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League of Legends Build Guide Author RealmriderX1

Jungle Jax - The New Meta: An Explanation

RealmriderX1 Last updated on February 4, 2012
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The Exordium: Read this 1st!

Hello and welcome! This is my 3rd serious guide on MOBAFire, so i would like to introduce my self. My name is Realmrider(sigh, no lifer), and i have written a Gangplank guide that went pretty well, it had 82% score, but some trollvoters downvoted without any ****ing reason. Anyway, i've created a Nocturne guide which can be found in the right part of Your screen, where it says Realmrider's other MOBAFire guides. You can check those if you want! Anyway, i put A LOT of damn effort in writing those guides. So please, do NOT downvote my guide without any reason. Also, feel free to share anything at all with me and tell me your thoughts about my guide(s). Anyway, on this guide here, i will be writing about my 1st champion, Jax, the Armsmaster. Make yourselves comfortable and enjoy while reading! :)

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Who is Jax?

Jax is a Melee Hybrid DPS champion. He got reworked in the patch where Dodge stat got removed. Anyway, after Dodge removal, Jax got some new abilities and passive. He is the best dualist in League of Legends in my opinion. Anyway, i play the reworked Jax as Attack Damage>Ability Power Jungler. Jax can be built in many ways. I found this build EXTREMELY powerful, so i use it whenever i play him. Jax is extremely durable, fast and mobile jungler, considering he can jump over wall towards anything targetable in his range, including champions, wards, Shaco's Jacks etc.. Anyway, to do well with Jax, you need to know what can he do well. Jax can do any champ 1vs1. He can go 2vs1, or in extraordinary cases 3vs1. He can gank pretty good with Counter Strike. Overall he is an amazing champion, with super capabilities and awesome gameplay.

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Powerful Pro's:

  • Fairly easy to play
  • Has abnormal damage output(with my build)
  • Can easily 1vs1 any other champion
  • Great jungler
  • Great abilities!
  • Can be built in many diffrent ways

Critical Con's:

  • Being focused a LOT
  • He's highly depending on items
  • Mana hungry early game
  • No escape mechanism
  • Since he lost his passive, squishy

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Abilities Examination

The renewed Jax had extremely overpowered spells before. Yes, his abilities are kinda nerfed now, but somehow, in the same time i still feel like a God when i play fed Jax..His abilities all fit together, creating a killing machine without any single drawback. Yeah, ANY single ****ing drawback. Except being focused all the time, but thats not even a problem considering that with the build of mine, you will literally rape every single enemy you encounter as well as 2vs1/3vs1 fights. So, his abilities fit perfectly together, but the only defensive ability Jax has is Counter Strike, and i wonder if we can even count this as a defensive ability..Anyway, his abilities' review:
This is Jax's passive power. Every time he lands a basic autoattack, his attack speed will passively increase. The buff lasts for about 2 or 3 seconds, not quite sure and too laze to google it. Anyway this ability makes you jungle fastah' and dual more easily. This ability, is called the Leap Strike. Its Jax's 1st ability, which procs on both your AP/AD. This ability here, makes Jax a hybrid champion. Anyway, when activated, this ability will deal some major damage, and Jax will leap to his target. Anyway, the target will receive damage only if its the enemy unit. Otherwise, if you use Leap Strike allied unit, you will only leap towards it. So, it seems that this is also kinda defensive ability, which lets you leap towards an allied ward/minion. I like to max this ability depending on the current enemy team im fighting. Usefull spell overall, but dont use it to rush into 5, but to catch up/dual your enemies. This ability is called Empower. On activation, Jax's next basic attack will deal bonus damage and after you attack while Empowered, your autoattack timer wilL RESET. What does this mean? This means that if you land a basic attack, then right after land a Empowered attack, you will land the next basic attack RIGHT AFTER. Overall, this means that if used properly, Empower will let you land 3 attacks in less then a second. Which, is i believe, a LOT. Im not quite sure because its not written in but i think that Empower applies on-hit effect items, like Sheen, Madred's Bloodrazor, Tiamat etc.. If you go AP Jax with Lich Bane, this ability will make you faceslap any opponent you encounter. And i really mean ANY. This ability is called Counter Strike. Its very important ability that makes Jax super unique. How? When activated, Jax will dodge every basic attack landed in a period of 2 seconds. Note that i wrote BASIC attacks, not abilities or something like that. Anyway, after that duration, Jax stuns all enemies in a range, wide about 450 units. Not quite sure. In a moment when Jax dodges the attack, every enemy affected gets stunned hard for 1 second. However, this is what fears your enemies, what makes them focus on taking you down 1st. How do i use this ability? Well after my tank initiates, i usually Leap Strike their AP/AD carry, while i use Counter Strike in mid-air. That enables me a faster stun, about 0.2 seconds after i use CS. Note that this ability isn't supposed to make you deal damage, but to CC the enemy team, AKA as much enemy champions as possible. This ability's called Relentless Assault. The passive power is that Jax deals additional magic damage on every third basic attack. The counter will be reset if he does not attack for 2.5 seconds. However if you ACTIVATE the ultimate, Jax gains tons of AP and AD for a short duration. This ability is completely ridicolous, its just amazingly good thing to have, especially for some nuker like Jax. I rarely activate it, because i simply forgot about it, why should i activate it when i have teh superb passive that will tear appart any damn squishy in the game. Pretty cool ability overall, Jax woudnt be Jax without me, trust me.

