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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilDice

How TO: AD Carry

EvilDice Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Hey guys, EvilDice here again with another guide. If you don't know me, I'm a 1700 elo player and my main roles are the AD carry, the AP carry, and offtanks. Basically, I like to play champions who get all the kills :P This guide, as shown in the title, is gonna be focusing on the AD Carry. I can play every AD carry in the game right now besides MF(build copied from chaox guide-never played her), Twitch(he sucks anyways), and Sivir(see:Twitch).

I hope you read the rest of this guide, because some things in the builds above can be changed.

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Before we begin...

Now please, don't think this is the ad build of all AD builds. A lot of people like to go IE first on AD carries and that works well too. This is the build I have found works best for me, and has given me great results in game. You may like the IE build more. I don't. If you want a guide talking about how brilliant the IE build is, you are reading the wrong guide. I'll probably get downvoted by people who prefer IE first but that's fine. I just hope this helps some aspiring AD carries ;)

I am writing this guide assuming that you are going bottom lane with a support, as is the current metagame.

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For my carries, I have two runepages I use. One is for champions that struggle with mana, and one is for champions that don't. This is pretty personalized, and suits me well. You are probably going to be better off going with 3 ArP quints or 3 Health quints, but for me this offers a nice mix of survivability and damage. Runepages are personal preference. Find what works best for you.

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These masteries shouldn't come as a surprise to you. They are very standard on AD carries now, due to the buffs to Havoc. Not much to be said here, just so standard :P. I take Good Hands not because I plan on dying, but because Perseverance is next to useless. Do the math.

You can elect to take 4 CDR instead of 4 attack speed, if you feel your cooldowns are too high and you want to spam your spells more.

An alternate mastery setup is 0/9/21, if you want to get your summoner spells faster. Really though, your main role is doing damage, and since Havoc gives you a nice damage boost, 9 times out of 10, you are going to want to go 21/0/9.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Usually, you are going to take:

Your bread and butter. Flash, exhaust is a perfect mix of offense and defense. Flash is gonna help you get away from that annoying Jarvan, while Exhaust is going to win you duels in bottom lane if the other AD carry didn't take it. Exhaust at the moment is one of the most OP summoner spells in the game, and is a great addition to your AD carry. Flash needs no explanation. By now we all know how good it is.

However, there are some exceptions:

- Say whaaaaaaat? Yep, cleanse is your best alternative to exhaust. If you see a ton of CC at champion select that looks ready to tear you to pieces, you are going to want to go with cleanse over exhaust. This means, however that if you end up with a fist fight with the other AD carry, the other one will win because they have exhaust.

- If you want to go for a more defensive play style, take ghost instead of flash. Again, you are going to have to have a more passive playstyle bot lane if you pick this summoner spell.

- Ignite is only good on a select few champions who are very burst oriented(i.e. Tristana). If you take this on most of your AD carries I will backhand you.

- Teleport should only be used by your solo laners and thus should not be taken.

Guide Top

Team 1: The Chaox Build

Alright, now time for the part of the guide you are interested in. I call it the Chaox build because I first found this build off of one of his guides on solomid. I am not sure whether or not it was around before then. Annyways, if you are looking for an explanation as to why I like this build the most, you are in the wrong section. That will be explained later in the guide. This is just going to walk you through the decisions you will be making while using this build.

Starting Items:


If you are going bot lane, as you should, I prefer grabbing a Doran's Blade. It can give you better early game harass as well as make last hitting much easier. If you are taking a solo lane, however, you are going to need those 3 health potions. It's very risky to take a solo lane with a Doran's Blade. Your sustainability is going to be very low.

Early Game Goals:

In an ideal situation, you are going to want to rush for a fast Bloodthirster. If you can, by all means do so. However, a lot of times this will not be the case. Whenever you go back to base, you want to come back to your lane with some kind of increase in damage. If you go back to base and only have 1200 gold, buy that Zeal! If you come back with only 800, grab another Doran's Blade. Kinda get the theme here? Like I said, in an ideal situation you can farm all day bot till you have enough for a B. F. Sword and then The Bloodthirster, but the ideal situation does not always occur.

