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Jax Build Guide by Spearra

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spearra

Jax Guide/Build (work in progress)

Spearra Last updated on December 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jax, the duelist with a lamppost.

Hello, my name is Spearra and this is my first guide. Today, we're going to be talking about Jax the grandmaster at arms. Jax is a melee duelist who excels at dueling melee champions and AD carries (for the most part) and dodging many different attacks. He is also very flexible.

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Pros & Cons

- Barely ANY champions can fight him in a 1v1 situation (even Darius!)
- GOD-LIKE endgame
- Flexible champion (can go to bot, top, possibly mid depending on the situation, and jungle)
- Okay early game if played right
- Not having skill shots (both a blessing and a curse)
- Counter Strike dodges ALL BASIC ATTACKS and attacks that function like so like Fiora and Warwick's specials
- Runes are really cheap to buy in comparason to other champions
- Besides that he isn't anything special early on, his ability to farm is fantastic. So if your off on a bad start you can recover. Sometimes outlevel your enemies.

- Difficult starting the game/laning phase; kited easily
- Needs expensive items
- Difficult in general to fully learn (keeping the combo rolling!)
- Cannot easily check bushes for enemies/ Jax does not have skill shots
- AP Carries can shut Jax down HARD

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Masteries/Runes/Summoner Spells



These masteries give Jax a eairly game buff/health increase and a little defence and increase is damage output.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Health

Jax gets a small amount of MR (magic resist) per level so scaling magic resist runes help alot. Flat armor runes to even out Jax's defence and flat health quintessence to give you a early game advantage/help with first blood (FB).

Flash is pretty much every champions spell, same with Jax
Exhaust to catch up with enemies and lower their defence slightly due to Summoner's Wrath , also because unlike ingnite, exhaust scales well late game whereas ingnite does barely any damage later in the game.

As for the other SP (Summoner's Spells), Teleport is okay but that is more for tanks ( Amumu FTW!). Of course you shouldALWAYS TAKE SMITE if you are jungling.

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Abilities (Jax's abilities are not easy to master, I have to go in depth so

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Unlike a majority of Jax players/guides, I think Counter Strike should be used at level one. The reason for this is that Jax's passive Relentless Assault already deals a fair amount of damage early game/more attacks (sometimes if not all the time .9 attack speed). Plus, its a stun so it always helps with getting FB. Sometimes it will get you a double kill due to what it does. As for what it does, counterstrike dodges any basic attack and certain abilities that act like basic attacks like Gang Planks Parrrley. Even Warwick and Fiora's specials. I repeat, JAX DODGES WARWICK AND FIORA'S SPECIALS (given you use counterstrike before warwick special). This also means it is an AD carry's nightmare. Darius trying to get his stacks on you? Counterstrike is the awnser. Also, the more attacks you dodge, the more damage your Counter Strike does in addition to the stun this ability grants you. It deals physical damage though.

Get Empower at level 2 if you don't need to dodge skill shots or anything else really. Very useful move for harassing enemies due to its low mana cost and low cool down. Also level up empower whenever you can because by level six you'll see why. It can also be used even after a basic attack almost instantly to attack faster. This also lets you stack your passive faster. This ability scales off ability power.

At level 3 get Leap Strike to give you that extra escape tool. It can be used on enemy champions and deals damage to them, on ally champions, wards, jungle monsters, and other things like friendly Shaco boxes (Shaco in a box). Also, the ability says that if you use Empower before you Leap Strike and then Leap Strike while empowered, it deals more damage. Though I don't recomend doing this because early on, your abilities use a fair amount of mana and your Leap Strike will use a lot of mana during the laning phase. Also, Leap Strike deals physical damage to enemies.

Level up Grandmaster's Might everytime you are given to option. This is where all of the levels in empower get extreamely useful. This is because Grandmaster's Might has a passive where every third attack causes a crit. So if you basic attack twice and then hit W/Empower the momment your second basic attack connects/hits, your third attack will hit with the crit damage and the empower's damage at the same time the third attack hits causing a HUGE amount of damage. Plus, since it is crit damage, you know that Atama's Impaler you got from the item build? Well the more crit damage an item gives you, the more damage that third attack does. You know how I said earlier that you shouldn't do the empower, leap-strike combo? Well here is the third reason, if you basic attack twice, use empower, and then leap-strike an enemy, it will deal almost crit damage from your third attack, but it doesn't coun't as a thrid attack. So never do that. Leap strike first then basic attack twice and use empower after the second basic attack hits. The empower will count as a third hit in addition to the crit. So really, don't try to do anything else or your damage output won't be as effective. Also, your third hit scales off of AP.

