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Lux Build Guide by IceCreamy

AP Carry Luxurious Lasergaming

AP Carry Luxurious Lasergaming

Updated on November 25, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IceCreamy Build Guide By IceCreamy 56 21 95,077 Views 184 Comments
56 21 95,077 Views 184 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IceCreamy Lux Build Guide By IceCreamy Updated on November 25, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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More Lux Runes


Hey everyone! :)

With pride, I present to you my guide to one of my favorite champions, Lux. I will play and build her as an AP Carry. If you feel like playing her as a support, you should go search for another guide. If you need tips on playing Twisted Treeline or Dominion, you will not find them here, I only play Summoner's Rift. Just so you know before you start reading.

The reason I decided to write this guide, is because I feel like helping people with having a good time. If you are playing your champion right, you are going to have a blast with Lux! She is the one who can stay at the edge of teamfights, and still deal tons of damage. A 24-second ultimate with a big range, a snare and a slow which each deal a lot of damage. She is all about combining her skills, but I will elaborate on that in my guide.

Lux is listed as mage and support, and in fact she is both. Does not mean she should play as a support, because that just sucks. She should always be in mid. Whenever you get a chance, pick up a kill. If your AD carry is around however, he is the one to get the kills. Remember that!

Last note. If you are scared off by the seemingly large guide, I will tell you it is not. I added quite a lot of screenshots (which I made myself) and they take up quite some space. So don't be scared - it's not a lot of boring reading, I tried to make it look appealing to the eye.

Let's start, I hope you will enjoy reading and that it will help you improve your build and maybe even your playing :)

P.S. If you encounter a term you don't know, it is probably in this topic right here.
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NOTE: Click HERE for the template of this section.


+ Great damage.
+ Lovely ult.
+ Great range.
+ Lots of CC.
+ Easily the best laugh in the game.

Finales Funkeln

- Very squishy.
- Often mistaken for a support.
- Long cooldowns on her Q, W and E.
- No sustain.
- Mana trouble.
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I have considered taking AP or AP/lvl on every rune, but I personally don't feel like the Marks and Seals are worth it. Therefore I chose Magic Penetration Marks and mana regen/level Seals, since they are pretty good and Lux has poor mana costs.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

In your runepage, it should look like this:

Other good runes include:

fillerfillerfill - Flat Magic Resist Glyphs, in case you prefer the survivability over damage
- Swiftness Quints, if you feel like you need some more movement speed

Also, please do not waste your IP/RP and buy tier 1 or tier 2 runes. Just be patient, wait until you get Summoner Level 20 and buy tier 3 runes. You can not sell your old runes, you can put them in some sort of blender and hope you will get something nice, but it is not worth it.
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Summoner's Wrath for the improved Ignite

Brute Force for the extra AD. "What madness is this", you ask? You are going to autoattack for your passive anyways, and it helps last-hitting in early game.

Sorcery just so we can take Arcane Knowledge . Quite frankly we do not need this as we already get 30 % CDR from items (40 % with Elixir of Brilliance)

Demolitionist to pose more of a threat to the ganking mid laners (you can push their turrets faster) and always nice to have late game

Arcane Knowledge for the awesome MPen

Havoc (2 points) just because there is nothing better... If you are having trouble last hitting at early levels, you can take Butcher instead of this.

Blast for even more AP

Archmage for EVEN MORE AP!!!

Executioner to finish the tree off, and it obviously helps with bursting people down


Summoner's Insight to improve Flash

Expanded Mind for the extra mana

Swiftness for the cool movement speed

Runic Affinity for the increased duration on Blue Buff and Baron buff

- The biggest discussion: 9-0-21 vs 21-0-9. I used to run 9-0-21 for a damn long time, but I decided to switch. I tested it for a while, and I liked it better. 9-0-21 is more based on early game, whereas 21-0-9 is better in late game. Just a matter of personal preference ^^
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Summoner Spells

The viable options:

I can no longer live without it. It is really useful on Lux, though she has various escape mechanisms (snare, slow, shield).
"But my range is so big, I don't want to get close enough to use it!" Not true at all, Ignite's range is 650 while your auto attack range is 550. Besides, this is a really great spell for finishing off low hp enemies in early game, and countering AD carries and Vladimir, Dr. Mundo, Warwick etc in late game.
Always nice for ninja ganks. It might come in handy if you can Teleport to a ward (so you can ult the enemy to kill him), a turret (to protect it) or a minion wave (to push a turret).
The "neutral" options:

It might be useful at some occasions, but it isn't my cup of tea. blablablablablablablablablablablabla
If you don't have Flash yet this is the spell to take. blablablablablablablablablablabla
Who knows, it all depends on how much CC the enemy has, and if they are using it on you. Not much chance, but it could save you.
Not a really great spell, the only reason you might want to take this is if your team has enough Ignites and you need this for using your ult.

