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Lulu Build Guide by Ravenholm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ravenholm

Lulu - Solo Top Reference

Ravenholm Last updated on April 4, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

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If you do not think Lulu should be played as a solo top then do not leave a comment, do not vote and continue on to a support Lulu guide as this is not a guide for you and your opinion will not be valued with me or anyone else that has an interest in playing Lulu as a solo top. You can find an awesome support Lulu guide here. No hard feelings it is simply the only fair option.

Hello. I have been playing Lulu for quite a while. She saw many uses early but has now been pushed into the support role. While her kit is good to support, it is also good as a solo top and a jungler. I prefer Lulu as a top because she is able to deny an enemy champion farm much like Teemo and while she can play very similar, she is also very, very different. I do not recommend using Lulu Top in solo queue. While she is strong (strong enough to be used the pros in tournaments!) she needs to be extremely well coordinated against the enemy in a team fight.

Lulu, like all on-hit based champions, is stronger than ever with the latest buffs to Nashor's Tooth and Wit's End opening up an entire new item slot to be used. She will still be a relatively squishy champion due to her core playstyle but that is certainly not holding her back from achieving great things.

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When to play Lulu Top?

I'm sure you're thinking, "Man Lulu as a solo top? I mean sure she MIGHT be able to win her lane but she can't teamfight like a solo top." and you RIGHT! And that's why I LOVE HER!

Below are a few situations you should be considering when you pick Lulu top! While she can potentially beat just about every champion in the game 1v1 in the early stages that isn't the only reason to pick her.

SPACE Good Pick why hasn't tales of xillia been released in the us? Bad Pick SPACE
Their top lane will get out of hand with farm
You need to survive multiple turret dives
Your team needs sustain damage
Your team needs CC
Your team needs magic damage
Your team needs range
Your jungler's ganks are weak
Their jungler and top have incredible ganks
Someone doubts Solo Top Lulu
Your team needs an offtank/full tank
Your team needs an assassin
Your team needs physical damage
Your team needs AoE damage
Your team has bad teamwork

Once you've decided on whether or not to play Lulu as a top we can get down to the nitty gritty of the numbers on how to optimize our adorable little death machine.

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I take 9-21-0 on solo top Lulu. The amount of damage and cc being thrown around in the top lane these days and from AD based junglers is annoying at best. 21 points in defense are going to make you quite a bit tankier than you might first imagine allowing you to take the huge amount of jungle pressure you will most likely experience.

A snapshot of my mastery tree:



Tier One

Fury is taken for increase overall DPS. Flat damage boost to your killing potential while Butcher is taken to help with last hitting.

Ignore Sorcery because we only need to put 9 points into the tree to get increased attack damage. Double-Edged Sword seems worth it at first but the damage increase early game is less than one whereas more AD masteries will help with pushing towers and last hits.
Tier Two

Brute Force is a great increase of AD scaling for Lulu and gives you 2 extra AD at lvl 4! Woo! The best use of your points... sadly.

Anything with a damage boost of < 3% is straight garbage. You would have to deal 60,000 damage with the 1% dmg boost to kill a bruiser at level 1. Ignore them, ie Expose Weakness . Mental Force isn't good for Lulu because she relies on her auto attacks while Feast gives you good sustain but doesn't really help you when you're playing defensive or when the enemy bruiser decides to slam his face into the keyboard with their jungler.
Tier 3

Martial Mastery gives +4 AD. Enough said if you've been reading thru the mastery choices so far.

Again, Spell Weaving and Arcane Mastery have been explained. No % damage and AP for our Lulu during early game. Putting one point into Executioner seems wasteful. It also doesn't help with CS or with whittling down the enemy.


Tier 1

Block is a great lane tool to keep you in lane longer. For two points it is one of the very best a mastery can offer. Recovery is great to keep you in lane longer as well. Abuse these two mastery points.

Tough Skin isn't taken because you aren't a jungler. Enchanted Armor is ALRIGHT at best, but not optimal. at 100 armor you gain 5 armor for free... that's nothing.
Tier 2

Unyielding is an added point to Block ... get it. Veteran's Scars makes up for Lulu's low base HP. This is a requirement and in the past was taken by almost every champion for bonus survivability and it hasn't changed.

No Tough Skin no Bladed Armor . Moving on.
Tier 3

Juggernaut is taken to boost our low health. 3% isn't much but when you survive one tick of ignite away you can thank this mastery. Hardiness is armor. You need all the armor.

Oppression looks good in theory, but really the time frame for Lulu's slow is so small it's almost not even a factor. The inital slow is so much that you can walk away from theme anyway further decreasing it's effective damage mitigation. Resistance is top notch. Work your way into getting this if you're fighting someone like Vladimir or Rumble.[/left]
Tier 4

Perseverance is a garbage talent it's only 1%... not even close. Lose 300 health now Perseverance Recovery for ~ 2 minutes. Very worth it. Reinforced Armor : suck it Yasuopo. Great for stopping ADC damage as well.

Swiftness could be good. Lulu is such a huge threat when played well in teamfights that this isn't really as much of a factor with her huge range and normally defensive play style. Evasive is only magic damage aoe mitigation. I'm skeptical at best.
Tier Five

Second Wind doesn't count for Lulu's ult but it does count for BoRK and other lifesteal to make it worth it. Grab it to hold onto that last breath when SOME people might ignore you... fools. Legendary Guardian is a free +3 armor in lane an 15 armor in a teamfight. This is amazing.

