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Lee Sin Build Guide by LucarioNate

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LucarioNate

LaneSin, "Blindness is no impairment for a stinky enemy

LucarioNate Last updated on August 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome everyone to my first guide on Mobafire. Today I will be showing you how I like to play Lee Sin. First of all, Lee Sin is a high physical damage dealing assassin who heavily revolves around his quick set of abilities and high mobility to prove successful. If played correctly, Lee Sin can deal massive damage in both lane, and team fights. Hopefully in this guide, I will help you learn the ropes of Lee Sin, or just simply help you improve your gameplay. However, this is just merely my way of playing Lee Sin, so do NOT feel left out to include any of your items. Hope you guys enjoy and please leave some comments and feedback thanks!

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Pros / Cons

-Good Damage
-Tanky and Very Powerful
-Extremely Fun
-Good Farm, and can be anti-tanky dps against some others
-If used correctly, will leave a huge dent in a champion(s)
-Pulls the Tanky Dps role very well, with good durability and damage

-Hard to master
-Skillshot usually begins his combo, have to be good with his Q
-Can be countered easily by some champions
-Must be quick with your fingers
-Can be slightly weak during some phases compared to others
-Can take alot of harassment damage during early game phases without bulk

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Greater Mark of Desolation
OR (These don't really matter, whatever one you prefer)

Greater Mark of Desolation Pretty standard runes for many physical damage champions. If you are new to armor penetration, simply, I look at them like bonuses to increase your champions damage without the purchase of another item. So, for tanky dps, you're gonna want the highest amount of damage as possible without buying so many damage items, as you will need that gold to build some bulk to reach the "tanky" role.
These, in my opinion, are crucial on Lee Sin if played as a tanky dps, like in this build. The armor supports Lee Sin from start to finish, but it really shines throughout early game to give you that extra bulk against physical pokes, and minion damage. But overall, simple armor seals are very effective on Lee Sin and if played like a tanky dps, these are extremely useful to have on your champion. 13 armor may not seem like alot, but it can really make that one difference.
Personally, I don't use dodge runes on Lee Sin, but from what I've seen and observed, these things are pretty hefty and nice to have around. You never know when that dodge effect could save your life, and these things are hella good. But in my eyes, I always find armor to outshine dodge, as I always like having that extra durability throughout the game. Feel free to use these to your advantage, I just like the armor more.
Similar to my armor seals, magic resistance is crucial for many champions in the game, and if you're building a tanky dps, they are a MUST. For Lee Sin, I like to have the "per level" runes rather than the flat ones. In my opinion, I find that most damage dealt towards the end of the game and during the late phases are the magic damage that casters dish out. Basically, to make it short, I like the highest amount of magic resistance possible for my glyphs since I'll be needing the durability for the extreme magical damage that is inflicted. Additionally, it can be hard to get magic resistance items in the game, since their are only a few of them when compared to the armor items, so these are really nice.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation Like my marks, these armor penetration quints allow you to easily reach the 20-30 penetration mark. These runes serve the same purpose as the armor penetration marks like included above.

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For masteries I just run a pretty standard offensive page on Lee Sin, since I find that he can reach his highest potential of damage output by simply going the usual 21. However, I have one extra point, and I use it on since I like having the extra bonus cooldown reduction, additionally that last extra point isn't all too useful in the ultity tree in my opinion. Also don't forget to grab since this ability can drastically improve your damage output. A critical hit with a proc can deal very high damage. Additionally, you will be grabbing an so your crit chance will also be higher. For utility, just simply grab those usual skills like for that exp bonus. Many people like to go the usual 0/21/9, or even their own builds, but for me, I like to have the offensive advantage during the game. But don't mind me, if you want the extra beef over damage, go for the defensive tree.

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Most items on Lee Sin are pretty standard items that will usually be picked up by other tanky dps as well. These items that I included really work well with his abilities, and allow him to keep fighting with high durability and damage.
Typically, I start off with a for the high base damage early game (72 Attack Damage). However, if needed too, you could also grab an item with a health pot if you need the extra sustainability. ( + ) or ( + x5. Then from these items, you should usually branch out and start making your item build.
Note : can be built into a or
can be built into a or a

Extremely Important Item : . Extremely potent item on Lee Sin, since you always be using your "double" set of abilities throughout the game. With this, you can easily get up to 1-6 Sheen procs within a short set of time. This item should be rushed as quickly as possible since it drastically improves Lee Sin's gameplay with all the valuable stats it provides. Additionally and you shouldn't be picking up your level 2 boots yet unless you need to, this item is just too powerful to not get first since it transforms him into a powerhouse.

