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Kha'Zix Build Guide by mandalore652020

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mandalore652020

Kha'Zix Jangle Bells

mandalore652020 Last updated on March 19, 2014
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Welcome to my Kha'Zix Build, a couple things I should say right off. I don't like ranked, I was sliver 4, and I know if I break the elo hell barrier than the stupid ragers would go away, but I don't feel like its worth the effort, maybe one day. 2nd some of you may recognize the build I made, or at least a decent amount of it. When I went back to the jungle after spending a week in mid spamming Talon I wanted a champion that played similarly, I found Kha'Zix, I basically improvised Insoy's build for Talon and I find it works quite well. For those of you not firmilar with Insoy hes a NA player who made it to Challenger one time on Talon, its his main. Also this will probably be a bit of a messy guide i'm new to making guides so if someone wants to help, they can be my guest.

Kha'Zix can be alot of fun to play, and, for me more importantly, he dont need to be lvl 6 or higher to gank well and force flashes, not that Nocturne cant gank pre-6 but you can only walk into lane, even when you get 6 he needs 2 mins to gank again. I find most effective junglers (other than say Elise) seem to work this way and Kha seems to work as such an exception.

One warning tho do not, I will repeat DO NOT use his alternate skin. You see when you see an isolated target you see a circle around them, what they see is when they see you is some purple spikes that in battle can be hard to distinguish, however his alternate skin makes it easy to see as it has this bright flashing WARNING sign that anyone who knows about can figure out what it means.

CC = Crowd Control EX Stuns, roots, slows, silence ECT.
Light CC = Anything that doesn't completely stop the enemy or leaves them room to retaliate EX slows, silence, blind.
Hard CC = Anything that completely impairs the ability to retaliate or move EX. Stuns, Roots
CD = Cool Down
AA = Auto Attack
AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Power
ATS = Attack Speed
Proc = Activate the side effect EX Manamune passive requires AA or mana use to proc
Split Push = When a lane is pushed push a seprate lane, forcing the enemy to send at least 1 person to come after you, making the fight a 4v4 or if they ignore you, you may get towers.
Pick = when you catch someone out of position and slaughter him

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Pros / Cons


  • Massive burst at all points of the game
  • Highly Mobile

  • No hard CC
  • Squishy
  • Requires good positioning and mechanics to be used properly

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Your jungleing... do I need to explain this to you?

Flash is nice for getting out of sticky situations or catching up when E is on CD. For 90% of the populas I would recommend this.

Sounds crazy again right, I mean why take this? well in case you had not noticed, I like unorthadox choices. Honestly tho if you regulate your E and R, get good at positioning you wont need flash, the ganks are better this way and it makes you a more viable split pusher. Its also nice when the enemy team thinks "hes pushing bot, theres no way they are doing baron" 4 secs later you're no where near bot.

Eh, your jungling, I dont LIKE it but then again I prefer Teleport over Flash on this guy feel free to try it out. Ill save time and coding and tell you, same rule applys to Exhaust

I think that about sums up spells

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Well honestly the ones I chose are up to some degree of debate, keep in mind this is a guide of recommendations try the base, then look at it and change it to your playstyle, you want to try ATS marks, go for it (I don't recommend it tho) flat AD marks, sure that would work as well, its your game. 5% CDR is also viable.

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After the discussion of each ability ill go over evolution order

Unseen Threat
Your passive. Much more deadly than one thinks, it makes ganks stronger, and don't underestimate 25% slow. One thing I will recommend though is play like rengar if your caught in the jungle or near bushes, hit em a bit, walk or E into a bush and proc it again for more damage and slow, you would be amazed how much it helps. Also this is part of the reason I like crit damage built in, your burst contains an AA and if an AA does 800 and your Q does 1000, most ADCs are about dead

Taste Their Fear
Your damage output, max it 1st, that being said, don't evolve it 1st in my opinion. It has a low CD and with CD items it just gets shorter. It does give more damage to the tune of 12% missing health on isolated targets but if they are missing 1000 you only get another 120, not bad mind you but I feel like the extra manuverablility you get for other abilitys allows for more safe or aggressive play while still having a ton of dammages. Also as a footnote you can use this mid [leap] so using it as an opening move or to kill a runner aint a bad idea. Plus it looks cool.

