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Mordekaiser Build Guide by MisleadingBanana

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MisleadingBanana

Maniacally Miserable Mordekaiser

MisleadingBanana Last updated on January 29, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Okay seriously, **** that meme.

Honestly people, we need this to stop. Listen to the damn fish.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! NOT THAT ******* FISH!


Ahem, anyhue, that meme is dead. So, uh, don't worry; you won't see it here very much.

I give up. Let's get on with this horse ****.

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Understanding the Champion


Alright, so with joking aside, we first must understand everything about the Champion before we move on to how the Runes, Masteries, and Items are going to effect said Champion.

Champion Spells

Iron Man

- This is Mordekaiser's passive, and is the most unique and important part of his kit.
- This passive allows Mordekaiser to build up a shield that will block any incoming damage based on 35% of the damage he dishes out to other Champions (17.5% when dealing damage to minions).
- The shield is displayed by the grey bar underneath your Health.
- The shield will decay slowly over time.
- It is EXTREMELY important to keep this shield nice and full in lane and before engaging to ensure your fighting potential.

Mace of Spades

- This is your "Q" on your champion spell list for Mordekaiser.
- When you activate it, it will sacrifice a little bit of your health to boost up your damage for your next AA for an allotted amount of time.
- This spell will reset your AAs, so you can effectively smack a target with your mace and then activate this spell to deal damage directly afterwards (note that activating this ability does not do extra damage to towers and will still reset your AA, but the CD for the ability will not instantly reset like it will if you hit a minion or Champion).
- This ability (hitting your selected target first) will send out small chains that will guide themselves to the nearest 3 enemies (including Champions, minions, or jungle camps).
- If your target is all by themselves, this ability will punish them with even more damage.
- It scales a tiny bit with Attack Damage, but not nearly enough to EVER make it viable to build Attack Damage on Mordekaiser.
- You can max this first instead of your Siphon of Destruction if the enemy loves to shove him/herself into your face a lot; if they jump on you, they will most likely think twice about engaging you after you smack them with a maxed out Mace of Spades.

Creeping Death

- This is Mordekaiser's "W" and the most underrated ability in his kit.
- It can be applied to anything on your team including your team mates, you, and even your siege minions.
- It does a little bit of AOE damage in a small range surrounding your selected target, and any of that damage it deals during its 6 second period of metallic rotational goodness will be added to your shield.
- It buffs your target's Armor AND Magic Resist by quite a bit.
- You can even use it on your siege minions when the tower is attacking them so they can stay alive longer for you to continue wailing on the enemy tower!
- Be aware when using this ability while standing under a tower. An enemy Champion can walk into the AOE of this ability to draw tower aggro on to you!

Siphon of Destruction

- This is your "E" and, in most cases, will be the ability you will be maxing out first because of its huge poking and pushing potential it gives you.
- It instantly damages anything in it's cone-shaped path (and a little bit further than that, I've noticed) and will contribute the most to your shield throughout the game.
- Make sure to try to hit as many minions and Champions as you can with this ability to keep your shield up at all times.
- This can be used in a very deadly E > R > Ignite combo to finish off your opponents very quickly under towers or from far away.

Children of the Grave

- This is your "R" and the strongest ability in your kit.
- On cast, it will deal a fair bit of damage based on an enemy Champion's maximum Health and your own Ability Power, and then it will drain the same amount of damage for 10 more seconds.
- This damage is big enough to kill an enemy fairly easily, but the target can prevent the death by healing up enough or by using an ability such as Zilean's Chrono Shift or Anivia's Rebirth.
- The spell may also be completely removed before it does its 10 seconds of damage if the enemy Champion uses a Quicksilver Sash.
- If you do not have to worry about any potentially death-defying items or spells other than Health Potions however, then combining Children of the Grave with Ignite is extremely powerful because it prevents the enemy Champion from slowly healing to safety over time via Health Pots.
- The R > Ignite combo also works extremely well against Champions like Dr. Mundo and Volibear when their healing abilities are activated.
- If this ability manages to kill the opponent, you will obtain a controllable ghost clone of your enemy, gain a small portion of the killed enemy's stats for yourself, and gain a huge stat boost for the ghost itself.
- The ghost can't cast any abilities, but if you kill an AD-heavy Champion with it, the ghost's AA's become incredibly strong.
- The ghost can attack any targetable objects on the map including wards, buffs, minions, etc.

