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Pantheon Build Guide by Devilofthewest



Updated on February 24, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Devilofthewest Build Guide By Devilofthewest 23 4 50,359 Views 5 Comments
23 4 50,359 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Devilofthewest Pantheon Build Guide By Devilofthewest Updated on February 24, 2021
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  • LoL Champion: Pantheon
  • LoL Champion: Pantheon
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Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Ability Order Spear/vault/starfall/aegis

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Welcome to my guide everyone :) In here, I will be posting and creating Meta/offmeta builds most effective for Pantheon. I am a Pantheon OTP who has been maining him since 2014, and like most one-tricks, I am always theory crafting builds and testing them for viability.
The chapters sections of this guide will go over my builds that are crafted around the Meta. Those builds will primarily be designed for use in Top lane but are easily flex'd into Mid and Jungle. My off Meta build i will explain in the notes sections above that are attached with the items/runes choices, since i feel like its more favorable to have the chapters dedicated to the Meta, especially for players wanting to try Pantheon out.
That aside, the build I recommend the most is the Electrocute one, as I feel that it out-performs Conqueror most of the time and its so nice to delete champs the moment you pounce XD. Anyways, enough of this intro, I hope you all can find something helpful in my guide. :) (also side note i did add some off meta chapters if youre interested at the bottom section of the guide)
Pantheon is one of League's Strongest early game champions, he can easily shut down and out trade his enemies if played right. Pantheon has few champions that actually counter him during the early laning phase so you will have the upper hand in most situations. Another advantage of this champion is that he's "playable" in every lane, ideally he would be greatest in Top/Mid/JG but can be very good as Sup and if you really wanted to you could do ADC, that being said he is a good pick if you like to One Trick.
Despite his early game strengths, Pantheon does have some issues that could ruin your game if you dont work around them. He is very gankable since he has no escapes aside from flash, you literally have walk out of bad situations when flash is down. Pantheon has no direct target ult that can be used in a 1v1 fight, so when you all in a Darius or Illaoi they will have R advantage. Lastly the fall off if you lose the early game can be extreme and your odds of being viable the rest of the game drop drastically

PANTHEON THE CONQUEROR!!! Conqueror may be the strongest rune on Pantheon though not my personal favorite, i can't deny its strength. What Conqueror offers Pantheon is the ability to sustain in a prolonged battle. Your damage is raised and you gain healing from the rune which is how it allows you to stay in combat and survive through team fights or chop down/contend with enemies that are really tanky or have alot of sustain themselves. The main point of runes is either to focus on your champions strengths or make up for their weaknesses, Pantheon has no built in sustain so Conqueror fixes that.
Triumph is the best out of these 3 choices. For a long while i was using presence of mind (which i consider a great option still) but i felt like the mana sustain was only really was effective during duels in lane. Triumph on the other hand gives alot of healing but also the gold you get from it really adds up over time, so i chose being able to get my items faster and the heals to survive teamfights and tower dives over mana sustain.
Legend Tenacity is what you want to run here despite how tempting alacrity looks. Pantheon is an immobile champion, if his flash is down then he has no way to escape a gank or any undesirable fight. A way to try and fix his survivability and ability to escape is to reduce the amount of time negative movement effects or stuns are applied to him
Finally our last choices on the Precision tree come down to Coup de Grace V.S Last Stand. Both of these are phenomenal on Pantheon but when it comes down to it the decision will probably need to be based on your playstyle. I personally like coup de grace because i find that there is more situations where i ult in on an enemy that is already low health, which means the coup de grace will be up right away. Last stand is good in the situations where you will fight to the death, which in most cases is what Pantheon does, that being said, there probably wont be any dramatic difference in game play choosing one of these runes over the other.