The non-viable options:

Certainly has its uses, but not for you. This spell is mostly used on enemy AD based champions while you are laning against another AP carry. blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla
Has most uses in early game, but let me see... Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration and Chalice of Harmony should give you enough mana regen, along with the blue buff your jungler is obviously going to give you.
You are not a jungler. blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla
More likely to be used by Teemo, Jax and other common hybrid champs. blablablablablablablablablablabla
You have enough farming and pushing capability on your own. blablablablablablablablablablabla
You mad? You should not die! blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla
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Skill Explanation and Sequence

Finales Funkeln

Her passive is Illumination. It is fairly useful throughout the game, in early game it will help you farm/harass, and in mid-late game you will find it will also proc on ult hit.

Tips and Tricks

Fancy, but take care. Do not try to proc it at all costs, sometimes it is better to not proc it.

This is what makes Lux such a great harasser. Just throw in a spell, autoattack and move away for some nice damage.

Lux' Q ability is Light Binding. It is a linear skillshot, that can hit two enemies. The first one gets damage and a 2 second snare, the second one gets half the damage and 1 second snare.

Tips and Tricks

You can throw your snare at a minion, if you want to hit the champion behind it. Don't forget, it only has half the effect.

Keep in mind a snare is different than a stun, your target can still autoattack and use spells.

This is your prime escape tool. When chased, just throw it behind you and laugh at your chaser(s). Even more hilarious when they think they can tower dive you :D

The W ability is called Prismatic Barrier. It is a boomerang-like skillshot, which will shield all allies hit by it. I always keep it on smartcast (ingame, go to Key Bindings and search for Smartcast Ability 2, and bind it to W. I usually bind Cast Ability 2 to v, since I am not going to use it anyways), so you can quickly shield an ally.

Tips and Tricks

Spam this in teamfights, it shields for quite a lot if you manage to hit 3-4 teammates.

The best thing is, if you ever want an assist without dealing damage, just hit a teammate that did damage with your shield and an assist appears!

Boomerangs return to the one who threw it, so try to keep hitting allies even when it goes on the way back.

If you are running, throw the shield in the direction you are running so it comes back to you faster.

Third up is Lucent Singularity. It is a circular AoE damage dealer, which does a nice amount of damage, and slows as well while it is active. Since this is your main source of damage besides your ult, you can use it to zone people (since they will not want to walk through it).

Tips and Tricks

This is your farm tool. At level 7, you can throw this along with 1 autoattack to kill caster minions.

You should also use this scout brush in case your team lacks wards. Nothing is worse then walking into brush and getting raped by 5 enemies.

Last, but certainly not least, is Finales Funkeln. Most people refer to it as laz0r, but actually it is a beam. I guess they just call it another name because they can't say "Funkeln"! At level 3, with 40 % CDR, it will have a sexy 24 second cooldown, so then you can even start using it to harass opponents! It also grants vision of the area cast, no idea why it is useful but well, figured I should mention it :P

Tips and Tricks

Spam this when you can in teamfights. The cooldown is so low, if you use it quickly it will be back up to snipe those who (almost) escaped with low hp.

Best kill secure ult there is, if you notice your jungler is ganking top/bot just walk halfway to their lane and hit it to make your team happy. Don't be lame and steal kills though.

This procs your passive, Illumination, so try to hit one of your other spells before hitting this if you can.

Great tool to steal Dragon or Baron, whenever the situation calls for it.