General Gameplay Notes

- For Mordekaiser, whether you're playing Top or Mid, your main goal will be to bully the living **** out of the laning opponent.

- You are going to have an extremely easy time with CSing with your E > Q combo.

- Your tankiness scales with how many targets you can hit with one ability thanks to your Iron Man passive.

- You are going to be extremely vulnerable to ganks because Mordekaiser has no ability to escape outside of running away or by using Flash, Ghost, or Teleport. ALWAYS use wards to see incoming ganks.

- You can turn 5v5 team fights into 6v4 team fights with Children of the Grave.

- It's usually a bad idea to run away from fights; your opponents will most likely catch you any way unless you have Flash off of CD. Use your shield, Spell Vamp, and Fog of War to turn otherwise bad situations into good ones!

- Towers are almost always a first priority with Mordekaiser. Killing it quickly will allow you to roam and bully other lanes and Counter jungle.

- Mordekaiser is good against both long range and short range lane opponents! You can either max out Mace of Spades or Siphon of Destruction first to adapt to the enemy's play style.

- Make sure to always combo your Children of the Grave with Ignite to secure the kills.

- Mordekaiser can be used as a very good Counter Jungler.

- Always try to use your Ultimate on the enemy Champion with the highest Attack Damage. If you use it on someone with very little Attack Damage, the ghost you get from the kill will be a lot less stronger. Remember, though, that just because it has a lot less strength, doesn't mean that it is completely useless; you can still use it to tank towers, give you Health using Spell Vamp, or even check bushes for you as you recall or try to find a safe route to escape.

- Much like Yorick, there aren't many Champions that can beat a Mordekaiser lane without a lot of aid from the Jungler or other lanes.

- You are a monster early-mid game. ACT LIKE IT!

- You are also fairly well-rounded in the late game.

- Noticeably flexible with itemization and leveling of spells.

- You can use your Mace of Spades to harass enemies that are close to the creep wave.

- Mordekaiser can be played effectively as an AP Bruiser given the right circumstances.

- Never build AD on Mordekaiser (unless you're buying a Hextech Gunblade).

- He Scales very well with Health items, even more so with items that give you both Health and Ability Power.

- Mordekaiser can abuse the Wraith camps in the Jungle. Snag them quickly while your minions are pushing to the tower for extra XP and GP!

- His lack of mobility makes him vulnerable.

- Having no form of CC, Mordekaiser does not do as well late game if he has no team mates to provide CC for him.

- Mordekaiser is very good at playing the warding game. Place a Vision Ward in one of the river bushes near your lane and players (most likely will be the Jungler) usually wont dare to touch it once they see you walking down to smack them in the face. If they do stay, then good luck to them, and congratulations on your free kill. But make sure your opposing laner stays cuddled next to their tower, or they could end up killing you if you're not careful.

- Use your Creeping Death to help out team mates in harmful situations. It reduces all incoming AD and AP damage for them!

- Fun fact:

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Summoner Spells



- This can be a very solid choice if you're having to lane against a very bursty Champion (Ziggs, LeBlanc, Rengar).
- Giving you an active shield with a base value of 95 (+20 per Champion level) for 2 seconds, this will save you from all kinds of damage if timed correctly, allowing you to turn otherwise salty fights into a very sugary one for yourself.


- This can be an extremely viable choice for you if you're going full-siege mode on Mordekaiser.
- This will grant you an active that gives you vision of any part of the map every 90 seconds; this can be heavily abused if you're using Mordekaiser strictly for lane pressure.
- Use this to see when enemies are coming to your lane to know when to lessen your lane pressure!
- Only use this when you can't see the enemy Jungler in any of the other lanes, or if you see one of the lanes disappear off of the map; you only have one shot every 90 seconds to use this, so make sure to make it count!
- Great synergy with Flash, Ghost, and Teleport.
- If you can keep a strict timer on the Jungle buffs, this can also be used to Counter Jungle.


- Can be very useful if you're up against a CC-heavy team with little to no gap-closers.
- Gives you an active that allows you to remove any debuffs when off of its 210 second CD, and will reduce any incoming debuffs by 65% for 3 seconds after being cast.
- Can be a lot more effective early game than Flash thanks to its lower CD, if given the right circumstances.
- Great synergy with Barrier, Exhaust, Flash, Ghost, and Heal.


