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Lee Sin Build Guide by thatsnotmypirate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thatsnotmypirate

Lee Sin - The Dualist - Can't Run From a Blind Man

thatsnotmypirate Last updated on June 11, 2012
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Three great builds, one has very fast movement speed, the other is built for 1 vs 1 combat, and one Jungling Build. Both builds are for chasing down enemies and killing players that get away from there team.

I am working on a the guide and it will be done sometime this week.

Lee is a pusher/dualist. He is amazing at 1 vs 1 but lacks in team fights. When it comes to team battles try to stay far in the back and use Sonic Wave to harass till its safe to Q - Q in for the kill. You die very fast so its best to finish people off or chase. Lee is an amazing chaser. Q - Q to get close then E - E to slow them and attack with normal attacks.

He can jungle, but because his ganking power isn't as good as other heroes like Noctune, so its best to lane if you can.

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Build Order

If you can't find build, at the top of the guide there are two pictures of Lee Sin. Click on them to drop down the builds.

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Pro / Cons

Amazing Chaser.
Can one vs one most heroes.
Has two flash like spells.
Has life steal built in to a skill.
Last hitting heroes is easy with Q.
Fast running speed.

Even with high HP Dies pretty fast if forced down.
Targeted first a lot.
There are better ganker characters.
His best damage spell is a skill shot, and if used wrong can kill you.

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My Games

I don't have a lot of games right now so i will just post a screen shot right now.
Also I only killed the other Lee about 2 times in this game. I was killing Morgana and D M more.

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Fan Games *New Stats 4/9

Send me your stats and i will post them here, thank guys :D

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The Dualist

Lee Sin is amazing at 1 vs 1 because of his life steal and he is able to slow down his enemies attack speed.

Runners are what he is good killing, they tend to have low hp and lucky for you, Q does more damage if they have low HP. Also Lee Sin is fast, even more so with , I have had a really fun time kiting people with him.

Now as a duelist its smart to know your place in team fights (read Know Your Place below for more info). Even with high HP Lee dies very fast. So stay in the back and only jump in when your team goes it or if you know you can make it out alive. Just stay back and use Q to get the other team low and only Q - Q when you know its safe or to get a kill. Lee can end up getting a lot of kills and a lot of what people will call Kill Steals because of his Q, but that is just how he is made. Lower their HP the more damage he does.

Because he is good at fighting one on one, 3 v 3 is perfect for him. But in 5 v 5 you need to play smart. Ward up and know where people are. Catch people in the jungle early games will tip the game in your favor.

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Know Your Place

This is an assassin type character and should be played like one. You need to jump in to finish off people and solo people. Team fighting isn't your strong point.

In The Lane_______________________
In the lane you need to learn how to harass. You have no mana so use Sonic Wave to hit them as much as you can. Only use Resonating Strike if they are a melee hero. If your fighting someone like ash, you don't want to use RS only to have ash hit you as your running away. Remember RS does more damage the lower their HP gets. Around 10% Hp you can almost kill anyone with Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike. Also if you want to use both Q skills. You can use Safeguard to your ally to get out after hitting them.

In Team Fights____________________
Your place is in the back, use Sonic Wave to pick at them as much as possible. Jump in and out with Q - Q and E - E when your team jumps in. Pick off runners if you can, but don't do it at the cost of your own life.

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A Blind Man Needs To See (Wards)

As I have said and I will may times more. Lee Sin is great 1 vs 1, so warding the jungle is really good for you. You want to get in and pick off the players that brake from the team and then GTFO. Lee Sin is fast so he does this very well, wards will get you kills. No you don't have to ward if you aren't use to warding, but at least put 1 or 2 at key locations. (Like blue buff)

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Summoner Spells

- Lee is very good at chasing so ghost helps you keep up if you don't have boots of swiftness.

- This is an amazing spell. If your losing a 1 v 1 this can turn the tides. Its also really good for people you can't keep up with or when your ghost runs out.

