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Teemo Build Guide by RainbowNova

Top Iron IV's Guide to Teemo - The Poisonous Chameleon - "A

Top Iron IV's Guide to Teemo - The Poisonous Chameleon - "A

Updated on July 5, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RainbowNova Build Guide By RainbowNova 5 1 8,795 Views 2 Comments
5 1 8,795 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RainbowNova Teemo Build Guide By RainbowNova Updated on July 5, 2019
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Runes: The Thunder Scouts (Camouflaged Tank)

1 2
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Absolute Focus

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Iron IV's Guide to Teemo - The Poisonous Chameleon - "A

By RainbowNova


My name is RainbowNova. I'm an Iron IV (technically Bronze II) player who usually plays Teemo. I've been playing since the end of Season 7, right after Kayn had been released. I love writing off-meta guides, because I'm terrible at the game. Using builds that can be seen as "troll builds" does not only give me an excuse for playing terrible, but it's also really fun to see what kinds of fun things you can try out.

I've played Teemo ever since I first found out about him and I've never stopped playing him ever since. He was the first champion on which I didn't completely fail.
Even though I haven't been playing League as much as I used to, Teemo is still my go-to champion for when I do play. Whether I go support, mid or top, I've found Teemo to work in every role besides in the jungle ( and I've seen even that work once ). After trying out a tank build on Teemo for quite some time, I've realised that this build is something that needs to be shared. Teemo has enough built-in damage to be able to build tank items while still doing some damage. Going tank on Teemo won't let you do the same amount of damage as regular Teemo would obviously, but it's still something that I think every Teemo player should try out atleast once! (Trust me, you'll tank me later.)

Before we start this guide, I want everyone to know a bit about the origins of Tankmo. When was he invented? Who invented him? Was there a true 'first' creator or did multiple people have the idea? All these questions will be answered in the following bit. However, if you do not care at all, please keep on scrolling a small bit.

Who invented tanks?

What kinds of tanks are there?"


+ You still deal tons of damage.
+ You take almost no damage (besides true damage).
+ It's fun!
+ It works on any terrain!
+ Better sustain in lane.
+ You get to live longer in fights.
+ People, both your teammates and your enemies, WILL rage at you.

Tankmo is not just a good pick, it's almost always the best pick. You get to deal tons of damage thanks to Liandry's Anguish and because you're Teemo, but you also take less damage thanks to the HP from Liandry's Anguish and your other tank items. Your Blinding Dart makes it so you have even less damage to worry about, since literally no auto attacks can hurt you for a full 2+ seconds. You can also kite greatly thanks to the slow on your Noxious Trap and Iceborn Gauntlet.

- You don't get to see squishies die to 2 shrooms.
- You might get flamed for 'trolling'.
- Your early game is the same as with the normal Teemo build.
- Fighting enemy tanks in a 1v1 can be hard, since you will lose out on most of your usual Teemo damage.

There aren't a lot of negatives about going tank on Teemo, but there's still a few there and they should be talked about. First of all, enemy tanks like Cho'Gath, Illaoi and Garen will out-tank you. They all get really tank in the late-game to the point where it's not even funny anymore. Since you'll lose out on quite some damage, they'll be harder to lane against after your first item. You can take more damage from their combos, but that doesn't mean you'll survive them.

This first rune path is for the people who would like to go the Camouflaged Tank path, where you'll be focusing more on the damaging part of this guide.

For the keystone I've chosen Electrocute. I've done this, because it gives a decent amount of burst once you hit an aa + Blinding Dart + Ignite. I've also chosen for it, because I do not like any of the other keystones and runes on Tankmo. Summon Aery, Arcane Comet, Press the Attack, etc just don't give me the same feeling that Electrocute gives when you run your enemy down and they cry in fear hoping you won't hit that last thing you need to hit for Electrocute to proc...

All of these three can be used, since they all have some use on Tankmo. First of all is Cheap Shot, which works if you build Rylai's Crystal Scepter and/or if you hit an enemy with a Noxious Trap. Then there's Taste of Blood, which I'd personally not recommend. Last and the one I always pick is Sudden Impact, because Teemo has no cooldown on his passive and Sudden Impact only goes on a 4 SECOND COOLDOWN if you wait the 5 seconds it lasts. This means that you can go in stealth, attack an enemy, go back in stealth and still have the magic penetration and lethality.