- This is absolutely AMAZING if you're going up against an AD-heavy team, or even just to gain lane dominance over an AD Caster or Bruiser.
- It gives you an active that reduces a target enemy Champion's Movement Speed by 30%, Attack Speed by 50%, and Attack, Ability, and Item Damage dealt by 30% for a huge 2.5 seconds (210 second CD).
- On top of debuffing all of their sources of damage, you also buff your own if you have a Liandry's Torment, doing 2x the burn damage since the target will be slowed.
- Can be a very good alternative to Ignite, give the right circumstances.
- Great synergy with Barrier, Flash, Ghost, Heal, and Ignite.


- This can be used effectively given any circumstance.
- It gives you an active that instantly teleports your player to your cursor's location within a maximum range (300 second CD).
- Works very well with every Champion in countless situations.
- Can be used both offensively and defensively.
- Flashing over walls is extremely effective when trying to escape.
- Great synergy with Barrier, Clairvoyance, Cleanse, Exhaust, Ghost, Heal, Ignite, and Teleport.


- Can be used as an effective alternative to Flash.
- Gives you an active that removes all unit collision from your Champion while giving you a 27% increased Movement Speed for 10 seconds (210 second CD).
- Removing unit collision from your Champion allows you to run directly through Champions, minions, and any other peasants in your path without being interrupted.
- This is extremely effective if the enemy team consists of a lot of Champions who can outrun you even after you Flash (Warwick, Nocturne, Ezreal, Nidalee).
- Great synergy with Clairvoyance, Cleanse, Exhaust, Flash, and Teleport.


- Isn't the best option unless your team is going to be dropping like flies in team fights.
- Gives you an active that restores 100-355 Health (based on Champion level) to you and any surrounding team mates (300 second CD).
- This can be used offensively early game by giving you an extra 100 or so Health to dive enemies under towers or if you're looking into applying a lot of lane pressure by sitting in lane for even longer.
- Great synergy with Barrier, Exhaust, Flash, and Ghost.


- The single most abusable Summoner Spell for Mordekaiser.
- Gives you an active that ignites an enemy Champion to deal 70-410 true burn damage (based on Champion level) and reduces all healing effects over 5 seconds (210 second CD).
- Used amazingly well with Children of the Grave and Liandry's Torment.
- Use this to secure kills or for dueling a Life Steal-reliant Champion.
- Works tremendously to reduce major healing abilities such as Dr. Mundo's Sadism or Volibear's Chosen of the Storm.
- Great synergy with Exhaust, Flash, and Ghost.


- One of the best possible choices for Summoner Spells.
- This gives you an active that allows you to Teleport to any allied unit (wards, turrets, minions) other than Champions.
- Can be used extremely well to set up surprise ganks anywhere on the map by Teleporting to any concealed unit inside bushes.
- Can be used to catch up to enemies.
- Can be used to either prevent a tower from being destroyed, or to provide a huge amount of lane pressure; Teleporting back into lane will cause the opposing laner to not have a chance to recall!
- Teleporting to a minion will cause the minion to become invincible as you teleport to it, but will also cause it to become immobile. You can use this to freeze the lane minions, allow a minion to soak up a few extra turret shots, or hilariously prevent the enemy laner from being able to kill that minion for the gold.
- Can be used to pressure multiple lanes at once!
- Great synergy with Clairvoyance, Flash, Ghost, and Revive.

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Greater Seal of Armor

- Armor seals are always nice on every Champion. I use them almost every time. They simply have the highest possible stat-boosting potential.

Greater Seal of Health

- These are also a viable option for Mordekaiser just because he scales so well with Health.

Greater Seal of Health Regeneration

- These can be good for Mordekaiser; some people like them on him, but I believe that the other 2 options are just so much better.


Greater Mark of Ability Power

- These give you a nice boost of AP. Not much else to say about that.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

- These are going to be very good for your early game advantage with Mordekaiser.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

- I almost always use these. AP usually scales a lot better into the late game, so building up a higher resistance to it later on in the game is the best way to go.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

- These can also be a very viable option for Mordekaiser, considering he doesn't have to worry about mana and he loves to be spam-happy. CDR brings more lane presence to the table for him.


Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

- Giving you a large boost in AP is never a bad choice here.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

- Having even more early Magic Penetration will always be good.

Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp

- This is your best bet for Quints in my opinion. Mordekaiser thrives off of Spell Vamp in both laning phase and in team fights.

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Offensive Tree

Double-Edged Sword

- The Double-Edged Sword Mastery is amazing for abusing Mordekaiser's Iron Man shield.
- You do the 2% extra damage and receive the 1% damage, but that 1% damage is absorbed by the shield, so you're getting free 2% extra damage.


- This reduces CDs. This is good for almost every Champion in the game.


Mental Force & Arcane Mastery

- Having the extra AP and AP scaling is amazing for all AP casters.


- This is a very abusable Mastery with Mordekaiser. Children of the Grave will be so much easier to kill people with using this Mastery.

Spell Weaving

- This can be very good for Mordekaiser if you're having to be in close contact with an enemy Champion very frequently.
- The more you smack them with your mace, the more damage you will be doing with your spells.
- Since your Q forces you to hit them with an AA and can be used to reset your AA, this can be very abusable.

Devastating Strikes

- This is more acceptable for hybrids to take, but it's free Magic Penetration, which is very good for Mordekaiser to have to establish his early game dominance.

Arcane Blade

- His base Attack Speed is very high, and making those hits deal damage based on a percentage of his Ability Power is incredible to have when in a battle to the death with an enemy Champion.


- Free. ****ing. Damage.

Defensive Tree

Enchanted Armor

- Any laner putting points into the Defensive Tree pretty much has to max this out.


- I prefer maxing this out instead of the Block Mastery because the Block mastery is much more situational.


- You can max this out instead of Recovery if you know you will be laning against an AA-reliant Champion.


Veteran Scars & Juggernaut

- Free Health on Mordekaiser? Can I get a **** yes?


Hardiness & Resistance

- If you're going more down south on the Defensive Tree, these are one of the most valuable pick-ups. Free defensive stats!


- It decreases effectiveness of slows.
- It allows Mordekaiser to stretch his wings just a bit more in lane like the beautiful butterfly he's always wanted to be.


Perseverance & Second Wind

- Perseverance helps Mordekaiser out with his self-cannibalism issue just a little bit, but what we're really getting Perseverance for is the Second Wind Mastery.
- Fighting low health is what Mordekaiser seems to be really good at, and with the Second Wind Mastery, he'll be that much better at it.


- This will increase your super amazing 1v5 potential... Hue.

Legendary Guardian

- CC ****s Mordekaiser. Now, Mordekaiser ****s CC!

Utility Tree


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Health Potion

- Health Pots are a must for Mordekaiser, especially early game.
- These will allow you to stay in lane a lot longer than your opponent, allowing you to harass them out of lane.

Elixir of Brilliance

- If you're doing well, make sure to grab an Elixir of Brilliance to add to your Ability Power and greatly reduce your CD for a whole 3 minutes to completely screw over the opposing laner.

Stealth Ward

- These are your first priority whenever you go back to buy anything.
- You absolutely need these to refrain from dying to the enemy Jungler.

Vision Ward

- These will be needed if they have a Jungler that can go invisible, plus this will add to your lane dominance by giving you vision of enemy wards to take out in case your Jungler wants in on the severe ********ing you will be dishing out to the opposing laner.
- Enemies will most likely never try to take this out while you're around, because they know they're going to be at a loss if they do.


Sightstone & Ruby Sightstone

- Sightstones are going to be amazing for you if you're being camped by the enemy Jungler and need to be in lane for as long as possible.
- These will add to your Health stack and will greatly reduce the cost of wards for yourself.
- These will rarely be needed since your lane phase will most likely only be about 6-8 minutes long if you're good at sieging the enemy tower, but can be used very effectively if you wish to Counter Jungle, are laning against a Champion with equal pushing power (Malzahar, Ryze, etc.), or if your team just needs the extra vision.

& &

Greater Totem & Greater Stealth Totem & Greater Vision Totem

- You will love the Warding Totem early on.
- It greatly decreases your chances of getting ganked by the Jungler early game, which will ever increase your staying/bullying power.
- Upgrading this into a Greater Stealth Totem isn't worth too much, but if you're doing well off, go ahead and snag it.
- Upgrading this into the Greater Vision Totem, however, is probably the best thing you can do if you're looking into upgrading it. This baby will give you free vision of a spot of your choice for the entire game if nobody can get to it; it's amazing for shoving into the corner of the Baron or Dragon pits to give permanent vision of either, until someone finds it of course, but usually your Totem will be off CD by then and you can just place another one.


