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Heimerdinger Build Guide by mondernplayer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mondernplayer

Heimdinger Build Guide

mondernplayer Last updated on June 21, 2013
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NOTE:this is my first guide suggestions will really help on how to improve on this guide.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Mark Of Magic Penetration

having Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is pretty obvious. Heimerdinger is a magic dealing champion. this is also useful early game as many champions will start off with 30 magic resistance. making much easier and faster to get first blood. This also really useful against champions such as Fiddlesticks as he doesn't gain any magic resistance from levels and has only 30 magic resistance.
Greater Seal Of Mana Regeneration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration will help Heimerdinger to stay in lane longer. Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration with Chalice of Harmony and Tear of the Goddess will create very high amounts of mana regeneration and making it impossible for him to recall just to regain mana.
Greater Glyph Of Ability Power/ Greater Glyph Of Cooldown Redcution
Greater Glyph of Ability Power makes your H-28G Evolution Turret, Hextech Micro-Rockets, and ch-1 concussion grenade more powerful. Heimdinger is already OP at early game, but this make Heimdinger that extra power to finish your opponent and to clear minion waves faster. which is great when dealing with large minion waves that are pushing your lane and came be destroyed in seconds when in mid/late game.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction is great for team fights when an opponent is low on health and is trying to escape and with Hextech Micro-Rockets with a 10 second cooldown it is need to land the final blow and getting an easy kill. this also help to get UPGRADE!!! faster as its very useful in escaping and in team fights.

Greater Quintessence Of Ability Power
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power provides much more ability power than glyph and like i said before it is very useful to get the final blow on enemies that are low on health and great at clearing waves and pushing lane. alternatively replace Quint Of AP with Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction, Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist, or Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp.

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Heimerdinger is a Ability Power carry and should go into Blast and Arcane Knowledge in the offense tier that will allow him to be very aggressive in early game. like i said before many champions start off at 30 magic resist this makes it much easier for Heimerdinger to harass or poke at your opponent and forcing them to use up their pots or fall back. for beginners or new low level player should first start in the utility tier. Summoner's Insight gives you an upgrade to your

Teleport and Flash allowing you to dodge death and to gank other lanes more often. Awareness makes it faster for Rod of Ages passive to kick in whenever you need it for an emergency and to get a level advantage against very aggressive or challenging opponent that you don't know how to counter while using Heimerdinger. Sorcery and Intelligence makes Heimerdinger's abilities kick in much faster allowing you to harass much more early game. this can also grant you more damage output(Faster cooldown =more spamming abilities =more damage).

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Starting Items

sight ward

Main Set

Alternate Set 1

Alternate Set 2

Sight Ward is a must. Heimerdinger is a very squishy champion. if he is ever ganked, then thats it he's done. well you can live if you do know how to use him well and get lucky. Health Potion are optional and should be bought if you don't think you'll survive your opponent early game or if their very aggressive. Mana Potion are recommended because Heimerdinger is very mana hungry throughout the game and need as much Mana regen items as possible or you'll be recalling every 5 minutes just to regain your mana and risking your opponents getting your turret down. Do You feel like you just can't get anywhere with Heimerdinger extremely slow movement speed of 325. do ever feel that if you had a faster movement speed you could have gotten first blood. Well then buy Boots of Speed. boots of speed grants you additional movement speed allowing you to get that first blood. boots of speed can also get rid of that slow and dragging feeling while locked onto your champion. buy now for only 350 gold.
P.S. don't forget to buy wards and mana pots.
Doran's Ring is a good alternate starting item. it gives a small added amount of ability power. its passive can generate very quickly from your turrets and can be very useful when low on mana. This is highly recommended for beginners since you don't have any runes or masteries available to you. once you have bought Chalice of Harmony and Tear of the Goddess you can sell Doran's ring as it doesn't help you anymore.

Early Gamer

Chalice of Harmony Tear Of the Goddess
Chalice of Harmony grant 1% mana regeneration for every 1% of mana that is missing. this is a must for Heimerdinger as he is very mana hungry and can give him massive mana regen when he is low on mana. buying items that increases your maximum mana will also increase your mana regen. If playing offensively don't buy items that increases your mana such as Tear of the Goddess, instead buy AP items like Blasting Wand or Amplifying Tome. i also don't occasionally build into Athene's Unholy Grail as i,am more aggressive when playing Heimerdinger and buy AP rather than mana regen or items that increase maximum mana. Tear of the Goddess increases your maximum mana every time you use mana. meaning that every time you waste mana your mana regen will also increase if, however you buy Chalice of Harmony or Athene's Unholy Grail. all though i dont really buy tear of the goddess i do recommend buying it, especially lower level players, since your going to be consuming quite a bit of mana every time you use an ability. building this into Archangel's Staff grants a good amount of mana and mana regen. also its passive grants 3% of your maximum mana as ability power which is very useful and should be bought as soon as possible.