Runic Blessing looks good on paper, never had good luck with it in game. I can't give you a good reason as to why it doesn't work well for me. Test it out; try your luck.[/left]
Tier 6

It's at the bottom for a reason. Lulu excels at sustain fighting, not burst fighting. Keeping close to 100% uptime is optimal and 15% crowd control reduction is very helpful. It is more obvious during a gank. Decreasing time cc'd while trying to run away by 15% is helpful to say the least.

Guide Top


The new season has ushered in many highly mobile bruisers that make laning with Lulu a much more even match, with special mention to any mana-less high mobility champion. I'm leaning to damage and defense more than I ever have in the past.

Damage to trade directly with the enemy when forced to early game and to make last hitting easier, especially under tower. MS is neigh useless against the insane mobility of popular bruisers with lifesteal barely noticable.

Damage to trade and last hit. Same above. You could run AS marks if you hard counter the enemy, ie Vayne/Singed for more early game if you're feeling gutsy for first blood.

Lulu has 9 base armor. These runes are an absolute MUST HAVE for solo top.

I feel that the additional MR is the best stat to have in this department. Most top lanes do not deal high magic damage and as such you do not need to run flat MR marks. We instead build for the late game.

Alternate Quint Choices

You could run these quints to boost your attack speed early on. More attack speed equals more pix procs and more on-hit procs. These runes can give you a big edge early on but I do not think that it outweighs the survivability that health brings seeing as Lulu does not have much health and will not be using lifesteal to regen her health. Even if you did run a lot of lifesteal it would not proc off of a lot of your damage since most of it is magic. It should also be noted that spell vamp does NOT proc off of on-hit effects.

These are fun to play with. They help you counter high mobility champions that also might run them. People like Udyr and Singed will cry as rocketship Lulu is flying around top lane getting all the CS and all the harass shots. These quints are a gamble because late in the game you aren't going to be as mobile and will have to choose between CCing someone for 3 seconds or giving yourself a speed boost to position/run away

These quints will make Lulu very tanky against tops that deal all physical damage. If you were say up against Riven and grab these runes, Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions you would soak in xp, but probably not as much gold from tower last hitting.

Alternate Marks

These marks will increase your overall dps. AS on Lulu is the highest damage stat you're going to find early game. However, counting on Pix to last hit is not such a great idea. You will also lose a lot of theoretical dps if Pix is not shooting the enemy champion in trades.

greater mark of hybrid penetration These are an interesting choice for our little Lulu. This will give you a mixture of early game harass and late game damage. Penetrating both defense stats will increase all types of your damage. I will run the numbers and post back later but I'm pretty sure that Greater Mark of Magic Penetration will yield a higher DPS at mid to late game.

Alternate Seals

While I would love to try different seals I did not plan on writing about things I haven't already done. I am scared to not run my armor seals. Lulu is very very very squishy. If you would like to try to run different seals please do so and post in the comments on how they worked for you. I would HIGHLY recommend running armor seals against ANY top that does physical damage.

Alternate Glyphs

These glyphs might be a good option against champions with high physical damage harass and champions that are going to try to use their numbers to beat you. People like Riven, Tryndamere and Talon are going to be able to get to you and there isn't much you're going to be able to do about it. You're going to have to be able to eat the damage, and none of their damage is magic... save Riven's Blade of the Exile. These will harden our little Lulu for the early game.
These will increase your attack speed. Simple enough. Against teams that do not deal much magic damage these are an option to increase your DPS output. I feel that Lulu increases in power the more her defenses she runs. My guess is because of the Pix procs. He cannot miss and deals a lot of damage. This lets us carry mid and late game.

How to Select Your Rune Choices

All we need to do is ask ourselves what we are up against.

Does our enemy have a strong early game?
Run flat runes

Does our enemy increase in power as the game progresses?
Run cumulative runes. They are better at approximately level 9

Does our enemy have high harass?
Run defense runes.

Are we going to be untouchable in lane?
Run damage runes. Lulu is very deceptive in damage.

Is the enemy team mostly AD?
Run armor runes.

Is the enemy team mostly AP?
Run magic resist runes.

But my match-up is high harass and does the opposite damage that the team does!
Our #1 consideration is our lane. If their team is Talon mid, Graves ADC, Blitzcrank support, Shyvana jungle and Vladimir top you better bet you wanna be running at least some magic resist runes to counter his damage and keep yourself in lane.

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Summoner Spells

Lulu is very flexible. She can run whatever spells the team needs but typically other solo tops are going to run Ignite because many tops are tanky and the true damage helps out them out a lot or people will run Exhaust to help secure kills from the jungler or maybe it's someone like Dr. Mundo who will kill you the longer he sticks to you.

Best Choices


These are my go-to summoner spells for solo top. Simply put they offer the most utility, damage and make laning against tanky AND mobile champions much much easier. While Lulu can basically run any spells she wants and still do good I've found that she works best with these two

This spell gives you so much more damage and counters all of that lifesteal and health regen that solo tops like to run. It beats Xin Zhao's and Lee Sin's lifesteal and it beats Malphite's and Singed's tankiness. I don't see why you would want to run any other offensive spell for solo top. It also provides a HUGE boost in low level duels for first blood as it will counteract on Health Potions as well. All in all this spell, while not being the best for teamfighting as Lulu, will yield more over the course of a game than any other spell.

