + Duelist = A lot of sustain. If you are starting with Vampiric Scepter, then you are starting with 19% lifesteal. That is a giant amount for it. 19% lifesteal + Duelist = Always in lane.
  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: This is a pretty helpful quintessence. If you are starting with Boots of Speed, then you will be in lane faster than Miss Fortune and full Strut. If you replace all 3 of your Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage with these, then you will have a total of 4.5% bonus movement speed. This also makes you in lane faster if you are starting with other starter items. Fiora's base movement speed is 325, so if you take these, you will be there pretty quickly. You can probably make it to the brush to surprise your enemies and take first blood.
  • Greater Quintessence of Desolation: YOU HAVE DRAWN FIRST BLOOD! These give 3.33 armour penetration. If you are taking Greater Mark of Desolation, then you will shred your opponents. 3.33 x 3 = 9.99 armour penetration. 1.66 x 9 = 14.94 armour penetration. 9.99 + 14.94 = 24.93 armour penetration. If they have no armour, they are vulnerable to all the damage capabilities of Fiora.

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Skill Explanation

Duelist: This is an awesome passive! Duelist is like built in life steal, except that it is health regeneration, not like Warwick's passive, Eternal Thirst. Duelist stacks once when attacking minions, but stacks 4 times against enemy champions. This is one of the things that makes her a great 1v1er, but not just that, but it also helps when jungling. Duelist also helps when you just 1v1ed a person and killed them, but are close to dying. Duelist + The Bloodthirster = ultimate sustain!

Lunge: One hell of a skill. Lunge reminds me of Master Yi's Q ability, Alpha Strike. Lunge is just more spam-able than Alpha Strike is. This is a great initiator, but your tank should be initiating. I love the fact that you can cast Lunge twice, before it goes on CD. It costs only 60 mana and does a lot of damage. Lunge will be taking out bars of health at Rank 5, but I max it last as it is mostly used as an initiator.
Tips and Tricks
  • Using Lunge to chase enemies is EXTREMELY effective.
  • You can use Lunge to escape Jarvan IV's ultimate, Cataclysm if enemy minion/champions are in range.
  • Lunge can also be used to escape enemy champions if you are running towards enemy minions.

Riposte: This is an awesome skill. Riposte is helpful when jungling, but is mostly helpful against enemies that harass you a lot. Riposte is the only ability that Fiora has that deals magic damage. It is useless to build AP on Fiora as this is the only AP ability that she has. Riposte deflects the next enemy basic attack or ability that applies on-hit affects. Very helpful when laning against Gangplank or Miss Fortune. This makes her an effective 1v1er as it deflects the next basic attack or on-hit ability, but mostly effective against an AD enemy champion. Max this first because of the AD steroid it provides.
Tips and Tricks

Burst of Speed: STEROIDS! This is one hell of an ability. This reminds me of Master Yi's ultimate, Highlander. The only difference is, Burst of Speed needs to hit an enemy champion or minion to get the movement speed buff. Also, Burst of Speed is an awesome jungling ability. Fiora requires attack speed, here it is. For the cost of 55 mana, you gain this amazing steroid. 55 mana is totally worth the cost for this ability. Burst of Speed also makes her an efficient 1v1er because you are able to get more strikes in the more attack speed you have. An enemy champion running away from you? You should've activated Burst of Speed, so you can chase them with the movement speed buff from Burst of Speed.

Tips and Tricks

Blade Waltz: Kayle's ultimate + Katarina's ultimate. Blade Waltz makes you invulnerable when casting it, but you also do damage when casting. This is Kayle + Katarina jam-packed all into one ultimate, Blade Waltz. Make sure to time Blade Waltz right so you don't die, especially if there are more than 1 enemy champion. Blade Waltz can lead to a swift pentakill, or a quick death. I'd go for the pentakill, not the quick death. Blade Waltz can be used defensively and offensively. It will mostly be used offensively. Blade Waltz also makes you an effective 1v1er. Scared that Tryndamere will kill you? Well then just get him to the point to where he has to use Undying Rage, then activate Blade Waltz to counter Undying Rage. Blade Waltz is awesome!

Tips and Tricks

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Summoner Spells

New Fiora: Teleport + Flash
Experienced Fiora: Exhaust + Flash or Ignite + Flash

New Fiora: I chose Teleport and Flash for a new Fiora because you need those. You will be recalling a lot, so you need Teleport to get back in lane and maintain lane presence. Flash is a utility spell, so it is required on Fiora. I'll go more into Flash later on in this section, but for now, take it.

Experienced Fiora: I choose Exhaust + Flash or Ignite + Flash. I prefer Exhaust because Fiora has no natural CC, so you need that to slow them if you aren't getting Frozen Mallet. I personally prefer Exhaust over Ignite, but if you want to set enemies ablaze, get Ignite. Flash is self-explanatory...