Electrocute is by far one of my favorite rune set ups to use on Pantheon, especially if you want to play him old school pre rework. It is very easy to proc electrocute and this rune gives you the highest burst damage possible for this champion. The electrocute rune favors Pantheon's Roaming assassin type playstyle since it provides the most damage in a single instant, which is what you want when you gank other lanes, it will also allow you to one shot anything that's not a Tank.
I believe sudden impact is better than the other choices in this section because once you use your Shield Vault you gain lethality, which benefits all of your attacks during that time frame. Cheap Shot is ok but only your shield vault gains the extra bit of damage application where as with sudden impact , once you shield vault someone you can turn and hit a other champion and you still have the effects.
Here we choose ghost poro because it is the safe option. Ghost poro is great because it assists with your warding capabilities especially in the top lane since you are alone up there and you need to do what you can to avoid being ganked. It is also the safer way to gain extra damage in the even that you fall behind since all you have to do is keep throwing wards out, however if you are confident in your abilities choose Eyeball Collection because it will help you snowball better.
The final rune in the domination tree is mostly up to your preference. Personally i like Relentless hunter because moving faster is the only way to get around without using your ult, you can run back to tower faster, run down river to other lanes quicker for ganks, it even helps you escape when being chased. In my opinion, Pantheons lack of mobility with skills means the only way to compensate is to run faster. The other choice i would recommend is Ravenous Hunter for the extra sustain it could give you with the healing. Ultimate Hunter is also ok but for me, i dont feel like i need to ult that often to where its better than relentless or ravenous hunter.

Time warp tonic and biscuit delivery are Pantheons strongest secondary runes. He needs the speed boost from time warp most of all. Since he is immobile any speed boosting he can get is extremely helpful for escaping, gap closing, and roaming. Time warp also synergizes well since Pantheon starts the game with Corrupting Potion and will most likely hold onto the potion the majority of the game. Another reason i find time warp helpful is that since it is no longer meta to build Youmuu's Ghostblade on Pantheon, it acts like a pseudo yoummu's for the speed boost.
Lastly the biscuits are great for helping you survive ganks or go hard if you end up fighting to the death in early fights. Also a minor tip that could help, if you dont need your biscuits early and just hold onto them till late game, you can pop them during team fights for more healing benefit since at that time the percent health healed will be far greater.
(These runes are good for both Assassin and Conqueror Pantheon).

So here we are, Manaflow band and Transcendence. Lately ive been liking the two of these runes alot, though these runes do not have the early game strength of the inspiration runes Time Warp Tonic and Biscuit Delivery. The main reason to use these runes is because since Pantheons mana cost on his Comet Spear was reduced abit, it makes his mana issues less prominent. That being said we can take a Long Sword with Refillable Potion instead of Corrupting Potion since manaflow band provides all the mana we need. This set up in particular will let us get our first Serrated Dirk on our first back easily. Next the Transcendence is really underrated on Pantheon. When you go in and assassinate someone with your BURST combo, your skills will practically be refreshed >=).These runes are more impactful during the mid to late game.
(these runes are good for both Assassin and Conqueror Pantheon).

These two runes you can use with the Conqueror Pantheon.
The way that Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter work is by giving more sources of sustain aside from just the Conqueror rune. Taste of blood is better for the early game sustain while Ravenous hunter is better for late game sustain once you have it max'd out. The healing from all of these sources will help you to dive into your fights and out last your opponents. Personally i dont feel like these runes out perform the inspiration runes in the secondary slot for the early half of the game, BUT they will be better for the later stages of the game like the sorcery ones are.
(can be used with the Conqueror runes)


Pantheons strongest starting stat is Lethality. On your first back Ideally you will always want to get the Serrated Dirk. The serrated dirk can be built into either of these 2 Mythic items that benefit Pantheon the most, which are Eclipse and Duskblade of Draktharr. Personally i like Eclipse the most because it has the built in omni vamp which helps you sustain better in lane. Also it is easy to proc its passive which gives you extra burst damage while providing you a shield, the shield really helps you in duels 1v1. The other item to complete our core is Black Cleaver. This item i feel is the best one to build second, this is because around this time you should be entering mid game and you will begin to need percent armor penetration instead of lethality. Black cleaver has a great synergy with your E once you get full stacks on an enemy because your E will be able to do the extra damage from the Cleavers 2nd effect while you defend yourself, which in a way makes your E an offensive option.