Flash is a lifesaver and a life-ender. It is the most overused spell in the game. While a lot of tops can run Ghost (which I prefer over Flash on a lot of champions,) it is not something I would recommend on Lulu. She is very squishy and needs an escape. While she already has a good escape in the form of Whimsy and can use it in conjunction with Glitterlance flash is just too good to pass up. Not taking Flash on a squishy champion that requires good positioning is just asking for death. I feel that running Ghost on Lulu is redundant in the fact that she already has Whimsy. HOWEVER, if you are certain that you will be able to kill your laning opponent (say someone like Singed) you can opt out of Flash and grab Ghost as this will only make you win your lane that much harder since it will give you more kills from your jungler (assuming you haven't already pushed Singed to his tower thru your natural lane domination.) If you were wondering, I still take Flash against Singed for other reasons.

Conditional Choices

These spells are either sub-par compared to Ignite or Flash or are very situational (which I will explain.)

Barrier is a good spell to have when you do NOT have options. Lulu, however, always has options. I would not recommend taking this over Ignite due to lack of burst damage in Lulu's kit. If you knew you were going to be dove multiple times over and over without your choice.

This one is an interesting choice. While Lulu already has Whimsy to boost her speed Ghost is even faster. It really only shows its use when Lulu is dominating her lane (which in itself can be a gamble.) Many times have I had junglers camp top because they think that Lulu is free kills and all they ended up doing was let our ADC ramp up on an mindless killing spree while I just CS top and in those situations Flash was needed because I needed that extra escape. I have tried it against Singed and it is rather fun. Being able to out maneuver him and avoid his Poison Trail while annihilating his HP bar does get entertaining. All in all, I would recommend against using this summoner spell.

This is a spell Lulu can run but I personally don't use it. Many times I go up against high HP champions that do burst damage and fight to the death. While this can be a useful tool in shutting them down it does not offer the kill securing ability Ignite has. Sure it makes your lane a little bit safer, I'll agree with that, and if you feel unsure of Lulu then running Exhaust or Heal is acceptable but I don't feel that losing the heal reduction or extra damage Ignite brings to the fight. However, it will make you incredibly strong in a teamfight. Having two Exhausts is INSANE to watch. It can make an ADC almost worthless to the point of just ignoring them while they THINK they're doing damage. Add in a third Exhaust from say a jungle Lee Sin or Shyvana and your teamfights will go so smooth you wouldn't even believe. All in all I think this is a sub-par choice because it does not let us snowball our lane as well as Ignite but if your teamfights are going to be hurting then Exhaust might be the way to go.

This is a very underrated summoner spell in my opinion. It gives you a quick way to get back to your lane as well as global presence. Teamfight about to start near dragon? Push lane and look for a good time to Teleport in and Whimsy their carry for a quick clean kill. Top is going to wreck you? (something that can never be predicted) Grab Teleport and recall until your heart's content. Just try to save it as much as possible so you can gank other lanes or use it to split push lanes. Another fun use is as an awesome escape. If you're up against someone like Olaf or Dr. Mundo who doesn't have any form of hard CC then you can just use Teleport and escape to your base. Haha! Lulu always wins.

Poor Choices

For obvious reasons the following summoner spells are not good on Lulu as a solo top. If you do not feel the need to run any of the excellent or conditional choices then I can't really see your logic! Please, let me try to sway your opinion.

This is just a poor summoner spell in general. It does not give you any advantage in a fight, no zoning capabilities in lane and no utility otherwise. Taking this summoner spell means you expect to die and you shouldn't die much as Lulu unless you are new or are playing against someone you have never played against before. Leave this one for Karthus get something else!

While at first you might think Clarity can be a decent summoner since Lulu uses a LOT of mana to harass and kite. However, with a little bit of practice and a little bit of patience you will quickly learn how to conserve mana. It is even easier if you are used to play high mana cost supports, like Lulu! While this summoner spell expands the use and frequency of your normal kit it does not ADD any additional capabilities.

This is a no-brainer. Smite is for jungling not solo top. Jungling on Lulu was very fun in season 2 but is now very very difficult due to her start. Leave this for your jungler.

This is not the spell for you. While I like it a lot, it doesn't serve you any good in a 1v1 fight. It is also hard to CS, avoid harass, think about jungle ganks and use this ability to track the jungler. You COULD use it to reveal brush while you chase someone down but Pix already does that for you! No need to take this summoner spell on a solo top Lulu.

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Skill Sequence

As you can see, I just doodled with the skill sequence in the build. That is because Lulu is an evolving champion and all of her abilities will come into play differently. She is not like Ahri where one ability will ALWAYS come out on top of the others. Level your abilties BASED ON WHAT YOU NEED TO SUCCEED I will try to sum it up as best as I can. Below are examples.

Example Ability Sequences From Past Games

High Harass Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Burst Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Getting Camped Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

verywe. Your go-to spell for damage, harass and a major part of protection. Choosing to level this skill first will give you better harass and damage over prolonged fights. It will also make junglers without CC more effective as it will slow for them so they can do some damage. Glitterlance give you quite a bit of pushing power as well. Level this first if you are doing well.