Level up Finales Funkeln whenever you can. Lucent Singularity is your next focus, it does nice damage and it shows you the area around it. Put a point in Light Binding at level 1 (it is good for pulls, and early teamfights) and max it second. The reason we are doing this is because of the cooldown, it is a very important spell in your combo so the faster we get it, the better. Lastly we take the shield, it might save an ally in teamfights but early it is only useful to negate DoT. Just like this:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

However you could also take your shield earlier if you are scared of Ignite or Brand's passive.
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Tips on Skills

Tips about your skills:

Light Binding to snare your target, throw Lucent Singularity, autoattack, pop Lucent Singularity, autoattack. (though it might be better to throw Lucent Singularity first, it will slow your opponent so you can hit Light Binding easier.)

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding to snare your target, throw Lucent Singularity, Finales Funkeln, autoattack, pop Lucent Singularity, autoattack. (though it might be better to throw Lucent Singularity first, it will slow your opponent so you can hit Light Binding easier.)

Spoiler: Click to view
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This is THE item you will want to get when you are laning in mid. If the enemy started with anything else, you move faster than them, meaning you can harass easier. If the enemy bought Boots as well, you negate their advantage. Win/win, I'd say. Don't forget to take 3 Health Potions!

But what about Doran's Ring stacking? It's not really my thing, I feel that it slows down my build because they don't build into anything. I agree that the stats are nice, but survivability is something we barely need.

The best choice for boots. Along with your MPen Marks you will come close to dealing true damage to everyone who has not bought MR. You will get some CDR from Athene's Unholy Grail, and since you will get a lot of blue buff Ionian Boots of Lucidity are not that awesome. Later on, when you have a Void Staff, you should sell your Sorcs for Ninja Tabi, Mercury's Treads or Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
Awesome upgrade to Chalice of Harmony. You now have plenty enough CDR and mana regen to spam spells all along. The AP is really nice too ofc, and the MR is so nice in lane.
Now really. Dare question this! AP, AP and more AP! I can't think of any caster that can do without this, so we buy this no matter what.
Movement speed, great passive, some AP and a little MRes. This item guarantees a kill on almost everyone, exception being the tank and perhaps the offtank.

Now, before elaborating my choices, I want to stress this. The key here is to adapt. Usually I will buy those items in this order, but always use your brain, you have it for a reason. If the enemy AP carry is fed, buy an Abyssal Mask. If their AD carry is having a great game, get a Zhonya's Hourglass earlier. You should rarely ever get the same 6 items at the same order 3 games in a row. Now that it's clear, let's move on.

Without a doubt, you should get this item. The AP and most importantly the 40 % Magic Pen is just way too valuable. BUT if the enemy is not buying any MR, don't get this. It's 40 %, not 40!
Once you have a Void Staff your Sorcerer's Shoes become rather useless, so get those instead (or Ninja Tabi, whichever one you need).
Great item as last (or if you don't need Void Staff yet as second to last) item, to get yourself some Armor and even more AP. Not to mention the active, which could save your life against Karthus or just grant you the cooldown you need. Great item overall, no idea why you wouldn't buy it :D

Afterwards, do not forget to buy Elixirs and an Oracle! It does not happen often you will get that far, but if you do, use them. It is also viable to buy some Blue Elixirs during the game.

Other items worth mentioning

This might actually work. You can easily leave your lane for 10 seconds, shoot a Finales Funkeln to an enemy in another lane to get a kill/assist, and get back in your lane. You should sell them once laning phase is over, though. Other boots are better, then.
If for some strange reason you want to pass on Deathfire Grasp those are the boots to buy, along with a Void Staff right after Deathcap.
Only if the enemy team is full of champions that rely on autoattacks ( Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Ashe, etc.)

Philosopher's Stone Kage's Lucky Pick

Most certainly buy Kage's Lucky Pick if you will get a Deathfire Grasp later, and the earlier you buy it the better. I don't recommend it though, just like the others, that are not that great for Lux so stay away from them, unless you are having serious trouble.

The reason I'm not buying this is because you will never ever stack it's passive completely, whether you buy a Tear of the Goddess after 5 minutes or after 45 minutes. Lux has long cooldowns on her Q, W and E, that is why. Besides, Athene's Unholy Grail is a way better item on her :)
Not such a bad item at all, but since the recent nerfs it's not as viable as it used to be. Really fits Lux as burst caster but well, other items are better in my opinion. This is the item I'd get if I could buy 7 items :P
Since the recent changes this is more an item for offensive supports than for an AP Carry. Therefore I do not recommend getting this, simply because Lux is not a support :P
Awesome item, but not on Lux. Your survivability isn't big, so this item will barely help you if you try to survive.