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Ability Sequence - Maxing your abilities properly

This sequence will explain how do i max my abilities. On level 1, i take a point in Counter Strike and then i take a point in CS again. I keep maxing until' level 6 when i take my ultimate, which i max at levels 6/11/16. So, i max my Counter Strike til' level 9, after i max my ultimate. Then i rush on maxing Leap Strike while i max Empower last. This way i have a lot of durability, considering that i dodge tons of attacks and maxing my CS makes my stun longer, which basically means that i got a lot longer stun.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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This section is extremely important to read. So read it whole please. Anyway, about my runes. I have 9 diffrent Marks, Seals, Glyphs and Quints. Each of them has its it purpose, in guide. And now, i will explain all you need to know.

- I take 9 Greater Marks of Desolation, AKA Armour Penetration marks. Why would i take those Realmrider? Well, its pretty obvious. Those runes enable you to burn through the jungle really quickly, mainly because you kill those armoured monsters faster, and when i say "armoured", i mean golumns and Ancient Golem/Elder Lizard. However, late game these runes are extremely useful. I literally mean, extremely useful. Now, most good junglers and solo top players will buy heavy armour, which is hard to pierce through unless you have suitable items to do it. These marks will facilitate the job for a big amount, and trust me i literally mean BIG amount. Greater Marks of Alacrity are viable choice too, but you have that passive of that case, these are the best runes possible.

- For my Seal-Rune slots, i take 9 Greater Seals of Resilience. Why would i take armour runes? Primarily, these runes make you a LOT more durable while jungling. Without these, you would have to go back at level 3 or 4 or something, but if you have at least 9 of them, you will be a lot more durable. What's the meaning of this paragraph? Well, im telling you that having armour seals makes you, lets say, ignore a significant amount of damage. For example, you have 55 armour on lvl 1 with Cloth Armor that gives you 18, and the Golumns have 10 armor penetration. What will happen? Well, you will block a approximate amount of damage, not sure exactly how much, but big enough. Oh, and these runes help you to gank bottom or top lane. I mean, help you a lot. Thats all about seals i think! By the way, you may take Flat Health Seals instead of Armour, but that woudnt be a good idea IMO.

- As Glyphs, i take 9 Greater Glyphs of Alacrity. Why would i take these instead of Magic Resistance ones? Well, its true that Jax has his passive, and you may think that taking those is a waste of slots. Well surprise! Its not. After you reach level 6, your Attack Speed will stack greatly. GREATLY. Derp. Nvm, you need these runes early game for faster jungle burning, and your Marks are gonna stack superwell with Attack Speed Glyphs. Well, the conclusion is that i take Attack Speed Glyphs mainly because they make me jungle a lot faster, and overall, i dont think that there are any better runes you may possibly take.