For these 3 my choice is always really easy. I almost always go for Eyeball Collection. The only time I don't is if I play a support champion and even then I usually go another rune, because I'd prefer going Resolve on a tank or Sorcery on a mage. Eyeball Collection gives you the extra damage you want as Tankmo, while the other 2 give you the vision that Teemo's shrooms can give you as well.

The choice for this one is personal. I'd definitely not recommend Ingenious Hunter as you do not have any item actives with this build. Ultimate Hunter seems redundant as the cooldown of Noxious Trap is not that long and the damage won't be too great. I'd recommend going for either Relentless Hunter for the extra movement speed, so you can run your enemies down or Ravenous Hunter so you have some sort of sustain once you get Liandry's Anguish + Sheen.


I like Absolute Focus the most out of the choices here, as you'll be above 70% health most of the time with that amazingly well chosen Warmog's Armor and all of the HP you'll be stacking. It's basically a free 30 AP and any amount helps!

The first thing I've got to say about these 3 is that you should not pick Waterwalking on Teemo. Unless you're planning on playing River Teemo, you should really not pick it. It's not as good as the other two. You could pick Gathering Storm, but I personally don't have any game last longer than 30 minutes, so it just doesn't give me the amount I'd like it to. Scorch however, gives you a free extra burning effect that combines very well together with the burn from Liandry's Anguish and the poison from Toxic Shot.

Here I've chosen for the simple Damage + Damage + Hp path. I've chosen damage over Cooldown Reduction and Attack Speed, since you won't be needing either of those. The items in this build give you more than enough Cooldown Reduction and attack speed is not the most important stat on Teemo. I've chosen HP over armor or magic resistance, because to me HP feels like it works against both Attack Damage and Ability Power, while armor and magic resistance only negate either Attack Damage or Ability Power respectively.

This second rune path is for the people who would like to go the 100% Tank path, where you'll be focusing solely on the tanking part of this guide.

As keystone I've picked Grasp of the Undying, as it gives you 3 extra health just for auto attacking the enemy. You also deal more damage based on your max health and you heal 2% of your max health back. This 3 extra health stacks with the health gained from other runes, making you tankier just for poking the enemy which Teemo is a beast at.

Out of these 3 I've chosen for Demolish as Teemo doesn't get a shield from anything and he mostly plays solo, so Font of Life won't do much for him. Demolish however makes you do extra damage on turrets and the damage increases with your max health. So not only will you do tons of damage to turrets, but you'll also be able to tank more when you run away from enemies trying to stop you.

Here I've chosen for Bone Plating as I find it to be the most useful. Taking less damage from an enemy champions from their next 3 spells or attacks is good against champions that spam abilities. Although Second Wind gives you back 4% of your missing health, you won't need this as Warmog's Armor gives you back way more in the mid-late game and you won't heal much of Second Wind in the early game. Conditioning could be picked, as free extra armor and MR is always nice but I find Tankmo to have more than enough of both eventually, so I prefer to pick Bone Plating to survive laning phase better.

For the last rune of the primairy tree I've picked Overgrowth. You won't need Revitalize as you most likely won't have a support in the top lane. You could go for unflinching, but I find the extra health from Overgrowth to be better for getting to the point of becoming a true Tankmo.

Once again I've chosen for Sorcery to be the secondairy tree. This time I've gone for Nullifying Orb as it gives you a shield that blocks magic damage, making you tankier. You won't need Manaflow Band as Sheen will give you more than enough mana in the early game. Nimbus Cloak isn't that useful, unless you are going to do more with Teemo's movement speed, but we'er focusing on becoming Tankmo.

The last rune. I've once again chosen for Scorch for the same reason as above. Waterwalking is not that useful for a toplaner and my games almost never last longer than 30 minutes so Gathering Storm won't do much.

For the three smoll things I've gone for Damage - Armor - MR. This is simply because you do not need anymore than 40% CDR thanks to your items, so damage is the best choice. I've chosen armor and MR, because it makes you tankier(duh).

Camouflaged Tank
Core items

Liandry's Torment

Iceborn Gauntlet
Situational items

Zhonya's Hourglass

Banshee's Veil

Warmog's Armor


Sorcerer's shoes

Mercury's Treads

Ninja Tabi

100% Tank
Core items

Liandry's Torment

Iceborn Gauntlet
Situational items

Warmog's Armor


Abyssal Mask

Randuin's Omen

Adaptive Helm

Rod of Ages

Mercury's Treads

Ninja Tabi


Guerrilla Warfare (Passive)

Unit: (literally and figuratively) absolute
COST: 0 mana
COOLDOWN: 1.5 seconds (kinda?)
Teemo goes invisible if he stays still for 1.5 seconds outside of a brush. The invisiblity goes away if you move or use most of the Summoners Spells. If you become invisible in a brush or flash into a brush while being invisible, you stay invisible. You also get an Attack Speed boost for a few seconds after you get out of invisibility.