Very useful against assassins like Akali, Kassadin and LeBlanc, but the aura is pretty useless.
Probably the worst of all MR items, at least for the price. Measly stats overall, if you need to get MR get an Abyssal Mask or a Quicksilver Sash.
Not a good item really, when you compare it to the fully finished build. I don't see an item that I wish to trade in for this, I'd rather buy Mercury's Treads.
I have never seen anyone buy this, but it could be useful when the enemy team has a lot of CC. blablablablablablabla
It's a good item if the enemy has a Warwick, Malzahar or other such annoying CC effects that you want to get rid of immediately.
Some love it, many hate it. At least I hope so - this item is one of the worst that you can build on Lux, in my opinion. You need damage and not survivability!
I see some people building this on Lux, and I'm like WTF!? This makes no sense at all, it has no use whatsoever. Even Rod of Ages is better...
Awesome active, loads of AP and some Armor included as well. Gives you protection versus Karthus' ult, DoT such as Ignite, enemy focus and enemy AD carries. I say "yes, thank you!" If I could buy 7 items, I'd buy this.

Only if you are really confident and well-known with the game and Lux. blablablablablablabla
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General Tips

So, when your team has gotten wise and put you mid, there are some general tips that I can give.
  • ALWAYS say it when your opponent is missing. Yes, your teammates will whine if you don't do it. You can say that they should pay attention to the map, but they are probably ignorant so better to just say/ping it.
  • Throw your Lucent Singularity slightly behind your target. But be careful; take into account that the enemy can also use abilities. But usually, they will back off when something flies their way.
  • Elaborating on that, they will be really confused if you throw a Prismatic Barrier their way. They will go like: "oh ****, I must dodge everything she throws at me!", so you can anticipate on that.
  • Gank often! If you walk halfway between the lanes your Finales Funkeln can hit the champions in the sidelane. It's really easy to gank with Lux, so do it whenever you can. Punish the enemy if they overextend!
  • Don't overextend yourself. A good gank from the enemy's jungler will kill you, despite all of your escape abilities.
  • If your lane opponent is ganking another lane, you can do 3 things: Gank the other lane, go to the same lane or push the turret in mid. The worst thing you can do is keep on last hitting!

If you manage to do this a lot without dying, Mejai's Soulstealer becomes a really viable item.

SPACE She has the same problems as you; decent in lane, but exceptional ganks. Try to constantly push the lane harder than her to avoid her from roaming. Keep wards up on the sides to prevent jungle ganks tho. The winner is the one who hits the most skillshots!

SPACE You can play very aggressively in early game. Once she has her ult, keep hugging your tower or you are dead meat. Keep your distance, harass with Lucent Singularity and when she is low enough try to move in for the kill.

SPACE Pretty easy. Just avoid being hit by her Flash Frost and you will be fine. Don't ever towerdive when she still has her passive up; you will probably die while she will live. You can play pretty aggressive all the time. Don't forget to buy wards against ganks!

SPACE Yikes! Be very careful when she has her stun up, because she can easily kill you. Play very defensively, harass from a safe distance. If she doesn't have her stun and is about half hp, move in for the kill if you are level 6.

SPACE Gotta hate him. A good Brand player can hit his Pillar of Flame all the time and after about 4 times you are pretty much dead. Move away from your minions when they are Ablaze; he can use Conflagration to hit you as well. Use Prismatic Barrier absorb the damage from his passive!

SPACE Her burst more or less equals yours, so it's a 50/50. Play aggressive when you can, but usually defense is the best option against her (since her cooldowns are way lower, don't stick around for too long). Harass from distance and dodge all her skillshots, then you will probably be okay. If you hit your snare, instead of standing still you should keep moving. She will surely try to throw her Noxious Blast and/or Miasma to get some fancy damage on you. However if you keep moving she will miss, giving you the complete advantage.

SPACE His passive converts 50 % of his MR into AP, so that probably means you can't do much against him. Just try to keep farming, dodge his skillshots and sort of leave him alone. Gank a lot!

SPACE Very easy lane. Just dodge his Lay Waste spam, and just harass him until he has to recall again or when he dies. Don't forget about his passive, so move away from him if you killed him, he can still deal damage. Do not walk through Wall of Pain, the name says it all. Also let your teammates know when he gets level 6.

