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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by JacquesMartin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JacquesMartin

Jungle Mundo on steroids

JacquesMartin Last updated on December 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everybody ! This is my first guide on Mobafire. I made a guide about my main character, the jungle Dr. Mundo. I have tons of advice about him I am going to share with you. I am not top elo, I just feel I have enough success playing him my own way to sum it up in a guide, so people can give him more love.

This is aiming to be a precise, short, straight to the essential guide. I will not discuss every single item and invocator spell of the game. I will instead focus on pertinence, and mention only what I consider you need to know about.

I will explain why I build him this way with reasoning that go beyond comparing power of individual items. I weight an item power with how much it costs, how it synergizes with the rest of the build and at what time of the game it's bought.

But a guide is not just an item order. I will also give you as much short advices as possible so you can not only take the advantage and snowball, but also recover from a bad start as the awesome Mundo, the jungler that goes where he pleases.

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Your pleasing abilities

This passive is sightly overlooked, but it's not bad at all. Makes all resilience items hold a side benefit. Early game this helps feeding the hp of your abilities, late game this will allow you to eat harassment without caring at all.

This is a Deathfire Grasp with a 15 times lower cooldown and a slow. It's op right at level 1. This is your harass/kiting/chasing/brush checking tool, spam it without moderation.

Several Sunfire Cape with bonus tenacity. Main farming tool, it makes you resist cc. The reason you want to be in the middle of the battle. This is also good damage when chasing. Cool people fry their toasts with this.

Outdamage the most damaging items of the game. When you activate this, you hit like a truck. Also makes you a good pusher. This is so damaging it's a reason in itself to buy attack speed and crit even tho we are a melee tank.

Some people stack AP for .6 ratios on their spells, you here have a .6 ratio on health points. This is awesome STEROIDS you activate when you feel PAIN. Also sometimes good activating for move speed bonus. Short cooldown. Avoid dying with it available, this would be a complete failure.

As you can see, we already have quite high natural dps, we have an ult and passive that both scales with resilience, so logically we are going to build our items around this strength and focus on being as tanky as possible.

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Pros and Cons

Pros :
+ Very hard to get killed
+ Awesome clear time
+ High dps without any item
+ Good mobility and harass
Cons :
- No strong initiate like Malphite or Amumu
- Mediocre gank potential
- Not great snowball
- It's your fault if people loose their lanes ! FACT

Mundo is good 1 on 1, and can chase opponents easily. However against careful opponents he is not so good at getting kills. He is top hero on getting control on team objectives, helping your team push, and he is handy in teamfights. Because he doesn't snowball, it's often best to leave your teammates last hit when you gank and leave their farm alone.

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Pre-game build

Reminder : Avoid buying runes before level 20, avoid especially the tier 2 that will just drain your IP.

Armor a must as jungler/tank, then we take MR runes. They are better scaled because we won't fight casters early on.
Greater Mark of Attack Speed have good synergy with both the early jungle items and Masochism, which is why it's one of the best choices along with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration.

Quint ranks
S rank: Move speed, Regen (51)
A rank: HP (33), Armor (30) Spell vamp (30)
B rank: MR, GP10
In green parenthesis the estimated amount of health the resilience runes should save you before 1st recall, estimated with a recall at 3:15. As you can see health regen is a clear winner in this category, but other quints provide useful bonuses you may prefer.

Masteries : 21 in defense is a must as Jungle Mundo. There is a GAP in jungling sustain between playing 21 defense and not playing it. The points in perseverance can just as well go in Bladed Armor , or the bonus MR/Armor masteries ( Hardiness , Resistance , Defender , Legendary Armor ).

The 9 remaining points go in utility. Although we benefit for some extra dps, I like to play with a teleport that benefit from this tree as well as getting extra move speed, buff duration, and invocator spells CDR.