By the end of early game, your build should look something like this:

Mid Game Goals:

If you didn't get to finish your BT early game, you want to finish it now. Your mid game build order isn't nearly as hectic as your early game one :) Just buy your items in the order shown above. At this point, you are ready to rape everything.

Late Game Goals

This is another section where the timing of these items are situational. Ideally, you want to finish your Infinity Edge as fast as possible. I usually grab this first. However, if you see the enemy building a ton of armor already, you can elect to rush a Last Whisper. If the enemy team has a Ashe, Amumu, or Blitzcrank and you keep getting caught by strong cc, then go ahead and make your Banshee's Veil. At this point if you need 200 gold to buy an item, start selling your Doran's Blades!

Final Item Build:

By the end of the game, you should have at least 4 of these items. If you don't, you aren't farming hard enough. Congrats! You have now built your AD carry like a true champ.

***Please note, that sometimes I like to rush straight to an Infinity Edge instead of upgrading my Zeal. Generally, I like to do this when I am fed. Try this out if you dislike the current build order!

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Chaox Build Explained

Still a doubter of this build? HAI, HATER. Seriously though, I'll do my best to explain it now ;)

- You are going to want to build this as much as possible. It's cheap and gives attack speed. Best boots for an AD carry unless you are forced to buy merc's.

- Most AD carries will always build a Bloodthirster at some point, the thing you are questioning is, most likely, the timing. Getting a fast Bloodthirster is going to give you a huge amount of sustainability in lane as well as in teamfights. You need it! It also offers a huge AD steroid that you should be able to stack up fully in 5-10 minutes. This is a cheaper item than IE, and it offers more AD, and a ton more survivability and sustainability. Instead of being chased out of a teamfight by the enemy Jarvan, you can stand there and fight the Jarvan because you have life steal. Don't underestimate the power of lifesteal!

- An autoattack bot needs to attack fast. A phantom dancer helps you achieve a high attack speed to get your damage out fast, and later when you combine it with IE, a ton of crit chance and a ton more damage. Again, don't underestimate the power of MOVESPEED, because it's actually very nice to have. With a PD, you attack faster, lifesteal faster, do damage faster, and move faster. Phantom Dancer is FAST.

- Combine it with your Phantom Dancer and now you are critting most of the time. Combine it with The Bloodthirster and you now have around 300 attack damage. Infinity Edge is the final ingredient you need to do some massive deeps.

- This item is now core on almost every champion in the game. The ability to block a spell is just life saving. You may be able to block a veigar ult, an annie stun, a blitz pull, an akali Q, etc. Banshee's Veil is also known as the *** saver, because that's what it does, saves your ***.

- Late game, you will find the other team grabbing a lot of armor(if they are any good). The only roles that will not have armor late game will be AD carries and support. Last Whisper is the cheap solution to your armor problems. Your autoattacks are going to hit hard on everyone, as will your abilities. 40% harder, as a matter of fact. Not bad. Inb4 "why u focusing the tank Evil", lulz.

Guide Top

Team 2: Unique Item Builds

Here I'm just going to present the item builds to you and give some reasoning. This isn't going to be very in depth.

This is the Reginald build that you should all know or have seen by now. However, there is a new kind of corki build out now that does not use manamune. I have not yet tried it. You can find that here.

Yes, I build a manamune on ezreal. Deal with it. Xaioli can vouch for me here, he does it too :P. If you haven't played ezreal yet, don't argue against the manamune. If you have, sorry. This is probably going to be the most controversial item build I have provided, however I really like a manamune and I think it is an item well worth buying. Alternate build.

CAPTAIN TEEMO!!! I've been playing this guy a lot recently on a smurf and have been having a lot of fun with him. This is a pretty standard teemo build, building tanky dps ad/ap hybrid. Yeah, it's pretty boss.