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Creeping / Jungling

Since you are probaly going to be soloing top, always last hit when you can. If alot of enemy minions are low, use Counter Strike. Even if you don't have creeps since creeps only basic attack (not to mention the fact that the more attacks dodged, the more damage it does).
Attack the enemy champion(s) whenever you can.
Use Empower to last hit if you want due to its low mana cost. If you have blue buff, you regenerate more mana then you can use your abilities!

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Wait for the initiator/tank to go and you know, initiate the fight. Wait a few seconds and then charge in with leap strike and counterstrike (before you leap strike so the stun happens faster). Then just target all of the squishy champions first since Jax is very efficent at doing that. After that, just attack everyone left but their tank (given they have one). Basically, cauase as much chaos as you can to the enemy. That includes counter jungling.

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Items (Bear wth me here because this is by far the longest chapter)

Starting of the game:
First, buy the standard 3 health potions and boots. On your first trip back to the store, buy Mercury's Treads and Vampiric Scepter to sustain yourself in lane (mostly solo top). Don't even bother with the Ninja Tabi. Because if you are fighting an AD carry, you know what to do with Counter Strike.

As for the second trip to the store, you should rush your Sheen because at level 6 your Grandmaster's Might will be avalible and the Sheen dramaticly increases your damage output with that third attack even further because if you don't know what the Sheen does, its passive is "After using an ability, your next basic attack deals bonus physical damage equal to your base AD (2 second cooldown). This means if you use your two basic attack, instant third Empower, crit combo, you deal bonus physical damage. So from that one third attack you deal a crit, large amounts of AP damage, and physical damage from your Sheen. You just dealed both types of basic damage from one attack.

Now, buy your Phage and then buy the [bilgewater cutlass. You buy the Phage next because since your going to be using basic attacks to finish off enemies, your gonna want that slow to keep damaging said enemy. If you can't slow them, you still have Counter Strike. As for the Bilgewater Cutlass, you get that next because you already built into it earlier and besides, you get more AD and another way to criple your enemies with its really helpful active. What it does is slow the enemy and deal a small amount of magic damage. So if they are really low, you can just use its acrive to kill them, besides, it slows them, so if they don't die, you can just catch up to them. REMEMBER that you have Exhaust!

Late Game:
Since you just bought a ton of useful items, its time to get more. By then you probaly have seen the massive damage you did with your deadly thrid attack. Well here it gets better, after you bought the bilgwater cutless, buy the Trinity Force since you already have two items of the three to build it. Afer you bought it, your damage futher increases because now you run faster, you attack faster, basically your almost there to your GOD-LIKE end-game. Next, finish off buying your Hextech Gunblade. This is where your dueling capablilities happen. Not only does this item give you life-steal from your many AD attacks, but also spell-vamp from your AP attacks! This means the more damage you do to someone, the more you heal since all of your attacks bassicly heal you up to this point. This also means your (A= Basic Attack, W = Empower) AA - W combo will heal you by a HUGE amount.

After you bought two of your three core items, now heres where your god-like end-game begins. First, rush your Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This gives you more health, AP, and slows down enemies with each spell you use aganst them. This means you slow them with basic attacks, AP attacks, and with the Gunblade's slow in addition to your Counter Strike and Exhaust. You have SOO many ways to stop one enemy or more in their tracks to the point where they can't even escape. Next, buy the Atma's Impaler. This late into the game your earlier items gave you a ton of HP bonuses. So now that extra health causes your AD to deal more damage the more health you have;if your dying, it doesn't help much; if your full health you will deal lots of damage. But since you have the Gunblade healing you EVERY TIME YOU ATTACK, this item helps a lot. Not to mention the Atma's Impaler gives you a fairly large amount of armor and increase ctrit chance. Plus, since you have more AD, Grandmaster's Might this late in the game will give you a ton of armor and magic resist! After you bought that, finish off your build with the Guinsoo's Rageblade, your finale item in the build and one of the more deadly ones. The reason you buy this one last is because it doesn't really give you as much use as oppose to the Gunblade with its reletless healing. So its more of a end-game buff. As for what it does, it gives you more AP and AD, always good, but it also gives you 4% Attack Speed snd 4 Ability Powerr for 8 seconds and stacks up to 8 times. This means your basic attacks will grant you more AP, and AS (attack speed) in addition to your Relentless Assault passive! So now you keep your combo rolling, you will be attacking EXTREMLY QUICK! As for the Rageblade's passive, "Falling below 50% health grants you 20% AS, 10% Life Steal and 10% Spell Vamp until you exit combat (3o second cool down)." So basically, even if you heal yourself over 50% health when it is active, it will still give you its bonuses until you stop attacking what you are attacking. So if your wondering what happened to the Surge Summoner's Spell, here it is except you can use it forever if you stay in a prolonged fight.

