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General Guide by ONS Pr0Archer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ONS Pr0Archer

How to support [5.7+] by Team ONS (Part 1)

ONS Pr0Archer Last updated on May 11, 2015
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Hello everyone, I am OG Love4Support.
I am a fully main support so why not share the in my opinion best way to become the best support ever.
At this point people keep asking me to join their game as support so I think I can say it works realy well.
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PART 2 !!!! :
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What does it take to be a good support

You need to have some standards.

To be a good support:
You need to be selfless.
You need to be willing to help the rest of the team.
You need to remain friendly in any situation.
You need to ward, assist and protect.

You should not play support if:
You want kills.
You are rude. (this makes you horrible in the game at all in my opinion)
You cant handle rude people that flame you for no reason. (it happens a lot)

Personally i don't go for honor or kills i want to have a fun game with nice people.
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We are most of the time not allowed to farm.
But in the following situations we are:
Invisible text!
1- When the Marksman is not in lane.
2- When you have Relic Shield, you may use its passive: spoils of war.
3- When pushing the lane.
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Kind of supports

In league of legends there are different kind of supports:
Invisible text!
1- A poke support
2- A stun/slow support
3- A Heal/protect support
4- A pull/hook support
5- A Tank support
Invisible text!Invisible text!
1: A poke support is a support that does damage till the marksman can make the killing hit.
Examples of poke supports are: Annie, Vel'Koz, Ashe, Karma, Lulu.
Invisible text!
2: A stun support is a support that (obviously) stuns or slows the enemy so the marksman can do free damage and to make sure the enemy can not escape.
Examples of stun/slow supports are: Ashe, Annie, Braum, Janna, Morgana, Leona, Nami.
Invisible text!
3- Heal/protect support s are there to make sure the marksman wont die.
Examples of these supports are: Braum, Soraka, Nami, Morgana, Kayle.
Invisible text!
4- In league of legend there is 1 hook and 1 pull support: Thresh and Blitzcrank. What they do is grabbing the enemy out of its position so the marksman can make a kill.
Invisible text!
5- Then the tank supports. What they do is kinda taking all the damage for the marksman, they build a lot of health, armor and magic resist.
Examples of tank s are: Thresh, Braum, Alistar, Leona, Kayle, Volibear.
Invisible text!PART 2 !!!! :
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Team Work

Teamwork is the most important thing in the entire game!
Befor I explain what your job as support has to do with the team(work) its important to know what the others do.

The marksman : He/she plays on the bottomlane with you, he/she need to become the main attack damage dealer. He/she need to farm a lot and kill a lot.

The Midlaner: He/she plays on the midlane solo and (mostly) need to become the main ability power damage dealer. Also need a lot of farm.

The Toplaner: Mostly a tank or mixture of tank and damage. Plays on the toplane, farms and plays mostly solo in his/her lane.

The jungler: He/she farms monsters in the jungle and "ganks" the lanes that means that he does surprise attacks in the lanes helping you to kill your lane opponent.

You are the Support: the helping hand of the team, mainly helping the marksman. It is your job to make vision in the bottom jungle if you dont laneswap. Its also your job to protect, and give kills to the marksman. This is pretty hard since your an easy target an people focus you for that. Always remember that you will not focus the enemy support but the marksman. You dont take farm unless the marksman is dead or back to shop, you dont take kills unless the marksman is not able to finish the kill.

As a team everyone should work together instead of blaming and flaming the others, it wont help it will only make things wors. dont forget the marksman will flame and blame the hell out of you only a few of them are nice but dont let that effect you, but I do allow you to go toplane and say you will support him till the marksman gets friendly. I do it because I refuse to support someone that doesn't threat me right.

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Vision is realy important. here are some examples of good warding.
Invisible text!Invisible text!
1-Basic antigank with drake control

Invisible text!Invisible text!
2-When going for the second botlane turret

Invisible text!Invisible text!
3-Buff control

Invisible text!Invisible text!
4-Baron control

Invisible text!Invisible text!
5-Safe killing baron

Invisible text!

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Pros / Cons of being a support


+ You are a pro <3
+ Vision = win
+ Drake control
+ Honour
After the game everyone will love you ^^.


+ You get blamed
+ You get flamed
+ You get treated as a slave
+ Support runes are expensive
+ All marksmans use their escape for kill
The marksman will blame you everytime he dies, just never forget that he is NOTHING without you and he needs you <3.
Invisible text!PART 2 !!!! :
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Free to use support wallpapers

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