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Rumble Build Guide by MFNahde

Middle [Mid/Top] Through the Fire and the Flames

By MFNahde | Updated on April 16, 2020
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Runes: All-In/Skirmish/Roam

1 2
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #1 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

[Mid/Top] Through the Fire and the Flames

By MFNahde
Who Am I?
Former Diamond+ Rumble player across several seasons and multiple accounts, I fell in love with this champion in Season 5 after spending several seasons anywhere from low bronze to mid gold.

Played 30 normal games on Rumble and jumped straight into ranked and was diamond within two months. I previously had a featured guide with 350k+ views up on Lolking but since that site has gone down, I've reuploaded it here with massive improvements! The top portion of the guide goes over everything you need if you found this guide in your loading screen, but for those of you who want a little bit more, those who really want to main and/or master this champion-- the rest of this guide is for you.

I am always willing to discuss things about Rumble or League and will always respond to questions here in the comments, over email, discord, twitter or through Twitch-- but the best way to reach me is via Discord.

I am also currently writing an enormous ebook for improvement in league! I have NO ETA whatsoever, I've been writing it off and on for years but I do intend to release it... maybe... one day. (it will be free when it does)
Riot fix your tutorial thanks

Discord: Nahde#4046
Twitter: @NahdeTV

Discord Server: COMING SOON
Damage Dealt Chart Back to Top

Damage Chart

This is a VERY rough estimate of how much damage you can expect to do during an all-in. This is NOT factoring in Magic Resist, it's going to be more trustworthy levels 1-5, after that its assuming you land EVERYTHING (including scorch, electrocute, and every tick of R which doesn't happen often.)

But this should serve as a decent guideline to whether you can all-in or not.
How Magic Penetration Works in LoL Back to Top
    1. Magic Resistance Reduction, flat. (Non-existent [Old Amumu]) [Applied First]
    2. Magic Resistance Reduction, Percentage. [Applied Second]
    3. Magic Penetration, Percentage. (Void Staff) [Applied Third]
    4. Magic Penetration, Flat (Morello/Sorc Shoes) [Applied Fourth]
Passive - Junkyard Titan Back to Top

Rumble gains 20 / 10 Heat every time he uses a basic ability and loses 10 Heat per second after 4 seconds of not using his abilities.

Rumble's basic abilities are enhanced when cast at 50 Heat or above.
This means that the Flamespitter that you cast at 45 heat will NOT be enhanced.

At 100 Heat, Rumble silences himself for 6 seconds, which he cannot mitigate or cancel by any means, but his basic attacks each deal 25 - 110 (based on level) (+ 30% AP) bonus magic damage for the duration, during which his Heat also decays to 0.

When under the effects of Junkyard Titan you may cast your second charge of Electro-Harpoon if you stored it before overheating.

Make sure to Overheat during 1v1's and Trades, especially early on in lane as the on-hit damage from your passive is incredibly strong when trading auto attacks.

Don't forget to drop The Equalizer before overheating, otherwise you can't use it for 6 seconds and may miss an opportunity for a massive game-changing ultimate!

During lane keep your Heat at about 50-55 so you can get a full rotation of your abilities before overheating, an easy way to do this is by casting Scrap Shield when at 30-35 heat.
Q - Flamespitter Back to Top

Rumble activates his flamethrower for 3 seconds, granting 20 heat and dealing magic damage every 0.25 seconds to all enemies in a cone in front of him.

Danger Zone(When Cast at 50+ Heat): Flamespitter's damage is increased by 50%.
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 Seconds Range: 600
Damage every 0.25 Seconds: 14.6 / 17.5 / 20.4 / 23.3 / 26.3 -- (+9.17% AP Per Tick)
Total Damage: 175 / 210 / 245 / 280 / 315 (+ 110% AP)
Minion Damage: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80%

[Danger Zone] Damage every 0.25 Seconds: 21.9 / 26.3 / 30.7 / 35 / 39.4 -- (+12.5% AP Per Tick)
[Danger Zone] Total Damage: 262.5 / 315 / 367.5 / 420 / 472.5 (+ 165% AP)

Flamespitter has no cast time and Rumble will instantly face your cursor when cast, you can use it to last hit(Since it has 0 cast time) or change the direction you're facing in a split second. (Last hit with it as the damage ticks IMMEDIATELY once pressed, so if you do ~45 damage every .25 seconds, you can last hit a creep at 45 health.)