Your 3rd item will usually come down to one of these, either Guardian Angel or Serylda's Grudge, it really just depends on how your game is going. If you have a big bounty and need to avoid death then Guardian angel is the best option. In the event you need to keep ramping up your damage (if you notice its getting harder to kill) then Serylda's grudge would be best since it provides a ton of armor penetration (also the slow effects it applies are very nice :) ). Ideally you will be building both of these each match, adjust the order based on how the game is at the time.

Your final items after completing Guardian Angel and Serylda's Grudge are totally flexible, build what you need for that match. The examples i have here to the side are all very good defensive options. Steraks will help you to survive being bursted down in general, Maw is to counter teams with lots of mages, and thorn is the perfect counter to auto attack champions that tend to be really strong late game. As a side note i dont take Death's Dance because if i need a armor option its usually against AD champs that have healing who will simply out trade you if you dont take thorn...

These two items in the utility section work very well as final purchases. Pantheons core build along with Serylda's Grudge give enough damage for Panth to be viable the rest of the game, that being said the next best thing to build aside from defense, is items with effects that help your team. Both Chempunk Chainsword and Mortal Reminder give you grievous wounds >=). This effect will reduce your opponents healing so that you and your team can more easily cut them down.

Paying homage to old Pantheon


Before i get into the actual combo's, i want to point out that aside from just clicking buttons in order or trying to force yourself to perfect stacks, it is helpful to get used to improvising your combos based around your stacks. There will be situations where you have to fight and you wont have perfect stacks of Mortal Will to do these combos as if they were set in stone. Im not saying there isnt optimal combos to go for (in the event you have perfect stacks), but in certain situations you should be trying to weave auto attacks in so that you always end on EMPOWERED Comet Spear. Try to be adaptive :)


Your Q will almost always be your first skill learned, so that you can farm/poke your opponent. Once you get your W its time to start trading. It is easy to point and click your Shield Vault to stun your opponent and use Comet Spear BUT, at level 2 it's still risky to stay in prolonged trades. The safest way to go about trading at level 2 is to get 4 stacks on your Mortal Will passive before attacking. Once at 4 stacks when you use your W you will be at Max stacks, what you do to trade safely is immediately after the stun take quick step back to get out of the range of their auto's/close range skills and poke them with the Empowered Comet Spear. By doing this you inflict free damage to the enemy because of the "step back" you take while they are still stunned. If you dont do this already i really suggest trying it out, you can use it to safe trade the whole laning phase :D


These are your 3 skills you'll be using to carry out the rest of the game, there are many variations of how to execute this combo and its mostly based around your Mortal Will stacks. Here i will list some examples.
If you are at 3 stacks you can Shield Vault to get you to 4, then auto attack to get 5, and finish them with empowered Comet Spear. This variation will allow you to save your Aegis Assault for defense. (you can also get to 4 stacks and use W, empowered Q, if you want to skip the auto attack) In my experience with this champion, in alot of up front battles, especially in lane, i find it best to try and save your aegis ***ult and use it reactively instead of in a "burst cycle" since its cool down is high and it would be best to use it when your opponent ults. That being said when you are on the roam to gank, you can use it in your damage rotation because for ganks you tend to need all your damage available the moment you attack.


