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Team Guide by Maricarmen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maricarmen

Gangplank GUIDE/Team Composition

Maricarmen Last updated on November 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Gangplank build/Short guide incoming!

If you are looking for my other characters more in depth build. This is not for you, move on.
If you are looking for Gangplank stuff, stay with me.

Hello there, this is the first of my builds that I decide to put up, just because I think its awesome and I always end up carrying, even if I dont get the kills and only get assists, u will have these items late game. Also love this Team Composition!

Seen other builds and everyone builds GP more or less the same. The difference with mines is my starting items, the order in which I buy items, and the Critical Chance runes! (love them!)

IMPORTANT: You will NOT carry by just having these items, you have to play aggressive in those team fights, not like most GPs who just stay back and parley a crit or two (and they go like OMG 1,500 CRIT) and thats all they do! Ive heard people say that Gangplank is all about his Parrrley that hes nothing without it... LIES
You CANNOT go in a team fight to ONLY Parrrley NEVER EVER. You will go Crit everyone with your auto attacks while your Parrrley is on cooldown!!! (Especially with this build, u can take hits!! Yet do insane damage)

You need to play like if u were a Tryndamere. You will be fast, go get those squishies in the back, auto attack all the way. Know when to die auto attacking, even if u died, who cares if you made the team fight successful. Also know when to retreat.

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Sometimes i switch the crit chance glyphs for crit damage glyphs, an extra 5% crit damage has helped when the enemy runs away with 20hp after you just hit a Parley!, bet u all know that feeling -..-

Mana regen in there really isn't necessary, I have never ever said, omg wish i had mana(after mid game), just don't spam those abilities. You will be mana hungry early game though, but its all good :)

Some use armor pen runes, tried it, but i really rather have that crit chance.
Also tried full crit damage runes 46%more crit damage is it? Really prefer that crit chance for this build at least.

*****If u dont have the IP for these runes yet.. Try and save up for them! You wont regret it :) but in the mean time I guess armor pen will do.

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Skill Sequence

So I usually wait till level 7 to use raise morale, so I can put another point in parley and farm more. BUT if you plan on ganking at that early level, get raise morale.

When you see your jungler going to gank, remember to use your raise morale, it may be the difference between getting the kill/assist or not..

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The masteries above is what I usually use, but really depends on what u prefer.
I like the 19 points in offensive for the 10%+ crit damage and 11 on utility for that mana regen

ugh made mistake there lol 3 points in the crit damage not 2 in atk speed!!!

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Summoner Spells

As everyone says, Flash=SKILL (sarcastically)
-Dying? flash away!
-Being chased? flash away!
-Greedy for a kill? Flash to kill!! xD

-2 Tanks blocking that oh so tasty looking Ashe in the back? Flash to her without thinking it twice!!! (HER ARROW MUST HAVE BEEN USED AND YOUR TEAM MUST KNOW YOUR PLAN)
2 Hits= Dead Ashe (Learn to love your amazing Critical Chance and it will love you back)

Why Teleport ? Other than the obvious reason of it being an amazing spell, you can also use it to farm those huge creep waves, when everyones far away and they are about to destroy your tower. I also like to push lanes when the opponents are far away,lets say bottom. Do some damage to that tower, then when they are almost on me, I teleport top :D do the same then recall.
****Careful you dont just waste that teleport and dont have it when you really need it.

Some people prefer Ghost over Flash but... idk.. I cant cheat on Flash... Just think its way better

Others like Clarity But thats just a waste of a spell, you wont need it with GP. You will only be mana hungry early game, but that DOES NOT affect you much.

Exhaust ? Well it might help since u dont have CC but you are fast!!!!you have your E!! Raise Morale! You WILL catch up xD

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FARM!! Gangplank needs the farming, so always always always try for a solo lane or lane with someone who doesn't depend on farming. GP can 2v1 top too, unless you go vs 2 harrasers, then dont ask for top if its likely the will be there. Excellent mid too.

After practice your cs will be similar to these

I will repeat again, you NEED to farm. I always am the highest cs in both teams, so if you are not needed elsewhere, stay in a lane and farm (safely! dont get ganked!)

*****Important Tip, way too many players dont know this yet, if you are one, start practicing it. And ALWAYS do it. I see tons of players lose many Creep kills because they dont know this.
This is all when hugging tower, what u must always do in lane phase
1. So you dont get ganked.
2. So your opponent may be ganked.

To farm full hp melee minions: Let the tower hit it twice, then you hit it.

Farm full hp Caster minions, two ways: 1.Hit it once, let the tower hit it, then hit it again.
2.Let the tower hit it once, Parley it (once u have a few points in Parley)

When minions aren't full HP, just practice, you will know when to hit each one, and wont lose dozens of minions

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So what to get and in what order?

1. You get 2 Faerie Charm (Personally I think this is the best way to start and u get to build one into something!!, the other one who cares? It was cheap and helped you tons so sell it when ur missing that extra gold for boots.
You got a few gold left so go ahead and get the Potions you prefer, or a ward (if they have a jungler to steal one of his buffs) Wards!! *love*

*****Some like to get 2 Philosopher's Stone but i really dont think its necessary... waste of gold IMO Plus, you wont be so mana hungry to need that extra stone, if you use your abilities correctly.

