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Jax Build Guide by olimpia194

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League of Legends Build Guide Author olimpia194

Hybrid Jax: Top terror

olimpia194 Last updated on February 17, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About me

Hi every one I'm Olimpia194 and I play on EU West server. I have been playing LoL since season 1 but i started to play competitive in season 3, and i have decided to make builds of the champions the make me to get the level 30. My first lenguage is not English so please help me to correct my wrongs. Well let's start.

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Nowadays i see a lot of tank or almost full ad Jax. But I still playing him hybrid because I think he still being better although is not as he was i used to build Trinity Force, Sword of the Occult, Mejai's Soulstealer and Leviathan (the snowball combo) that was almost a victory he still a very good champion.

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I think these runes are the standar ones. 9 Mark of Attack Damage to have a bit more damage to can farm easily, 9 Seal of Armor to stay in line, the same with the 6 Glyph of Magic Resist, I have 3 Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist for have a bit more MR in late game but this is optional, and 1 Quint of Attack Damage and 2 Quint of Life Steal to can stay in line this 4% life steal is much more that it seems.

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why these maestries?
Fury is combined with your pasive and ults pasive so why not?
Brute Force , Mental Force and Martial Mastery is extra damage these bit amounts of damage points are really important although they maybe don't seems to be.
Executioner help you to secure kills I really like this maestry that help you not to see the enemy escaping with 20LP.
Warlord 5% extra attack damage the same as before easier last hit and that little more damage that make the kill.
Devastating Strikes a bit of hybrid penetraion sound nice.
Havoc 3% extra damage. You will need It.
Block and Unyielding for line phase the same happens with Recovery
Veteran Scars and Juggernaut for extra life. Extra life is always good.

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summoner spells

Flash and Teleport are my favourite spells for Jax but there are other options:
some people prefer to take Ghost instead of Flash I sometimes do it too and it works well. Barrier or Ignite instead or Teleport can be good too. I don't think the others spells are good with Jax.

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why these items?
1st back:
Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads think about what to buy if you are vs a hard cc top champion take Mercury's Treads if you are vas a champion like Master Yi that depend of bassic attacks take Ninja Tabi
Vampiric Scepter is for can stay in line "ignoring" the enemy poke.
Why are Trinity Force and Guinsoo's Rageblade so important for me?
Trinity Force has synergy with Jax. Spellblade ( Sheen) with your W Empower, attack speed for your passive and ult's passive and the Phage to chase.
Guinsoo's Rageblade combined with your passive make you to gain a big amount of attack speed and AP so it sounds nice.

The Vampiric Scepter /Bilgewater Cutlass
I don't like to have this kind of items that can be crafted into other more time that necesary
so my next item is Hextech Gunblade or Blade of the Ruined King
Hextech Gunblade is my main option spellvamp ( Empower is magic damage), life steal and a slow that deal damage and reduce its cooldown when you use a skill or atack. i really like it

Blade of the Ruined King is my choice vs a tanky team. I think is clear why it is.

Offensive options
Need more damaga that is what I recomend to you:
Blade of the Ruined King or Hextech Gunblade you can do both. Why not?
Executioner's Calling that damn mundo or voli dont stop healing. Nobody have ignite. Then this is your item.
Frozen Mallet + Trinity Force make you a chasing machine, give you attack damage and life. Who say no to more life?
Mercurial Scimitar damage, MR and a kind of Cleanse if you bought tabi is a good idea to buy this item or ...
or this one Zephyr tenacity attack speed, coolddown reduction, attack damage... really good item
Ravenous Hydra your attacks dealt area damage and life steal is nice.
and finally Sword of the Occult i suppose you think who still using that but if you are in a good moment in the game you can get 7 charges quick so 45 AD in ad 1350 gold item and if you call fill it is 110 attack damage + 15% movement speed.

Defensive options

Banshee's Veil cover 1 still. You can use it vs champs that can kill you fast with a combo like LeBlanc or Talon
Randuin's Omen armor and can slow use to Q + E and when stun is over Randuin's Omen maybe is a good engage option.
Sunfire Cape maybe a bit late to do it but why not.
Warmog's Armor if you enemy have too much penetracion and not damage is the best choice
Frozen Heart reduce attack speed give you coldown, mana and armor the death for these full ad teams that I sometimes see and a big problem for adc and champs like Master Yi, but vs full ad team go Thornmail after the core (or before if you really need it) and they will have serious problems.

Enchanting boots:
Most of the people buy Enchantment: Homeguard, but i like too Enchantment: Distortion and Enchantment: Furor too. Choose the one that you prefer.

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Tips & Tricks

You used flash to escape and he to chase? Set a ward and jump to him across the wall with Leap Strike
He is pushing too much? try to hit with 3ยบ strike for pasive + Empower he will probably will have more care and you will can farm more easily.
Did you know you can use Teleport to Jarvan IV flag ( his E Demacian Standard) or to Zac when is in passive. Keep this in mind.

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Playing Jax

Stay in line as much time as you can, try to dont let your enemy farm focus on creeps but if you see a easy kill with no risk go for it. You dont need to destry tower at minute 6 or 7 so dont push or you will be easy to gank.
As soon as you have Sheen you become dangerous try to use Empower with Sheen on your enemy to see how many damage can you dealt to him if you think you can vs him without too much difficulty go, if not, still farming and waiting for the jungler. If you kill him push then you can do two things go for the tower or gank going to mid walking or using Teleport to bot, But ask first if the bushes where you use Teleport are warded by the enemy.
By the minute 40, You should have Trinity Force, Guinsoo's Rageblade and maybe Hextech Gunblade or Blade of the Ruined King. You can do a lot of damage, but remember you are Jax not a god, play thinking twice, if you can easily kill adc and top when are alone, you can when they both are togeather? Many people just rush and die. So don't try to be the hero, and play in team that's the key.
You can kill one and stun all the enemy team to do engages but always play in team is you do you should can kill one or two enemies, let the rest for your team and returt to push when all enemies are death.

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  • Jax vs champs (how hard it seem to me and how to survive to hard lines)
  • Jungle Jax route, items, how to gank, etc.