Core Items

You'll have 200+ Attack Damage (I'm writing this because the attack damage is incorrect on the stat sheet for some reason, it says 143.)

. Standard Magic Resistance boots for almost any champion. You'll be wanting to have the CC reduction for more combat action and clutch escapes with Safeguard.
. Great Item, nuff' said. (Look above for details)
. Fantastic item to have in your arsenal. It gives you a solid amount of armor (45), a pretty good amount of critical strike (18%) to synergize with Lethality. But best of all, the 2% damage allows Lee Sin to easily reach 200 Attack Damage while still being tanky.
. Another tanky item to get with Lee Sin. 45 Armor and 450 Health, adds a new level of beef to Lee Sin to make him even more freighting. The special ability of Sunfire Cape is a relatively nice item to have, but the stats are what really shine on Lee.
. Great item, and has made its point numerous times throughout LoL. Health, Magic Resistance, Mana?!?, and the ability to block an enemy spell is awesome. More beef, more resistance, and a shield that can mean life or death. Works well with Atma's too.
. Personally, I really like having GA on Lee Sin. It gives you a massive increase on your armor mechanics, allowing you to reach 220 Armor, and 180 MR. It makes focused attacks on you even harder, and can be your best fight if you are a mega carry.

Optional Items:
- Good armor and dmg for a low cost item. Good lifesteal with your W, ward is extremely helpful for sight and W leaps.
- Good armor for a very low cost item. Dodge is helpful, and these give you good durability for both AD laners and teams.
- Extremely huge boost of armor, and a very good amount of health. The attk and movement speed reductions help him tank even better, and the activation is good for chases / escapes. Can replace Sunfire Cape if needed too. Helps out alot in high physical damage teams.
- Huge Magic Resistance bonus for high AP teams. The movement speed helps with your Q and W, and the health regen is helpful in any situation.
- Good offensive item, providing a solid amount of stats. The damage, critical chance, and cooldown are helpful but the armor penetration makes this item shine. The activation is also good for pushes and escapes.
- Very similar to Youmuu's, but provides more damage potential. 40% armor pen is extremely nice if you need it for high armor teams, and the damage is good too.
- Great item with Lee Sin, making him able to chase any enemy. The health is very nice, and if paired with an Atma's, these two items can make Lee Sin a deadly enemy.
- Pretty common item on Lee Sin. Provides a huge amount of HP for Lee Sin to work with, and most likely is always paired with an Atma's, making this a popular item to carry around. The classic "Atmogs" is always a viable choice.

Heavy Caster Item Build


208 Magic Resistance altogether (Excludes Sunfire and Atma's)

Heavy Physical Item Build


226 Armor with all the items on the left excluding Sunfire Cape (Without Cape = More armor, less health)
183 Armor with Sunfire Cape instead of Randuin's Omen. (Without Randuin's = More health, less armor.