I've provided this ashe build as an example of the IE first build, which is still pretty good on Ashe.

Though Urgot has lost some viability due to the AD carry/support duolane, he's still a pretty strong champion. This is a tanky Urgot build that maximizes damage early game and provides his team tanky utility late game. Good Urgot guide.

Missing Champions

Sivir is a really strange AD carry who isn't particularly viable right now. One of her best builds includes getting 2-3 Bloodthirsters and pushing a lane all game. I'm not too educated on Sivir so I chose to leave her out.

No idea how to build Kog after the last patch. Looks like the standard build is Malady+madred's, though Chaox actually vouches for the Chaox build on kog'maw(go figure). Anyways yeah, this is the second champion I am not to sure about. Malady+Madred's+Wit's End is a build I suggest trying out.

Twitch is in my opinion the worst AD carry in the game right now. He can be ok as a roamer but he's still pretty bad. Use this build for a solid way to play Twitch.

Guide Top

Situational Items

Believe it or not, sometimes you will want to deviate from the normal path. There are some games that have certain champions that will change your item build. Here's some items you should consider buying during your games.

- Consider buying this if the enemy team has a suppression(malz and ww) or if their CC is ridiculous. This item can just about totally counter Malzahar and Warwick ults if used correctly.

- Hopefully, it doesn't come to this. Buying a GA sacrifices damage for survivability, which sometimes is the right move. If you need it, get it, but hopefully you don't have to.

- Does the enemy team have Jax? Is he fed? Only time you would buy this.

Guide Top

Early Game/Mid Game

Bottom Lane, Your Home

Yes due to the new metagame, the way to go with an AD carry is bottom lane with a support. A support is your best friend. A support will always be there for you. A support will sacrifice himself to make sure YOU succeed. If you are laning with a well played support, laning bottom will be really damn easy. GIVE YOUR SUPPORT THE RESPECT HE/SHE DESERVES!

So, what should you do, laning bottom? Make money. Make money as long as you possibly can until you have to leave. There is a little more strategy to laning bottom, such as harassment, denying, pushing, etc.. But I want you to focus on killing 6/6 minions, every time.

A crucial part of laning bottom is going back to base and buying items. You don't want to be that Ashe who sits bottom all game farming and then when a fight breaks out at dragon all you have is a Doran's Blade. Don't be that Ashe. What you want to do is shove your lane out to the opponent's tower as fast as possible, so you can go back to base and come back with a nice, reset lane ready for you to farm. If you can't push your lane, get your jungler to gank ASAP so the other team is pressured, allowing you to b.

A trick to deny the enemy AD carry last hits is with an aggressive playstyle. You need to make them have the choice between attacking you and last hitting the minion. This is a kind of advanced tactic(that I am not a master of) and is hard to explain, but I gave you the general gist of it. Try to apply pressure on the other AD carry when they are going for a last hit to throw them off. Remember though, your last hitting takes #1 priority over any gimmicky stuff like this.

The final thing I would like to mention here is dealing with the enemy support. The most annoying thing to deal with as an AD carry is a soraka poking you 24/7 from a bush or a taric who seems to be up in your grill all the time. The way to deal with the former, is to tell your support to place a ward in the bush that the support is camping. This will aggro the minions when the support pokes you. The way to deal with the Taric, is to punish him for his harassment. When Taric gets up in your grill and is on his way back to the bush, smack the **** out of him. Taric is a weak healer and if you can burst him down enough he is going to think twice to harass you so much.

Mid game for you is exactly the same as early game. You want to farm as much as you possibly can before you are forced to leave bot lane and fight elsewhere. This will pay off in the long run.

Guide Top

Want to Solo Lane?

That's not what this guide is for, because very few AD carries should ever solo lane now. Go read champion specific guides if you want that information.