This is an example of FULL BURST, the most damage you can do in an instant. This combo is mainly used to gank squishy enemies such as the enemy ADC or MAGE. You start with your Grand Starfall, you dont need to land it, just make sure it gets you within range so that you can use your empowered Shield Vault which is your opening attack. The empowered shield vault will get you back to 3 Mortal Will stacks immediately, from there you want to use your Aegis Assault for the 4th stack, ALSO you will need to click your E again to cancel your aegis assault since most of its damage is at the end when you bash with the shield so double click E. Next you need to land 1 auto attack to be at full stacks and then follow up with EMPOWERED Comet Spear !!!!! Thats not all, hit them with the Ignite just incase they have a sliver of hp left. This combo is Pantheons strongest and can be done in 2 seconds once you get it down, with this you send enemy Adc's on the express way to deletion.
(also just to note, dont forget your Comet Spear has an execute effect and can be thrown at low hp enemies that manage to escape your bursts, its seriously one of the most rewarding things you can pull off with this champ.)
Thank you for reading :)
This is it for my first guide :) I hope it wasn't too bad, and trust me i will keep on working on it. I really love Pantheon and im always testing items for the Meta while also working on some fun off meta builds (i did find the guide building process addicting LOL!). I do want to thank anyone who took the time to read this, i hope it was helpful in some way. Anyways good luck everyone on the next ranked season! >=D.

ALSO for anyone interested in all the flashy stuff to make your guide pretty, here is the link to
jhoijhoi's guide to making a guide
Tons of codes you can play with, its just extremely helpful and im really thankful they put it up xD i do recommend checking it out.

The below chapters will be dedicated to my tank build for Pantheon. I was running this build when the new Iceborn Gauntlet came out. This build was designed to make Pantheon a strong frontline tank which he can provide tons of utility for the team.
Tank Pantheon is really stronger than most would expect. Personally i really enjoy the build, it feels nice to have the size scaling from Iceborn Gauntlet and the AOE slow is extremely helpful. Another point to this set up is that you give your team a Tank for the top lane role (a tank with a invincibility shield which also has one of the best engages for team fighting in the game) ;D) Lastly now that Pantheon has armor penetration built in on his ult, you can now build Black Cleaver into full tank and still do significant damage.
The issues with this build are few when you look at Pantheon with the perspective that he is setup as a TANK with a great engage and utility yet there are some issues to be expected by making him a tank. He wont be able to perform the feats of assassin Pantheon for a first. Also as you do need to rely on your teams "carries" to do their job and provide the damage, that being said you wont be able to 1v9 solo carry the game. The final issue is that to ensure you get solo kills during the early game you have to bring ignite, its a absolute must have which leave your team with a top laner who doesnt have teleport, though its not always necessary.

==================GODZILLA RUNES==================

For the Godzilla build you'll want to choose Grasp or Aftershock as you main rune, this will mostly be based on matchup. Grasp will make you stronger overall because it adds the hp every time you proc it, it also gives you that heal/damage which actually is significant once your max hp starts getting higher. Grasp is the better choice for damage, sustain, and hp scaling and is the better choice in alot of fights especially since your shield provides so much defense already. Now for Aftershock there are reasons you will want this over grasp and it usually comes down to this. If you are against an opponent that you know you cant fight or if you want to play safe. For example if your opponent picks riven, irelia, or akali, Aftershock will practically shut down their combo's giving you enough time to do your damage and back off while minimizing damage taken. Aftershock works great for anti burst or protecting you during short trades. Another reason aftershock works so well is because Pantheons kit is capable of burst, you can do your burst during the time period that your aftershock boost is still up and then back away or stay in the fight, a good way to view this is as if the aftershock gives you a pseudo invincibility. Now in the mid to late game Aftershock will be incredibly helpful in teamfights especially if you ult into the enemy teams cluster, odds are they will all focus fire on you but as long as you land your stun quick enough, your aftershock should block most of the incoming damage. Its also really helpful in tower dives since the increased resists will help reduce tower damage. All that being said Grasp does provide the similar types of benefits as aftershock but they are felt later in the game since instead of the defense boosts you'll have more flat hp and healing for inting team fights and tower diving. So when it comes to Grasp vs Aftershock, either is great, it mostly comes down to if you want maximum safety from bursts (Aftershock) or more sustain (Grasp).

Since we will have a ton of hp from items and runes, Demolish is the best choice in this section since it will help you push the towers with ease. Font of Life is the only other usable choice in this selection but since you will be top lane you wont be able to use it till later when you start joining team fights which makes it useless the first half of the game.

