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Udyr Build Guide by Fudgeybrownies

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fudgeybrownies

Godyr the Phoenix/Tiger ~ Patch 5.23

Fudgeybrownies Last updated on December 1, 2015
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 6

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 6

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Udyr with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo doesn't have the fastest clears, and you should take advantage of this by trying to take some of his camps. If you do run into him, you can easily 1v1 him, however, after he hits level 6, you will need red buff to kill him due to his speed boost from his ultimate, and the fact that Mundo's usually run ghost. In teamfights he doesn't do too much, with only a slow for cc, and little AoE damage. In his jungle, he hurts himself to clear, you will easily outfarm him.
Nunu He can easily secure buffs, dragons, and baron nashor with his consume, making him very hard to deal with. He has little trading potential but his slow on his snowball is insane, making him a major nuisance. Whenever he ults just bop him in bear stance to stop him channeling it and make it much weaker.
Shaco Cannot trade with you at all, unless you screw up post 6 and go for his clone. Try take his jungle, and blue buff when you can. He won't be catch-able with his deceive, but if you see him use it, go all in for an easy kill.
Zac He can't trade with you at all, so take advantage of that. He has relatively slow clears, so counter jungle him. If he starts channeling his jump, you can stun him and cancel it. He has quite strong teamfight potential however, with a strong knockup long range jump engage, and another knockup on his ult.


Hello! Welcome to my first guide! If you downvote, please comment why as I just want to improve. I will be updating this regularly.

Upvotes and constructive criticism are much appreciated. If you choose to downvote, please comment and let me know why otherwise it is more difficult to improve this guide. Thank you!

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Attack speed is very important on Udyr. This is because you will be spending quite a lot of time in your jungle getting stacks and the extra attack speed allows you to clear camps very quickly, and thus get faster stacks. Also, it improves your damage and dueling capabilities vastly, as you can proc your phoenix flame more often and just get more basic attacks in general.

These are SO good on Udyr. They improve your clear time drastically, and make your first clear a lot less painful, as well as making your ganks more effective as you can dish out more damage. Also, the more attack speed you have, the more useful your Phoenix Stance will be, as the passive will proc more.

Armour seals, core on almost every jungler. These significantly and very noticeably lower the damage you take from camps, and when you fight opposing teams. Flat armour is needed as you will be taking physical damage throughout the whole game, and scaling armor would make your first clear's so painful

Udyr is very reliant on cooldowns, as all his damage output comes from his stances, and you need to quickly be able to change between them for the best clear times, and ganks.

Consider taking some of these if the enemy team is very ability power heavy, as you will be getting shredded otherwise.


Pretty self-explanatory. You're a jungler, you need smite. This allows you to kill jungle monsters, and secure buffs, Dragon, and Baron Nashor. ALWAYS TAKE SMITE.

Okay, so you might be wondering about this one. Well, if your laners ward a bush behind the enemy laner, it's an easy kill. Also, as you WILL always have dragon warded, this allows you to recall so you are on full health and then teleport to dragon to snatch that bonus gold early in the game. You can teleport to towers after recalling to keep stacking and this allows you to split push and quickly get into fights.

Essentially, you go faster. Better ganks, chase potential, and chance for escape. I prefer this over flash as it will take you further. If the enemy flashes and you ghost, you are going to catch them. Also better for escapes. How? If you flash over a wall, chances are that the enemy will flash after you, or use a jump ability and you will still die. If you ghost, they can't keep up. Ghost also has a lower cooldown than flash, so if you die with it, it will be up much more quickly, and this ghost is more expendable.

If you prefer flash, you can take it. I recommend ghost over it, as it synergises with Udyr much more. This is if you want to quickly get in stun range, or dive and get that last attack off for the kill. In escape attempts a flash over the wall will often save your life.

9/21/0 Udyr is what I prefer. It allows for more sustain, more damage, greater survivability, lower cooldowns, all the good stuff. Taking 4 points in sorcery is essential as cooldowns are what Udyr relies upon completely, and being able to use them more quickly and often allows you to burst enemies, kill camps, or escape with quick bear/turtle stance switching. Tankiness is extremely important in this meta, which is why we now need 21 points in defense. The cc + tank meta means Udyr needs to have tankiness to stay competetive with other junglers; it also allows for better diving and peeling.


We get this ability second, but max it last. It supplies early attack speed for more Phoenix procs and extra damage over time that can just get the last damage needed in a gank. You can max Tiger Stance if you are playing top lane. Max this last, however, as the attack speed should be sufficient at level one for the most part.

Essentially, this is a shield, and sustain. Max it second to allow you to stay in the jungle for longer, heal up after taking damage, and tower diving with its shield. Much more important now with the sustain nerfs in the jungle.

Movement speed and a stun. Maxing this third makes it a free ghost every few seconds. The speed is useful for travelling between camps and the stun is your bread and butter skill for ganking. Less necessary than Turtle and Phoenix.