If you are not doing well leveling this will give you a better way to escape assuming the enemy isn't someone who can jump on top of you (ie: Irelia.) Each rank slightly increases the mana cost so be leery of that but don't worry too much.

verywe. The spell that makes Lulu one of the most mobile champions in the top lane. Putting a point into this very early will keep you safe from virtually every gank in the game. Leveling it first will give you more CC for teamfights or duels. Level this spell when you need to use a CC chain to take someone down. The AP boost on it is lackluster for On-hit Lulu. I usually put an extra point into this even when I'm doing great. An extra .25 seconds is a lot longer than you might think it is.

The cost increase of this spell per rank is moderate but noticeable. The drawback to leveling this ability is that you will burn more mana using it as a harass technique but gain power in a ganking/dueling situation. Keep this in mind when selecting where to put your next point. Against someone like Riven this ability will do very well. Against someone like Rumble this ability will not shine so brightly.

verywe. Damage, defense, utility and style all wrapped up into one ability. Leveling this ability will give you better burst damage. The base damage on it is actually very high making harass very easy. All of the utility will be gained from just having access to this ability. Just some advice, DO NOT us this on yourself in a duel. It deals more damage than it shields and guarantees Pix a clear line of sight to land his damage.

The main drawnback of leveling this ability is the very high mana cost increase. Generally you would use this to harass. It deals a hefty amount of damage itself and then gives you a point black Glitterlance to smack your enemy with. Be careful about spamming this combo if you choose to max Help, Pix! first.

verywe. Put a point in your ultimate whenever possible. It is one of the best ultimates for a solo lane in the game in my opinion. Increasing it's rank grants more health, more slow and most importantly a better cooldown. Use this advantage to out play and out last your lane and jungler. Abuse your low CD ult as much as you can to annihilate the competition. This is a very effective tool to use in turret dives, both defensive ones and offensive ones.

There are no drawbacks to leveling this skill! The cost stays the same and the CD is reduced, not to mention it's bonuses.

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Starting Items

In this section we'll look at how items affect Lulu and how she is played.

Let's start with the starting items.

+ x5
Why do I start cloth armor? Most of the top lanes now are very sticky and are hard to disengage from. Thus, it behooves our Lulu to be able to take the punishment in the early levels. Lulu is at a core a support and is not designed to take big burst at lower levels. Cloth mitigates a huge amount of this burst and the health potions allow us to heal back lost health while collecting crucial CS.
Doran's items are very strong on many champions and Lulu is no exception. She is designed to punish enemies for their actions if extending into Lulu's zone. While running high damage runes on AA's this makes it very annoying for the enemy laner to aquire CS. Sporting about 67 AD at lvl 1 eating 3 or 4 attacks from Lulu is ~ 1/4 of their health bar. Capitalize on this by increasing your strength in lane. Doran's blade is perfect. If the enemy is OVER agressive use this chance to buy a Doran's shield. (Doubtful this will happen)

After we buy our doran's we need to upgrade our mobility because so is our enemy. When your enemy upgrades their mobility you should too, but you will also benefit from upgrading your mobility earlier than them versus trying to take raw damage items. We simply counter our lane and jungle with our choice of boots. We must ask ourselves some questions when choosing our boots.

"Is the enemy an AD champion that I will sometimes have to fight on their terms?" Ex: Riven, Jayce or Darius
Then we will buy Ninja Tabi

"Is the enemy an AP champion that I will have to soak harass and deal with CC?" Ex: Rumble, Vladimir or Singed
Then we will buy Mercury's Treads

"Is the enemy completely outclassed by me with low harass and will fight only on my terms and never on their own?" Ex: Malphite, Shen or Cho'Gath
Then we will buy Berserker's Greaves because the other options are either too expensive for the time, or not as effective as more damage. Swap them later after you have reaped a hefty snowballing lane.

From here we will build items that counter the enemy champions. As a note, I almost NEVER find myself taking berserker greaves and I recommend against it unless you're in an extremely rare circumstance.

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Boots Enhancements

With season 3 boots enhancements were added to give you that little extra bit of depth to boots. Lulu relies on her placement and utility to enable her to deal her sustain damage to the enemy team. It can be a game ending choice if you pick the wrong type of boots enhancement.

These are a general choice for Lulu. She is very slow and that little extra bit will go a long way. In fact, Lulu is SO slow that even after taking boots first some champions will still move faster than her while opting out of boots at the start. If a lot of assassins or bruisers are grabbing this you should probably do the same. Also if the enemy team is mostly melee you should think about grabbing this as well because of the passive better positioning and they are all going to have high base movement speeds.

Furor is an aggressive bonus. It will increase your speed by 12% after landing an attack on someone. 300x.12 = 36 That means that after you hit someone you will gain 36 movement speed that will decay. Not as awesome as it first sounded is it? You only gain an additional 21 movement speed after hitting someone. While it is great to chase and I love this mechanic, I just wanted to point out that it isn't all that amazing on Lulu when compared to other champions, like Pantheon. I'd grab this if you are snowballing and/or up against someone that will try to run away a lot, or if you are up against a primarily ranged team as they will all have low base movement speeds.

Boy are these fun. They let you get back to lane REALLY fast. These are a GREAT choice when you are losing your lane because of a few mistakes and early ganks. Having an instant top off alone will save you TONS of time. While these aren't going to let you dominate your lane they give unparallelled utility for your lane. After the laning phase they will let you get back to roaming faster and will help you defend towers against multiple enemies much easier. Try these on when you need to play defensively.