Against melee, use flamespitter to tag enemies with the very end of its range so they can't retaliate. The 600 range is enough to hit any melee champs

You can cast Flamespitter before you use Zhonya's Hourglass and the ability will continue to deal damage while you're invulnerable, the same goes for when you're eaten by an allied Tahm Kench.
W - Scrap Shield Back to Top

Rumble shields himself for 1.5 seconds, generates 20 heat and grants himself bonus movement speed until the shield is broken or the effect ends.

Danger Zone(When Cast at 50+ Heat): Scrap Shield's effects are increased by 50%.
Cooldown: 6 Seconds
Shield Strength: 100 / 130 / 160 / 190 / 220 (+50% AP)
Movement Speed: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30%

[Danger Zone] Shield Strength: 150 / 195 / 240 / 285 / 330 (+75% AP)
[Danger Zone] Movement Speed: 15 / 22.5 / 30 / 37.5 / 45%

Use this ability to mitigate poke in the early game, you can put a second point in it at level 4 if you'll need the extra Shield to survive laning phase. (Not recommended)

Cast this ability while at 30-35 heat (which brings you to 50-55) to maintain your danger zone!

Use your Danger Zoned Scrap Shield to get back to lane faster and/or maneuver around the map.

Using Scrap Shield will not effect any previous orders (Basic Attack animation is canceled upon cast)
E - Electro-Harpoon Back to Top

Passive: Rumble stores a charge of Electro-Harpoon periodically, up to a maximum of 2 stored at once.

Active: Rumble shoots a harpoon that deals magic damage to the first enemy it hits and slows them for 2 seconds. Charges of Electro-Harpoon stored prior to overheating can be used even while overheated. The slow is enhanced if used on the same target. Generates 10 heat.

Danger Zone(When Cast at 50+ Heat): Electro-Harpoon's effects are increased by 50%.
Recharge Time: 6 Seconds Range: 850 Speed: 2000

Damage: 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+40% AP) (x2 if you land both)
Slow: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35% (x2 if you land both)

[Danger Zone] Damage: 90 / 127.5 / 165 / 202.5 / 240 (+60% AP) (x2 if you land both)
[Danger Zone] Slow: 22.5 / 30 / 37.5 / 45 / 52.5% (x2 if you land both)

Use this ability to set up creeps and last hit under tower, poke your laner and last hit from range.

Each cast will build up 10 Heat, you can use this to keep your bar at/above 50.

When fighting, land your first E and then save your second charge in case they try to run away or if they flash.

You can press your E and then use Flash for a surprise long range cast! The Flash essentially cancels the cast time of Electro-Harpoon.

You are able to cast Electro-Harpoon a second time even if you go into Overheat, as long as the charge was stored prior to overheating.
R - The Equalizer Back to Top

Rumble calls down a line of rockets along the target path which remains for 5 seconds, dealing magic damage every half-second to all enemies within and slowing them by 35%. The Equalizer can be fired in any direction in any point from any point within range. After leaving the area, the damage will linger for 1 second. Does not generate heat.

Cooldown: 110/100/90 Seconds
Magic Damage Per Half-Second: 70 / 105 / 140 (+17.5% AP per tick)
Total Magic Damage: 700 / 1050 / 1400 (+175%)

It takes 1 Second for all the rockets to land.

Your Ultimate can be used several ways:
‣ Cut a Teamfight in half or close an escape route
‣ Damage the Backline (While you simultaneously hit the Frontline)
‣ Drop it while sieging a tower to get the enemy team to back off
‣ Hit as many people as possible, especially in Jungle fights
‣ Engage a teamfight with it or follow up on your teams CC
‣ Whiff it completely

For Quick Cast, Click and hold R and 'drag' along the direction you want the rockets to land; It's gonna take some practice but don't be afraid to fail a few times! What if Michael Jordan was scared to shoot?
[SKILL] Heat Management Back to Top

Heat Management

Rumble's passive seems pretty straightforward, but mastery of it is one skill that makes up a truly great Rumble player. The Danger Zone is anywhere from 50 to 100 heat, meaning an ability you cast at 45 heat will NOT be counted as having been in the Danger Zone even if you end up with 65 heat afterwards.