Void Spikes Void Spikes
This helps you sustain a bit early levels, its not great but it may save you a pot here and there, mid to late game it gives over 100, however its damage is not super great. The 20% slow is nice for escapes or catching up or during ganks. Do NOT Evolve. Sure you get 3 but only 1 hits a person, and the spread is to big to proc on lots of folks. Long story short your looking to isolate and slaughter single targets, a spread of these spikes aint gonna help if you learn how to aim. Max by 13

The gap closer, your fight AND flight mechanic. Ok the damage ain't great especially considering the recent nerf but its what makes him a proficient ganker. They see you walk into lane and then you are on their faces, next think they know they are dead or down flashes. Max last, you shouldn't need the CD.

Void Assault
Your Ultimate. When I ORIGINALLY made this guide I said "it was not the strongest ulti" that was before its rework. 2 seconds of invisibility (or 6 if chained), 3 more passive procs and 50% less damage, and a massive movement speed buff, all in all, puts you on par with most stealth champs for the duration, and just like Vayne you can juke and maneuver around a team fight extremely well.

now... time for evolution order.
The first evolution is a little more personal preference than it used to be, what I mean by that is before his rework he NEEDED [leap] (IMO) to gank or tower dive effectively at all or it became to hard to do either, the extra range was also massively helpful. As of the rework I have experimented a bit with, as well as watched him used during IEM (if you don't watch LCS it can be an education). In my opinion there are 2 options now, equally compelling, and should be your 1st AND 2nd evolution, but the order it is done is again, personal preference.

1) Void Assault
Again this should be 1st or 2nd, the thing about this skill is it is amazing in team fights, and if you are forcing objectives such as dragon at 14ish mins this is a really good choice, more mobility, allows you to be more aggressive and/or still get out, 2 seconds of invis is also really good for chases during ganks.

2) Leap
The resets, its what made kha a powerhouse before and what will continue to, its not that it does excessive damage, but the positioning advantage it gives you is amazing, that being said I would say that the amount it gives you early is approximately the same as [void assault] I would recommend this evolution more to games where the laneing phase has been extended either because doublelift decided he needed farm or just no one is winning at 8 minutes and leap gives you more gank presence (which ill be honest it does) or you feel it gives you more mobility than your ulti. Again, personal preference. (I know it sounds like I prefer the ulti but I still evolve leap 1st)

3) Taste Their Fear
The thing about Kha'Zix is he is not really want for damage, his passive, and the base of this ability will supply the necessary damage, which is why the mobility levels 6 and 11 are more important than the damage you gain from this, late game however when the ADC and Mid laner bought a [banshees veil] and they have more health to % damage off of, then it is useful.

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All right, debatably most important part of this explanation. Items.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
You may have noticed in each of the example builds I had the same item (not including elder lizard) and always the first pick. You may wonder "Why Youmuu's Ghostblade? why not The Black Cleaver for a 1st big item, even though it was included in your "1st Big Buy" options. The simple answer is that the active effect, now don't get me wrong, 10% CDR, 20 armor pen (highest flat pen in the game) and 15% crit aint nice (actually the 15% crit is important as well) but Kha has but one engage or escape mechanism, and that has a massive CD until you evolve it, and even then you have to kill something for the reset, so having a backup plan to get in, out, help push towers, or 40% ATS for duels is nice.

Infinity Edge
Seems odd right, a crit item, I mean sure it gives 70 AD but wouldnt Ravenous Hydra or The Bloodthirster be better choices?I suppose in theory yes, I suppose that would work, but I REALLY like doing 1K AA damage late game when you proc your passive, it works well with your combo when bursting squishys, or, if you go straight armor pen items anything short of 400 armor Taric

Last Whisper
35% pen, with the mastery you will hit the 40% cap. and its cheep, decent damage, the 80-100 armor most ADCs carry will seem like nothing

The Black Cleaver
50 damage, not bad. 10% CDR, cant complain. 10 armor pen, still good. remove 25% of their armor. all of that for like 3000 gold. Long story short its very cost efficant and when used in tangem, or out of tangem with other pen items its great for all your slice and dice needs.

