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Warwick Build Guide by Lasoor

Jungle Lasoor's True to Warwick Guide Season 9

Jungle Lasoor's True to Warwick Guide Season 9

Updated on December 9, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lasoor Build Guide By Lasoor 26 6 747,052 Views 87 Comments
26 6 747,052 Views 87 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lasoor Warwick Build Guide By Lasoor Updated on December 9, 2019
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Font of Life

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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Table of Contents
Introduction Runes Items
Pros and Cons ---- Gameplay
Summoner Spells Abilities Conclusion


Hello Summoners, Lasoor here with a fully remade guide for the rework of my former main champion(before the rework). I hope you find it educational.

I was a Warwick main from Season 5 up until the rework, I still play him often and am quite good with him; however, I am honestly disappointed with the changes they made. Old Warwick had far better sustain, team fight capability, more reliable CC, and was harder to kite. However, new Warwick is still very strong and brings whole new strengths to the table.

In this guide I will teach you what I see as the proper way of playing Warwick which is far different than most people would have you believe. I have tested many builds and most of the builds people are using just simply do not work. This one does, and you'll quickly see that once you try it.

If you disagree with anything I say in this guide or if I made any mistakes in this guide please let me know in the comments and I will address the issues. If you have any questions, again, let me know in the comments so that I may answer them for you.

Check out his Champion Teaser, very well done:
Champion Teaser


+ Good Jungle sustain
+ Tough duelist
+ Early game Objective and Lane control
+ Valuable pathing to low health enemies that grants speed boost
+ Strong team fighter
+ Decent CC Capability


- Easily kited
- Unreliable ultimate / Bad hit box and easy to dodge
- Learning curve / kit encourages stupid plays that get you killed
- Very weak early game / Reliant on teammates for kills
- Easy for enemy to bully you early game

Flash is the best choice for Warwick. Allows you to escape if attacked in jungle as well as make many gank plays that would otherwise be impossible. There isn't any summoner spell that you should choose in its place. Take it every time.
Ghost is currently popular on Warwick due to his ultimate's range scaling based on movement speed. I wholeheartedly disagree with this tactic. His ultimate is very difficult to land even when the enemy is near you due to how poorly designed it was. Trying to land it from far away is more difficult than landing a Jinx ult from far away due to having a worse hit box. As for any other practical use all it would help you do is chase enemies and potentially help a little with dealing with kite. However it is always better to take Flash because it allows you to take advantage of many opportunities. There's simply no replacement to the instant gap closer. Use Blood Hunt if you need a speed boost.
Ignite is pointless. The kill potential it offers is minimal and you'll be better off with Teleport for map control. You only take it with Flash in top lane. This is a jungle guide so I won't be instructing you on top lane.
Teleport is only for if you are going top instead of jungle.
Take it with Flash. It gives you map control. Basically helps secure objectives and provide aid to your teammates while pushing lanes.

Gives you bonus resistences every time you utilize either your Infinite Duress or Primal Howl. After 2.5 seconds it explodes dealing damage to nearby enemies. This is the best Rune choice on Warwick because of how well it works with his kit. Keeps him alive longer in a fight and is very easy to make use of with only a 20 second cool down.

Point of this Rune on Warwick is to help your team by allowing them to heal by attacking champions you use Infinite Duress on. Part of your role in a team fight is to hold down a target enemy for your team to quickly kill, making this an obvious Rune to take. Alternatively you could take Demolish to split push easier.

Put simply this gives you the best stats out of your choices since you don't need early resistances too much. Early game Warwick mostly farms and ganks, both of which don't often require early-game stats other than damage output especially because Primal Howl keeps you alive.

This is a pretty obvious choice on Warwick. It buffs all the healing he does and gives a stronger buff when he is low health. There's no real alternatives worth taking.

Keeps you in the fight, repeatedly healing you as you or your take kill enemies. This is considered a very strong rune that pretty much everyone tries to take advantage of.

We take this to help you finish off low health enemies. The alternatives don't really make much sense for Warwick.

This ability primarily helps you sustain in jungle and fights. It is mostly useful early game as a survival tool, later in the game you find less use of it because you build in a way meant to keep your health from getting too low, since this passive doesn't heal you nearly enough to save you in a team fight.