Distortion is pretty lackluster on Lulu in my opinion. I think it really shines on champions that DON'T already have good mobility. Someone like Olaf would like this more since he doesn't already have good mobility and relies on Ghost to keep him stuck to someone if they juke his slow. Taking these will put your Flash on a 300x.75=225 second CD. If you find yourself relying on Flash to position yourself in teamfights you should consider getting these. If you find that your placement is fine and you need more passive mobility in a teamfight Enchantment: Furor is going to be what you want, not this.

This really isn't designed for solo tops in mind. It is more for someone who needs their team to follow them into battle, like Leona or Alistar. Tanks are able to buff their team to take advantage of their initiates and disruption. When playing Lulu you should be near the back taking advantage of your 550 range instead of being in the thick of things. Leave this one for your tank as it would be a waste to buff your team's ability to run away! Choose an enhancement that will let you steamroll the enemy team through out positioning them and outplaying them.

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Items - Explained

Here is where I will explain the math behind my choices in items. I will try to do my best in estimating cost versus damage, defense and utility as well as explain when to get the item.

When choosing your items choose them based on your enemy and his items. Lulu top thrives on the ability to adapt to ANY situation/champion/item combination. There is always a way you are going to be able to whip up on the enemy, you just need to look hard enough. In general, follow these rules:

Attack Speed - DPS
Ability Power - Burst
Health - Burst Survivability
Armor - Physical sustain survivability
Magic Resist - Magical sustain survivability
Magic Penetration - Defeat magic resist
Movement Speed Modifiers - Utility
Lifesteal / Spell Vamp - Slight in-fight sustain

Wait! Pix is Lulu's passive he's not an item! Oh but he is. Pix has a constant damage amount and a slight amount of damage scaling and should be taken into direct account for every purchase. At max rank Pix will be hitting for 105+ damage. That's more than a max rank The Bloodthirster. Quite a bit. Pix is what allows Lulu to make such great trades with enemies. If you have matching items, Lulu is already winning.

Wit's End is going to be our go-to source of damage for the game. It produces a high damaging effect of 42 magic damage and increases our magic resist by 5 stacking up to 4 times while shredding the enemy's by the same amount. With a 40 AS steroid it directly synergizes with Nashor's Tooth and all of our spells. Wit's End should be bought for it's damage and survivability making it never a bad choice.

This item is ridiculous on an AS based champion. Building this item first gives you huge defense and offense against almost ANY champion that needs to get in your face to kill you. It even counters that op item Blade of the Ruined King active. Counter borking someone is a great way to stay alive.

With the current state of bruisers this item isn't as powerful as it was for a while there. While I DO love it's sustain damage fights usually don't last long enough anymore for it's damage to matter and with bruisers being so direct with damage and "in your face trades" in lane I would steer away from this item for now unless you're fighting someone like Teemo. If your team needs you to be more hardy then you should look into an item like zeke's herald.

Frozen Mallet is a great purchase for Lulu and lets her kite for days. It gives a huge bonus to health as well making it a good staple part of a build for many teamcomps. It is also not a mandatory item most of the time and can and should be skipped a lot. It's pure strength against melee heavy teams lands it in a spot at the top of list for me.

Once your enemies have roughly 100 MR your damage is going to plummet. To counter this problem we buy magic pen! This little baby is going to give you all the magic pen you need to go along with your Wit's End. It will cause an even greater effect on champions rocking over 100 MR. Let's use 100 MR as our number.

They have 100 MR, we have Wit's End, Arcane Knowledge and Void Staff. We first drop 35% MR from our % penetration. This puts them at 60 MR. Then we drop them 25 more from the Wit's End stacks. That's a grand total of 35. Talk about manageable. If someone on your team that decreases MR, (like Fiddlesticks or Abyssal Mask) it can get even lower! Just for fun:

(100 MR x .65) - 25 Wit's End - 10 Fiddlesticks - 20 Abyssal Mask = 10 MR. Happy killingspree.

TF provides small stats that Lulu wants but in no way is this a core item. It is a situational item in the extreme. If you need a little bit of everything then consider this item. It is extremely expensive and is not going to increase your damage the way Wit's End or Blade of the Ruined King will. A good example would be when you need to kite hard in a teamfight while gaining a little health. It DOES provide a large stat pool but they are not very focused stats. The active is very lackluster seeing as Lulu has one of the LOWEST base ad's in the game. I suggest against this item

Alright. I understand why a lot of people would suggest against this item but it gives decent stats for Lulu. While it is not an optimal DPS item, it is REALLY FREAKING CHEAP. Grabbing this for early fights will let you extend your early game advantage just that much more. At max stacks (which will take about 2 seconds for Lulu to get) it provides an additional 72 AP and 32% attack speed. That is a SUBSTANTIAL GAIN for only 2600 gold. Keeping in mind that each stat is a compounded with the passive of Wit's End and the neat little passive on the blade itself can come in handy. Lulu is great at baiting with low health which is where this item shines the most. Grab and try it out to snowball your lane. It is a very fun item to play around with. It is an early game gamble, but it's still a ton of fun to snowball.