The Bloodthirster
Good item, I would use this as one of the two alternatives to Infinity Edge or if they have little to no armor you can switch out Last Whisper or The Black Cleaver I recommend you keep Youmuu's Ghostblade tho.

Ravenous Hydra
Another alternative to Infinity Edge however, unlike The Bloodthirster id rush this ASAP apposed to getting Youmuu's Ghostblade because it helps clear waves and jungle camp little creeps which allows for isolation Q damage sooner. Also in a teamfight if you feel like you absolutely MUST jump the [Ashe] sandwiched next to that [annie] and [swain] (BTW if your thinking about doing that... just dont and save yourself 20+ secs of down time) you at least get some splash damage to go with it. the activated ability should not be underestimated.

Your not in lane, stay away, in theory its still a solid item but unless your gonna ignore boots and jung items early and stay in the jungle, its not worth the time it takes to proc it.

Maw of Malmortius
Good against AP Teams, im not gonna say I use it often but it can save lifes when your staring down a karthus ulti with 200 health left.

Quicksilver Sash
This item is good, for SO many reasons. it gives MR, upgrades later in life to give you AD and then there's the active. A mega [Clense]. [ignite], [deathmark] [hemoplauge] and more, just taken away. I would almost recommend this above Maw of Malmortius but its your preference.

Guardian Angel
This is good on like anyone if they have enough damage and just need a second breath

Iceborn Gauntlet
it gives you 2X damage and a slow, so when you fly in and Q then proc your passive you have a boatload of damage, 55% slow with passive AOE and then theres the armor and CDR, all in all, not a bad item. its not on the top of my hitlist and dont get it and Trinity Force in the same game but if the circumstance calls for it, it can be useful

Trinity Force
AKA Tons Of Damage. The recent buff on it has made it very good, and if you dont like Youmuu's Ghostblade its a good fill in, although it takes longer to build. I personally haven't really tried it much to be perfectly honest but i'm sure it would work fine for keeping on someones tail.

Randuin's Omen
You build this when you NEED armor. I dont like going tank on glass cannons, not without some kind of damage output return, like Iceborn Gauntlet or Maw of Malmortius but if you are the only form of engage or are against a double AD/AD heavy comp, go for this.

Blade of the Ruined King
You are not Zed and none of your burst is reliant on ATS, we buy Ghostblade for tower push, all in all, just not super great on Kha, there's just to many other items that have better effects for you

Executioner's Calling
I ALWAYS watch my opponents team comp when looking at this item. Heres the thing, its cheep, gives crit and AD and most importantly cuts regen. Overall its accually a good item, but similer to BOTRK there are other items that generally give you more, unless your dealing with Dr. Mundo. Dont buy this unless you are up against Dr. Mundo, Vladimir, Swain, Warwick and possibly Zac unless you think you can kill them before they become an issue without it, if someone else builds it, or someone gets Morellonomicon

Void Staff
Just because its from the void, just like you, dose NOT mean you need it.

The pen combo
I love "the pen combo" gives me 20% CDR and lets me deal almost true damage with Phyical damage all with 3 items, 1 mastery and a few runes. all you need is Last Whisper, The Black Cleaver, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Devastating Strikes and some pen runes lets look at the math.
lets assume some poor sod had 100 armor and assume we have 10 amor pen in runes, this means straight off we have 40% pen, but before that we get max procs of cleaver
100 - 25% = 75
from there we apply the 40%
75 - 40% = 45
now our 40 flat pen from items and runes
45 - 40 = 5 armor
resistance = armor / ( 100 + armor ) so that means
5/100+5 (105) = 5% damage resistance. so 100 armor dose not even stop 10% of your damage, lets up it to 200

200 - 25% = 150
150 - 40% = 90
90 - 40 = 50
50/100 + 50 (150) = 33% still... thats 67% of damage going through, so pen build, give it a shot.

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Team Work

Kha has many uses, and, kind of like vayne requires some mechanics. However this is a team game, if your comp has no team fight power, you can splitpush or try and get picks to make a 4V5 fight. If you have a team fight comp, wait in flanks or bushs to leap to the back where the pesky Sivir keeps throwing her boomeraing and deal with her then leap either on someone else or fly away and await a chance to come back in. Also keep in mind you have very little CC so going into a team with no knock-ups stuns or roots may be risky.

