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Kayle Build Guide by Polartech

Top Kayle Super Late Game God

Top Kayle Super Late Game God

Updated on December 5, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Polartech Build Guide By Polartech 401 40 1,130,098 Views 83 Comments
401 40 1,130,098 Views 83 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Polartech Kayle Build Guide By Polartech Updated on December 5, 2021
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  • LoL Champion: Kayle
    Kayle (Top Laner)
  • LoL Champion: Kayle
    Kayle (Mid Laner)
  • LoL Champion: Kayle
    Kayle (Jungler)
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    Kayle (ADC)
  • LoL Champion: Kayle
    Kayle (Support)

Runes: Lethal Tempo (Passive Autoattacker)

1 2 3 4 5
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down

Magical Footwear
Future's Market

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

What Kayle can do:

Kayle is one of the most versatile champions of the game, and she can do every role in the game...! AP Carry (Top or Mid Laner), AD Carry (Bottom Laner with the Support), Support (Bottom Laner with the ADC) and Jungler. Every role needs a different kind of items to be usefull, i think that the best role for Kayle is the AP Carry top laner, even if she is good as jungler or mid laner too. If you usually play normal game, you can try to build an ADC Kayle, it's really funny. I really like Kayle, because you can really decide what role to play in the game, and this is why I find Kayle very stimulating to play so frequently.
Kayle suffers champions with Jumps, Dashes, Shunpo followed by a big amount of Damages and/or high Stuns. This because Kayle hasn't escapes or disengages. For example, 1 of the biggest problems for Kayle is Jax...! It's sure that Jax is one the strongest counter for Kayle and I absolutely suggest to switch lane if possible when you are against him in a 1vs1 lane!!! Another horrible Match-Up is Annie, because she can one shot you with her ultimate in combo with her passive Stun, followed by her normal abilities!!!
Instead Kayle is very strong against Melee Assassins with No Stuns or Istant Damages like Zed, Yasuo, Katarina, Fizz, Gangplank, Olaf, Akali, etc... Versus Mid Range Mages like Lux, Morgana, Nidalee, Ziggs, Twisted Fate, Zoe, Aurelion Sol etc... Because you can Dodge their Poke and Farm safely even melee. For last Kayle is very strong even against Tanks like Garen, Poppy, Singed, Sion, Ornn, Illaoi etc...! This because they can't easily reach Kayle thanks to her Celestial Blessing and Radiant Blast abilities, and they haven't any way to poke you! I suggest to close the Berserkers Greaves faster as possible versus Tanks to take even more Movement Speed Advantage!!!
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Pros / Cons

- One of the strongest Champions in Late-Game.
- One of the strongest Ultimate of the Game.
- Antitanks Champion thanks to her flexible builds (Ruined King, Lord Dominik's, Void Staff, etc...)
- Antimelee Assassins Champion for the same reason (Zhonya's Hourglass and Guardian Angel).
- Antiranged Mage Champion Dodge and Counterattack (Wit's End, Banshee's Veil, Edge of Night, etc...)
- High sustain in team fight especially in late game.
- Kayle can Dive or she can help mates to Dive with her Ultimate.
- Good Mobility and Healing thanks to Celestial Blessing (W).
- She is strong both in team fight than to split push.
- She can be builded in 100 different ways (all usefull and great)

- Kayle can be easily ganked by the enemy Jungler.
- She needs a lot of farming to be competitive.
- If blinded she does almost nothing.
- Very fragile Champion, and She risks to be snowballed.
- Kayle suffers a lot all the Stun effects.
- She suffers a lot against Ranged ADC, especially if they can Blind her (Graves, Quinn on all).
- Super Hard Early Game, especially versus some Champions (Jax, Annie, Anivia, Talon, etc...)
- Your Lane will be always pushed, and u can't decide to push until level 6 or even 11.
- Your attempts to Gank will be really poor.
- You can't kill your Enemy Laner if he play quietly and/or safely.
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Lane Phase