- This is ok on Lee. I wouldn't get it because he already have 2 flash like spells, doesn't really need another. But this spell will always save you.

(If someone flash over a wall to chase you, you can push them back over the wall with your ultimate)

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There are some pretty good ways to farm with him. I use W - W making sure I save item to use my passive. This will keep your HP up and make up for the lack of attack speed you have early game.

If your taking a lot of damage early game, use Q to last hit, its amazing at last hitting creeps.

Also if you are have problem last hitting, use E to last hit creeps.

Don't be to shy to spam skills to farm, remember you have no mana!

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- This is your harassment and damage spell. Sonic wave is good for picking at HP, and Resonating Strike gets you into the battle. The less hp they have the more damage Resonating Strike does so its amazing at picking up the last hit. Remember only Harass with Q - Q if you know you can get out without taking more damage then you gave.

- This helps keeping you alive. When you get your attack speed up it gives you amazing life steal. Iron Will at max with the build you can fully heal yourself with just a few hits. One of the many reasons he is amazing at one on one duels. Safe Guard shield will save you a lot of times, Its best to use to get in and out of battle. But it can save team mates pretty well too.

- Best used after Reasonating Strike. Does pretty good damage but Cripple is what is good. It will slow their attack speed which is good in a 1 vs 1. But its even better for people trying to run from you, it makes you very hard to get away from.

- This is your ultimate. Don't be shy to use this skill. Its cooldown is pretty fast and does amazing damage. This skill will pick up a lot of your skills so watch your enemies HP. Its good for helping you get away and ganking. Pushing people away from you will save you and make people so mad. Also using it to push people into your team is awesome but don't do if it's going to kill you. This skill matches well with people like poppy and other heroes with push skills.

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Skill Combos

Chasing/Damage Dealer Combo______________________
- - - Repeat
Sonic Wave - Resonating Strike - Tempest - Cripple - Repeat
Q - Q - E - E - Repeat
Finish with Ultimate when they are low enough

Dueling Combo_____________________________________
- - - - - - Repeat
Tempest - Cripple - Safeguard Self Cast - Iron Will - Sonic Wave - Resonating Strike - Repeat
E - E - W - W - Q - Q Repeat
Finish with Ultimate when they are low enough

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Summoner's Rift Vs Twisted Treeline **New 4/3

Twisted Treeline__________________
Lee Sin is the perfect character for The Twisted Treeline. He doesn't do to well in big teamfights which is why he is soo good at this map. A lot of room to chase someone down and easy to get away from ganks if you ward.

Summoner's Rift___________________
This is a bit tricky for Lee Sin. You have to play very smart and warding is important. You don't want to get forced down. Its best to hide close to team fights and come out after your team goes in. If you feel safer with team, stay in the back and only jump in when you see and opening for a kill with out getting killed your self. Try to find people in the jungle to pick them off before there allies can save them.

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Build 1 - Can't Run From a Blind Man

This build makes you so fast. Hard to catch and even harder to run from.

Gives you 2 active that will keep you running around the map like you own the place. Boots of swiftness will keep moving fast even without it. Also Trinity Force gives you 12% more movement speed. Same damage as build one with less Hp. But it makes up for it because of the Sheen passive that stacks with all your skills.

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Build 2 - The Duelist

This build has more HP and its the build I tend to use. Frozen Mallet makes it very hard to get away from you and Phantom Dancer gives you 15% more movement speed. It also gives you Banshee's Veil which will help keep stuns off you and good magic resist and HP. Works great for dueling, much more then the first one

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Build 3 - The Jungling Monk **New 4/2**

When I jungling I do use this build. Its like the 2nd build only I make Wriggle's Lantern for my life steal item first which I sell late game. Also the Skill order for the first 5 Levels are different. If you feel like you need damage first then skip Zeal and get B.F Sword.

Before you start jungling make sure your team protects you. Lee Sin will die fast to a gank in the jungle early game. After level 5 make sure you talk to your team a bit before you come out to gank.

Under "How To Jungle" it will show Lee Sin jungling path.