This ability is your primary attack. It is used to heal yourself, burst down enemies, and gap close. You can use it to attach on to enemies when they flash or dash away by holding Q on them while nearby. You can also do it to cut off their escape route, as it will place you on the opposite side you used it from. Alternatively you can press Q once to just bite them and keep your starting location. You max this ability first because you need the healing and burst early in the game.

This ability helps you find low health enemies as well as gives you a boost of attack speed on low health enemies. When you're following the blood scent you'll gain movement speed, so it is very useful for ganking lanes early game or chasing after escaping opponents. Activating it gives you a blood scent path toward the nearest enemy regardless of their health. Max this last.

Very useful for tanking damage and peeling enemies off of you. You max this second because it helps massively with taking high amounts of damage. The harder you are to kill the better.

Very useful for locking down enemies for your team to kill them. You heal insanely fast while using it and with Aftershock you also gain resistances. Another use for it is escaping tight situations because it closes a rather large gap.

Helps you deal with enemy crowd control and high ability power opponents. Primarily you get this when the enemy has a lot of mages or is being carried by a mage. However if you at all feel the need for the Tenacity you should also take it.
Helps you deal with incoming physical damage. These are the main boots you get due to the strong tanking ability they grant you for such a low price. They help a lot with enemy ADCs or fighters.

Hunter's Machete is better than Hunter's Talisman
early on because you are focused on basic attacking for your jungle sustain and don't need a lot of mana to clear, especially if you start blue buff.

Black Cleaver shreds the armor of your enemies when you ult them which allows your team to do more damage to those enemies. It also gives you movement speed, CDR, AD, and Health which is all very useful to you.

Iceborn Gauntlet helps you burst down enemies while also providing you with a high defensive item and 20% CDR.

Abyssal Mask provides you with CDR, magic resist, health, health regen, and causes nearby enemies to take more magic damage. This item is perfect for you because all your abilities do magic damage. So with this item you'll do even more damage to your enemies while also being provided with defense against enemy AP. This is primarily for the bruiser build since on-hit builds benefit much more from Spirit Visage.

Randuin's Omen has an area of effect slow and makes you very hard to kill. It is the counter to enemy on-hit champions like Yasuo and ADCs. Hitting you slows their attack speed and their critical strikes are weakened. On top of that it gives you 60 Armor and 400 HP as a bonus.

Frozen Heart is a viable replacement to Randuin's Omen when enemy isn't building high crit or when you plan on throwing yourself in the middle of a lot of enemies. Unlike Randuin's Omen this item slows the attack speed of all nearby enemies. It also gives you 20% CDR so only get it if you don't already have 30% or more CDR. This is also a mana item so taking it instead of Iceborn Gauntlet works too. That means you'd take this as replacement to two items which gives you an extra item slot for something else. Please note though that this is pure defensive unlike Iceborn Gauntlet so it is primarily for if you really need to build tank.

Titanic Hydra is for wave clearing and dealing more damage in a team fight since its passive procs on your Jaws of the Beast

Spirit Visage is a really strong item on Warwick.
The reason it isn't in the main build is because Abyssal Mask helps us do more damage while giving us defensive stats, which goes great with the purpose of bruiser build. However, if you find a need for the healing boost this gives you as well as the magic resist you can try to fit it into your build.

Guardian Angel is very useful if you see yourself dying a lot in a team fight while still being useful. This allows you to get back up, often unexpectedly, and finish off the remaining enemies for your team.

Sunfire Aegis is primarily for split pushing. Gives you that extra boost in lane clearing. Highly recommended that you take it with Titanic Hydra.

Zz'Rot Portal helps with pushing lanes while also giving you some strong defensive stats and movement speed. Very good, but it is more of a "off build" pick. Not something you'll get most games.

Trinity Force provides you with burst, attack speed, and movement speed. It is an all around great item on Warwick. Recommended that you take this when split pushing or fighting enemy bruisers as it helps you sustain against them thanks to the attack speed. It also helps you counter kiting. I started grabbing this most games for the attack speed and spellblade proc. It helps give you a massive power spike. This is a costly item though so if you aren't doing well you should get Iceborn Gauntlet instead.

Hextech Gunblade helps you build up the damage on your Jaws of the Beast and provides a target slow ability. This is primarily for very offensive builds and is best as a counter to enemies weak to magic damage. If you want to do a lot of burst damage then you get this as your 2nd or 3rd item.

Stalker's Blade - Warrior is very good early game as it gives you some CDR and helps you burst enemies. Early game fights are primarily short, meaning you'll need to do majority of your damage output in your first contact with an enemy. Attack damage is far more useful than attack speed for this reason. We don't take Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk because that just builds you into an early game utility mule. No real point to it.