SPACE Bloody hell. His Null Sphere has a very annoying silence... I advise to tell your AD carry to go mid. They usually don't have any problems with being silenced. If they refuse, just play very defensively, especially when he has his ult.

SPACE Very easy lane. You can't help it if you are hit by Bouncing Blades, but in early levels it barely deals any damage. You can play incredibly aggressive against her, just beware of her Shunpo; she can and probably will use it to dodge your skillshots.

SPACE Not too hard either, when he moves towards you with Lightning Rush just snare him and make him pay. Dodge some Thundering Shuriken and there, you won your lane. However if he manages to get close, you will be dead in about 2 seconds because he deals enormous damage.

SPACE Oh boy. This is probably the worst enemy you can have in midlane. She silences, bursts, and blinks... can't get any worse than that. Try to use Prismatic Barrier when she jumps at you and use Light Binding right when she jumps at you. If you hit, give her a nice Lucent Singularity in the face, if you missed your Q throw E at the yellow thingy (it is placed where she started her jump, she will most likely go back there).

SPACE Easy. If you are reading this guide, you have a really good chance to win. Sometimes I see one with Clarity; that tells me I have already won the lane. You know what is coming, so dodge her skillshots and hit yours. It's all about experience, really.

SPACE He pushes minion waves even faster than you do. Try to hit a Lucent Singularity when you think he is going to cast Malefic Visions on an enemy, that will punish him. Do that a few times, then move in for the kill. Not all too hard if you know how to counter him.

SPACE Mhm. Try to harass him when there are no minions around, otherwise he will use the creep wave to stack his shield making your damage output so much lower. He pushes all day so your ganking days are over...

SPACE Really easy! Just dodge her Dark Binding, and don't walk around in her Tormented Shadow, and you will be fine. You can laugh at her passive; it looks like a lot but actually it barely does anything. You easily deal more damage than she heals!

SPACE Pesky... she has a heal, and those bloody annoying spears... If you manage to dodge spears, you should have the advantage. Her heal might be a problem, but her mana is limited as well. You should win this.

SPACE Seriously annoying. You could profit from his sort of weak early game, but do not 1v1 him. His burst is insane, his cooldowns are way lower and he has more sustain. Harass him from a safe distance and then move in for the kill. Gank often, he does not push that hard.

SPACE Hmm. A good Swain will rush a Hextech Revolver, once he has it he is pretty unkillable. Until then, you can play pretty aggressively. You can't do much against Torment, but you can evade his Nevermove and quickly walk away from Decrepify and Ravenous Flock. If you master that you can get a kill or 2 in early game, that should help you greatly in the rest of the game. Ignite is really good against his ultimate as well.

SPACE Dodge her Dark Spheres, they are her main damage dealer. It's especially dangerous at level 6, when she has her ult, since all the balls near you will also hit you. However her damage is quite low, so you should be able to beat her.

SPACE Can't get much easier, just wait until he does not have a Gold Card from Pick A Card and keep dodging Wild Cards, and you will win this.

SPACE Well darn. His Q forces him to farm minions, and you will have a hard time keeping him from it. If you are too aggressive you will get hit by his Q (which deals decent damage) and his jungler might come to gank you. If you are too defensive, he gets free farm and with that free AP. The best thing you can do is push the wave really hard, and hope that he loses farm to the turret. It also frees the way for you to roam!
SPACE He should not be all that hard, but if you do not pay attention to his Death Ray you will be toast. If he gets the edge over you, prepare for some pain. Stay at a distance, and harass. You could also gank around.

SPACE Seriously annoying. Every time you harass him, he will just use Transfusion and get a lot of health back. In early game your cooldowns are about equal to his but rather quickly yours are higher, which means you are screwed basically. Make sure to leave the lane to gank all the time then!

SPACE The one and only that outranges you. Whenever he uses his W, just stand back and dodge his Arcanopulse if necessary. His burst is big with Mage Chains -> Arcanopulse -> Arcane Barrage x3 -> Arcanopulse so make sure you do not get stunned!