This is the thing that makes playing Teemo so much fun. Are you being chased by enemies? Just find a decent spot to hide and go invisible. Will they run past you thinking you kept running or will they know you're in the same brush as them? What if you actually kept on running and they're staying in the brush thinking you went invisible? You can also go invisible in another lane in the first minute for a cheesy 2v1 in the first minute. The amount of possibilities are near infinite. Personal recommendation: If you get +3.000 HP and have Warmog's Armor and you're found out in a brush, you will be able to run around in the brush and regain your HP. Your enemies will think you're getting low, while you're just going to stay at full HP the entire time.

Blinding Dart (Q)

RANGE: 680 (6.8 Teemo's)
COST: 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 mana
COOLDOWN: 8 seconds
This is a point and click ability. It blinds a single enemy. This means that any (PHYSICAL) damage from auto attacks gets ignored. This works on Nasus Q, Udyr E and every other empowered auto attack as well. However, it only blocks the damage. It will not block any side-effects or magical damage.

One very important thing to note about Blinding Dart is that it's not the best for poking or damaging toplaners. It takes quite some mana and it has a big cooldown of a whole 8 seconds.

  • Blinding Dart takes some time to fly towards your target. Because of this, you might notice that people can auto attack you even though you pressed Q on them. Be aware that this will happen a lot, unless you can super-predict an upcoming flash-aa and even then the ability itself might be too slow.
  • Obviously, blinding shot should be saved for the enemy's ADC or Auto Attack based champions. It can blind for an entire +2 seconds, meaning that you can render an ADC almost completely useless. For the love of Teemo do not go and focus the Illaoi with your blind...

Move Quick (W)

RANGE: 0 Teemo's
COST: 40 mana
COOLDOWN: 17 seconds
Move Quick has a passive and an active. The passive part gives you a 10-26% movement speed boost at all times, whether in or out of combat. The active part doubles this movement speed bonus, giving you a 20-52% movement speed boost.

This ability makes it so that you have a minimum of 330 + 33 = 363 movement speed stat at any given time. That's all I can really say about this ability. It's just extra movement speed. What else do you want me to say?

  • Use this to run away faster... Wow... What a helpful tip. Thanks me for telling everyone such an obvious thing...
  • You can use this to... Run it down quicker? That's something I guess. Go and run it down like Tyler1 used to.(Please don't actually do this, I don't wanna be responsible for people going 0/20 maxing W first buying mobi boots + taking all the movement speed runes)

Toxic Shot (E)

RANGE: Auto Attack Range
COST: 0 mana
COOLDOWN: 0 seconds
Your auto attacks now have a burning effect and we'll call it poison.

I just don't even know what to say about this. I tried to make some kind of joke or connect this with a tank somehow, but there's literally nothing.

  • Just
  • poison
  • your enemies.

Noxious Trap (Q)

RANGE: 400(4 Teemo's) / 650(6.5 Teemo's) / 900(9 Teemo's)
COST: 75 mana and 1 shroom charge
COOLDOWN: 30 / 25 / 20 seconds for recharging, 0,25 CD for placing the shrooms.
Teemo can store up to 3 shrooms. These shrooms stay until they either explode or until their 5 minute timer has expired. If anyone or anything steps on them, they deal damage in an area poisoning everything near it. You can throw a shroom onto another shroom for it to bounce further. If an enemy steps onto another shroom while still taking damage from another, the poison effect gets reset and the damage does NOT stack.

These shrooms can be placed GLOBALLY. You can put them anywhere you'd like. Whether that is the enemy's jungle, your own jungle, bot or midlane, river or your own lane; it does not matter. It's an easy way to get assists or to steal the enemy's jungle's buffs.

  • Where you want to place your shrooms depends on your enemy. Other Teemo guides will go more in detail about this, but personally I like placing shrooms between brushes. This way you can hide away from ganks if you've pushed too far and get some free damage on the enemies.
  • Another good place to put shrooms can be at the tribush or at the entrance of your blue buff, so that you have some vision and knowledge of the enemy jungler.
  • If your enemy loves diving, you can place shrooms between the wall and the pathing of the minions. You can also place shrooms right next to the turret, as long as you kill the melee minions before they hit them.