Ok, so this looks like the end all item for On-Hit based champions. While that is very true and it makes Teemo and Kog'Maw do TONS OF DAMAGE it doesn't exactly work the same way for Lulu. Now, I'm sure right now you're scratching your head wondering how this is possible but its really simple. Other champions have some passive ability that let's them take advantage of this item. Teemo has his poison which hits for a truckload and the DoT does the same and Kog'Maw of course has his passive 4% of max health to tack on. Ok, so why isn't it good for Lulu? Well it is! It just doesn't scale off of Pix, it will probably put you over 2.0 attack speed and it gives us NO DEFENSIVE stats. Lulu has no natural gain to benefit from this item. It simply compounds damage from your other items. If you're team is dominating and you need more AoE damage sure grab this item... but if you're having trouble focusing targets down I'd highly recommend against this item.

In the previous version of my guide I had included this item into the build as a late game item. While it is a good item, it just pales in comparison to many others now that the Malady passive and Spellsword mastery exist. It still serves it's purpose that it used to (giving Lulu a tiny bit of sustain with a utility active) but in my opinion the damage options have broadened and there is no reason to take this item anymore.

Zeke's Herald

This item isn't as good as it used to be. It is now more of a lifesteal item. While it gives CDR (which we want) and health (which we also want) it doesn't give us any attack speed bonus and the lifesteal component of this item was always lackluster on Lulu. It simply gave her a powerful aura that buffed her team and gave her some sustain. Building a Nashor's Tooth will give us more CDR and give us a ton of extra damage to play with. Have your support grab this item so you can benefit off of the aura.

This item is an item for a fed Lulu only. Although from the outside this item looks like it will be the best dps item for Lulu since she is played like a bruiser with an on-hit build. Here are the reasons that we will not have The Bloodthirster as a go-to item for Lulu. It starts with a 60 AD bonus. This is an alright bonus, but since you do not stacking that much armor pen you are still going to primarily deal magic damage. The lifesteal starts at 12% which is a good amount of lifesteal. These bonuses then can stack up to 100 and 20% respectively. The problem with this is that if we die we do not keep these bonuses. Another problem with this item is that it does not come out of the box as a complete killing machine. This item should be bought late, after you sell your Doran's Blades for the sustain it provides in fights. While we are focusing on magic damage our masteries still provide us with base ArP and a BT will annihilate that squishy carry or mage.

This is not a bad item on Lulu however there is a very small fraction of the time that it would be a good pick. If you need to kite a cc heavy AD team you would want this item so you can maintain a Ninja Tabi. Other than that this item is only an acceptable placeholder to counter the enemy team's items and teamcomp, not to boost your own.

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Example Builds with Match-Ups

Below are two example match-ups and items that I bought to counter the enemy champion in lane and an endgame build to use in teamfights to highlight how incredibly flexable Lulu is when played in a solo lane.


Laning Build Order

End Game Build
zeke's herald
Total Build Cost: 13667

In this build, Lulu is focusing on damage over survivability because her team is able to throw down heavy CC across the board meaning Lulu will be free to damage champions at her leisure. I chose to buy the Zeke's for my team for 4 reasons. 1) I needed health, 2) I wanted some regen, 3) it capped my CDR to 40%, 4) it gave Leona more options. I did not get Guardian Angel because teamfights were running smoothly and the enemy champions were too busy chasing Ezreal so I could cut them down ultimately earning the respect of my entire team at the score screen due to me dealing most damage to enemy champions!



Laning Build Order

End Game Build
zeke's herald
Total Build Cost: 15975

This game I was forced into play front lines with Maokai. We had a LOT of AoE CC and using Maokai to initiate and comboing him into my Wild Growth and all of our AoE ended teamfights very quickly. However, since I was so front lines the enemy took it upon themselves to focus me down. Luckily, I saw this coming from the start and built a lot of health to make it through most of the teamfights with my life intact. I was not dealing a LOT of damage but my CC proved to be too much for the other team to get to either Miss Fortune or Anivia netting us a near flawless victory.

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Advanced Skill Usage

I feel that Lulu has the most complex and advanced skill set in the league. While I believe Jayce has the most complete kit, it does not have the sheer control Lulu has to offer. (and he has 4 more spells than Lulu does!)


. Glitterlance can have it's range extended by Pix. What do you mean? Well it is fired from both Lulu and Pix. Only one bolt can damage... but they both can slow. So yes, this means you can slow someone for even longer with a perfect lined up shot from both Pix and Lulu. They're a team after all! This helps with chasing and ganking/receiving ganks.

If you have a strong initiator on your team you can attach Pix to your tank and use both your tank and Pix to extend your Glitterlance. Be careful! Pix will return to Lulu's side after 5 seconds.

You can also fire Glitterlance in two directions. This in my opinion is the hardest possible thing to do in league of legends! I've been playing Lulu forever and I'm still really bad at it!


. Whimsy is a very fun skill. It is a speed boost, an ap boost, a silence, a slow and most importantly it can be cast on other people. This skill should be used sparingly as this is your main escape, your main chase and your main kill secure. Learning just when to cast Whimsy is going to make or break a Lulu.

Use it on an enemy when you need to stop a powerful buff / spell (ie: Hiten Style, Drain) or to prevent ability usage all together (ie: Riven, Renekton.)

Use it to help chase. You don't even have to be the one chasing them. Many times have I given my Whimsy to Ezreal and watched him hunt down 2 low health champions while I keep their tank/support at bay. Use this on Malphite or Rammus and watch how fast they speed into battle and catch their carry off guard! Be careful though. If he isn't going to be able to cc their ADC for very long you might wanna save Whimsy so you can do that! Using Whimsy on your jungler after you just barely escaped death might secure you an assist!