Kayle's Lane Phase is surely the hardest part of her entire game.
I ALWAYS recommend to everyone to play SAFE, even if you have a good match up, like Katarina, Zed, Poppy, Ornn, Garen, Fizz, etc... etc... This because Kayle is one of the Champion that suffers a lot "Snowballing". If you die 1 time could be ok, especially if you farmed well, but if you start to die multiple times every enemy champion will start to haunt you, and you really will have a lot of problems to farm!!! And "Farming" is the most important thing for Kayle. So, if you have to decide to take a kill risking your life, or simply freeze the lane, choose the 2°!
Kayle will start to be competitive after closing Nashor's Tooth and Riftmaker, but only after closing Rabadon's Deathcap or Guinsoo's Rageblade, as third Item, she will do the real Difference!!!

Said this, let's take a look to "what Kayle can do in lane to survive more, risking the less possible";

- Let your opponent pushes more than possible.
- Farm safely at distance, even using both your "Q" and "E" only on Minions.
- If you have to choice between to take a Minion, taking a lot of Damages, or skip it, go for the Second one.
- Don't chase for any reason, you only will risk to die if their Jungler is there.
- Take the maximum advantage from Ganks of your Jungler and always follow him if he is ganking your lane.
- Start to poke your opponent only if you see your Jungler near your lane.
- Try to not waste offensively your ultimate, but instead preserve it when they dive you under tower.
- Recall if you are low life, you can't Farm nothing in lane with 1/8 of your total Life.
- Start to engage/poke/harass your enemy laner only after reaching level 6.
- Start to be aggressive against your enemy laner only after reaching level 11.
- Remember to hit Divers with something when they will try to kill you under tower, even if you die, the Tower will probably give the last hit to your assailant gifting however a good trade for you in this way.

If you follow this suggestions, your game will surely be Easier!!!
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Talking about the Best Possible Monsters Lap, I suggest ALWAYS to Start from Blue Buff. This Buff is absolutely necessary if you wanna farm all the Jungle without recalling. After the Monster of the Blue Buff, I generally attack the Frog in front of the Golem and I use my First Smite to recover a bit of Health. But you can even consider to Learn your Radiant Blast instead of Celstial Blessing to do a Super Fast Gank in the Nearest Lane, especially if it is pushed!!! If instead your mates are pushing well their lanes, go for the Wolves, and after for the Red Buff.
The Hardest Monsters during the first lap are surely the Group of Birds, and i usually leave them for last of the lap, or even for the first Monsters to attack after the First Recall. This because they do a lot of damgaes and you can't attack them at the same time, cause your attacks cannot do Area Damages at that moment.

This is the Summary of the best sequence of Monsters during the first lap:

1) Blue Buff.
2) Frog.
3) Wolves.
4) Red Buff.
5) Splitting Golems.
6) Group of Birds.

I absolutely don't recommend to Counterjungle with Kayle, because you will only risk to gift Buffes and Kills to enemies, Kayle can't win any 1vs1 in the first 5 levels of the game!!! So simply wait for Late-Game, and Gank.
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I played Kayle pratically with every Rune of the game, and I think that there isn't one better of the others in my opinion. I think that Lethal Tempo, Press the Attack, Hail of Blades, Fleet Footwork, and Arcane Comet are all helpful for Kayle. The important thing is that your RUNE SETTING INTERFERES IN THE CHOICE OF ITEMS AND VICE VERSA, PROBABLY STARTING FROM THE SECOND OR THIRD ITEM, BECAUSE NASHOR'S TOOTH IS ALWAYS A GOOD FIRST ITEM TO BUY. For example; if you go with Arcane Comet you surely will want to go Full AP with Rabadon's Deathcap and Lich Bane to improve Arcane Comet's Damages. Lethal Tempo and Hail of Blades are both very strong with "On-Hit Items" like Guinsoo's Rageblade and Wit's End. While Press the Attack has a strong sinergy with Items that trigger their Ability at the Third Hit, like Kraken Salyer and Blade of the Ruined King.
In the end we find Fleet Footwork that is a good versatile option that works well with everything after all.
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Which Item for First...?