Managing your heat is really simple:

• [Q]Flamespitter: 20 Heat
• [W]Scrap Shield: 20 Heat
• [E]Electro-Harpoon: 10 Heat
• [R]The Equalizer: 0 Heat

Your abilities grant you 20 heat each with Electro-Harpoon generating 10 per charge. Your heat will decay by 10 per second after 4 seconds of not casting abilities. So naturally, when your heat decays to 30-35, you'll want to cast Scrap Shield to bump it up to 50-55! It's that simple. That's not a hard and fast rule, you can use E or Q to bump your heat up, I just like to save Flamespitter so that it's empowered when I need it, but everything is situational. Definitely work on this for a few games until you have it down!
[SKILL] Heat Generation Delay Back to Top

Heat Generation Delay on Electro-Harpoon

This is something that barely ANY Rumble players are aware of. When casting your E (Electro-Harpoon), there's a small delay before you actually generate 10 heat.

What does this mean?
While you're at 90 heat, normally you'd have to choose ONE ability to cast, but knowing this, you can actually cast Electro-Harpoon and then immediately cast either Flamespitter, Scrap Shield, or even try to throw an Equalizer out before the heat generates and you silence yourself.
[SKILL] Tethering Back to Top


Picture this; you and a partner are socially distancing and standing 6 feet apart from eachother. Now imagine you're both holding a string, and you need to keep it taut, if you take a step back, your partner must also take a step back. This is what you're doing with your opponent in lane! Although the main use for this skill is harass against melee champs, it has other uses as well.

Tethering is essentially keeping the enemy champion at the end of your 'rope' or, range of abilities. For Rumble, this is 600 units for Flamespitter and 850 for Electro-Harpoon. While Rumble can't auto-attack his opponent from range, he is, essentially, a 'ranged champion', and often times you will have to play like he is, as getting into melee range of a Trundle or a Swain or a Darius (until you have kill pressure) isn't the best game plan.

How do I Tether?

In order to tether effectively, you want to hit the enemy with the end of your Flamespitter. This means that you will need to walk forward when they walk backwards, and walk back when they walk forwards. Simple right? This means you need to pilot your character extremely well.

TIP: The closer you click around your character, the more responsive it will feel, your character will also turn MUCH quicker than if you click further away.

Rumble also has his 850 Range Electro-Harpoons and a brief movement speed boost from Scrap Shield to assist in tethering.
How to Play the Early Game Back to Top
Rumble is a champion that excels at punishing your enemies mistakes. He has the toolkit to withstand harass, go toe-to-toe with enemy champions, poke and cs from range, and the raw damage to compete with nearly any champion in lane.

It's important that your build and rune choices coincide with this, you want to give yourself the best opportunity to snowball the early game and splash that lead to your teammates to close out the game, you do not want the game to go past 35-40 minutes as Rumble.

Levels 1-2

you'll want to play safe, conserve your healthpool, cs from range when need be and poke opportunistically. You won't find yourself getting too many kills at this point, levels 3-4 are the real turning points of the lane.

Levels 3-5

At this point you'll have access to your full array of skills and can look to trade normally, punish your opponents mistakes whenever possible and be sure to ward your lane. It's important to know where the enemy jungler is due to how susceptible Rumble is to being ganked-- but also so you'll able to decide whether you'll be able to 1v2 or not.

Levels 6+

At this point you have tons of options, if you're able to kill your laner you'll do an absolutely nuts amount of damage-- but if you've already got a decent lead or you think lanes need help its important that you look to splash your lead onto the rest of your lanes because that's how you win League of Legends.
Ladder Anxiety Back to Top
If you don't know what this is (you probably don't suffer from it, lucky you!) it means you're afraid to play or lose ranked games. Back in Season 3/4 I had a huge issue with Ladder Anxiety, playing ranked games was scary as losing means -20 of our hard earned LP and other people might judge us! But don't worry, it's a simple fix-- So how do we get rid of it?

Ultimately, it's up to you.

Ladder Anxiety wont just go away, you have to actively pursue the 'cure'. In order to cure my Ranked Anxiety-- I spammed Ranked Games until I didn't care anymore, this meant losing a lot of games but eventually I stopped caring about my rank and started to focus on improving, which you can do whether you win or not! However, I know this method wont work for all of us so below are a few tips to help get rid of Ladder Anxiety.

Realize that with every loss we get matched against worse players, this makes it easier for us to win and get all that sweet sweet LP back, stay focused!

Losing is normal, even the best players in the world lose games; losing games doesn't mean your opponent was better than you nor does winning mean you were better.