Boots of Mobility

- These give you 45 Movement Speed and a passive 105 Movement Speed when out of combat.
- Get Boots of Mobility if you're having to roam to other lanes or if you're Counter Jungling a lot.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

- Ionian Boots of Lucidity can be used both offensively and defensively.
- Thy give you 45 Movement Speed and %15 CDR.
- The 15% CD allows you to spam your Siphon of Destruction a lot more, both allowing you to harass much more frequently and allowing you to build up your shield a lot more often/quicker.

Mercury's Treads

- These give you 45 Movement Speed, 25 Magic Resistance, and a passive Tenacity of 35%.
- These are great if you're having a hard time against lanes or Junglers that can pin you down from far away like Elise, Veigar, or Lux.

Ninja Tabi

- These give you 45 Movement Speed, 25 Armor, and a passive that blocks 10% of all AA damage received.
- Ninja Tabis are absolutely amazing against opponents such as Tryndamere, Talon, or Jax.

Sorcerer's Shoes

- The Sorcerer's Shoes are the most important boots for Mordekaiser.
- These give you 45 Movement Speed and 15 Magic Penetration.
- You will be doing a ton of damage with these boots early on, which is exactly what you need to push the opposing laner out.

Offensive Itemization

Banner of Command

- This will allow you to increase your pushing power DRAMATICALLY.
- I mean, seriously. This is one of the best items for Mordekaiser.
- It reduces your CD by a huge 20%, boosts your Ability Power by a good 80 AP, AND it gives you an amazing active that boosts the stats of the nearest siege minion, AND on top of that, anything the super-powered siege minion kills, it will hand you the gold for it.
- Can be built up from an early Fiendish Codex.

Deathfire Grasp

- Very useful when harassing lane opponents with huge amounts of Health.
- Gives you 120 Ability Power, 10 CDR, and a single-target active that deals 15% of the target's maximum Health, and thereafter amplifies all incoming Magic Damage for the target by 20% for 4 seconds.
- It has amazing synergy with your Children of the Grave; not only will it amplify the amount of Ability Power damage that you will be doing, but it will also add to the amount of damage based off of the enemy's maximum Health that Children of the Grave already does.
- This allows you to abuse the opposing laner's Health if they're a Champion who stacks a lot of Health like Cho'Gath.
- Can be built up from an early Fiendish Codex.

Hextech Gunblade

- This can be used both offensively and defensively for Mordekaiser, but it's mainly going to be used offensively.
- It boosts your staying power in fights dramatically by giving you both 10 Life Steal and 20% Spell Vamp.
- It gives you 65 Ability Power and 45 Attack Damage.
- On the side, it gives you a nice active that allows you to slow down an enemy to catch up to them (because, let's face it, Mordekaiser is slow as hell) and smack them, which, might I add, also happens to decrease the CD of the active by 3 seconds.
- Your AAs, R, and single-targeted Q will all decrease this CD. This will also significantly buff your ghost giving them more AD to hit with, and the ghost will also give you Health per hit thanks to this item's Spell Vamp passive.
- Can be built up from an early Hextech Revolver.

Liandry's Torment

- Gives you 50 Ability Power, 300 Health, 15 Magic Penetration, and burn damage based off of the enemy's current Health.
- It scales with his Children of the Grave, burning the enemy Champion every time a tick of damage is dealt over the course of the 10 seconds.
- Great for team fight presence.
- Combos well with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Hextech Gunblade, since it does double burn damage to slowed enemies.
- Makes your poke with Creeping Death that much more annoying.
- Built up from an early Haunting Guise.

Lich Bane

- It hands you 80 Ability Power, some decent Movement Speed, 250 Mana (which we don't use, but the item is worth the waste), and it gives you a passive that increases the amount of damage your next AA will have after casting a spell by a huge amount (based off of your Ability Power).
- This is an amazing item if you're having to max out your Mace of Spades first.
- Can be built up from an early Amplifying Tome.


- It gives you 50 Ability Power and 350 Health at a fairly low cost.
- The only reason you should ever get this is if you are wanting to constantly siege towers or if you're facing someone with a taunt to draw the tower aggro on you such as Shen.
- It also can be used to get easy, unexpected kills under towers.