As Quints, i take Greater Quints of Desolation. I take Flat ones, for the same reason as Marks. Tho i've been examining the other possible choices, and guess what? These are still the best. Attack Damage? No. AP? Lmao, NO. Umh..Attack Da-GTFO. Yeah, taking AD runes is a sign of a bad player IMO. So, the only thing that may be vialbe, is taking the Greater Quints of Fortitude. I found those extremely useful on any damn jungler in the whole game except Gangplank or Tryndamere. Anyway, this is not the section about Health Quints, but about ArPen ones. As i mentioned above, these runes making you into a jungling machine that rapes through the jungle like a train. Oh, and also worth saying that these make your Leap Strike hurt a lot! Nothing more left to say..


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

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My Masteries are 21/0/9. Why would i take 21 points in offense? 1st of all, we all know that renewed Jax is AD>AP. So, i take AD offensive masteries, primarily for bigger Attack Speed and also additional damage to minions, which makes me hit monsters harder. I also take Crit/Critdmg masteries for obvious reason lol, and i nearly forgot to mention Life Steal. I need this Mastery a lot, especially early game, because you heal when attacking with your basic attacks. Finally, i take Armor Penetration AKA Sunder for even greater damage dealt. Taking Executioner is a self-explaining thing, i take this for additional damage to low-health monsters AND champions. Nothing more about my Offensive Masteries. 9 points are spent in Utility Masteries tree. Why? Well, basically because that these masteries benefit me greatly, especially taking Runic Affinity, for the longer buff duration, which is, :derpface:, rly necessary for every kinda jungler. Also, ManaReg. masteries are extremely useful considering that you won't have Golem buff constantly. Also, the recall duration time reducing mastery is there to make me return into base faster, which gives me TIME. And finally, taking the Scout mastery makes my wards reveal the bigger area. So much about masteries.


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Choosing the right Summoner Spell

- What Summoner Spells to take for Jax?
Well, i've been examining the fair, good, and the best choices to take on him. As you can see at the top, Jax nor any other champ CANNOT jungle without Smite. Well, not literally but it will be pretty ****'d up, you won't have the Dragon presence, the Baron presence and you can't counter jungle. However, under this paragraph is the list of possible choices as the 2nd Summoner Spell.

This is probably the best spell, currently, in League of Legends. Why do i think so? Well, Flash lets you do many things that you actually coudn't do without it.
When i say "many things" i guess that you are already guessing the answer. Chase down, run away, overwall, position yourself, dodge the skillshots etc.. Absolutely, a perfect spell for every type of character to take, and especially on someone who's getting focused most the times, like Jax or Ashe. Get it? :3

This spell is another plausible choice, but i still preffer Flash over it. Actually, this spell is pure awesomeness on Jax, its just amazing, and considering that Jax dies hard, activating this with 200hp left will probably make your opponents rage hard and/or even quit maybe. But that's teh' rare case. Anyway, consider taking this spell if you are a new Jax player or even a new player, globaly.

Another AMAZING spell to take, that gives you X in 1. How and why? Well, this spell will benefit you GREATLY when chasing. Hao? Well, activating this spell will make the champion who did it move a lot faster, and ignore the unit collision. So, having this will let you catch up with someone like a mufkin boss, and trust me, Leap Strike and Ghost, this combination is absolutely ridicolous, and too OP.

Umh..i personally do not use this spell, because i think that it sucks hard on Jax..However, it IS productive, and it gives SOME benefit..:S Jax is already helluva chaser so i MAY take this spell, though i personally do not recommend it. The other spells are just fine. Herpidy Derpidy doo!

