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Blitzcrank Build Guide by anthstep

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League of Legends Build Guide Author anthstep

Grabarino Senpai - a guide to playing Blitz anywhere

anthstep Last updated on March 13, 2015
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So You Want to Carry Games Like it's Your Job

Well my friend if you came here looking for great Blitz builds, you came to the right place for the most part, I'll admit the top and jungle get sketchy. But if you learn the ways of Grabarino Senpai, then you can win games no matter what you build. I will attempt to show you the ways in this build guide, but honestly I'm hoping you already know cause I'm a really sh*tty writer and can't explain things well. No matter what, I'm going to assume you know how to hook. If you cant hook people these builds are trash (except the top and jungle surprisingly) and also you are trash.

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The Use of

"The Play" is blitz's bread and butter, the whole reason he gets banned every other ranked game in Bronze or Silver. Its so simple, its beautiful.
Step 1: have low health
Step 2: have mana barrier off cooldown
Step 3: act defenseless under tower
Step 4: The old pullerino on whoever feels like diving you
Step 5: ???
Step 6: Double Kill

This play is golden, it can turn the tide of a lane if used successfully. Ive gotten triple kills off this simple play. You can use this play to make the other team so scared of you your mere presence makes them back off. However, the mana barrier is key. Without it being up you wont be able to fight under tower without dying for very long. Im not going to lie, youre going to die 70% of the time you do this, but if you do it right you WILL cheese some scrubs to make up for it. This play works especially well when you have a tear fully stacked, and by that i mean once you get a tear you'll only die maybe 50% of the time. Im a gambling man so i can live with those odds. With the supports builds you can get a maximum mana shield of 2000, maybe. Not going to lie i was too lazy to math that out so im guesstimating. 1000 from the tear, like 400 i guess from the frozen, maybe extra from so other items? I dont know, but trust me the play works. Sure you may die, but if you land the pull of the right person you can easily get a double off of it.

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Who counters Blitz and How to not Give 2 Flying Sh*ts About it

Support Counters:

How to beat these chumps:
    Draw out their spell shields but just running at them crazily... Sounds stupid but if youre in low elo it works like a charm
    If you get close use your knock up to hopefully null their spell shields if they used them
    If they're actually good you might have to ult pull so they cant spell shield
Mid Counters:
    Morgana again
How to beat her like trailer trash:
    same as support, so its pretty hard
Top, "adc", jungle
    Any champion in lol, yes even urgot
How to beat them off like a whooore:
    Your only shot is to just be better at lol then the opposing laner and do, "the play" as much as possible

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Support Builds: When to play smite-crank and how to play him

Really the question of when to play smite-crank can be answered simply. On a scale of 1-10 how ham are you willing to go at level 1 and 2? If that answer fall above 7 take smite-crank. The smite build is only useful if you are willing to pull somebody every single time you have enough mana for a pull and a knock up. Since you cant slow them with exhaust you have to rely on hitting them with enough pulls so that your adc (or you depending on how ham youre going) can get the kill. The reason smite is included is so that the opposing team cant hide behind minions like the wimps they are. Launch the hook then smite the minion at the last second to hopefully hook the adc. This will give you level 1 or level 2 cheese on the enemy laners aka first blood before the 3 minute mark. Late game the smite is more useful as a replacement for exhaust and for securing dragon or blue buff. ALWAYS TAKE THE BLUE BUFF!!! Blue is bae.

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Support Builds: Going ham with the regular build

Not willing to go crazy hard for first blood or cheesing up your lane? Fine, as lame as that is you can still go ham as balls with this build. The play with this build is the tried and true, "hook anybody cause you got enough ap to do some serious damage". Well thats also the play with smite-crank but this is more meta friendly. Basically with this build you cant do much before level 2 so dont try anything fancy. I mean of course if theyre begging to get fisted you gotta oblige though. Once you hit level 2 though look for hooks like a pedophile looks for kids at a playground, disgustingly often. In fact, if your adc doesnt want to go hard in the paint for kills, just go mid and leash a kill there, and by leash i mean steal cause if you have to go all the way mid you might as well get a kill. As long as you feed somebody on your team (including you if youre a jew like me) a 5 course meal nobody can complain. But if you cant land a pull just stick to bot lane, you'll only fall behind if you roam and cant hook anybody.

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US Sniper Build: Going in dry

This build is the most ridiculous and somehow the most effective. Up until level 6 your only shot at pooping on people is "the play". But once you get 6 you can do pretty much whatever you want to anyone on the other team. Your first step is to kill who youre laning against. After that a quick trip bottom to help get them rolling. Keep roaming and ganking for extra gold and you'll be able to get enough ap for the fun part of this build... Deleting carries, or just anyone who's too stupid to build mr. Back when dfg was a thing you didnt need any real items to do this, but sadly now you do. Wait, JUST KIDDING! With the new addition of Ludens echo you still dont need real itmes! Somehow when they went about replacing dfg they gave us an item that works even better on blitz than dfg! Every pull does the same damage as an old school dfg pull, but now theres no 90 second cooldown hindering your plans for acquiring weapons of mass destruction! Just build a rabadons and deleting an adc is as easy as hitting a pull and pressing "r". In fact you dont even need the rabadons, if you get rolling early enough you can cheese with just Ludens echo! One time I actually made someone on the other team cry. Like for real cry, I didnt think that was possible over a video game but i was proved wrong. It was his fault though! His Yasuo was literally the worst.

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Jangus: The handicap position

Too good for any other position in a game? Try this then. Unless you successfully gank every minute you'll be permanently behind 2 levels. Challenge mode activated. Here are some tips and tricks to help you not be level 3 when your whole team is 7.
1. Lane tax so hard, like clear entire waves for the sweet sweet experience
2. Dont miss pulls, like seriously those kills/assists are all that are keeping you in this game
3. Build tanky if you arent an equal level with your team or the other team, otherwise sure you can do damage but the other team can probably do more.

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AFK Splitpush-crank: 50% of the time it works every time

You are not supposed to be in the top lane. Its painfully obvious. So screw the meta, build all attack damage and take towers in less than 3 seconds guaranteed! Team fights? Screw that go take like 7 towers or something while the other team is distracted. Honestly thats all this build is good for. By endgame a splitpush-crank can push just as hard as a stacked nasus. Use this to your advantage and pull an "xBlitze". However the one downside is that your team is going to hate you. Here are some things i say to my to so theyre confident in me
"Objectives > kills"
"at least im not feeding THAT bad"
"the team? what have you ever done for me?"
"FIST ME TILL I C*M BLOOD" - expert level players only