Defensive/Survival Items

Rod of Ages is a reliable item for survival. it give lots of health and mana when bought and will grant even more health every minute, so it is best to be bought in mid game to reach maximum capacity to ensure your highest survivability in late game. i also use this because its second passive restores health and mana when leveling up. this can be very useful when in need of any health or mana when in lane. this will allow you to stay in lane much longer and possibly stay in your lane throughout the entire game or until you max your level and then you will need to recall back to base to refill your health and mana that way.

Banshee's Veil can block any opponent's ability which can really save your life and massive damages from very strong ad or ap champions such as Jayce's combination of Acceleration Gate and Shock Blast, [nunu]]'s Absolute Zero, etc. this pretty much the only reason why i buy this item. i would buy this item when ever you have a OP opponent or an annoying opponent that is getting fed then i would buy banshee's veil to counter them. this item can only be used once every 25 seconds so once its used RUN!! because it blocks the first ability they use so most likely they won't use their ult first, unless they are stupid or ganking you such as Pantheon's Grand Skyfall. this may not be the best item to counter more of the smarter players as they can counter Banshee's Veil by using a less powerful ability first. so keep it in mind of this as it may be useful or just a waste.

Twin Shadows is a really useful item for heimerdinger. when active it will send out two invulnerable and when hitting an enemy champion it will slow their movement speed by 40%. this can allow you to either escape a close death, catch up to an enemy thats escaping, or before trying to gank someone. ganking with twin shadows is very easy to get a quick kill as it will slow them down before they can even try to escape, however the ghosts can still be seen by player and should be active when your are very close to the enemy champion.

Zhonya's Hourglass is a recommended and very useful item to buy. it provides 120 AP and some armor as well. when active you are completely invulnerable to any damage for 2.5 seconds. this is a great item to buy for late game. i love to use this item to start a fight in late game. go into the enemy and use zhonya's hourglass to waste their abilities and having them on cooldown makes them vulnerable to damage and possibly no escape for them. beware when doing this when your enemy has a champions that has CC primarily stuns as it doesn't allow you to use your items.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter slows enemy champions when using abilities. allowing you to catch up to your enemies. i never buy rylai's scepter as Twin Shadows is much cheaper and gives more AP than rylai's scepter and slow down the targets more longer. the only upside to rylai's scepter is it slows enemies when using your abilities. while twin shadows has to be active and has to have contact with the ghost to take effect. rylai' scepter is more useful than twin shadow as it has no cool down and using your Hextech Micro-Rockets make it very effective to slow multiple targets.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

H-28G Evolution Turret


Always get H-28G Evolution Turret why? because it help you get cs. with your turret firing at one minion you can attack another minion giving you 2 minion kills in seconds. the turret is much more handy than getting Hextech Micro-Rockets first reason for this is that the rockets will only target enemies that are closest to him. meaning that its absolutely useless to go for rockets first and cost a lot of mana at early game. the only time i would suggest getting Hextech Micro-Rockets first is facing melee champions which i personally haven't see commonly in my matches and will be a tough challenge to deal with.

Tip and Trick

-Placing Turrets in the jungle or in bushes will reveal the area on your mini map acting as a ward, but can be seen by the enemies and can damage them. this can save you some money, but it also waste a turret placement, so if you are only able to place one then you will lose heavily on CS, but you will prevent ganks and possibly kill an opponent if your lucky.

-you place turrets in a bush nearby and try to bait an enemy to attack you and use your UPGRADE!!! ability and then a direct hit on your ch-1 concussion grenade to stun them and then Hextech Micro-Rockets, picking up an easy kill. the only downfall is if the entire team goes after you then you're screwed, so be cautious when doing this.

Hextech Mico-Rockets


[hextech micro-rockets]] is a very powerful ability. dealing close to 300 magic damage when maxed. you wanna max this out as fast as you can, i personally max it at level 10.
Early Game: when using your rockets in early game you wanna use it for harassing enemy champions and deny farms and like i said before don't use it to farm CS as it will cost you a lot of mana. save your mana for your turrets when ever they get destroyed or need to re-position them.