Invocator spells : This is something interesting. While you really can't be wrong with Flash Smite, Mundo have this very unique strength to be almost cc immune and have strong survive and escape abilities via his ult and cleavers. For this reason, Flash is not mandatory.
Exhaust can help upgrading your ganking abilities to a better rank. Because getting kills is always good, it may be another strong choice. I haven't tested it, but a lot of top junglers go with Exhaust as a 2nd invocator spell on Mundo.
My personal choice is Teleport. A wisely played Teleport can be a real threat to the enemy team. With proper ward coverage you will secure kills your opponents can't do much about. This spell highly increase your map presence, which really fits how I like to play Mundo.

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Clever item building is key to success, nothing less than that, so I will be explaining things a bit more at length here.

The starter is a standard Hunter's Machete plus 5 Health Potion. With it you can do the two buffs in one go.

Next, get Boots of Speed to travel faster around camps and be more efficient in ganks. Don't forget to also get a healthy amount of Health Potion (between 3 and 5). If you have some extra gold, spend it in a 1 or 2 sight ward.

The early core is finished with Madred's Razors and tier 2 boots.

Helped by Tenacious and Burning Agony, Mundo have good natural CC reduction. Ninja Tabi give better early sustain, and tenacity can be obtained later through Zephyr.
Mercury's Treads however gives tenacity much earlier and gives early magic resistance. Both of them are very useful against a team weighted toward crowd controls and/or magic damage. Depending of team compositions, it's a better choice.

Why no Spirit of the Ancient Golem ? Riot advice it as core !

Think about it this way : what does it have more than the Madred's Razors ? 500 hp and tenacity. It certainly doesn't worth 1700 gold ! You are much better staying with the oldschool jungle farm item and rush Warmog's Armor instead. Last but not least, the razors farm faster and give earlier utility, while you would have a dull Spirit Stone otherwise.

The Warmog's Armor is one of the only core item on Dr Mundo everybody seem to agree on. Having it early in the game is a huge advantage, as it is almost doubling your HP and almost make your regeneration go four times higher. Begin with Giant's Belt and/or Rejuvenation Bead.

Next there is several good choices.
  • Usually, if no one else does it, the Runic Bulwark is a great finisher to the tank set. The dual resistances are high and the aura pleases your allies. The item alone is winning teamfights.
  • Spirit Visage gives Magic resist we don't previously had. Passives are also handy. Unless I face heavy AP team, I don't consider it tanky enough for it's price, however.
  • Randuin's Omen is a good counter to AD champions and provide initiation power if your team lack some.
  • You can delay any of these items in favor of Avarice Blade if you are doing well and are confident you won't die. This will boost your late game power.

Somewhen, think about enchanting boots. The best choice is probably Enchantment: Alacrity

Late game, we can focus on boosting dps. We are a low value target compared to an AD carry, and we can count on the tankiness to eat most punishment. Since we have Masochism the best way to build dps is to build attack speed and/or crit. Here is a list of prime choices :
  • Atma's Impaler You gain 45% dps on autoattacks with Masochism and 45 bonus armor
  • Wit's End Gain roughly 60% dps on autoattacks and 20-40 magic resist
  • Zephyr is the most expensive but provides the most utility. Grants roughly 55% dps on autoattacks, as well as good move speed, cdr, and tenacity.
  • Phantom Dancer for the ultimate dps gain, 82% with some bonus mobility.

Note that Atma's Impaler combines very well with both other dps items since they give complementary stats. The total dps boost is 117% with Zephyr and 153% with Phantom Dancer. It's a little less with Wit's End (110%) since the magic bonus doesn't crit. With this complete overview you can decide what utility you need most. Wit's End being the cheapest it's often the best trade, but if you are doing well and want to use slots for maximum full build damage you can choose any of the others and take Atma in second.

If you feel like an object have been forgotten, that may give an advantage on a given situation, feel free to talk about it in comments.

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Skill Sequence

The beginning skill order should be Burning Agony first, Masochism second and Infected Cleaver third, to be able to jungle at a good speed. After level 3, I usually go for a few levels of Burning Agony, because we have strong single target and improving AoE improves clear speed.

After level 6, and unlike other champions, jungle Mundo have no main skill that is important to max first, all skills fills different needs and scale more or less equally. Grab levels of what you like when you like. My personal preference is to level all skills at about the same rate.