Now that you completed your build, use that extra gold fo red, pink, and blue elixirs.

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Your Role

As I've said many times before, Jax can pretty much go wherever he wants (like Dr. Mundo). What this means is that you can solo top (best choice, pick that whenever you can), support bot or be the carry since we already established that he owns end-game, mid depending on the situation, and the jungle which is the second best choice. Can't get solo top? Try jungling. Remember to C-C-C-COUNTER JUNGLE!!!!

As for what Jax isn't, he isn't a tank or a ranger. This means early on Jax can be kited and since he isn't a tank, he can be focused down hard in team fights.

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10 Rules of Jax

#2.Stay in the fight for as long as you can. YOU NEED TO DO THIS AS JAX to buy your expensive items
#3.If you can, try to last hit minions in and basic attack the enemy champions to keep your passive/combo rolling to keep your damage high
#4.Never initiate if you have a tank
#5.Jax's main lane is solo top
#6.Help your team if they need it, you can change the fight with Counter Strike.
#8.Never purely buy AD or AP because Jax is made to use both
#9.If you have no hope in escaping certain death, fight 'till the end. You might live!

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Kill Stealing

Its a TEAM GAME so even if you kill steal, everyone gets more money, and more money means a better chance of winning! If someone KS you, say GJ. You got gold eithier way.

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Enemy Champions (This will take forever to complete)

10 are basically your counters.
5 can go either way.
1 will just feed you to no end!

Master Yi doesn't have Ashe 's bush checking abilities. Sure his Alpha Strike will hit you but everything else he has you counter. Basically, melee him to death and spam Counter Strike and Leap Strike at mid or late game. Don't worry about Master Yi 's Meditate. Remember that your Counter Strike stuns people and it can interrupt Meditate 's effect.

Twitch can't check bushes well. Sure he can use Ambush but he IS the range version of Darius. But this means Twitch is even easier to kill. Basically the same thing verses Ashe, get in range and beat that ugly rat to death with your twig (if he can kill people with a lamppost, imagine how hard he fricken hits!)!

Ashe is an AD carry. We all know that Jax completly counters AD carries hard and Ashe is no exception. She is fragile and you can easily catch up to her. Sure she has slows and a ult that stuns but if you get up close to her, she can't escape easily. Besides, you slow her equally as much and stun with a lower cooldown. Though there is one thing she can do to cause you problems, she can check bushes and can aim her Volley into the bushes. Remember that you don't have skill shots, and remember to buy wards to make her less effective.

Darius is known for being tanky and dealing a large amount of damage. He is the melee equelevant of Twitch. Darius ' passive causes true damage over time and stacks up to a cap. His special is the most infamous thing about him. It deals true damage and more damage the more stacks he has on you. Though heres what puts him at a disadvantage, mid and late game your cooldowns are extremly short and you can spam Counter Strike and dodge his passive pretty much. Completly countering his special because it needs to get those stacks. Early on just burst him down.

Akali deals burst damage and has a threatning passive. She is like you, she gains a massive damage at level 6. Don't be afraid to fight her if you are just as fed as her. Remember, your a duelist! To fight her, there are two different ways. Agressive Way:One is put a ward when she goes into her smoke bomb thing so you can fight her there or the defensive way where you wait for her to get out of her stealth bubble, whatever, and fight her then. But either way you probaly will have as much defence as her. So try to duel her for as long as you can. Ninjas can't stay in a prolonged fight. Good for laning, terrible for teamfights.

Cho'Gath can go either way but he has an advantage. Though your Counter Strike reduces slows on you ( cho'gath 's Rupture), it doesn't exactly save you. Besides, Cho'Gath has one of the deadliest specials in the game, it deals true damage and deals massive damage. His Feral Scream will mess up your combo (though once it expires you have free range to counter attack). His Vorpal Spikes are managable, you can dodge those but everything else will hurt you. Just run when you need to (given you can).

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Duel people, don't tank, build hybrid AD/AP instead due to Grandmaster's Might, cause as much chaos in teamfights as you can, gank as much as you can, fight to the death if you can't run.

End of story of Jax :