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Skill Sequence

Now, this is what makes Lee Sin and what makes him an extremely fun champion to play around with. His abilities are unique, and if used correctly, will result in high damage and ultimate success.
Q: - A great ability that allows Lee Sin to deal good damage with quick movement. It is especially useful for harassment during the laning phase, and is a great gap closer / opener. It can also be helpful for long range last hitting if needed. The intial Sonic Wave deals moderate damage, but the Resonating Strike really leaves a wound in an enemy with that +10% missing health bonus. Be wary of an enemy's movement and use your Sonic Wave wisely since it is a skillshot and is an important aspect of Lee Sin.
W: - Probably the only defensive ability that Lee Sin has. This ability is paired very nicely with his Q ability since you can Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike into an enemy, then can quickly Safeguard out. It's a really fun ability to use and can save you and / or a teammate with its durable shield effect. But most of all, the high mobility use with Safeguard allows you to flow in and out of battle with ease and can leave an enemy confused and jumbled. The second part of his W; Iron Will, is a great ability to allow Lee Sin to sustain himself in lane. Although the life steal / vamp, isn't all too high at early levels, it really helps him stay in lane just a little bit longer. From level 3+, you will be gaining a solid amount health per hit, and if combined with a health potion can give Lee Sin a safer lane presence. The armor bonus is pretty helpful as well, since it allows Lee Sin to take less damage on 1v1 battles. The armor and lifesteal / vamp allows Lee Sin to have a strong "hand to hand" battle.
E: - Lee Sin's E ability is an extremely useful ability. Tempest allows Lee Sin to deal more damage and provides him the ability of clearing multiple enemy minions at once. Additionally, Tempest also reveals enemies that are hit, making champions like , , , , and extremely easier to chase down, since champions with an invisibility skill tend to use their stealth for escapes. The second ability of this, Cripple, provides Lee Sin from level 4+ to have an extremely helpful slow to chase down enemies. Cripple is not just useful for its movement speed slow, but it drastically helps Lee Sin dominate 1v1 battles because it also slows the attack speed of an enemy, allowing Lee Sin to unleash 2 or more basic attacks to an enemy before they unleash their own basic attack.
R: - This ability is an extremely high nuke ability, that allows Lee Sin to deal an enormously high amount of damage to a single target. Dragon's Rage can bring a champion from full to half, and if used on a carry will completely devastate them. The knockback of this ability can be used similarly like Alistar's to knock an enemy into your team. Secondly, this ability is also great for escaping as you can use it to knock enemies backwards / knock their own allies up. Dragon's Rage is an extremely high damage nuke and can be used either defensively or offensively. Also, do not feel afraid to finish off an enemy, nothing is better than a blind monk doing a Chuck Norris kick to an enemy's face.
P: - Lee Sin's passive allows him to quickly deal loads of damage if used to its fullest. An extremely important tactic for Lee Sin player's are knowing how to weave in between your attacks. For example, if you don't know what a weave is then let me show you. A sequence like this shows a basic weave : Sonic Wave, Hit + Hit <-- Weave, Resonating Strike, Hit + Hit (These hits are theWeave), Safeguard, Hit + Hit (These hits are the Weave), Iron Will, Hit + Hit (These hits are theWeave). Weaving is very important with Lee Sin, since it gives Lee Sin the flurry bonus which drastically improves his attack speed and recovers energy. So being able to weave, will make you deal so much more damage then stacking abilities and not using those 2 hits to your advantage.

Now for my skill sequence, I max my Q first since I feel that it can change the tide of battle with the high damage output it dishes out. Secondly, I max W for the shield but more importantly the lifesteal / vamp / armor, and finish maxing E since I feel that maxing the other two abilities are more important then Tempest. Also, grab your ult whenever possible, since the damage is just too good to let down. (6,11,16)

Skill Order (R,Q,W,E) - , , .

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Summoner Spells

There are some choices of summoners that you can work with Lee Sin, but the best ones I find to be are and . is just overall good with any champion and allows Lee Sin to escape even better with his W, or can allow him to Flash behind an enemy to unleash Dragon's Rage into his team. But overall, Flash allows for both defensive and offensive uses. is great with Lee Sin, since the slow works well with Cripple, and it makes Lee Sin an unstoppable 1v1 champion. Secondly, Exhaust is extremely helpful since you can use it on the carries during fights to stop them in their tracks.

Main Summoners

Possible Alternatives
- Good damage throughout the game and can finish champions or be used in conjugation with his Q or R. Is very helpful against , , , etc.
- Pretty good summoner as well, since you never know when you need Ghost to chase or to runaway. Mainly, I prefer Flash over Ghost, since I find that Flash is more useful for escaping, and I don't tend to chase with Lee Sin since I can usually land my Q's. But Ghost is still a very good choice.

Other Choices
- Cleanse can be OK on Lee Sin, since you never know when you could use it against a stun heavy team, but overall I don't take this.
- Teleport isn't all too good with Lee Sin, but I see how you can fit it in there. But Lee Sin shouldn't be one split pushing or carrying teleport since he'll be needing other summoners. Leave the teleporting to or .

Bad Choices
-Don't need this on Lee Sin, leave it to the tanks / supports.
-Ehh.. really noone needs this.
-Not really good on Lee Sin. Dont really need the heal since you will be having pretty good lifesteal effects.
-Leave CV to the supports, no use for Lee Sin.