Rabadon's Deathcap

- Gives you 120 Ability Power and it increase your overall Ability Power by 30%.
- This item gives you the most amount of Ability Power for one single item in the game.
- An amazing item for staying ahead if you get an early lead.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

- This scales very well with Mordekaiser; giving you 80 Ability Power and 500 Health.
- Gives you an annoying passive that slows enemies down by casting spells on them (35% if hit with a single-target spell, 15% if hit with multi-target spell).
- Combos nicely with Children of the Grave; since it is a single-target spell, it will slow the enemy down a great deal every second for 10 seconds, allowing you to easily catch up to the enemy to ensure the kill.
- Can be used to help out team mates running away from enemies.
- Can be built up from an early Amplifying Tome and Giant's Belt.

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

- Gives you 50 Ability Power and 10 CDR for a very low price.
- Works extremely well if you're taking the Wraith camps a lot early on or if you're Counter Jungling.
- The more camps you take, the more Ability Power you gain from this item (max 30), so you can effectively gain 80 Ability Power in total from this item.
- Will NOT do more damage to lane minions.
- Can be built up from an early Fiendish Codex.

Sunfire Cape

- I consider this an offensive item, considering it does considerable damage in large crowds and gives a bit lower stats than its counterpart: Randuin's Omen.
- It gives you 45 Armor and 450 Health; this is good to have if you're wanting to prevent falling behind an AD-heavy laner such as Tryndamere or Riven.
- While giving you defensive stats, it also increases your pushing power by applying burn damage to minions.
- Can be used to take Jungle camps faster.
- Can be built up from an early Chain Vest and Giant's Belt.

Void Staff

- Gives you 70 Ability Power and 35% Magic Penetration.
- Works very well if you need the extra Magic Penetration to take down targets with a lot of Magic Resistance.
- Relatively low cost.
- Can be built from an early Amplifying Tome.

Wit's End

- This can be used either defensively or offensively, but mainly offensively.
- It gives you 42 Attack Speed and 25 Magic Resistance.
- It works well against Bruisers (especially AP Bruisers such as Taric) who have built up a lot of Magic Resistance.
- Use this when maxing Mace of Spades against a Bruiser to increase your damage dramatically in a 1v1.
- Can be built up from an early Null-Magic Mantle.

Zhonya's Hourglass

- Works very well if you're laning against an AD Bruiser or Caster or to prevent certain abilities from killing you such as Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole.
- Gives you 120 Ability Power, 50 Armor, and an active that renders you unable to move or use spells of any kind for a few seconds, but in exchange will make you untargetable and invincible while you are motionless.
- Built up from an early Seeker's Armguard.

Defensive Itemization

Abyssal Scepter

- A good choice if you're still strong enough to deal damage, but need some Magic Resistance.
- Gives you 70 Ability Power, 45 Magic Resistance and a passive that decreases nearby enemy Champion's Magic Resistance by 20.
- Can be built up from an early Negatron Cloak.

Banshee's Veil

- Very good if you're having trouble dodging stuns and snares from an AP-heavy Champion.
- Gives you 450 Health, 45 Magic Resistance, a passive shield that will block any effects caused by an enemy ability (with a CD of 25 seconds after not taking any damage from enemy Champions), and a passive that will grant you 45 Health Regeneration for 10 seconds after taking damage from a Champion.
- The shield and Health Regeneration is almost meaningless if the enemy Champion you are purchasing this for is particularly spammy (Lissandra, Dr. Mundo, Ziggs).
- Can be built up from an early Negatron Cloak.

Frozen Heart

- Works abnormally well against any AD-heavy Champions, and it's an instant nerf to a team with 3 or more AD-reliant Champions.
- Gives you 95 Armor, 20 CDR, and 400 Mana (we're not so crazy about the Mana, but the item can be worth getting regardless), and a passive that reduces nearby enemy Attack Speeds by 20%.
- The armor allows you to swallow a ton of Attack Damage while dishing out your own more frequently thanks to the huge CDR.
- Can be built up from an early Warden's Mail and Chain Vest.

Guardian Angel

- Very good for you if you need to prevent yourself from dying a lot or if you need a good balance of defensive stats.
- Gives you 50 Armor, 40 Magic Resistance, and a passive that revives you after death with 30% of your maximum Health and Mana (5 minute CD).
- Scales very well with Health items.
- Can be built up from an early Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak.