RIFTMAKER and NASHOR'S TOOTH are both extraordinary Items for Kayle, probably the best 2, but
which is the most convenient as first Item...? It obviously depends on several factors, amoung which:

1 Direct Opponent Laner.
2 How much have you Pushed or he has pushed.
3 Choice of Runes.
4 Difference between Kayle's Farm and Opponent's Farm.
5 Teammates.
6 Enemies.

For first take a look to your Enemy Laner, if you have against a Tank or however a good Match-Up, I usually go for NASHOR'S TOOTH as first Item, this is obviously because the amount of Damages per second is surely higher than with RIFTMAKER. This means that you can really do more Damages at the cost of less Sustain.

Even if I'm pushing a lot could be a good idea to buy NASHOR'S TOOTH as First Item, this because, if I suppose to continue my Push, the Attack Speed will be useful to take 1 or 2 additional Stacks from Enemy Tower before its Barrier will drop, and this means 160/320 additional Gold!!! Instead, if my lane is pushed, could be better to buy RIFTMAKER as first Item, playing a bit more passively, and waiting for ganks, healing the Damage received.

RUNES are also very important in this choice. With ARCANE COMET or FLEET FOOTWORK probably the best first Item to close is RIFTMAKER. Instead if you picked HAIL OF BLADES or LETHAL TEMPO, the best First Item to buy is certainly NASHOR'S TOOTH to do more Damages with your Auto Attacks.

If your Farm is Low you will probably forced to a fast recall or vice versa, a good plan could be to buy DORAN'S RING to have a bit more impact in lane, and after close RIFTMAKER to have more durability in lane thanks to its Sustain. Once again, if your Farm is Nice you will probably have more advantage closing NASHOR'S TOOTH as First Item. WIT'S END could be nice against AP Champions. While BLADE OF RUINED KING against TANKS!

If you haven't Neither a Melee in your team, a good decision could be to buy WIT'S END as First Item, and after it building Kayle Tankier as possible. ZHONYA'S HOURGLASS and GUARDIAN ANGEL are surely 2 great options in this regard. If you want to go even more Tank you could fill the Build with WARMOG'S ARMOR and SPIRIT VISAGE, but i suggest you to take this choice really only if you haven't any Melee in your team. If you have 1 Tank or 2 Melee Assassins, just go for an Off-Tank Build with Sustain and some Durability Items like the ones mentioned above. If you haven't AP Teammates, go full AP, instead if you haven't AD Teammates, buy go AD.

Always take a look to the Enemies Items, if they went Full Armor, you could go Full AP. Instead if they went Full Magic Resistence, you could go Full AD, This is possible only for Kayle becuase she is truly a versatile champion, really Strong both AD or AP builded!!! So buy RIFTMAKER or NASHOR'S TOOTH, as First Item, if you want to go Hybrid or full AP, or GUINSOO'S RAGEBLADE or BLADE OF THE RUINED KING, if you are more oriented on AD.


Said that I think that NASHOR'S TOOTH is generally better to close as First Item then RIFTMAKER.
So if you haven't idea of what to buy, simply go for it, and you will not regret it, trust me.
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Team Work