Help, Pix!

. This skill is what makes Lulu so freaking annoying to lane against. It deals moderate damage when used on an enemy but most importantly it grants vision on them. Ok, so you're thinking that's cool and all for Akali and Wukong but how is this going to help me beat a freaking Riven? Easy. You can use the brush, she can't. That simple. She won't drop minion aggro by walking into a bush and you aren't going to stop attacking her either. Using this spell on an enemy also guarantees Pix to hit his target (usually).

Use it after someone has harassed you so they cannot escape into the brush. Use it to prevent stealth. Akali and Vayne get annihilated by this spell. Use it as boost to launch Glitterlance. But the one thing you do not wanna use it for is it's shield. It doesn't deal as much damage and it doesn't guarantee Pix procs. Sure, shield yourself or someone else to prevent Ignite ticks or other dots but in a duel do NOT use it on yourself.

Similar to Whimsy you can put this on someone else, hit 'em with Whimsy, watch them rocket into battle, then Glitterlance from 1500 units away and secure a kill.

There is also one other crazy use that I found in a support guide for Lulu. Since it grants VISION it can actually see a ward. How nuts is that? AND you can hit it and kill it! Now this sounds cool but it's VERY VERY VERY hard to do. Your best bet is to drag a minion over the ward, (and I mean DIRECTLY over the ward,) and try to see it and kill it. There's no way you can pull this off under pressure so don't sweat it, but just to let you know of it's uses!

Wild Growth

"Almost got her! OMG she's so annoying"
"Nah she's dead let's dive, I got full health and I mean come on. It's LULU"
Double Kill!

. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've gotten free double kills from people that underestimate the power of Lulu. Her ult makes her deceptively tanky. This spell is going to lull your opponents into staying longer than they should. Use it for it's health boost yes, but it helps secure kills early game. It's knock-up is VERY powerful. Everyone hates Malphite's knock-up... well if you have Nocturne and Lulu on the same team you essentially have a Malphite! It's really fun, try it some time. All you need to do is earn Nocturne's trust first!

All play aside, this spell does have it's downfalls. It costs a lot of mana. When i die I always seem to have been 20 mana short of my ult. Argh! It makes me so angry but it is what it is. Something to keep in mind, some champions that have dashes will enter your hitbox. Now this doesn't sound relevant but it is. Your ult knocks up SURROUNDING enemies... it will not knock up a Fizz standing inside you, or Akali or Jax that just dashed to you. Be sure to wait a second to let the collision lines catch up if you want to use this as a knock-up.

Video Example

Just a quick video example of some of the above mentioned items.

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Teamfighting As Lulu

While I can sit here all day and tell you how to win your lane I can't tell you how to win the GAME. Lulu doesn't teamfight like any other solo top, in my opinion at least. Simply put, she has a support's kit with the throughput of a bruiser. While she doesn't do a lot of burst damage she can pump out some good numbers. Thus brings us to our problem... Lulu cannot carry her team to victory like say Olaf. She is NOT an assassin and cannot be played like one, (unless you're REALLY freaking fed and the other team is REALLY freaking bad.) This is where a lot of people that play Lulu as a solo top fail and thus they think she is bad. I'll try to break it down.

* Lulu is a support.
* A support is a champion that does not rely on items to impact a teamfight.
* Lulu scales very well with attack speed.
* So Lulu can do damage, while using her kit to support.

I think that sums it up. Your position in a fight will depend on your team composition and the enemy team composition.

How to position yourself

It is important to know where you should place our cute little Lulu when in a teamfight, and right before one. Most enemy teams will try to focus you as they see you as a free and easy kill. While this is partly true, we have our runes, masteries and items to keep us a little safer. Keep this in mind when setting yourself up.

You have a tank - They have a tank

This situation is fairly easy. Your tank (or initiator/disruptor) is going to be towards the front of the group. Their tank is going to be in the same position, but for their team of course. Each tank is going to try to use their abilities to gain the upper hand for their team. Tanks like Leona are going to jump on their AP or AD carry and stick to one person while tanks like Alistar are going to jump in, disrupt and then look to disrupt again. Make sure you are hovering around the middle of the pack... slightly forward of your ADC and slightly forward of your AP carry. If you have an assassin on your team you might want to hang around them as you can make them very potent. Simply let the teamfight start and then look to focus down their ADC as quick as possible (or the one you want to focus.) After your target is dead turn your focus to your team and help keep them alive.

In this example Lulu heads in to disrupt the bruiser and slow the team. The bruiser will either attempt a squishier target, such as the ADC, or Lulu. If he poses no threat to the ADC ignore him. Instead attack flank from the side to lay down damage. If he does pose a threat then exit the zone of the other champions and kill the bruiser while waiting to use your abilities to CC.

This example is a typical Baron bait/fight. You want to stay well out of the enemy tank's zoning capabilities as with a whole team trying to nuke down squishy Lulu they will be able to do so and possibly get out as well. Your objective here should be to destroy the enemy ADC. He is probably building zero defense and as such you will be able to quickly take him out with your 3 second CC and burst. Keep an eye on your tank as he will give you great opportunities to chain your Wild Growth with his CC.