I recommend Exhaust because Fiora has no CC unless you have Frozen Mallet or red buff. Exhaust will also help you handle that fed Xin Zhao because it reduces the damage dealt by the exhausted champion by 70%. That 70% allows you to do all the damage you can, and they do only 30% of the damage they can.

Flash is a utility spell, so that means it can be used offensively and defensively. Flash allows you to escape or chase an enemy. Flash also allows you to get in range for Lunge and/or Blade Waltz. Flash over a wall to escape a persistent enemy.

Ignite gives you that extra kick you need. Ignite also helps you 1v1 as it reduces healing regeneration, so it comes in handy if the enemy has Heal. For some reason, there is always that Morgana that lives with 10 hp.


Heal is an EXTREMELY helpful spell. Heal comes in real handy if you are 1v1ing someone, and it is such a close 1v1 that its a matter of who gets the last hit in. Getting focused all the time in team fights? Take Heal so you can get back that health that they took away. A lot of times, life steal isn't enough to keep you alive. I don't take Heal because Fiora has no escape method, so I take Flash.

Cleanse is EXTREMELY helpful on Fiora. Fiora is shut down by CC, so this gets rid of that. I only take Cleanse in ranked games because I guarantee you they will have a CC that will make you mad. I only take it in ranked because you can see what champion they chose, 2 of them at least has one CC. Of course in regular games, you can just get Quicksilver Sash.

Ghost is a utility spell, like Flash. Ghost gives you 27% movement speed buff, and you IGNORE UNIT COLLISION. That means you run through minions and champions, instead of getting minion stuck.

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Item Sequence

The Bloodthirster

Phantom Dancer

Infinity Edge

Last Whisper

Guardian Angel

  • : An awesome pair of boots. I have a section just for boots, but these are the main ones you are going to be getting. This is in your core build, so it will be explained thoroughly, explicitly, and accurately in 3 different sections. These are very helpful because they give attack speed, and obviously movement speed. Attack speed synergizes well with Burst of Speed. Movement speed is self explanatory as well.

  • : I was never a fan of snowball items, but I love this item. When you get The Bloodthirster, you will have increased damage the more minions/monsters you kill. This gives you 100 attack damage when fully stacked, and 20% lifesteal when fully stacked. These items stack, so if you stack them, you will have a lot of damage, and be healing by a lot per basic attack. Stacking these is a good idea, but I don't recommend it because it's also very expensive, and also, you need armour penetration, not just AD.

  • : This is an awesome item. When combined with Burst of Speed, you will literally be hitting the fastest you can. Due to the fact that you will be hitting really fast, you will eat your enemies alive. The movement speed is just a bonus! This makes you deal as much damage as possible. This also provides critical strike chance which will go well with Infinity Edge.

  • : An item required on Fiora. This sword has a lot of benefits to building it. It gives you 80 AD, 25% Crit. Strike Chance, and a passive that packs a HUGE PUNCH! UNIQUE Passive: Your critical strikes now deal 250% damage rather than 200%. That means you will be hitting 1-2k critical strikes when you are fully built. 1-2k critical strikes does a lot of damage, especially with the attack speed you have on Fiora.

  • : Awesome, awesome item. I really love this item, not just because the AD, but because of the passive. Last Whisper's passive: 40% armour penetration. That means 40% of TOTAL armour. Gives some nice damage to those stupid tanks that just soak up damage. Don't worry, you will rip through Rammus like he is wearing cloth.

  • : Amazing item. This makes you more tanky. It gives you 68 armour and 38 magic resistance. Those help you so much. The UNIQUE Passive on this item is incredibly helpful. Say you are getting turret dived by Master Yi and he has Highlander on. He Alpha Strikes to you and then you "die". Let's say you hit him before you suddenly "died". He waits there to kill you, but then you Blade Waltz him. FREE KILL! The passive on Guardian Angel is like Zileans ultimate, Chronoshift. This is just more reliable because it goes with you anywhere, where Zilean might not. This also helps if Ignite "kills" you.

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Starting Items

Boots and 3 Health Potions
  • Awesome pair of starter items. Fiora is pretty quick, but the faster you get in lane, the faster you can grab first blood. Take these if you are against Cassiopeia or Karthus, they should be in mid, but on the rare occasions that they are at top/bot, start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions. Starting with these also means that if they are chasing you, then you can get away. You can evade your enemies if they are chasing you, and you can also juke them, as you run faster than they do, you will most likely live. The Health Potions help you stay in lane more.

Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions

Doran's Blade

Vampiric Scepter
  • This is another possible starter item. I've seen a few Fioras start with this so that's why I am putting it as an option. This also keeps you in lane because you can recover the health your enemies took. This is also helpful when aiming for first blood against that Gangplank with those critical strikes. This also builds into The Bloodthirster or Wriggle's Lantern, so it comes in handy. I don't start with it because I prefer damage reduction over life steal when choosing what item to start with.