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Primar Item Build: A Complete Explanation

The most interesting section of all, right? :)
Anyway..i've been searching for a good build for the Jax, and derp, i found my 1st build the most useful. Shall we examine my must-have items? Yeah :|

This item is early game must-have. Why? Well, basic stats rock hard at the beggining. Armour, Attack Damage, Lifesteal. Everything a basic jungler shold hae'v. Now, i guess you are familar with Wriggle's passive? Ye..a..U aren't? Lemme tell you. This baby will practically enable you to Smite the minion/monster with your basic attack. Not always tho, there is a 20% chance to do it. Also, this item is a free constant source of wards. Which is EPIC. :3
NOTE: Late game, you replace this item with something like Hexdrinker, Wit's End or maybe Banshee's Veil.

Ahh..the scepter of a Hybrid King..Sounds Skyrimish..Anyway, Jax isn't Jax without his main item. Umh, this baby gives you both AP/AD, the ones you both need. And please, not to mention the Spell Vamp/Life Steal you get from it. After you buy this item, then the real rape starts. I mean literally, the real rape dude. Jax's key damage comes from this item, because its just amazing, you get 4 in 1, for such a price. I mean it's not "low" but you get 4 diffrent things + active that deals damage, and slows your opponent. Please BUY THIS ITEM REGARDLESS OF THE ENEMY TEAM, its a must.

TEH MUFKIN TRIFORCE! Yeah baby, this item on Jax is a pure, pure awesomeness, and trust me, you WANT this item so hard.. Wait, explain it pliz. Okay. 1st of all, the improved Zeal stats. Okay, Jax ain't a pure AD Dps, you MAY not need these stats that much, but still you cant get anything bad from it. And then, the Phage effects. Gives you HP, and the passive you need to chase down your targets to death. Yeah its useful, but you could do well even without this stat. No wait, you woudn't..Everyone would escape from you easily..And now, ladies and ponnies, the Sheen proc! All bow your heads down before Sheen! Oh dude, this item's so super sweet, that i cant explain it with words..Wait WTF? I can ofc! 250 mana, 25 AP..Yeah yeah..The real thing is the passive! Okay how does this works? Well, imagine a situation like this: You autoattack which you deal about 120 damage. And then, RIGHT after, you activate Empower, which resets the AA timer. And then, your next attack comes in like a nuclear bomb, dealing the basic damage you have+100% of your attack damage. I mean c'mon, this is just too funny..Overall, absolute must-have on Jax. Triforce4Life <3

This is another must have item for Jax. Why? Well, since his release, Jax wasn't "Jax" without this fire sword. Its relatively cheap, and it benefits you a LOT. How&Why? Well, you get a above-average AP bonus. I think its somewhere around 45, and you get a lil bit of Attack Damage, about 30. The passive you get from this item is stacking abnormaly with your ultimate. AMAZING. After you use an ability/basic attack, your Ability Power will increase immediately, plus you get increased attack speed for the same duration you get the AP bonus. Which means the more ultihits you..ehm..hit, the stronger they will be.. Absolutely the best item you can buy on Jax.

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Secondary Item Build: A Complete Explanation

In this section, i have written about the situational items you may be forced to buy, depending on the enemy team. What items should i buy on Jax if the enemy team is heavily AD? Or what should i do if the enemy Rammus stacked 450 armour?Mhm, you will find the answers of all questions you would ask me.

The opposite team is stacking great amounts of armor?
This item gives you a decent amount of Attack Damage and Crit. Chance, plus 20 ArPen which is not stackable. The active is also good for chasing and dualing 2/1vs1. The items is relatively cheap, but i don't preffer it, because if i see the enemy team buying armor items, i go AP Jax with Lich Bane. Anyway, a decent item with fair benefits.
I buy TBC if most champions in the enemy team are more squishy then tanky, but one or two are actually pure tanks. This way, i can pierce through their armour, and burn the squishies. I would replace it with Wriggle's Lantern. Actually, if you consider buying this item then go full AD/AS Jax
Mu****ing daddy for tank pwning. This is by far the best item for roflstomping tanks in the enemy team. 40% Armor Penetration. WTH this means? That means that if Rammus has 250 armor, and you have LW, you will have reduce 100 of his armor. Yeah :3
And 40 Attack Damage isn't trash you know..Its pretty useful actually, but its not the key of this item. Just..think about this item :P