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Farming is extremely crucial on Lee Sin, and is pretty much crucial for any carry. Farming is what wins games for you, and if you can hold a high amount of CS as Lee Sin, you will be able to snowball well into the late game to purchase your powerful gear. During the early game phases, you want to focus on last hitting minions. I cannot stress this enough, last hitting minions are extremely important if you want to play well. Time your basic attacks and just focus on last hitting. Do not feel scared to use to last hit minions, because you want the highest amount of creep kills. However, be careful when you last hit minions, since many players will attempt to deny you from earning gold and experience like , , , etc. Keep in mind, that when farming well you have to be careful that some champions will just simply outplay you and will outfarm you throughout the game since their character design might be better than yours. It's ok, if this happens just attempt to play safe, call ganks, or switch lanes if needed too. Trust me, these will get you a better game rather then being pounded to the ground. Many players are capable of harassing safely, and last hitting fairly well at the same time, if you are one of these players feel free to use your skills to your advantage, I cant do this since I'm such a passive player xD. Just remember, use , to kill minions. Lee Sin has a fairly good attack animation as well, so gold earning should be fairly easy.

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Laning Phases

In this chapter, I will show you briefly and simply what to do during each of the phases: early, mid, late game.

Early Game (Minute 1-10)
During the early game, you need to focus on last hitting and farming. If you are hurt badly, go heal, or gank / bait with exhaust. If you are farming well, and outlaning your opponent, attempt to harass them. Lee Sin has very good harassment with his , and . So if you're beating your enemy, try to grab as much farm to scale well. If you are losing, try to play safe and call for ganks to change the tide of battle. On your first way back to base, purchase then start making your since this item really increases his damage output. Additionally, buy a few s, and some sight ward because wards change games, and pots give you more time to farm and stay in lane. But focus on last hits and high farm potential.

Mid Game (Minute 10-25)
Now during Mid Game, you should start to focus your attention on the minimap to see how your team is doing. Its usually a 50-50, you're winning or losing. Continue to last hit, and start doing some harass. Your really does quite of bit of damage now since its around level 4-5. Place a good Sonic Wave, then harass with your Resonating Strike. However, be wary because your lane opponent is probably your level so they probably have alot of power aswell. Now keep in mind of a very crucial tip, if your mid lane dies, they will attempt to do a Dragon, so keep your eye on Dragon during this phase. You need to group up with your team to counter Drag or attempt Drag. Dragon is a key point, and you'll want it if you want to win. Now during this phase, you want to start making since it's extremely crucial. If you're farmed / fed, you'll probably get it around 16-20 minutes with . When you make , start making or depending on the enemy team. Now that the game scales later, group with your team when needed too, and stick together as a team when you need to defend / push. Start purchasing a and a , since these two items give you a nice amount of armor statistics.

End Game (Minute 25+)
Now, once you have your and some durable items, you want to continue warding and start teaming up. During this end game phase, you're gonna want to keep getting Dragon, controlling the Map, and starting pushes / defends. If your team needs you, go to them, if everything is pretty much a stalemate atm, just continue to farm, but be on your toes since many things happen towards this phase. Continue to attempt to build your core item's by transforming into , or . I'd recommend grabbing since you should have around 180-190 damage with just a as your HP item at the moment. Now, start making more armor items like or transform your into a . The end game is pretty risky, its either you gain the advantage or you lose the advantage, anything can happen. Just be wary of this, use your instincts to sense if a gank is inevitable, a Baron is starting, or a push is beginning. Know when this stuff happens, and be wary of it. Just continue to make your items and start to create your core build, and hopefully you can win the game.

Early Game Items : -> -> -> -> sight ward
Mid Game Items : -> -> -> / -> ->
End Game Items : (Chain Vest from Mid Game) -> -> (Buy New Vest) -> / -> (Negatron Cloak from Mid Game) -> , Now Start Finishing Core Items, , , , And any other elixirs.