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Core Builds

Main Core

Beefy DPS
  • : ~~~Already Explained~~~
  • : This is a really helpful item. Frozen Mallet gives you 700 health, 20 attack damage, and a CC! Since Fiora has no natural CC, you might consider taking this. This also makes you beefier, that means no more squishy Fiora. It provides attack damage so it fits right into your build. Frozen Mallet can be incorporated into your main build, just figure out what you want to replace. UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks slow your target's Movement Speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds. The passive will come in handy because you will be hitting really fast with Burst of Speed, so it's literally impossible for them to escape.
  • : This builds into other items as well. This builds into Warmog's Armor. I will explain more about it in the "Tanky DPS" section.

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Choices of Boots

Here's your choices of boots. The boots you get most of the time, don't get other ones.

Mercury's Treads
Good pair of boots. Provides that magic resistance to deal with those pesky AP carries. +35 tenacity is the good benefit from this. This means that it reduces the duration of CCs. For example, Sion's stun stuns you for 1.75 seconds. With +35 tenacity, he stuns you for just 1 second. That .75 of a second missing can save your ***, so don't take it for granted. Obviously, it gives you movement speed. Tenacity is good for any melee, especially Fiora.

Berserker's Greaves
Good pair of boots as well. Your main pair of boots! You already hit pretty fast with Burst of Speed, so these will make you hit faster! They come in handy. In most cases, they have a CC, which you get shut down by. But since you deal a lot of damage, you will kill them before they can even blink. Due to the fact that it synergizes well with Burst of Speed, I mainly get these.

Ninja Tabi
Pretty decent pair of boots. Extremely helpful against those enemy teams that are AD. I only get these when there are 3 or more AD carries. I get these all the time if they have a Vayne, Master Yi, or Xin Zhao that is really good. You can get these if their Tryndamere is extremely difficult to kill for your teammates, but not for you. Provides movement speed, armour, and damage-reduction. 10% damage reduction helps a lot, whether or not you believe it. I don't care if you're a mental person, 10% helps! Anyways, the armor also helps. Again, 3 or more AD carries. Don't get it if they have only 1 AD carry, which they should. Ninja Tabi comes in handy in certain situations, but only in those AD carry situations.

Boots of Mobility
Decent pair of boots. Get these ONLY if you are roaming, which you shouldn't be. Boots of Mobility's passive is pretty helpful. Gives you movement speed, but faster. If you don't take any combat action, then you are granted Enhanced MS #5. Meaning if you have 377 MS, you will be moving at 447 MS if you get this. You should be moving at 383 MS, but getting this will allow you to get in lane faster so you can farm. I've seen some Fiora's take it so I am recommending it as it comes in handy sometimes. Also get Boots of Mobility when your team needs a lot of ganks from you. You will be getting there faster, so it comes in handy a lot.

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Situational Items

Situational Items are items that can be used to help your current situation. This section will explain offensive, defensive, and beefy situational items. I will not be including boots in this section because the section above explains the choices you have on choosing which boots to buy. Good luck!

For those beefy people. This gives a pretty decent amount of damage, pretty good attack speed, some armour, and an ownage UNIQUE passive. UNIQUE Passive: On hit, deals magic damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum health. Provides some attack speed to add on with Burst of Speed and The Black Cleaver. Same as Last Whisper, replace The Black Cleaver.

Same as Mejai's Soulstealer. The only thing is, this is for attack damage. If you are doing extremely good against your enemies. Getting early is extremely beneficial as it provides 160 attack damage, I think. Gives you 15% movement speed at 20 stacks. This is only worth a slot at 8 stacks so make sure not to waste a slot on this item if you are just going to waste it. So this is for those situations where you are extremely op.

Item that is extremely helpful. Provides some CDR, attack damage, armour penetration, critical strike chance, and a helpful active. The active on this item gives you 20% bonus movement speed and 50% attack speed. For this, replace The Black Cleaver if you want to switch it out with an item.

Provides a shield that absorbs 400 magic damage for 5 seconds. That only happens when you are less than 30% of your maximum health. Annie bursting you down quick? Get this! Helpful for those stupid fed AP carries. Replace Guardian Angel.

One hell of an item. This makes Blade Waltz even more OP. Only get this when your enemies tend to get clustered together. You will be farming pretty good with this because it gives you 50% splash damage. It also provides mana/health regeneration so you can be ready for a fight! Gives attack damage as well. Only for those times when your enemies get clustered together.

Amazing item. IMO, this provides too much armour. This can be extremely useful against annoying AD carries like Master Yi or Vayne. This item gives you 100 armor. UNIQUE Passive: On being hit with basic attacks or abilities that apply on-hit affects, returns 30% as magic damage. Basically, they are killing themselves.