The enemy team is consisting of 3/more then 3 AP champions?
Absolutely amazing item overall, i love the stats it gives to you, and the passive is just LOVELY!..I mean you basically get a spell shield for a short duration. Its like Veigar's ultimate eater. This item es 1# if the enemy team goes hard AP. No exclusions.
THB i dont like FON. :\ I Think that the benefit is just great and everything..but i just dont like the item itself. Magic Resist you get from it is awesome, the useless Health Regen and the precious Movement Speed..All of these for 2600 gold..Weeeell(derpface) im not sure if you should buy this item. Go on if u really want to. But its better on someone like Lee Sin or Irelia..
Absolutely great item overall, but i buy it ONLY if the enemy team goes CC AP. I mean they have smth like Sion or Ophri in team..Nothing to say except that this item is super sweet. I <3 it!
This item is so underrated, but no one is realizing that Wit's End stacks great with Jax's ultimate and passive. The Magic Resistance buff is also prominent, and all i can say is: No minorities on this item. However, you should buy this item early on, to own your enemies at the early stage of the game and simply be prominent over them.
This item is also EXTREMELY GOOD choice to take, considering its basically another, improved Cleanse. But its also underrated, which is derpidy lame..On activation, it removes ANY Crowd Control Effect on you, so it means that it removes Ignite, Exhaust, Children of the Grave, etc..Oh, and worth mentioning that this item doesnt cost much for such benefits you get. I luv it <3

The enemy team goes heavily on stacking AD?
SC is a decent item giving you both Armour and Health, and the passive of which you dont benefit too much..However, its a good item it the opposite team goes AD know, not "too ad"(sorry 4 my english, im giving my best :\), like Warwick or..hmm, Irelia. Most average item for counter AD ever.
This is a standard antiAD item, which gives you the biggest amount of armor in the game. I buy Thornmail if the enemy team has a fed Masta Yi or Tryndamere, in some case Tristana beacause of her range, otherwise some other item. This item is a decent counter to hard dealers, because it reflects 30% of the physical damage received. A good item overall, but i take it rarely.
This is another offtank item that makes the opposite team AD carries rage hard. Its a worthy lil item to buy, 350HP and 75 Armour are the "most noticable" things you get, also some HpReg, not sure how big tho..Anyway, if the enemy champion attacks you with his basic attack, there's a chance that R'Omen reduces the enemy MS/AS. When activated, it does the same, only its 100$ that it will slow the enemies around you. I personally, rarely buy this item but its, i repeat, quite worthy to have, especially against Caitlyn, with her ultimate.
Well, this is a bit weird item for Jax particulary, but if you buy Manamune, then you are gonna rape everything. No lyrically but literally, rape every single AD carry in the game. EVERY. The Mana you get is crazy, early game especially, and the 99 armour is just 1 point less then TM gives you, the CDR is sweet, but the best thing is the debuff aura..No, seriously, this item is a beast when combining with Manamune, please try this combo..Its crazy..Just think about it (:
I have decided to put this item on a build list. This is just an amazing item for Jax, the one who's being focused by everyone everywhere all the time. Armour and Magic Resistance in one item, plus the ****ing passive you get from it. This item makes you so powerful, so much that you make your enemies even forget on you..With this item, you it ignorable..This is prolly the best defensive item i've ever bought on Jax. High5 2 Riot for making this item, its absolutely godlike.

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I guess you always wonder about taking boots for Jax. I've seen some players still buying Ninja Tabi no matter that the opposite team has no fed AD champion/s. I just said to my self :"What the **** is this ****** doing"..And then in the moment i wrote this, i remember about that game..So i decided to write about possible boot choice.

I highly preffer taking Merc's Treads over any other type of boots, regardlesly of the enemy team. These are the most expensive ones, but they benefit you GREATLY. 1st of all, you get Tenacity . This great stat will reduce the duration of any CC effects upon you, which makes you gank more safely, and makes you be more durable while TFing. Treads are convincingly the best boots in game, for any damn champion, and when you take these you definitely can't be wrong.