Now this section is abit tricky, any of these choices could work well. I personally like conditioning for the extra stats in the mid and late game, to help Pantheons scaling. Typically you would take Second Wind if you are expecting to get poked alot and Bone Plating against someone who will burst you. I feel like Pantheon has enough sustain from Grasp and enough protection from his Aegis Assault to not require either of those 2 runes for early sustain.

Overgrowth is the best choice here imo since it indirectly strengthens your Grasp/Aftershock since they benefit from your max hp. Revitalize is also good but i feel like you get enough healing from Grasp alone to where the extra healing isnt significant. Lastly the Unflinching is good as well but since we are going full tank and this ability only maxes out once we are as low as 30% hp, i just dont think it out does having a larger health pool which boosts Grasp/Aftershock and Demolish.

So for secondary runes Triumph and Tenacity work really well, but really theres alot of choices for secondary runes. I take Triumph because if i do end up taking the Godzilla rune page its usually if im against a hard matchup so in that scenario its better to have a source for extra gold but also in team fights you get alot of hp back since with the Godzilla build you are intended to be very tanky so 12% of your health back each takedown really adds up. Next i choose Tenacity, i like having some source of tenacity but also i dont like building Mercury's Treads unless the enemy is really CC heavy. This comes down to personal preference really, Plated Steelcaps shaves off 12% off each auto which i favor more than extra tenacity from Mercs but... i dont like having Zero tenacity as well xD so taking the rune gives best of both worlds.

==================GODZILLA GEAR==================

Frostfire Gauntlet is the best choice imo among the mythics that use Bami's Cinder. This item gives a huge AOE slow that scales in effect with your hp and gets bigger as your size increases. I choose this vs Sunfire Aegis because the hp scaling and utility is more useful than just having damage ramp... for instance if you are winning a fight or if you jungler comes to gank for you, wouldnt having a slow effect help ensure the kill? Frostfire helps reduce the chances of escape and that is why i put it at a higher standard than sunfire. The benefit of sunfire that creates the illusion that it is better is the ability haste for the mythic buff, but the majority of the game it only offers small amounts until you have more of your items finished, that being said the effects you get from frostfire will help the whole game (the hp bonus from the mythic buff also synergizes with grasp).

These are your armor options. Depending on your match up you can buy Bramble Vest on the first back, this item will hard counter champions that have alot of sustain that they depend on such as Darius, Tryndamere, Aatrox ect. Thornmail is also the best counter to auto attack heavy comps that have Yasuo, Jax, and Master Yi. Once you buy the bramble vest, on your next back buy Bami's Cinder and build into Iceborn Gauntlet. The other two items here for armor should be built as one of your final 2 items depending on the enemy team comp. Frozen Heart for ad heavy teams with alot of auto attackers, raduin's omen for ad heavy comps with few auto attackers.

For magic resist options you should choose based on certain aspects of the game. If you are going for a balanced defense that includes steraks, then build spirit visage since to boosts steraks effects. If you are against a heavy AP comp then the force of nature is the best because of stacking magic resist. Abyssal mask is good if you want to prioritize utility for your team since it will boost all the damage the target you stun receives.

These items here are best to build once you have a strong base for your defense. Black cleaver is a solid choice for your first item if you dont feel like you need to go strait into defense, but it can also work well as a fourth or final item once you have a solid tankiness. Steraks should be built after black cleaver and frostfire. The shield and healing it provides is really helpful in surviving team fights. It does also stack with Spirit visages effects for stronger shields and heals. Lastly Warmogs is a solid choice to wrap up the build since it will put you around 5k hp and help you get a bigger shield from steraks.


So in conclusion this is my GODZILLA tank Pantheon build. This build is actually really strong in the top lane, my favorite thing about this build is that the tankiness keeps you in the fights, especially when you are ahead it feels good to walk through everything the enemy throws at you. With this build you will be able to ult or walk under the enemy tower and tank it all, while your team chops the enemy down. If you havnt tried Pantheon as a tank i really recommend trying it out a few games to see if its for you. Lastly thank you for checking out my guide, i appreciate it glhf :).

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