2.First trip back!! You must have gold to build that Philosopher's Stone FIRST and hopefully ur a good farmer and can afford your Avarice Blade 2ND. Maybe you got a kill and assists already! So go ahead and get those Ionian Boots of Lucidity , if not start building them. (By now you can sell that extra faerie charm for that extra gold)

****Ranked matches get Wriggles Lantern instead of Avarice Blade for team help in dragon/baron/wards plus its a good item.****

***Why stone first? It will help you with your farming. Q THOSE MINIONS

3. Get Infinity Edge I like to build Cloak of Agility first(You will love that extra early Crit chance, trust me!), then B.F. Sword2nd and Pickaxe 3rd


4. Here is where you have to stop and think. What do you and your TEAM really NEED?, not want. If im not doing so well I just get a Zeal then Giant's Belt for Warmogs or Magic Resist. After that if i started doing well, finish your Phantom Dancer If not, grab ur second survivability item then finish ur phantoms
***At this time you can sell Avarice Blade and Philosopher's Stone

5. Again, dont get those 2 Warmog's Armor unless u dont need the armor/MR. Sometimes I get unexpectedly nuked by some caster, no matter my HP, got no defense, so if they are fed get Force of Nature and/or Randuins Omen (For lets say that Tryndamere shutting you down)
You will be doing tons of damage anyways with that 90ish% Critical Chance ^_^

So yea the last items, Warmogs/Atmas will be situational. If u dont think u will need more damage yet need magic resist get Force of Nature instead of Atmas.

Or, if theres someone like that Tryndamere auto attacking u harder than u are him, get Omen instead of Atmas.
But heck if ur just doing awesome and dont need survivability, just get 2 Warmogs and Atmas.

****Important!****Other Situational Items:
Sword of the Divine is a must if theres a overly fed Jax shutting you down in fights.

Executioner's Calling Is a very good decision too (Also gives u Critical chance and Life Steal!) vs a team lets say of Dr. Mundo Nocturne Irelia Vladimir etc. They wont be so happy once they are infected with Grievous Wound (50% reduced healing)

Way too many opponents with Thornmail? BEWARE you are too much for them, dont kill yourself :(
Get Life Steal. Blood Thirster or Executioner's Calling if you also need the Grievous Wound.

Boots are also situational!

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Other Tips

When I think of more to add in here, make a thorough guide or something, then I will, if my build is liked first at least and get nice comments :$.

So for other tips:

-Remember to practice that farming, avoid losing those dozens of minions!! $$$$$

-RED BUFF helps with your passive GET GET GET!!

-BLUE BUFF yay lower cool downs! (though if someone needs it dont take it, you DONT NEED it)

-Try not to waste your ult. Wait for the right moment to use it in team fights. if u dont have your ult, ask your team to wait till u do, then fight.

-Dont see a team fight coming up soon? Destroy those huge incoming minion waves with ur Ulti (gets u gold plus keeps towers safer)

-NEVER USE YOUR W TO JUST HEAL UP BEFORE A FIGHT!!! Or else when u really need it you wont have it =/ then QQ time.
-I repeat, dont spam your abilities, its unnecessary. SPECIALLY early game.

-Dont be afraid to do that 1v1 vs anyone (just check their items first and if it truly will be a 1v1) After you crit them once, then crit them yet again with Parley, he/she will run away. Raise Morale and get that kill!

IF by any chance you acted stupidly and went to fight someone way more fed than you just flash away and ult behind you.

-Remember to farm :D

-GP is hard to master, like many champions(except *cough cough mordekaiser*), so have fun and practice :)

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So since I added a team i love, ill briefly explain just the teamwork there needs to be in the team fights.

If you saw Amumu you shouldve noticed hes going to be jungleing.

Gangplank should lane solo top or Anivia top if its 2v1 vs harrasers.

Caitlyn with Sona

In teamfights Amumu always initiates, then ults, then Gangplank ults, Anivia nukes everyone, Caitlyn destroys everything in her path/kills running off foes, Sona well supports, DOESN'T INITIATE WITH ULTI, SAVES ULTI FOR TURNING FIGHT AROUND OR SOMETHING.

Pretty solid team comp with nice CC and balanced AP and AD.
Try it with your friends on a premade :D


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My Matches

So yea, a bit of proof!!!!

Over 200 creep kills every GP match! Remember to farm farm farm!

Comments? Please leave them below.
If you like it, vote :D takes 5 seconds :$
Anything else? Dont be afraid to send me a message :)

Need help using GP? If i have time I will gladly help you in a practice just add me

If you will downvote, please let me know why Im wrong with facts and how to improve it, ty.

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***Switched the Thornmail recommendation to Omen. Realized Omen is a way better item.

***Avarice blade should be switched for Wriggles Lantern

***Added easy understandable tl;dr images

***Added more matches

***Changed team composition to a better one


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