SPACE Only one thing to do: Dodge Bouncing Bombs. Do NOT walk backwards, as the name says the bombs bounce. If you dodge them, you will win the lane. Try to deny him from farming and he will be pretty much useless later on :) Final tip: say ss as soon as he leaves the lane, he might try to get his ult off in another lane.

SPACE She is pretty comparable. She has an AoE and a snare, but those deal less damage. She relies on her plants, so try not to get snared in the area of her plants. Her ult is dangerous - it deals big damage, and knocks you up if you stay in it for long enough. I'd say this is about a 50/50, it's all about who hits most skillshots.
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First a general tip. Positioning is the key to winning. If you stand near the melee champions, you WILL die. Really quickly. Always stay in the back of the fight, throwing around your abilities. Stay behind your tank/offtank, near your AD carry so you can protect him/her a bit as well. Whenever possible, stand in such a way that you can hit a lot of allies with Prismatic Barrier.

If you can try to burst one of their carries. Against good teams that is not possible, so try to CC the enemy melee champs that come near you and your AD carry instead then. Do not waste your ult on tanks, unless their carries are already dead.

Anyone who has the means to kill you. Nocturne and Tryndamere come to mind, but Graves, Evelynn and Kassadin are also dangerous. No reason to be scared of the enemy support or tank when it comes to dealing damage. But be careful they don't get to use their CC on you - or you might find yourself dead within seconds.

Always in the back. Your main goal is to help your teammates both surviving and getting kills, and you are not going to do that by standing in front (because you will die in about 2 seconds, then).
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Ranked Play

In low ELO, I usually kick ***. I'm not such a ranked player myself, but sometimes I do and usually I can get a good score with Lux. Of course everything depends on your team.

I don't really know about high ELO, people usually prefer a healing support bot and a "real" AP carry mid. Her Prismatic Barrier is a non damage doing ability while others like Brand and Malzahar have only abilities that (can) deal damage to the enemy.

But I think they are wrong, Lux can match the damage they do, she has enough CC as well. Perhaps not a good champion to go bot-lane as support due to her not having the ability to heal, but most certainly a viable mid.

So, when is a good time to pick her?
  • If your team needs damage
  • If your team has at least 2, preferably 3 melee characters to keep the enemy away
  • If their team has a lot of melee characters
  • If their team has no anti-carries ( Akali, Kassadin, Talon and such)
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So, I have this cool program called LoL Replay, but I have no idea how I can edit stuff. Any help is appreciated, just leave a comment or send me a PM :)

Anyhow, here are some links that might be useful (NOTE: I do NOT own them):

Lux Champion Spotlight:

Shurelia's guide on zoning:
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My scores

I used to have a zillion scores from normal games, but I got annoyed by it and well, scores in normal games don't prove much, do they? Anyhow a special ending, I was touched, amazed and proud when I read it:

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Special thanks to...

All the people who have commented and/or voted on my guide. No matter if it was an up- or downvote, I appreciate everything you guys did.

Some very special thanks go to:

- The_Nameless_Bard, for making the awesome banners in this guide. Go visit her sig shop right here!
- GrandmasterD for pointing out to me why Ignite is a great choice as summoner spell.
- Kusoku for helping me out greatly with the use of columns, thanks a lot dude!
- Taneren for helping me out with the layout for the list of champions, I really appreciate it!
- Mastery456, someone who I often play with on EUW. He is not the best player of them all, but he certainly is a nice guy. Especially because he was willing to help me with some of the screenshots :)
- LaCorpse, for making the really cool small banners in this guide! You should visit her sig shop right here.
- jhoijhoi for writing her Guide to making a Guide. It has helped me in so many ways, I can't link it enough. If you are going to make a guide yourself, READ IT!
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To do list

  • Add my own made videos
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Runes: MPen Marks, mana/5/lvl Seals, AP/lvl Glyphs, AP Quintessences.
Masteries: 21-0-9.
Summoner Spells: Flash with Ignite or Teleport.
Items: Sorcerer's Shoes, Deathfire Grasp, Rabadon's Deathcap, Lich Bane, Void Staff, Athene's Unholy Grail, Mercury's Treads/ Ninja Tabi (sell Sorcerer's Shoes).
Skill Sequence: Light Binding at level 1, then go R>E>Q>W.

Well that's it, have fun playing with Lux! :) Feel free to vote and/or leave a comment, please try to explain your tips as good as you can so I understand it too.

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