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How To Jungling **New 4/2**

Here is how to jungling with Lee Sin, Thanks a lot to Stonewall008 for making it.

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Vs AD Heavy Teams **New 4/9**

- Good for AD heavy teams. I already get a good bit of Hp with Lee so this will help back that up.

- Speaks for itself. Gives good armor and magic resist with a revive that will save you and win you duels

- Good for AD heavy teams with high attack speed. Its active slows them down. Also gives good armor and HP.

- Gives ok armor and health. Its passive will help get you kills. Also its passive goes past armor.

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Vs AP Heavy Teams **New 4/9**

- Give good damage and magic resist. Best of all if you take magic damage that may kill you, you get a shield that blocks 300 magic damage.

- Very good vs magic teams. Give you attack speed and more magic resist. But the coolest part is its passive. Your attacks deal 42 bonus magic damage and remove up to 42 mana from the target. For casters, this is a nightmare because you can remove all there MP making them useless.

- This item shield can block ultimates, what else do I need to say? Gives more HP and magic resist and its shields from 1 spell every 45 seconds. Great items.

- Not many people use this item, but it truly is a life saver. Gives good magic resist and has an active that removes all debuffs from you (works with suppression ultimates). This includes Mordekaiser ultimate and other skills like ignite. It will save your life with damage over time skills. Best of all its cheap.

- A lot of magic resist also gives crazy health regen. Also gives you pretty good movement speed.

- Speaks for itself. Gives good armor and magic resist with a revive that will save you and win you duels

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**********Other Items********** *Update 4/8*

Here some other items which I have found useful on Lee Sin

- Lee has low attack speed so this helps out a lot. It amazing with teams with High Hp heroes and it goes past armor.

- Give pretty good attack speed and a good bit of damage. Its passive can take off about 45 armor off someone which is pretty good. But for heavy armor teams go last whisper.

- Great Damage and Life steal. The best part about this item is that it gets more powerful each kill. In some games stacking this item is worth it.

- Good item for keeping up with a runner. Gives armor pen and cooldown which is always good too.

- If your doing very good early game its worth getting this item. Gives you more attack damage then other items can when maxed so you can speed more money on HP and armor if you like.

Awesome HP and gives a slow to your normal attacks. Makes you very hard to get away from.

- The splash damage makes it so much easier to farm, also gives good damage and a pretty epic HP regen.

- Good item to build at the start. Gives a free ward and life steal, armor, damage. But late game it should be sold for something better.

- Great item vs teams that need MP. It can even make mp users useless if they have low mp. Also gives good magic resist.

- A great item when you are fighting an AP heavy team. Gives you a 30 magic resist and pretty good damage as well. The best part about this is when you take a blow from an AP skill that may kill you. You get a shield that blocks 300 magic damage for a few seconds. This item will save your life.

- Great attack speed and life steal aura for teammates. Good if you want to go for a life steal build.

- Good for getting your attack speed up. Its passive is pretty good adding 100 damage every 4th attack. Active is good to if they have some armor on.

- This item gives good HP and Cooldowns. Its active give you and your allies 40% movement speed. Great for when you don't have ghost up.

- Good for AD heavy teams with high attack speed. Its active slows them down. Also gives good armor and HP.

- I get 2 out of the 3 items needed for this, so its easy just to make this if you want. Its active works with all of your skills so its pretty good item to get if you don't want to get Frozen Mallet or Phantom Dancers.

- Good for AD heavy teams. I already get a good bit of Hp with Lee so this will help back that up.

- Revive item, it gives some magic resist and armor to back up your HP. This item can make you pretty hard to kill and will make it almost a sure thing that you won't get forced down first in a team fight.

More to Come.

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Other Boots

- This is awesome for keeping up with runners. Lee Sin is already fast but with these babies you will be out running anyone.

- This is one of the best boots in the game if you ask me. Amazing for teams with heavy CC.

More to come.

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Work in Progress

This is being worked on. I will make sure I fix the errors and add more later.