Locket of the Iron Solari

- Perfect again an AP-heavy team or if your team needs some extra defense as a whole.
- Gives you 20 Armor, 10 CDR, 300 Health, and a passive that gives all nearby allies 20 Magic Resist and 10 Health Regeneration, and an active that shields all nearby allies for a certain amount of damage for a certain amount of time.
- Only get this if your team ABSOLUTELY needs it and if no other player on your team can get it.
- Can be built from an early Cloth Armor and Null-Magic Mantle.

Quicksilver Sash

- Is a great first buy if you're having trouble with getting locked up by an AP-heavy Champion.
- Gives you 45 Magic Resistance and and active that removes all debuffs from your Champion, including slows, stuns, binds, etc. (60 second CD).
- Only get this if you really have to get it. It's only worth getting if you can't survive getting caught out by a stun or a bind or something.

Randuin's Omen

- This is going to be very good for you if you need a lot of protection from AD Champions and if they can chase you down very well.
- This gives you 70 Armor, 500 Health, a passive that slows the Attack Speed and Movement Speed of any Champion who attacks you for a brief moment, and an active that slows all nearby enemy units.
- This is the one item in the game that can really make Mordekaiser unkillable, because you're basically taking away one of his only weaknesses, which is his lack of ability to escape.
- Works extremely well in team fights, especially with Frozen Heart and Liandry's Torment.

Spirit Visage

- Possibly the best defensive item you can buy for Mordekaiser.
- Gives you 10 CDR, 400 Health, 20 Health Regeneration, 55 Magic Resistance, and a passive that increases healing effects by 20%.
- Has very good synergy with items like Hextech Gunblade, Spirit of the Spectral Wraith, Warmog's Armor, and Will of the Ancients.
- Can be built off of an early Negatron Cloak, Spectre's Cowl, and Kindlegem.



- The best Armor stats in the game for a very low cost.
- Gives you 100 Armor and a passive that deals damage to any enemy unit that hits you with an AA based off of their own Attack Damage.
- Used to counter very bursty AD Champions such as Rengar or Kha'Zix.
- Can be used to Counter Jungle or take Wraith camps a little bit faster.

Twin Shadows

- Can be used both offensively and defensively, but mainly defensively in this case.
- Gives you 50 Ability Power, 40 Magic Resistance, 6 Movement Speed, and an active that sends out 2 ghosts for 6 seconds towards the 2 nearest enemy Champions ; if they hit a target, the target will be slowed and revealed through the Fog of War.
- This is very good if you're getting ganked often by a Jungler and you need some quick Ability Power and Magic Resistance.
- Can be used offensively to chase down enemy targets.
- Can be built from an early Null-Magic Mantle and Amplifying Tome.

Warmog's Armor

- Great for general beefiness.
- Gives you 1000 Health and a passive that restores a percentage of your maximum Health.
- Perfect synergy with items such as Guardian Angel and Spirit Visage.
- Get this if you need a lot of Health and already have sufficient Armor and Magic Resistance.

Will of the Ancients

- The "Poor Morde's" Hextech Gunblade.
- Gives you 50 Ability Power, 10 CDR, 10 Mana Regeneration, and a 20% Spell Vamp passive.
- This is listed under the defensive item list because it's just not as good as the Hextech Gunblade for Mordekaiser, but it still gives you what you need.
- Only get this if you simply can't afford the Hextech Gunblade.

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This has been the first guide I have done for the League of Legends community. I thought that I would take a very simplistic approach to this since it is, in fact, my first time, but I may add a lot more to it if I receive feedback on it. I may make more, or I may end up just deleting this account after finding better things to do with my life.

Mordekaiser was the first Champion I had bothered to really learn how to play very well when I first started out in the PvP world. I don't use him all that much now, but it's still an amazing feeling for me to just go back and play him; he's just so familiar to me. I've read guides before on Mobafire, and always wondered how it would be to make some that many people enjoyed and discussed, and I thought that Mordekaiser would be perfect for me to do since I'm so familiar with him and he just happens to be one of the easiest Champions in the game to explain.

Comment on my guide (if that's how we do it here) if you have any questions or general suggestions of improvement for me. I'm willing to take any forms of criticism with an open mind so I can possibly get much better at this whole guide thing.

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