Now before I start ranting about which champions I personally dislike, because I either suck against them or because Teemo just wasn't made to play against them; most if not all champions that counter Tankmo are champions that either are hella tanky or heal way too much for Tankmo to ever beat. So although Tankmo won't be able to 1v1 these champions, you do survive longer than regular Teemo would, meaning your team has more time to come and help you.






Actually not the worst to play against.

1 - Malphite
Usually, Malphite beats Teemo after level 6. This is because of his ultimate, Hole Destroyer. This ability allows Malphite to quickly teleport behind someone and oh wae mae wo shinderu them, after which he high fives the ground once and slaps you in the face. USUALLY this would one shot you, even if Malphite were to go 100% MR. This time however, you're Tankmo. If you rush Abyssal Mask, you can tank his damage. You won't be able to kill him easily in a 1v1, but with the help of your jungler you can kill him. So in terms of who's better, Tankmo and Malphite are equal in strength and tankiness.
2 - Cho'Gath
Cho'Gath gains health and mana from killing minions. Although this is a very small amount, it's still more than you'll heal. Cho'Gath also has an ultimate that does a lot of true damage. Luckily enough, you won't be taking as much damage from his Q, W and E as a usual Teemo would, making his ult less of a threat since you won't be low enough to die to it. Once you get Liandry's you can do quite some damage to Cho'Gath, but it's recommended to play it safe or to dodge his Q's. Tankmo does not outtank Cho'Gath, but he also won't die to him in a 1v1.
3 - Sion
Sion is a great tank. Not only does he get extra health from his W for killing minions, but he can also run the runes that give more health per minion. This means that he will outscale you in health. Sion also has a knockup and a stun, both which deal quite a lot of damage. He also has a big butt shield which deals damage and an E which makes him do more damage if it hits you. Basically, Sion is going to demolish you even harder than you could possibly demolish any turret. He is tankier, will have more health than you and does more damage. He also has a chance after death to kill you, because of the bonus movement speed, attack speed and lifesteal he gets.

4 - The Challenger 2
The Challenger 2 is usually seen as the best tank there is on the entire planet. That is, if you don't count Tankmo as a Tank. According to specific Google results, the Challenger 2 is the best, because of its accuracy and armor. It holds the record for being the tank that requires the longest amount of time to destroy. It can shoot over 5 km and does this with a deadly accuracy. Compared to Tankmo, the Challenger 2 is nothing. Tankmo NEVER misses his attack or blinds, meaning he has a 100% accuracy. This is very important, as a missed shot can warn your enemies and give away your location. Tankmo can also go invisible, meaning he can attack and hide without anyone knowing he was ever there to begin with. The Challenger 2 however cannot go invisible and will be seen. To compensate for this, the Challenger 2 is the hardest to kill tank ever. So Tankmo has invisibility and a 100% accuracy, but the Challenger 2 is the tankiest on the entire world and can shoot targets from 5 kilometres away.

- Teemo was released on the 21th of February in 2009, so he's officially older than my mental age as of 27-06-2019.
- Teemo was the first champion I really started maining.
- The reason I call him a chameleon, is because he feels viable in every role and in that way he can adapt to every environment just like how chameleons can change color to blend in with their environment.







I want to thank the following people and sites for of all the things they've done which have helped me make this guide:

- The following links are the ones I've used for the information about tanks. This one is about tanks used in WW1. Link:

- This one's about the earliest tanks made and vehicles similar to tanks. Link:

- This one explains the classes of tanks. Link:

- Foxy has a really amazing guide on how to work with tables, going from the most basic to the coolest advanced ways of using them. Check it out! Link:

- JhoiJhoi for her amazing guide on how to make a guide + Templates she allows others to use. I've been using her guide for every single one of mine, because I keep forgetting how to use basic code. Link:

- I want to thank a very specific person for telling me to work on this guide, as I've been stalling it for quite some time.

- A site that names a few of the strongest war tanks ever. Link:
Thank you again for reading, and have a good day.

PS: I tried changing the Teemo icons above into Tankmo's, but the code just didn't let me :(
League of Legends Build Guide Author RainbowNova
RainbowNova Teemo Guide
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