Ahh, good old Tabi :3 You should consider buying this item if the enemy team consists of heavy AD dealers, like Tryndamere, Master Yi, Riven etc...Its still a great item, for countering those ADers but mostly in a average, good formed team, there should be 1 AD jungler, 1 AD carry, 1 Solotop AP/AD and mid AP. Support also included. So, if it happens that its AD top, then i take Tabi. Otherwise, AKA if the top's AP, then i take Treads because its..umh, obvious?

I take these if i want to roam and gank very often, under condition that the opposite team has very squishy champions, that can be basically 2hitted...These precious ones are letting me run around like crazy, but you don't get anything else then MS from them, which is awfuly lame..Yeah, it is.. However, i didnt say that Mobility Boots are bad, im just saying that you should buy them if the enemy..umh, lets say has "paper team" which has no hard AD nor AP..

Taking these boots isn't a bad idea, but i take those if i go for Manamune-> Frozen Heart combo. With CDR from FH ill have rly low CD's and if i'd buy Youmuu's Ghostblade, i would be able to spam my abilities every 2-3 seconds..Yeah, these are a possible choice, though i woudn't recommend it myself. However, if you feel like a God, then go on, act like one and take these boots.

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Jungle Routin'; A complete explanation on game stages

I use only one jungle route, which is pretty simple. It go Wolves->Golem Buff-Wraiths-Red-Golumns->Gank-Wraiths-Wolves-Golumns->Base etc..I preffer this jungle route, and i preffer it highly over any other. Why? Well, Jax is a good, fast and durable jungler. He can do well without Cloth Armor or HpPots. I usually start with a Vamp Sc. and then i go my usuall route, altho i sometimes go 4 the enemy red if the opposite jungler is squishy, i mean squishy like Fiddlesticks or Karthus. However, my standard route gives me a lot of durability, and when combining with my Runes/Masteries, its just deadly and best one you can use. Why would i jungle like this? Well, i take down Wolves 1st ofc, without Smiteing any of them, with a pull of course, and then i proceed on Blue ASAP. Doing like this gives me TIME, which is extremely important. With my brand new Crest, i can spam my abilities often enough to keep jungling quickly, and my passive is also super useful in that case. Im sorry for this great wall of text, but i want to teach you the core of jungling my way. Anyway, after that proceed to wraith camp, take them down and then i usually go Red after that. I don't lose nearly any health from them, because of my LS and my stun. After them i proceed to Red buff, on which i lose some Hp, but not much. Then i go golumns, and i lose some health, tbh about 150, so i always have about 300 HP left. Then i look for a pushed lane to gank. Thats usually bottom. Anyway, after this i go back. Then i buy Madred's Razors+ Boots of Speed and some potions. I usually get these by 8th minute, and probably i take my 1st kill by 10th minute. After this i continue to use my route till i buy my Tier 2 Boots, and i start building Sheen, which i do quickly. And then i rush Trinity Force. After that, i got some dmg+mobility+tankyness so thats when my dmg starts to rise. After this, i rush a FAST Guinsoo's Rageblade. After i buy this baby, then im a ****ing beast. BEAST.You can roflstomp any 2vs1..well not really any, but you can do some. The Sheen proc is crazy, plus the temporarily buff you get from Rageblade. Its just a crazy combination, which makes your output..pwn hard..However, i start with buying Hextech Gunblade, which takes some time :) I always go 4 revolver 1st, and then the cutlass. However, it should be at least 25-30 minutes passed since you got these. Anyway, at this point you should be farming like crazy, every lane and every monster you pass by. When i get the Gunblade, i start with GA, which, somehow, comes in extremely fast. The main question: What should i buy instead of Wriggle's Lantern? Well, i usually buy hexdriker. Its a extremely good item, preventing the enemy casters to hurt you with 500+ AP damage. If you dont need it, then go for a Quicksilver Sash or maybe something like Wit's End or Banshee's Veil.

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All credits go to Apotheosis. He is the best dude ever.