Late Game: in late game you will have a very large mana pool and never need to worry about running out of mana, so just spam your W all you want. having Archangel's Staff will grant an increase to your maximum mana pool making it useful to buy for those that like to spam abilities. Hextech Micro-Rockets will do about 20-40% of enemy champions health depending on your items, if your fed, debuffs, etc.

Tips and Tricks

Like i said before you want to take as much minions as possibly leaving at least 2 minions alive before using your rockets to poke your opponent. even tho this is very effective and does a lot of damage it will greatly decrease your mana making you very mana hungry.

Ch1 Concussion Grenade


CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade is not a instant ability and won't hit your target right away, it will slowly travel to your target. always predict where your target is going to move next in order to land a guarantee hit. concussion grenade has a big AoE and is great at taking out large minion waves.

Tips and Tricks

-Using your Concussion Grenade on a bush will reveal any enemy champions hiding in that bush. this every useful if there is a champion like Blitzcrank hiding in a bush waiting to Rocket Grab you. this will prevent ganks. this has no real cons to doing this except wasting some mana.
-throwing a grenade in the direction of the enemies will revel the area for a brief moment allowing you to use your Hextech Micro-Rockets and finishing off your opponent, remember that your rockets will only target enemies closest to Heimerdinger, so be aware where you are and if there is any monster camps in the area.



Upgrade is very helpful as it benefits all of your abilities, giving slow effect to your turrets, fully heal your turrets health allowing you to fire 5 rockets, and increasing the speed of your grenade. Upgrade is key to your survival and being on the offensive. never use your UPGRADE!!! just for your turrets. using it for your rockets can hit up to 5 targets allowing you to damage all of your opponents when in a team fight and possibly a pentakill if you used it at the right time.

Tips and Tricks

-placing 2 of your turrets in a lane and using UPGRADE!!! grants your turrets slow effect, this is great if you need to escape a fight or if the other team is ganking. beware tho champions like Master Yi's Highlander is immune to slow effects and will be a waste.
-if a team is fighting dragon or baron you can use UPGRADE!!! and attempt to steal it or fail, but you need to remember that you hit the targets that closest to you.
- UPGRADE!!! increases your ch-1 concussion grenade's speed. this great if you are bad at aiming or just can't get a direct hit, but even with the increase speed you can still miss your target.

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Main Spells

flash is a must, as Heimerdinger Doesn't have any sort of escape mechanism and can't
out run any champions. Flash makes it the only possibly way to avoid death.

i mainly go with teleport because whenever I need to recall . I can easily return to my lane instantly, and not having to worry about any loss or experience or time. it also useful to gank other lanes when needed.


On occasions i would go with Ignite, but not commonly. Its only good to take out an enemy that is close to death.

Not really recommended and i never use it, but is useful if you are bad at early game and your opponent is really aggressive. there is noting bad about Heal and it doesn't hurt to have it as a spell.

very useful for when low on health. barrier is much more useful than Heal as it has a lower cool down reduction than heal.

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Pros / Cons

Pros Cons
+Heavy Damage(APC) -Very Squishy
+Great At Getting CS -Very Slow Movement Speed
+Under Estimated By Players -Very Easy To Gank
+Powerful Lane Pusher -Slow Grenade
+Good Poke -depends on items

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Creeping / Jungling

i haven't seen any Heimerdinger jungling, but it is possible to jungle with heimer, since i have no experience with jungling with heimer i can't give any information on jungling, however once reached at level 10-12 heimerdinger can solo the dragon.

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Team Work

herimdinger can be great with team work as his turrets does most of the work while herim is at a safe distance. a great way to help an ally is by placing turrets in the path that your ally is escaping to and use your ult when they get in range or your turrets and will slow down the enemies. use your w as much as possible as it will significantly damage enemies making it easier for allies to kill them.

Note: blitz and herimdinger make an excellent combo making it impossible to escape them.

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Unique Skills

using concussion grenade on bushes will reveal enemies hiding or planning to gank you and should be used when enemies are missing.

placing turrets in bushes will serve as a ward, but will shot if in range/ sight of the turret.

if an enemy is trying to escape use concussion grenade as far as you can and quickly press w to hit them with your rockets as your rockets has a longer range than your grenade.

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Farming is quite simple thanks to your H-28G Evolution Turret. they do a fair amount of damage to take out minions easy and quick, but its best if you last hit a minion as there is a chance that your minions will get the kill than your turret.

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Champion Weak Against