The essential ability. Faster clears, better wave pushing, and some the majority of your damage. Double phoenix also allow for some quick burst. Max it first.

Skill Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Phoenix Stance is what we are maxing. It allows for the fastest clears in the game. We start phoenix so that we can quickly kill the first buff. We get Turtle Stance second, this allows for you to take less damage on the second buff. Bear Stance fourth; it allows for quick travel between camps, and is the basis of all ganks. If however, you want to gank or see a good opportunity to, take bear third.

Max Phoenix Stance first for faster clear. Max Turtle Stance second because the change to the Hunter's Machete limits you to only 2 health potions, meaning you need the sustain and the shield to last longer. General changes to jungle items also mean less heal from camps, except for with smite. Max Bear Stance third for faster travel between camps, and better chances to successfully escape from or chase someone. Tiger Stance is not maxed, but is leveled last, as the damage output from phoenix suffices for clearing the jungle and ganking.


This lets you clear the jungle faster than any other champion in the whole game. If you stack it up you should be dishing out some major damage and be able to solo dragon with ease. You want to rush this as your core item and stack it FAST!! This also gives sustain and faster clears with the upgraded smite. The recent buff has made this item insanely strong so you should basically always get it!

Buy this if your team lacks tankiness and needs an early one, and if you plan on ganking and diving more than farming. The passive also speeds up clears due to the extra damage to minions and monsters.

If you want to focus on ganking as much as possible and not farming, this is ideal. It allows you quickly catch out enemies and easily stun them, or smite someone you are having trouble escaping so you can manage to escape. This also provides a nice little true damage burst for some extra damage. Take the cinderhulk or devourer enchantment with it.

Magic resist for enemy magic damage. You will have enough armor from other items. Tenacity is essential, it makes the enemy crowd control less effective allowing you to escape or chase down those pesky enemies. Distortion makes teleport's cooldown feel like nothing, as well as giving bonus movement speed after teleporting somewhere, making teleport ganks that much easier, and better, or getting around the map way faster. Also, if you run ghost, it makes the cooldown feel so short, as well as making you go way faster.

Damage, movement speed, health, mana. This is AMAZING. The spellblade passive allows you to almost double your initiation damage. The phage increases your stickiness drastically. The movement and attack speed increase clear times and kill potential. Mana means more ability spamming. Attack damage.. is damage.

You can now dive anyone, because you are far ahead, because you are playing Phoenix Udyr. The armour lets you tank tower hits, minion damage or champions, and the health does the same. The passive means a lot more damage. Do not underestimate how much damage it does. When killing jungle camps it will hit them constantly for magic damage that they cannot avoid, the same goes for gank. As Udyr, you are always up in their face, making this so effective on you. Get this if you aren't teamfighting much, as the resistances are beaten by Randuin's Omen.

Get this if your team is feeding, or all lanes are losing. This is excellent in teamfights, as you are right in their and can use the active to slow everyone meaning they can't get away... they are going to die.

A late game item for Udyr. If the enemy team has a lot of auto attack reliant champs such as Tryndamere and Vayne, as it slows the attack speed of everyone on the enemy team that is near you. The cooldown reduction is also useful of course, as is the mana.

A great item if you are being poked down, or must initiate. If the enemy has a lot of AP this will also greatly lower the damage you take from them. The passive spell shield means that you can block an enemy spell, be it cc or high damage poke, this is very good!

This is a new item to the League, but it seems very effective. It gives health, mana, health regen, and an awesome active which allows combines a Talisman of Ascension and a Randuin's Omen, to let you get into the enemy team and then slow them all, and could be used in conjunction with a Randuin's. The passive, which is that of a catalyst the protector, allowing sustain in the jungle.

This is also strong on Udyr, though admittedly not as good as it used to be due to the cooldown reduction nerf. The magic resist and health is very good versus a high magic damage team, and the passive allows you to heal up against jungle monsters if you are being poked down a lot etc.

If you are fed. This is a monster item on Udyr that lets you snowball out of control. The movement speed is insane, as is the attack speed. The cooldown reduction and movement speed together allows for the best chase potential. This damage essentially just increases your damage output and mobility tenfold. However, the tenacity on this item DOES NOT STACK with mercury treads and it is more of a Tiger Stance item. Not a personal preference.

Not the best item. It is a built in red buff, but you don't really need that as you have bear stance and can just steal their red buff. It is only really viable if you are extremely fed, or the enemy has hard to catch champs such as Singed or Dr. Mundo, or if you have to peel for your carries.

Damage and magic resist. If you are ahead and they have a decent amount of magic damage then yes, this is viable. However, the Hexdrinker should not be upgraded to the Maw until it is your final item, as the upgrade cost to statistics is honestly not a very good ratio.