Kayle works well with every jumping/dashing/shunpo Champions with High Burst or Sustained Damages, like; Katarina, Jax, Master Yi, Xin Zao, Vi, Volibear, Akali, Yasuo, Diana, Jarvan, Hecarim, Rengar, Kha'Zix, Malphite, Olaf, Warwick, Fiddlesticks, Tryndamere, Morgana, Malzahar, Draven, Kai'Sa, Vayne, Soraka, etc...
In fact Kayle can stay behind those champions shielding them for 3 seconds, thanks to Divine Judgment (R), and Celestial Blessing (W) Healing and Speeding them at the end of the effect, in addition your Ultimate will do a lot of damages if the target is near a lot of enemies!!! Especially if you went Full AP or Full AD...!
One of the Strongest Combo is with Warwick. Kayle can Shield him with her Intervention (R), while Warwick is suppressing their AD or AP Carry with his Infinite Duress (R), creating an extraordinary Off/Def Combo!!!
Another wonderful similar Combo is Kayle's ultimate + Malzahar's ultimate with a similar result...!
Even with Fiddlesticks or Morgana your Ultimate will be devastating in combo with their Ultimates!!!
Draven, Kai'Sa and Vayne, are the 3 best ADC to have in team with Kayle, Draven really needs Movement Speed Bonus and Healings because he is the strongest ADC in early game and in lane thanks to his insane Damages!!! Kai'Sa can teleport herself in the middle of the fight, and Kayle's Ultimate will be the best way to give her more time to do Damages...! I consider Vayne the strongest ADC of the Game, and she is one of my favorite Champions, Kayle can ensure more Time and Damage to Vayne, thanks Divine Judgment and Celestial Blessing!!!
Another great Synergy is Kayle full AP Top or Mid Laner + Soraka full AP Support. In this way Kayle can hugely heal Soraka meanwhile she can spam cures on all the allied team, If Soraka is the main focus, Kayle will use her Divine Judgment on her to allow to Soraka to stay alive during team fights gaining a lot of time for all the team.

If you are more interested in Synergies and Combos, take a look to "IDEAL SYNERGIES" in Kayle's Support Page.
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Lane Differences (Very Important)

Every Lane needs a differnt Kayle's setting. Generally settings are really similar but they all differ in Summoner's Spells and in Items setting and purchase order;
When i play Top i prefer to have Flash and Teleport to not loose minions when I recall in base, to follow a gank in the other side of the Map, like Bottom, and to fastly regroup with the team or to depush an emergency.
When i play Mid i surely pick Flash and usually pick Barrier, it is the best way to stay in life during a Gank, or if your Enemy Laner is playing very Aggressive, but even Ghost or Cleanse could be good options, I know these 2 are generally unusual choices, but Ghost allows me to follow an opponent with low life, both in lane and/or in teams fight, or run away from him when i'm in Danger. Meanwhile Cleanse is Super Strong vs some champions that can kill you after a stun or somehing similar. Cleanse is Very nice against Annie and her Teddy-Stun-Kill, Lux and her Root, Cassiopeia's Ultimate, Ahri and her Charme, and some other with strong Crowd Control like Veigar and his cage, or Jax and his Stun, or even against Xerath and Anivia to Hard engage after their Stuns!
Obviously when I play Jungler the choice falls on Flash and Smite.
Even when I play Kayle ADC the choice is forced to Flash and Heal.
To play Kayle as Support I usually prefer to have Flash and Exhaust than Ignite, because i think it's better to have another Slow Effect with Kayle that can already Slow a lot with her Radiant Blast, than a boost to Damage with Ignite, in addition Exhaust lowers a lot the Damages of the Target, that is surely strong against their ADC.
For Items settings take a look to the other Guides that i have done for Kayle.
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AD or AP Kayle???

I think that Kayle has to fill the team according on the type of damages that the allies and the enemies do.
For Example if your team has; (1 AD + 1 AP + 1 Tank + 1 Supp), the best solution is to go AP/Hybrid to make the life more difficult for the opponent Tanks, and they have to go Armor and Magic Resistence to be competitive!
Instead if your team has; (2 AD + 1 Tank + 1 Supp) you'll go for sure Full AP Carry.
If your team has; (2 AP + 1 Tank + 1 Supp) you'll probably have to go Full AD Carry and bet on Righteous Fury "E" and Reckoning "Q" completly ignoring Divine Blessing "W".
Lastly if your team hasn't any tank, starting from the second item (you always need Nashor's Tooth or Yamuu's Ghostblade or Blade of the Ruined King at least to do something), you have to build Kayle a little bit more resistent to enemy attacks and/or spells!!! Some good Items for this purpose may be; Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Scepter for a small boost to life. Abissal Scepter, Wit's End for a small boost to Magic Resistence. Zhonya's Hourglass and Guardian Angel for a small boost to Armor. If you really need to be an Huge Tank you can seriosly consider the possibility to buy some Huge Tanky Item like; Warmog's Armor, Spirit Visage and/or Dead Man's Plate...!
If enemies have 2 or more Tanks a good Trick could be to build Kayle Autoattacker in Anti-Tanks modality;
Blade of the Ruined King + The Black Cleaver + Guinsoo's Ragebade + Nashor's Tooth and Berserker's Greaves. In this way you can easily crush their Defences, giving sustain to your team and allowing your allies to do more damages to enemies.


