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Galio Build Guide by warlag

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author warlag

Jungle Galio Season 4

warlag Last updated on October 19, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First, please keep in mind the builds/runes/masteries in this guide are not ABSOLUTE, you can switch out some depending on your playstyle/preferences. With that being said, In this guide you will find some tips using the gargoyle as a jungler, jungle paths, item build etc. Feel free to post some feedback of the guide, your opinions, questions or anything else. Every feedback is welcomed!

Galio is a champion that does not get played regularly, especially if you intend to play him as a jungler, but this champion can actually work pretty good in the jungle and has some good strenghts, of course it has it's weaknesses, but then again, so does every champion.

I'm no pro here, but I've tried to jungle Galio a lot recently and I can say I've won more than half my jungle Galio games in my current Platinum division so feel free to try it out.

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Pros / Cons



  • Relies on blue buff at early game.
  • Relatively slow mid/late game jungle clears, needs help with dragon/baron.
  • Tenacity reduces the taunt duration/max damage potential of Idol of Durand
  • Idol of Durand could be interrupted as soon as it is activated if careless.

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  • 1 point Double-Edged Sword : We are a melee champion so we benefit more from this mastery than ranged champions.
  • 4 points Sorcery: The extra 5% cooldown reduction is important, our main damage comes from abilities, not autoattacks, so we want to use them regularly.
  • 3 points Mental Force : This will boost our ability power while we level up so our abilities will become stronger.
  • 1 point Arcane Mastery: This will gives us an extra 6 AP for our early game damage.
  • 3 points Executioner : This will help us deal more damage to low health enemies to finish them off easier.


  • 2 points Tough Skin : This will help us survive longer in the jungle at early levels.
  • 1 point Bladed Armor : In order to clear faster the jungle camps.
  • 2 points Enchanted Armor : We will build resistances so the bonus armor and magic resist will be useful.
  • 3 points Veteran Scars : The extra 36 HP will help us survive longer in the jungle and the lanes.
  • 1 point Juggernaut : We will also build lots of health so this mastery comes in handy.


  • 2 points Meditation : Galio is mana hungry, so this early mana regen is useful.
  • 3 points Fleet of Foot: Gives us a nice movement speed bonus for easier ganks as simply move faster.
  • 3 points Summoner's Insight : This allows us to use both Smite for faster jungle clears and Flash for teamfight positioning more often.
  • 1 point Runic Affinity : Blue buff is important for Galio at early levels so This will make our red and blue buffs last longer.

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This is my preffered item build, please keep in mind this build is not ABSOLUTE, you can switch off items or purchase order depending on the situation.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem: gives you a faster jungle camp clear, CDR for more constant abilities, a nice 20 armor and 200 health, plus the passive that will give you a ward and extra health with incoming items.

Mercury's Treads: Of course you need the 45 MS, it gives you 25 MR which Runic Skin will use to give you an OUTSTANDING extra 12.5 AP, plus it gives you tenacity which is helpful against strong CC teams. You can switch this item for Ninja Tabi if they are AD heavy, or Ionian Boots of Lucidity for more CDR.

Rod of Ages: When fully stacked, you get 80 AP for more damage, you don't have mana regen items so the extra mana is nice, and the health it will give you will make Spirit of the Ancient Golem grant you bonus HP.

Spirit Visage: Gives you 10% CDR which is nice, 400 health which will make Spirit of the Ancient Golem grant you more extra health, 55 MR which Runic Skin will use to grant you 27.5 AP, and a decent health regen. It's passive will make Bulwark heal you much more which is cool.

Iceborn Gauntlet: Again, gives you some nice extra mana to compensate your lack of mana regen, 30 AP, 60 armor, 10% CDR. It's passive will make your autoattacks a bit more useful.

Liandry's Torment: 50 AP, 300 health, Spirit of the Ancient Golem will grant you bonus health. gives you 15 magic penetration which is good. Works good with Resolute Smite since it slows enemies down, making Liandry's Torment passive DoT do double damage.

Approximate stats summary with this build/runes/masteries at level 18:
(These are from the top of my head, they are approximates so it might be a little more a little less.)

~4k HP
~250 AP (~300 with Bulwark active), ~18 magic pen
~110 AD, ~3 armor pen
~130 armor (~220 with Bulwark active),
~150 MR (~240 with Bulwark active)
35% CDR
~390 MS
Liandry's-hard-to-calculate DoT

Again, keep in mind you can take different items depending on the enemy team comp. Zhonya's Hourglass, Thornmail, Frozen Heart are good armor items, Abyssal Mask works great with Idol of Durand reducing the MR of close enemies, Athene's Unholy Grail is perfect if you feel you still lack mana regen, etc.

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Early jungle path

Buy Hunter's Machete and one Health Potion, yes, one. Start by leveling up Resolute Smite, it is your primary damage source and jungle clearing ability. Preferably start red buff, ask for someone to watch over your blue buff or place a ward at around 1:50 if possible, you need this blue or you will get behind. Anyways after you finish up red buff level up you Righteous Gust, make your way to wraiths and clear it, use your single Health Potion if needed.

Go back to base and buy Quill Coat, you might have to wait for 10 gold depending on how fast you cleared red buff and wraiths. Use Righteous Gust to speed your way to blue buff, you can now clear faster with Quill Coat and get decent health/mana regen.

After you are done with blue level up Bulwark, head to clear wolves, wraiths and golemns using Bulwark to heal, you should hit level 4 now, level up Resolute Smite and seek oportunities to gank. If there are no opportunities keep clearing camps until level 6, ganks should be easier with Idol of Durand

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Advice while clearing jungle

Use Resolute Smite while walking to the camp.
Example: while walking from red buff to golemn, Use Resolute Smite from the other side of the wall.
Advantage: Deal damage from afar while on your way to the camp, Resolute Smite will begin its cooldown earlier while you take no damage.

Use Resolute Smite while Bulwark is active.
Example: Pretty self explanatory, anyways, self cast Bulwark, then use Resolute Smite.
Advantage: Bulwark grants a 4 second armor and MR buff, Runic Skin will convert 50% of that bonus MR to AP, making Resolute Smite stronger during that 4 second interval for a faster camp clear.
Position and use Righteous Gust to finish up the jungle camp.
Example: while clearing wolves, position yourself to cast Righteous Gust in the direction of the wraiths or wight and finish clearing wolves off with it.
Advantage: You will arrive faster to the next camp with the MS buff.

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Stealing Objectives

You will need to have your Flash and Idol of Durand for this to be easier. Your ultimate combined with Smite can instantly deal tons of damage to dragon/baron, making steals easy. Try to cancel your channeled ult early (just move) to synchronize your damage and smite to go off at the same time to secure the objective.

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Closing it up

Overall, Galio can work pretty good in the jungle with some experience as him. He can use Bulwark to self heal while clearing camps, has AoE damageIf you have a support with good or great CC like Leona or Alistar you can almost guarantee a kill or two by locking them down with the help of your support and your ultimate, making them rage because of it. He might not be so fast at clearing jungle camps or soloing baron/dragon like other junglers, but he compensates this greatly in teamfights with his game changing ultimate or protecting your caught allies.