This should be bought early if you're team is doing very poorly or later if not. If you are teamfighting a lot and the enemy team has a decent amount of magic damage the aura is extremely useful, alongside the active shield, in keeping your team alive.

Homeguard boots should mainly be bought when you are losing. If the enemy is in your base you will be taking a lot of damage and need to quickly be able to heal and get back to defend. It can also synergise quite well with teleport, allowing for unavoidable ganks where you run in at ridiculous speeds.

If the enemy team has fed AD auto attack reliant champs such as Rengar, Tryndamere, and Vayne, this will lower their damage output on you immensely, and make them hurt themselves when attacking you!!

This item is good when you are doing well. If the enemy team has a decent amount of magic damage, and magic resist, this is amazing as it will lower their damage onto you and increase yours on theirs over team as not only does it lower their magic resist, but it increases yours through essentially stealing it. The attack speed it gives is also so good with it, as it causes the stealing of the magic resist to happen even faster.

Very situational. This item would have to replace the Trinity Force as the Sheen passive, spellblade, does not stack, as it is UNIQUE. This would only be bought if your team is not doing that well, they have a decent amount of AD, and you need to peel with the slow the item provides. Buying this would be risky, as although it increases your tankiness and crowd control abilities for catching people out, it severely lowers your on damage output.

Decent stats with some nice health, armour, and cooldown reduction. The active is the main reason you would buy this, as it allows you to dive enemey champions without worrying about the turret aggro. The passive is quite nice too.

This allows you to clear wards so you can kill Dragon and Baron Nashor without the enemy team knowing, gank without the enemy laner knowing, and clear wards in key positions so your team doesn't get caught out. The removal of the Feral Flare means you no long will have a ward without the trinet, so a Warding Totem may be a better option.

I have seen a lot of this because Trick2g uses it, and it hardly ever works. Don't get this item unless you are very confident in how to actually use it on Udyr, or if you are Trick2g.


If the enemy is overextended or has no wards, they won't be able to stop you charging in. If they have initiated on your laner on your side of the lane or in middleground, you should be able to gank as a lot of players do not pay attention to the minimap when fighting someone.

So, you should have turtle on in the bush you are waiting in, to get your passive, Monkey's Agility to start stacking, for bonus movement and attack speed. Now, run into the lane, activating Bear Stance for the bonus movement speed. Stun them and immediately switch to Phoenix Stance and keep attacking them. Get the initial proc off and one more. If you and your laner have not killed them yet just try stun them again and repeat the phoenix. Use Turtle Stance if diving tower.

While attacking them, right click them to attack and then right click in front of the enemy, and repeat constantly. If done correctly, this tactic will make sure you keep up with the enemy. You essentially want to always be between the enemy you are ganking, and the enemy's tower.

Jungle Tactics

To kill a jungle camp, activate Tiger Stance and attack the biggest monster of the camp, then as soon as you can, activate Phoenix Stance and kill the camp. If you need to sustain, activate Turtle Stance for bonus lifesteal. The attack speed gained from activating Tiger Stance carries over onto other stances, hence you use it first. When travelling between camps, activate Bear Stance for movement speed, also for your first attack against the camp, be in Bear Stance to stun the monster, then instantly change to Tiger Stance, as it will be off cooldown.

Start at the buff closest to your bottom lane, this allows for the biggest leash, and so the fastest clear, and the least damage taken. Before doing this, use your Warding Totem near your other buff, so the enemy jungler doesn't take your buff. Ask your ADC, support and mid laner to leash for you and kill the buff.

The two initial jungle routes are:

Gromp -> Blue -> Red -> Krugs -> Raptors -> Wolves


Krugs -> Red -> Blue -> Gromp -> Wolves -> Raptors

Ask your support to have Dragon constantly warded, or do it yourself. As soon as you have enough for you Ranger's Trailblazer and if you want, Boots of Speed or as much of Bami's Cinder, recall and buy them. Buy as many potions as you can, and continue to farm your jungle, or try solo(if confident) or ask your bot lane to help you kill dragon. Kill dragon by switching from tiger -> phoneix -> turtle -> tiger -> phoenix and so on.

Jungle Matchups

Basically once you have a few items, especially your Trinity Force, Udyr can 1v1 almost anyone. If they are a strong early game jungler such as Lee Sin, don't counter jungle them in the early game. If they gank try counter gank, or steal their jungle then. When counter jungling, always leave a small jungle creep so the camp doesn't respawn until they kill it, denying the enemy jungler gold and experience.

If the enemy jungler is a weak skirmisher, or is poor at 1v1's, such as Amumu, feel free to take their jungle camps or invade them early to slow them down.

If the enemy jungler is focusing on ganks, you can take their jungle and try to counter gank when possible. Ganking the bottom lane is a safe bet for a kill if the enemy is pushed up near your allied tower, and then you ADC will get fed.

Thanks for Reading

Good luck, and thank you for reading my guide!

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