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OK well, I am still new to Mobafire and honestly have no idea how to add images so ill work on that. I was asked to talk about jungle routes and gank paths so ill go over it briefly here.
So as of S4 an unwritten rule of Solo Queue was made, do your first buff with your bot lane, it does not have to be massive, 3-4 AA from the ADC and Supp, POSSIBLY your mid laner and you will be set. It is for this reason (well 1 of 2, ill get to the other in a second) that I love purple team because because you start on blue buff. After your 1st buff on kha'zix you want to clear 1 camp. Unlike most junglers this one camp can actually be wight camp, the Taste Their Fear isolation will give you the damage you need and Void Spike sustain will let you take it with relative speed and ease. After clearing 1 camp, whatever you choose it to be go to your other buff, you want your 2nd buff to be your 3rd camp for 2 reasons 1) lvl 3, this is huge, your ganks become infinitely better and your 1 V 1 potential also gets much better, double buff Kha'Zix loses to few lvl 3. 2) Your jungle clear time will increase with 2 buffs, if a gank is unavailable or you are top and want to gank bot, you can quickly clear another camp on the way like wolfs or wraiths. Remember your 1st clear is the most important, if a jungler, especially Kha falls behind without any farm after a gank it can be extremely hard to come back, so clear as much as you can before you gank, but dont overfarm, you want to make an impact early as well. Also the 1st clear will likly be your last full clear, because you need to cover for people at different time for diffrent reasons, you ARE the early rotations. Honestly I could wright about how much to farm and think about it all night but its a delicate balance that needs each person (individually and team wise) to decide when its time to just farm back or pick up conservation stacks.

OK 2nd reason I LOVE purple team. Tri-Brush bot lane. OK well, this CAN be risky, you do have to walk past the red buff opening on their side to sneak in, which is where ward cover comes in handy. watch your back. don't go through river on purple team if you don't have to, much more effective to come from the flank, especially if your team can come in at the right time and its a relatively synchronized engage. the best advice I can give on this is actually simple. watch the minion wave. if the enemy is pushed, wait for the minion wave to pass, they wont see you sneak in their bush and jump em. As for blue side you can lane gank, witch is to come in from the lane, have the bot lane push up enough for you to sneak into the inner bushes (or have thresh lantern hook, whatever you have available) I feel this is less effective than the tri-bush area but is still effective. There is always the trusty river gank but if you are going to do that have red trinket, if you don't attack a red trinketed ward it will just lose vision and as long as you refrain from attacking they wont actually SEE you come in.

Ganking mid lane can be done but requires a mix of luck and coordination from the mid laner to find out where the midlaner has warded. Also pay attention to the enemy junglers inventory, if they were sporting extra wards (like me) the mid lane is probably perma-warded and as such if you want to gank it do so from that little mouth by the tower, this can be hard to do because if they see you from to far away they can walk off. The thing to watch for is aggressive mid laners like Zed or LeBlanc who have 1 mobility move other than flash, once they use it it has at least a 10 sec CD, so once its gone they are vulnerable, time it then. If the enemy mid liner has no mobility like Lux or Brand than camp the lane, its the only time where I would pay more attention to mid than bot, normally I treat them relatively equally but no mobility champs, even WITH ward cover are easy kills, especially as Kha.

Top is a island. Bugs don't swim. Seriously tho, top is supposed to be your tank line, the only times you gank top is to set Dr. Mundo back or once early to set it ahead but thats it, spending to much time up there can set the carry lanes behind. If he absolutely NEEDS a gank, gank mid alot so he can roam top FOR you because you put mid ahead. And no, your top laner should not be beating Renekton, Just tell him hes gonna lose lane eventually anyway, because its Renekton and he will outscale him in team fights. Unless its LeBlanc top in which case you probably shouldn't have gone kha jungle.

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Closing Comments

Thank you for reading, even if you don't like this guide I hope you try him out and see if you like him yourself. Feel free to leave a comment, send me a PM if you have questions or advice, if folks like this I may do a couple more guides, thanks again.

- Mandalore652020