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Irelia Build Guide by Kraviec

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kraviec

Irelia : Solotop + Tons Of Damage Powa

Kraviec Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys!
I proudly present my first guide on mobafire: Irelia - Tons of damage + high survability solotop. You should now, that English is not my native language so please don't be so strict, but write what's wrong with grammar or style, and I'll remove those mistakes asap.
This guide will show you Irelia from different side - attack speed + lifesteal + survability - what's really needed in teamfights, not only being tank, but tank who can do a lot of damage, so opponents don't know who's their focus.
Anyway, let's start show - this is my Irelia guide.

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+ High damage output with maxed w and still being tanky
+ easy farming with Bladesurge
+ hard to gank with Ionian Fervor + Equilibrium Strike
+ easy long laning with low cd Transcendent Blades
+ in good hands nearly immortal champion
+ healing with Hiten Style <3
- low early game
- midhard to play properly
- can be beast only going solotop
- she's power is dependent of item
- Equilibrium Strike does not always stun (depend of %health)

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21-9 is offensive way to build Irelia. Here's the point to put masteries offensive, coz we chose runes totally defensive, and we need some damage from Irelia to good harrass, and counter-harrass opponent solotop champion.


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I chose this runes, because they give us more survability in early game (that's the point, Irelia is sooo weak at the beginning). Some armor + magic resists + health are important to feel free farming a lot, and buy some items later. We need armor penetration for our Bladesurge and Transcendent Blades spells, and physical to do more than "some" damage. Health makes Irelia not as weak early game as without these runes.

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Summoner Spells

+ Flash (Imo the best summoner spell in game)
+ Teleport (Imo tp should has anyone who goes solotop)
+ Ghost (Good for ganking, and anti-ganking)
+ Ignite (Use ignite, and u have nearly 100% sure of kill)
+ Exhaust (Nice to have at least one exhaust in team)
+ Cleanse (in some situations only, when opposite team has a lot of cc)
- Heal (You really don't need this on Irelia)
- Fortify (NO!)
- clairvorance (Leave it for your support)
- Clarity (Clarity on Irelia, rly ?)
- Rally (Should I comment this one ?)
- Smite (Only for jungler)
- Surge (NO!)
- Promote (NO!)

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Ability Sequence and Explanation

I max Hiten Style first, because it gives Irelia nice damage early, mid and late game + awesome heal <3

I max second Bladesurge but one point at start, because thanks to this skill we have really easy farming ( but don't forget.. don't spam with Bladesurge, coz u'll see u r out of mana) + later this one gives us some damage.
I max last Equilibrium Strike, coz this is only for stun/slow in early game, we don't really need to max it first.
I take Transcendent Blades whenever it's possible, awesome ulti :)
Main combo :

Harrass + ganks : Bladesurge -> Equilibrium Strike
TeamFights : Bladesurge on ad carry or ap caster -> Equilibrium Strike -> Hiten Style -> Transcendent Blades over all enemies and... PENTA KILL :D

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Core Items

1. Philosopher's Stone : hp and mana regen + additional gold in early game rocks ! ( Usually I sell it after trinity force, coz it's needless mid/late game)

2a. Ninja Tabi : ofc boots, buy these when your enemy has high ad damage.
2b. Mercury's Treads : buy these when your enemy has a lot of cc + some magic damage.

3. Wit's End : you should always buy this item. It gives attack speed + some magic resists - all what you need with this build - survability from healing from w ( + lifesteal later) + a little bit tanky from incoming damage + outcoming magic damage.

4. Trinity Force : Do I have to comment ? HP + attack speed + passiv from Sheen + slow from Phage and more, more....

5. Atma's Impaler : armor + critical strike + damage based on your health... u need this !

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Items - High Damage

If u've bought all core items, and game is still without winners, here are more ways to build Irelia :

1. Infinity Edge : If you are nearly immortal, but need damage for sure buy it !

2. The Bloodthirster : More lifesteal, more damage, more kills, more survability :)

3. Madred's Bloodrazor : Buy it, when your enemies have a lot of hp, this will take them down.

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Items - Survability

If game is still playing and u have slots to buy items, you should try this :

1. Guardian Angel : Second life isn't bad + armor and magic resists.

2. Banshee's Veil : It's anti-cc weapon, like Quicksilver Sash but imo BV is better on Irelia.

3. Zeke's Herald : is it for sure here? Yep, lifesteal + hp + attack speed gives us more survability in teamfights, coz Irelia doesn't take all cc and focus from enemies.

4. Frozen Heart : Do your opponents have nice attack speed ? Buy it!

5. Randuin's Omen : Frozen Hearth is good idea, but this one imo better. Ofc Randuin's Omen doesn't have aura.. but has passiv, low cd, really nice for Irelia.

6. Force of Nature : Are you weak vs ap casters ? Here's your solution.

7. Hexdrinker : Some damage, some magic resists + shield which blocks magic damage.. good idea versus a lot of ap damage.

Do you ask : where is Sunfire Cape ? Not here. It's good for champs, who has skills like dash, taunt etc, not for Irelia.

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You have to always take solo line. Remember Irelia's early game is weak, so don't harrass as much as you can, but focus on farming, farming, and... yes, farming. But don't farm all cs with your q, coz you will lack mana. After when u reach 3lvl u can start little harrassing enemy. It's important to make opponent has less cs than you, what gives u advantage on lane (more gold, better items). Remember: DO NOT PUSH line, because you are easy target to gank. If lane is in position "0", you and your jungler can easily gank enemy with ur Bladesurge + Equilibrium Strike (propably stun, or at least slow). One of the most important in laning is warding. Whenever u recall u have to spend this 75 gold for one sight ward, which makes u nearly 100% anti-gank guy. Now u will ask where do I put ward ? Simple - in the river bush. You should also know, that sometimes it's better to sacrificeown minions to prevent your enemy from farming ( ie. playing solo vs. Nasus).

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Hard Laning vs....


1. Tryndamere : It's always to play vs. champion who has so faking strong ult...

2. Riven : No mana= no probs. She is hard to counter, even for Irelia.

3. Talon : He can easly jump on you with silence, he can also ult, and he is invisible.. hard.

4. Garen : Silence.. shield... ulti...but he's not immortal.

5. Lee Sin : He has probably the best skills in whole game + no mana, what more ?

6. Nasus : High damage output, playing vs Nasus you should focus on farming + harrassing, to prevent him farmin. I know hard, but you can do this.

7. Renekton : Double dash, stun, heal, strong ulti. Hard to gank.

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Irelia's Role In Team

First of all u can engage, coz in 70% they won't focus u. You will go in teamfight with Bladesurge on ad carry, then Transcendent Blades and damage all enemies + stun on ad carry if u have low hp, or slow if he has lower hp than u. Ofc Hiten Style to makes ur damage really high ( true damage rocks ) - and this propably makes enemy's ad carry dead and won teamfight :) So you see that we can call Irelia an "off-tank", "anti ad-carry machine", or "dps damage initatior champion" - champions with this roles are really important in teams, so Irelia is always good choice for team (only solo lane - remember this).

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Gimme some time to render video and upload on slowwy youtube :)

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Irelia is champion, which's midhard to play. You need a lot of games to master it properly, but it is not as hard as it seems. I made this build to show u how strong is Irelia in mid/late game.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or maybe u see mistakes, please leave me comment :)

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Thanks to...

Big thanks to Jhoijhoi for his "Making a Guide" :)