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Fighting Combo

Weave between hits, and use both of your abilties every time.
Typical Combo- Weave between SW and RS if possible, Weave between both Tempest and Cripple, Weave between Safeguard and Iron Will remember to cast ON SELF at close range.
Harass Combo- Lead onto an enemy then use Resonating Kick, finish by escaping with to an ally.
Solid Combo - If enemy is far away, and is ducking behind minions do this combo : to ally minion near the enemy champion, Tempest enemies around you and weave hits on enemy champ, then slow them and weave again, when a clear shot is open and once you have forced them out of minion range, use on the champion for a gap closer. Additionally, if the enemy champion is at close range, you can also just use this combo but just use on yourself.
Burst Combo - Lee Sin can actually deal ALOT of damage with this short and simple combo. In one vs one situations, use your standard on yourself, then follow with and make sure to weave between hits. Then use but do not use Resonating Strike, instead, use to deal a huge amount of damage and keep the enemy stunned, as they're flying back you should now use Resonating Strike to use the full effectiveness of the +10% HP loss bonus.

These are usually the pretty standard combos, I will continue to edit this, since I can sense i'm forgetting something but for now I cant find it lolol.

Additionally, similar to and , you can also use to leap to any sight wards, s, and s for escapes. For example, if you need a quick escape, place a sight ward over a wall, then use to it. This is commonly used for Lee Sin players, and can be a great Dragon steal or even a Baron steal.

NOTE : You're probably annoyed of this, but just remember to weave weave weave weave. Weaving is an important aspect to Lee Sin, and you always have to use the best of your to inflict the top damage. If you can weave between spells, do it. However if you're chasing down an enemy with Sonic Wave, you don't and shouldn't try to catch up to them to use your flurry hits, but rather just catch up with Resonating Strike. (This is pretty much common knowledge but I'm just putting in here incase). But overall, weaving is crucial for many Lee Sin players, and you need to know how to use it to your fullest.

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Team Work

Lee Sin does a pretty good job inflicting high amounts of damage to carries and at the same time, he can take some pretty high punishment. However, don't forgot that you aren't a with form of the tyrant so you aren't an unstoppable force. During teamfights with Lee Sin, you want to keep focus on the AD and AP Carries and try to deal as much damage to them. Lee Sin excels at eliminating squishies, since he is an assassin, so use your damage to your advantage and eliminate those carries because you're going to want them dead or else they're going to continously destroy your team. Your standard focus during team fights are : AP Carry, AD Carry (These two can be switched around) and support. Additionally during team fights, use your to escape or to shield allies, use to deal AoE Damage + inflict a good slow. Plus, try to aim your on your primary targets. should be used to inflict heavy damage or used to repel iniators back from your team.

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Creeping / Jungling

Lee Sin is a standard jungler, and Lee Sin usually is either a solo or a jungler. Jungle Lee Sin isn't all too difficult and he can clear it quite quick. I normally play lane, but I've played a few games of jungle as well. Usually you can run these same runes since they don't really make a difference. However, you can swap the with greater glyph of alarcity if you want the faster jungle, but typically I just run these standard runes (Arm Pen, Armr, Magic Res, Armr Pen). Masteries can be changed around, and I usually just run 21/0/9, with 2 points into , and only 1 point into . Also, instead of improved swap it with improved . Additionally your last point in utility should be . For summoners I just run and . Start with and 5 s. My usual route are : Wraiths, Wolves, Double Golems, Red, Wraiths, Wolves. Use on the Big Wraith in the beginning, and start with on the smaller ones, weave and then use Cripple. Go to the Wolves, and use and weave again then Cripple. You should be level 2 by the time the Big Wolf is dead, then grab and weave between abilities. Go to double golems next, and use both of your abilities with the standard weave. You should be level 3 once golems are dead, then grab a second point into . Go to Red now and use your simple and . Once Red is dead go to wraiths, then wolves to hit level 4. Grab at level 4 to gank. Remember when in the jungle frequently use those pots to keep yourself alive. Your jungle should be cleared at around 4:25, except Blue. You can take blue after your first buy, or you can give it to your AP Carries. You are usually going to be using your health pots after : Big Wraiths (Level 1), (Wolves level 1-2), 1 pot when heading towards double golems, 1 pot during double golem fight (level 2-3), last pot used at red (3-4).

Skill Order - , , , sonic wave / resonating strke

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Overall, I really like this Lee Sin guide, and I hope you guys follow it. I feel that this guide really can show a Lee Sin's true potential. Although he doesn't really look like he's beefy, this item build will allow him to be extremely durable, and at the same time he can eliminate enemies like no other. Ultimately, thank you guys out there for reading my guide. I hope you guys use it, and please comment and submit feedback! Let my man D.M.P show you guys the way out, and once again I thank you guys very much!!