Dead Man's Plate is a very useful armor item that gives you movement speed, tank-ability, and a slow ability. Very strong filler for when you met your CDR cap but need more HP and Armor. Helps you deal damage while also making you really difficult to kill. Most importantly this item lets you move around faster and slows enemies when you hit them with a charged attack, making it harder for enemies to kite you.

Early Game

You can start either red or blue, doesn't make a difference. Once you take buff clear the two camps, take scuttler, then proceed to the next side. Only gank a lane if it is very easy to get the kill. For example if the enemy is half health or less and over extending, specifically easiest to gank mid lane early on. You can use Flash if needed to gap close and then grab on to them with Jaws of the Beast anticipating their Flash.

Once you clear, recall and get items. Continue clearing jungle and occasionally ganking if possible. Remember not to gank if there's a lot of risk, too many players take huge risks with Warwick and it causes them to lose games. After your first back though, keep in mind that ganking becomes more of a priority. Rush for level 6, once you complete your jungle item kill the Dragon. Don't try to fight dragon if enemy has it warded or if enemy bot laners are pushing to your tower. It is normally best to help your team kill the enemy bot lane and then take the dragon as a team. Make sure you have smite ready in case enemy tries to steal.

Once you take Dragon start taking control of top side jungle so you can grab Rift Herald for your team. Person who takes it is the person most likely to use it best on the team. Generally it goes to a top laner with teleport or the jungler. Rift Herald will help you push down a tower really quickly and a well placed Herald will take down multiple towers.

Constantly be looking for opportunities to help get your teammates ahead, whether that is pushing their lanes while they roam or helping them get kills. Don't forget to get yourself kills as well. Never sit around waiting for any reason, always be doing something. Whether you're warding, farming, or fighting make sure you do something. Time is valuable.

Mid-Late Game

In the mid game you should try to keep the dragon area under your team's control. To do that constantly keep the river and enemy jungle warded. Push out mid and bot lane whenever you have the chance and help your team in team fights.

At this stage of the game you should try to aid your team as much as you can. If you see them fighting try to help them, your blood scent should help speed you up to get you to the fight if any enemies are wounded. You are a huge asset to your team thanks to your CC abilities, ability to tank damage, and your burst.

Ideally you should have around 100 CS 18 minutes in. Obviously more is better, but at least 100 means you'll have enough gold to stay relevant. Sometimes you may have less if you are fighting a lot, but if you aren't getting the kills then you'll quickly fall behind. Never forget to farm. 100 CS doesn't seem like a lot, but remember that a lot of it will be jungle monsters which give you more gold.

Around 25 minutes in you should be keeping control of the baron pit and taking baron as soon as you have an opportunity. With baron you will be able to push enemy turrets harshly. Always try to get your team to group up when they have it.

When you are playing from behind the best thing you can do is farm for gold and exp near your team so you can aid them if required. However, you won't catch up if you aren't farming. Make sure the enemy doesn't get free turrets if possible and avoid death. You should be able to properly judge if you'll win a fight or not based on how well your past fights went and what went wrong in them.

Team Fighting

In a team fight your job is to wait for the fight to start and then jump in and kill the enemy carries. However, primarily you should defend your team's carries. If you see for example a Lee Sin jumping on your adc then quickly use your ultimate to peel him off. Your team should then burst him down for the kill. When not defending your adc you should be killing the enemy's assassins, marksman, and mages. Utilize your Primal Howl to tank damage while you engage the enemy. Choose your target wisely and use Jaws of the Beast to jump behind. Finish enemy off and then make choice to either retreat or choose another target. Make good use of your summoner spells and abilities to avoid death at all costs.

If you see that your team is losing or not properly backing you up then make your escape. It is important to remember that you always come first. Never sacrifice yourself for your team. The only person to blame for your death is yourself regardless of how bad your team is. Make wise plays and don't tunnel too deep. If you wind up surrounded by enemies with your team being zoned away then you know you messed up and you will likely die.

That is all I have for now for my True to Warwick guide. I hope you found it useful.

If you liked anything about my guide or even had any questions about it please leave a comment. Feedback is always appreciated. If you liked this guide you might also like my other guides which have similar layouts. You can find those guides by clicking here
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lasoor
Lasoor Warwick Guide
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