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First, you and your allies should position themselves there to be warned about a possible invade. This is especially true if the enemy have a powerful level 1 hero like Shaco or Blitzcrank.

At 1:40 start farming the wraith camp. Allies may give 1 or 2 hits to help you but they must not pull them and not kill them. With burning agony this should take you at most 200 hp. Head to red at 1:55, and ask help from allies. You may success without it but you will have a much better start with a bit of help. Drink potions as early as possible and last hit with . Then, do the golems (engage with 300+ hp and drink potions), wraiths, wolves, and blue buff. Recall to get 5 and before going back on farming or ganking. You could have farmed a couple more camps before recalling by switching wolves and wraits but, keep in mind that wandering low hp on your jungle is risking to give the first blood to an experienced opponent. After recall, you must most likely help the laners and set up a gank, but you can also counter-jungle or keep your farming going (wolves, wraiths, golems).

Alternative start, if the opponent jungler runs on blue, do THEIR red instead. Safer if you don't do wraiths. Then back to your jungle, do your wolves, wraith, golems if healthy enough, recall to get hp pots and wards, head blue. You took a big gold and xp advantage on them, gg wp.

Keep in mind all timers of the buffs, the drake and baron whenever you've done them. Buffs spawn every 5 min, drake 6 min and baron 7. If you begin your route before the spawn and be there a bit before spawn or just on time, you give yourself increased chances to secure it. This is how you are making sure your buffs don't get stolen, and is complementary with ward coverage.

You can also try to steal your opponent's main buff at around 7:05. Try to get a ward here a bit before, rush in or teleport if the opportunity is good. Repeat your steal every time it's working, don't forget to secure your buffs after that. If you do so the opponent jungler will be slower in his jungle, underfarmed and will be unaware of repop timers. Taking an opponent main buff is doing the job in terms of denying him, and can almost be compared to taking a kill on him.

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Spam those little thingys a bit all around to see what happens. You have no idea how wards can shape teamfights and decide winners, saves lives, give opportunity kills etc. you can ward close to every bush of the damn game for the sake of it. Check this for screenshots. Cover several paths !

I don't intend to do a full guide on warding, I spam them more than I think much about their purpose except when we baron (I always ward when we baron, we can't afford to be engaged unprepared). I just wanted to tell you to WARD.

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This is some opponent-based advices based on my experience on how to play different opponents. You can tell from it Dr. Mundo is not the most stereotyped character and will be able to adapt fairly well to a good range of matchups. Here is some key strategies I give you depending of your opponent jungler "class".

These are some tough skins that have stong cc and/or initiate but low damage output. They rely on being tanky and helping the dps of their team to score kills.

Although their damage should never be underestimated, they are not the best duelists. Stealing from their jungle is a good idea, because they should not be able to pin you down 1 on 1 if they surprise you nomnoming their jungle. It's a totally different story 2 on 1, however, so always make sure you can escape fast and their allies are not missing.

Special note about Amumu : hate him wholeheartedly. He eats your health bar fast, can chase you down with his bandage, and is a PAIN when he teams up. Go for mercury's. Steal from him, but almost exclusively when he is away or when you can get backup.
The offtanks

These ones are more offensives, they have decent fighting abilities that they are able to scale up, but in return have lesser cc and initiation power. Although they can scale decently, they are not prime target and can't carry the game unless they are really really fed. Don't focus, but try to fight and slow occasionally.

The bruisers

They are generally looking for kills because they scale well and can snowball. They can replace the AD carry if he is failing. Their weakness is generally in their clear speed/sustain or in kiting vulnerability. Counter them early and keep them behind by kiting/fighting them often. If they are denied or simply don't kill much, switch focus to laners.

The assassins

This is more or less the same thing, except these ones have enhanced mobility and will in general build a little less tanky. Against them, make sure you never wander at low health. In general if you are built they will not focus you, and you will not be able to chase them to death very often. Consider sitting your laners, that may help to counter their gank game.

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Closing statements

A few other sections may come in the future, feel free to suggest what you think is lacking and I will do my best to complete the guide.

Thank you for reading this guide. Vote and comment :)