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Master Yi Build Guide by KingDusk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingDusk

Jungle Master Yi 7.15

KingDusk Last updated on July 26, 2017
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Why Crit Yi?

High Alpha Srike Damage
Good Chunk Of True Damage
Snowballs Hard
Insane 1v1 Damage
Core Insanely Cheap
Strong Power-spike
Strongest Ganks (in 2v1 and 3v2 scenario not counterganks ect)

Can Die Very Fast
Akward Build Path
CC Countered The Most
CC Then Burst Will Make U Explode

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Why On-Hit Yi?

Cheapest Power Spike Core Of All Builds
Shreds Tanks
Can Be Very Tanky
Still Useful When Behind
Very Easy To Counter Build
Hard To Counter Build Vs You

Cant Dive Backlines Easy Without Damage
Snowballs Lower Then Other Builds
Alpha Strike Does Little Damage
Weaker Power-spike

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Why Rageblade Yi?

Shreds Tanks Very Fast
Splitpushes Very Well Better Then Most Yi Builds Without Being Fed
After 2 Items And Fully Stacked Rageblade Will Become A Monster
Higher Dps Then Normal On-Hit (When Stacked)
Best Objective Control Build
High Power-spike

Stacking Rageblade Can Be Akward
Expensive Power-spike Item's
If Far Behind Normal On-Hit Is Better
Not Very Tanky Even With Tanky Item's

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Jungle Route

Here Are My jungle Clears(These Are My Jungle Clears But They Are Not Optimized Yet)

Red Side No Pots
Red Brambleback -> Greater Murk Wolf -> Blue Sentinel -> Gank Do Gromp Counterjungle Or Recall

Blue Side No Pots
Blue Sentinel -> Gromp -> Greater Murk Wolf -> Red Brambleback -> Gank Do Krugs Counterjungle Or Recall

Full Clear Red Side No Pots
Red Brambleback -> Ancient Krug -> Crimson Raptor -> Greater Murk Wolf -> Blue Sentinel -> Gromp -> Recall Around 1050+g

Full Clear Blue Side No Pots
Blue Sentinel -> Gromp -> Greater Murk Wolf -> Crimson Raptor -> Red Brambleback -> Ancient Krug -> Recall Around 1050+g

Lv 2 Cheese 1 Or 2 Pots
Blue Sentinel -> Go To Enemy Wolf Pit Enemy Will Come Or Be On It Get His Flash Or First Blood

Best Clear In This Meta Is The 1st 2 Clears

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Cowsep Tutorials

Analyzing a 3v1 Fights
Alpha Juggling
Alpha Strike Disjointing
Lv 2 Cheese

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Update In Progress

updates will come