Never buy an Item just because i have suggested to buy it. When you play use your mind and your experience to understand what could be better in that specific situation!!! Only in this way you can improve your quality...!
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Support Results

I played this game the 08 March 2021, i was the support of Draven in a Normal Game (Blind Pick). Draven is a great Lane Leader, and Kayle is perfect to provide him more Survival and Damage. I was pratically ignored all the time and I decided to go Full AP after closing Ardent Chenser. The fact that Draven is a "Damage Machine" puts Kayle in a nice situation, where she is free to Heal and Attack while Draven Absorbs all the Focus!!!
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Top Lane Results

I played this game the 15 July 2021. In this game I was Top against Qiyana. I chose to play with Fleet Footwork because Qiyana isn't a good lane, and Kayle probably will loose the Trade even after level 6, so a preferred to play Safe Healing me a bit more. Qiyana tried to Freeze the Lane waiting for Ganks! She played really well and Qiyana probably was the strongest player of their team with Ezreal. I died 1 time in lane during a Gank well done by Nunu, but my Farm was however really High! So we won a game where Bottom and the Jungler fed them a lot, Luckly Veigar and me farmed very well and we carried the game in Late Game. I decided to go Full AP because our Front Line was however solid even if Nautilus and Sylas died 29 times in 2. My choice was rewarded with one of the most drawn victories of the season!!! Kayle's late game contribution did really the difference!

24 August 2021, I played this strange game, against Nocturne, where we were totally Overwhelmed in Early Game, I died a couple of times ganked by Teemo + Nocturne's Ultimate, and my lane became hard to manage... But with Patience and Playing Super Safe, I managed to farm and to take some Kills in Mid Game. Late Game was a Challenge between me and Tristana. Fortunately Kayle's Ultimate did the difference and we were able to kill Tristana during the Last Fight. I decided to Build Kayle Auto-Attacker Hybrid with Guinsoo's Rageblade and Wit's End as 4° and 5° Items because I was afraid that Volibear could go Full Magic Resist, and I've already seen Spirit Visage and Wit's End of Teemo. So I decided to Hybrid my Damages. As 6° Item I was torn between choosing Guardian Angel, for better Chance of Survival, or Bloodthirster for more Damages and Sustain. I decided to go for the Second to try to Challenge Easier Tristana or Teemo 1vs1. Teemo split pushed a lot in that game and I was able to kill him thanks to Teleport a couple of times, giving us a lot of advantage for objectives.
I forgot to change my Runes, and i played with Summon Aery because the previous game i played Support.

This time I was against Jax in lane. He decided to play Super Aggressive taking a lot of damages from Minions,
I started with Corruption Potion and tried to stay high of life, and I recalled every time my 3 stacks of Corruption Potion ended. Jax made a lot of Mistakes and ended up dying a couple of times, at this point the lane was really easier. I decided to buy Night Harvester for the +25% Movement Speed Bonus gived from its Passive Ability, trying to dodge Jax's Stun, it worked really well and i was able frequently to trade advantageously some engagement in lane against him. I closed Runaan's Hurricane as 3° Item for the same Reason, +7% Movement Speed Bonus, at this point I decided to bet on Guinsoo's Rageblade going full On-Hit Build. The game Ended but i think I would also have bought Wit's End and the Bloodthirster, for more On-Hit Damages and Sustain. I bet on Lethal Tempo to take full advantage from all the On-Hit Items like Nashor's Tooth and Guinsoo's Rageblade.

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