You have a tank - They don't, they have two Assassins

This is tricky. In this situation your tank is going to want to initiate on one of the assassins because if he let's them run free they are going to pick off your damage while the enemy ADC is safe and sound. Your team needs damage to kill an ADC. Once the fight starts look to stop the would-be assassins from killing your carries. They have burst, not sustain so CCing them will be VERY effective and will let your AP nuke take them out. Assassins generally don't build a LOT of defense like a tank, but they are durable to the point where they will survive a Whimsy. Use Glitterlance and Wild Growth to keep the CC chain going and finish them off. Once your ADC is safe you should be turning your attention towards killing whoever is doing the most damage (usually the enemy ADC.)

Basically when positioning yourself you can look at the above examples except Lulu can take a more aggressive position due to the tank's zone.

No tank - No tank

This is my favorite! Simply because while neither teams have a tank you kinda do! Lulu is GREAT at disrupting! While she is not durable she can have someone ELSE be durable and use THEM as her staging point to wreck havoc on the enemy team. For starters, attaching Pix to someone like Olaf is going to make him pretty powerful. You can land a slow if he misses. Not only that but giving him Whimsy and combining that with his Ragnarok will only make him get to the enemy ADC THAT much faster.

If you have someone like Talon or my personal favorite, Nocturne, you can turn them into a pseudo- Alistar! Have Nocturne ult and dive at their enemy carry. Be quick and follow him! Cast Wild Growth on him as he enters the enemy team. This will knock up everyone and give him some survivability. After that, throw a Whimsy on someone that does a lot of damage. The rest of your team should have followed you two in. At this point Nocturne is in some serious trouble and WILL die if you don't kill the enemy team quickly but don't sweat it. Your ADC should have already killed two people by the time your Whimsy wears off. Try to keep a CC chain going on high priority targets as long as possible.

The following example is how a fight in the mid lane would generally go. Your team should focus down their AD carry first as he is going to be the most sustained damage across the fight. The enemy team will try to nab a quick kill on your AD carry as well as that is basically the only way they will be able to win a teamfight. You should attempt to intercept their assassins if possible. It might also be a good idea to let some champions (like Talon or Katarina) to go ahead and jump on your carry as you can easily CC them to victory. If your AD carry dies, you should assume the role of sustain damage and begin playing like one.

Here is a fun fight. Basically the enemy team is going to try to lure your team into a position where their assassins can catch your AD carry without a route of escape. The use of brush will provide a significant zoning advantage to the enemy team. Your support should at least have the wraith brush warded, it wouldn't be a bad idea to ward the Red Buff as well. The main focus of this kind of fight should be to zone out enemies. Head for the enemy AD carry and burst him down. After that you should look into whoever does the most damage next, usually the AP carry. Your support should be looking after your carry, but if he needs help it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep him alive for the duration of the fight.

Quick Teamfighting Guidelines

1) Never stop attacking. Why did you build damage items if you aren't going to use them!

2) Never leave something on cooldown. The more CC and damage you're throwing around the better.

3) Don't be afraid to die. Lulu is cute and cuddly! She's fragile and will die a lot in teamfights even when you're doing the right thing. That doesn't matter! So long as your team WINS!

4) Don't get discouraged if you lose once. Yes, you might lose a few fights but that's ok! As Lulu there's TONS of ways to approach a fight. Try out every avenue before agreeing to that /ff.

Watch your own replays. I can't stress this enough. If there's a fight that you lost and you THINK you could have done better go back and watch your own replay. While LOLRecorder is used mostly for entertainment it is an invaluable learning tool.

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Laning Match-Ups

There are many top lane champions that Lulu can walk all over. If you are familiar with Lulu as a top you might want to skip this part. If you are new, you might want to give this a quick browse. Your enemies will underestimate your determination and power as Lulu. Soon they too will be in fear of her as she bags and tags both top and the jungler. Who will be next to be a believer?

Easy Lanes

Medium Difficulty

Hard Lanes

Hard Counters

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Counter Item Reference Guide

Just a quick reference guide for solo top match ups. These are items I've found work consistently well from a lot of my games. Take a quick glance at this if you're unsure of what items to take early in game. The items are generally set up boots, defensive item, then damage item but build the items in order of how you feel fit... or maybe you don't agree with me at all and have your own items that you want to build. That's perfect too!














































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Let my matches speak for themselves.

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Closing Remarks

I plan to keep this as up to date as possible. I do not have all of the math done yet as all the numbers have changed since season 2. It is quite a pain. Also if anyone has anything to add please leave a comment. If you find any grammar or broken links or anything please let me know. If you think you have a better idea please let me know and come prepared with math to back it up. If anyone has a good way to explain armor and mr and pen better please give me a link and help me out. It makes perfect sense to me but I know for a fact that it is very hard to follow.

If you do not think Lulu should be played as a solo top then do not leave a comment, do not vote and continue on to a support Lulu guide as this is not a guide for you and your opinion will not be valued with me or anyone else that has an interest in playing Lulu as a solo top. You can find an awesome support Lulu guide here. No hard feelings it is simply the only fair option.

In the future I plan to add (in no particular order):

-all the colors!
-videos showcasing live use of Lulu as a solo top
-a rating system for items

Lastly, thanks to all who commented with corrections and ideas! They have helped me greatly improve my play and guide and to those that pushed me to update to the new season!