Warding is way too over looked by many teams. I'm going to show you how to ward correctly, or at least how my team and I ward. The ward possibilities are obviously endless for 5s. These are the primary areas that you and your team will be warding each and every game.
Order of priority; Use Sight Ward and Vision Ward where necessary:
Baron/Dragon Wards:
However you decide to set these up with your team, whether it be orderly among the team or supports only buy wards, make sure these are always laid out! Baron and Dragon are what we're primarily keeping an eye on here. Early in the match it's not as important obviously, however, you still need to know whether top, mid, or bot will be set up for a gank when enemy laners/junglers are wandering about. These early kills can help the enemy sculpt the rest of the match and land a victory. We don't want to be allowing the enemy to kill either Baron or Dragon. That's a good chunk of gold that will distribute among their team, not to mention Baron's handy buff. Again, don't overlook these wards!
Note: I would recommend using Vision Ward for these locations, especially Baron mid-late game. If not Vision Ward, then make sure someone, usually the tank, has Oracle's Elixir for discovering enemy wards.

Self Privacy Wards:
There's orange points at top, mid, and bot hiding locations. I would hope that your entire team would try to ward the areas entitled to them. These wards are not entirely important, however, they are lifesavers. Junglers and wandering laners will use these bushes to set up for early kills. If you're pushing your lane, then it would be a good idea to ward the bush(s) that is closet to you.

Team Privacy Wards:
These are crucial wards to put out when the match can go either way by eliminating possible ambushes when pushing minions or entering your own jungle.

Game Changing Wards:
Of course all of the wards posted on the map are capable of changing the outcome of a game, but these wards are placed in a location that both teams will always drift by. Reasons to go through the wards (for both teams): Getting to Baron and dragon, changing lanes, shifting from allied jungle to the enemy's jungle (either by self or team) to steal mobs/buffs, shifting as a team to gank the enemy team, etc. If you just have a ward on either Baron and/or dragon, you can still miss the enemy slipping by into your jungle never knowing it. This allows enemies to set up ganks. Therefore, these wards change the outcome of a game because you know whats coming.

Invading Wards:
I thought it was appropriate to name these wards in this manner because you can enter their bushes knowing whether they're there or not before you attempt to set up a gank. The enemy usually walks through these bushes hoping to freely enter their jungle for experience/gold and/or buffs.

Buff Wards:
Monitor your's and enemy's buffs with these wards. Good to set in your own jungle if they start playing dirty and snatching buffs early game from your jungle. These wards are primarily for the junglers of each team.

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The Blue Buff: When & Why?

Crest of the Ancient Golem, is the buff you take by killing the Blue Golem camp that has 2 more mini lizards. Its a relatively easy to kill but requires a pull mostly. The Blue Buff(later on: TBB) spawns at 01:55. The general information about TBB:
-Respawn: 5 Minutes
-Worth at Innitial Spawn
-Blue Golem 221xp, 66g
-Small Lizardx2: 40xp, 5g
- Total: 301xp, 76g
-Worth at 30 Minutes
-Blue Golem: 307xp, 77g
-Small Lizardx2: 55xp, 7g
You take TBB for super ManaReg. and some nice CDR you need for spamming your abilities.

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The Red Buff: When & Why?

Mark of the Lizard elder, is the buff you take by killing the Big Lizard Camp. Its also relatively to kill, and it also requires a good pull. The general info about the Red Buff:
Red Buff
Respawn: 5 Minutes
Worth at Innitial Spawn
Red Lizard: 221xp, 66g
Small Lizardx2: 40xp, 5g
Total: 301xp, 76g
Worth at 30 Minutes
Red Lizard: 310xp, 78g
Small Lizardx2: 55xp, 7g
Killing this monster grants you a ability to slow your targets on basic attacks.

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Well, ladies and ponnies, i hope that each of you enjoyed my guide :)
Im sorry for the great walls of text. I hope you find you guide useful as well, so please feel free to send me a picture of your games, and please do NOT downvote without a reason :)
Anyway, Jax is an extremely versatile and unique champion, and you should try playing him if you never did.