Really helpful item. It provides you with movement speed, magic resistance, and health regeneration. This provides the most magic resistance in one item so make the most of that! When you are low on health, you will be up to full health in no time! The movement speed is just a bonus that comes with it :D

This is like an in-game built Cleanse. I usually take this if I am being focused by Malzahar, Warwick, or Urgot. All 3 of them have suppressions, so I usually only take this if I am against them. Also, I take this if the enemy has a lot of CC. The magic resistance is a bonus :D

Provides a lot of armour, mana, CDR, and an amazing passive. Master Yi targeting you with Highlander. Get this item and that bastard won't be attacking fast enough to kill you. This will reduce his attack speed by 20%, so I highly recommend it for those enemies with a lot of attack speed.

It is an exceptionally helpful item on Fiora when you are fighting enemies with low magic resistance. At 4 stacks, Wit's End grants a total of 50 magic resistance, 20 from the stacks and 30 as the item effect. The attack speed is just a bonus, we really just want this for the magic resistance and the extra damage dealer. Your basic attacks and Blade Waltz will deal a bonus of 42 magic damage. Really helpful item.

As an AD carry, you are going to get focused. This item will help you immensely, taking you out of the "squishy" category. It gives you an abundant amount of health that will help you a lot. You will survive more in teamfights, so make sure to grab this if you are finding a problem staying alive in teamfights.

Gives you 375 health and mana; and 50 magic resist. This item is mostly bought because of its passive. You gain a spell shield that blocks the next incoming enemy ability (45 second cooldown). Helpful against Blitzcrank and those damn Rocket Grabs. The magic resist is just a bonus :D

Your team being owned in teamfights? You sucking badly because your team fed Tryndamere? This item is your answer! Statistics: 18 armour, 270 health, 24 magic resistance. Aura: +12 armour / +15 magic resistance / +8 damage to nearby allied champs. Amazing aura, good for you and your team.

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Reasons to Ward:

  • Warding prevents ganks. If they have a jungler or someone MIA, then this is extra important.
  • Keeps jungle under YOUR team's control.
  • You can steal Dragon or Baron Nashor .

Vision Wards provide vision of The Stealth (i.e. Shaco, Evelynn, Twitch, etc.) This can come in handy if the enemy team has a stealth. "Why buy these when you can just buy an Oracle's Elixir?" Well, these will catch the stealth enemies more by surprise than having an Oracle's Elixir. Also, if you purchased an Oracle's Elixir, then the stealth enemy will tell his/her team to FOCUS YOU, so you can lose that Oracle's Elixir, as it is lost upon death. Don't be cheap, if they have a stealth, buy these. Don't buy Sight Ward because you don't want to spend more. Buy these, prevent ganks, prevent stealth, and WIN!

Sight Wards

These wards will come in handy, but not as much as Vision Wards do. These can be placed anywhere, but NEVER place a Sight Ward at Baron Nashor or Dragon. "Why?" you ask, well because the enemy team most likely placed a Sight Ward there. If you are getting Dragon or Baron Nashor, they can easily steal it from you. So place these only at the places I showed you to in the picture at the beginning of this section.


Most likely you will have your support (i.e. Janna, Sona, Soraka, etc.) buying the wards. Help them out by buying wards too. They don't have infinite gold to keep buying wards. If you don't have a support on your team, just buy the wards to help your team out. I'm sure someone else will be buying wards as well, but you can do the same. Supports ARE suppose to be buying the wards, but just be courteous and help them out. Don't be a ****head and let them buy all the wards. Try your best to help out your team, even if it means spending 75 gold or 125 gold.

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  • I'd like to thank jhoijhoi for her guide on making a guide which can be found here.
  • I'd like to thank LaCorpse for her colorful line dividers which can be found here.
  • I'd like to thank MissMaw for the amazing intro/outro banners and all the chapter banners!
  • Moonedge for helping me with some pointers and such.
  • I'd like to thank CasterMaster for the first +1 to my guide :)

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I'd like to say thanks for reading my guide. I worked really ****ing hard on it so don't be a ****head and troll vote please. I'd like to think that you read my entire guide and that you enjoyed it. All feedback is appreciated. +Rep me if I helped you in anyway with this guide please. Check out my other guide which can be found here.

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Some of my scores using this build:

~~Send in scores to be posted~~


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Change Log

All changes made to my guide will be posted here.
  • May 13, 2012 - Guide published / added some new chapters
  • May 14, 2012 - Revamped Skill Sequence
  • May 25, 2012 - Fixed some typos.
  • June 18, 2012 - Cleaned up the cheat sheet.
  • July 16, 2012 - Added in scores sent to me.