Guide Top

Late Game

Positioning is literally EVERYTHING late game. You have the damage. No doubt about that, however if you die in a split second it won't matter. You NEED good position! This doesn't mean you come in after the fight has initiated and go, SUP GUYS, IM HERE(you'll probably be in a bad position if you do this)! You also do not want to be in the front of the brush and right in the middle of an amumu ult when the fight is initiated.

In a teamfight, you have two goals. Your first, is to do as much damage as possible. Notice how I did not say, "autoattack their carry". No, this is not your role. Your role is to do as much damage as possible. If this means attacking the tank, you attack that tank. You aren't going to go out of your way to hit up a carry, because it is very likely that will put you in a bad position, which brings me to your second goal.

Ok, that was really cheesy, I know. But your goal is to stay alive. This is where self control comes in. This is the time that when you are an uber fed vayne, instead of trying to get to that annie that you can two shot, you control yourself and stay in a good position. This is why as corki, you don't use Valkyrie at the beginning of the fight to get closer to the enemy team. This is why you don't spend exhaust so you can chase Malzahar, but instead on the Akali who is eating your health bar. STAY ALIVE.

So, what do you need to do as much damage as possible to stay alive? POSITIONING! That's right! Like I said earlier. Positioning is everything to a ranged carry. I'm sure you are asking me now, "EvilDice, why don't you draw me up a pretty picture to show me exactly where I should be in a teamfight?". The answer is because your position is very subjective, and most likely, will change during a teamfight. It's common sense that you should be on the outer edge of a teamfight, but other than that, I can't give you much help about your positioning. It will be up to you to play your carries and learn the correct positioning yourself!

Guide Top

Last Whisper vs The Black Cleaver

I would like you to find me a pro gamer who doesn't agree with me that a last whisper is a better and more cost efficient item than a black cleaver. Graphs and theorycrafting are nice and all, but much like in professional sports, the game is not played on paper. Here's why you are going to want to add a Last Whisper in your build.

1) In a perfect world, you will be able to autoattack their enemy carry all day. The truth is, this is not a perfect world, and there will be a 140 armor jarvan in your face for the duration of a teamfight. You might get one hit off, then have to switch to the Jarvan, then use an ability to kill the enemy sona who is low. The point is, teamfights aren't perfect, and you aren't going to be AFK autoattacking one champion for the duration of the fight. You are going to be switching targets, which makes TBC less effective.

2) LW works on abilities. Any ability that does physical damage will apply with your Last Whisper, while TBC only works with abilities that apply on-hit effects. This means, that unless you are ezreal, TBC is going to do nothing for your abilities. So if you are using a champion like Caitlyn, Vayne, Ashe, Urgot, etc.. LW is going to give your abilities a 40% armor pen increase.

3) LW is cheaper. When you get to late game, chances are the game won't last much longer, and you may not even get to finish TBC(or LW in some cases). This is an extremely undervalued thing about LW.

4) Building TBC is an open invitation for the enemy team to build more armor. Pretty much, you are now putting yourself in a position to be shut down by the enemy tanky dps and offtanks, as they are just going to start grabbing more armor to counter you. Last Whisper makes it so that no matter how much armor they build late game, you are still going to penatrate a high amount of it.

5) Ranged carries are great at killing tanks/offtanks. You are going to hate to hear this, but it's the truth. I would never focus a tank if I had the choice of killing the carry, but many times there is no choice. You are going to have to hit up their high armor tanks and offtanks many times during teamfights, so you might as well get a cost efficient item for doing so.

TBC is a bad item choice on many champions and the only champs I would give you the choice of it for would be Trist and Ezreal(though I still prefer LW). Don't be stubborn. Look further than just the straight up stats and paper. I speak to you from in game experience, not microsoft excel.

Guide Top


Well, I hope you've learned something. Give these builds a shot and put your questions in the comments section. As for all guides you find on mobafire or on other sites, you should not follow the build step by step, rather experiment with your build order and runes as I have. Good luck guys and keep owning.


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