Start focusing on Improving as oppose to winning, this way you get better with every game-- win or lose.

Maintain physical health, I've found that when I eat healthier and get a little bit of exercise that I'll play a lot better and be able to focus more, we can pig out on pizza once we get Diamond!

Stay calm, listen to some calming music or '/mute all' if people flaming you or the things people say in /all chat tilts you (Like when you make a questionable play and the enemy Jax says "?" in /all chat.)

Learn to recognize when you're tilted or tilting and take a short break. Play another game, watch some videos or punch a hole in your wall and come back when you're ready to play again.

You're going to have to accept that you suck, it's the first step in actually improving. Realize that there are players better than you and look to emulate them, once you have their style down you can begin to change it up and make it your own.

Lastly, never look up your opponents on OP.GG/Lolking or whatever-- if they're a higher rank than you, then mentally you'll be expecting your opponent to win, and why would you do that?

Always assume you're the better player.

Citations/More Resources on dealing with Ladder Anxiety.
Not Caring: The Secret to Ladder Anxiety
Five Tips to Overcoming Ladder Anxiety
Mind Games Weldon Episode 87

Stopping and/or Recognizing Tilt.

First off, what even is 'Tilt'?
"Tilt is a poker term for a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive."

In English? Your team is feeding and you're more focused on how effectively you can flame them than you are on winning the game. Once you're tilted you will start to make bad decisions in-game because you're upset or angry with something you can't control. Symptoms of tilt include not warding, dying solo to your laner repeatedly and flaming your 2-10-0 Yasuo. What can you do about tilt?

⦿ Always focus on what you can do to win a game, don't dwell on the mistakes you've made or what you should of done, always think "What can I do to start winning this game?"
⦿ Focus only on what you can control. Your Jungle Nunu running it down mid with Boots of Mobility and Raptors Cloak? Unlucky, you can't do anything about that but you can control your state of mind. Don't let something as trivial as a feeding Nunu break your mental, be stronger than that.

Even if you're tilted, realize that no matter how much you flame your teammates, they will never realize how bad they are so don't waste your time trying to tell them, soon you'll be out of their ELO bracket and never have to see them again unless you watch the Salty Teemo Stream on (Link).
Learn to not give a f*ck

Additional Resources on 'Tilt'
Dignitas wrote a great article on Recovering from Tilt.
The Science behind Tilt by Gbay99

Don't Play to Win

But why would I queue for ranked if I'm not trying to win? Well, winning and improving aren't synonymous and you aren't exactly playing to lose either. Think of winning as a secondary goal, a side quest that can be completed by playing well-- 'improving'. Playing to improve is the only method that can and will help you win more games.

"If you live through defeat, you’re not defeated. If you are beaten but acquire wisdom, you have won..." -RZA

Playing to improve rather than win is the single greatest decision I've ever made while playing League of Legends. Once you stop caring about your rank and shift your focus to becoming a better player-- not only will you feel better, tilt less and get rid of your Ladder Anxiety but you will also improve much quicker than playing to win, winning is for losers anyway.

Stop caring about your rank, nobody else does! All your friends are focused on trying to get to the next rank as well, if it really bothers you, play on a smurf account. A smurf will ensure you don't care whether you win or lose and can focus completely on improving (you can buy an unranked level 30 account pretty cheap).
Once you stop caring about your rank and losing, you can start playing balls out aggressive every game to learn the limits of your champion and what you can/can't do in certain situations, if you're too afraid to make mistakes you simply can't improve. Playing passive might win some games, but it doesn't make you a better player.

If you enjoyed these tips and want to know more about being mindful or how your attitude can help you improve I urge you to check out Weldon Green-- he is an eSports Psychologist formerly of Team SoloMid and G2 eSports.

MindGamesWeldon Youtube
Additional Mechanics Back to Top
Rumble as a champion doesn't really require much mechanical skill to play, but in this section I will go over the few-- but incredibly important mechanics that make up an expert Rumble player.

Settings: Player Stop Position

This is a small but vital tool in our kit, the ability to stand still to allow our Flamespitter to tick on our Laner or minion wave, or towards absolutely nothing to maintain heat while freezing your wave is a valuable tool.

- How do I do it? go into your settings under "Hotkeys" and scroll down to "Player Movement", there you will find the setting "Player Stop Position" and "Player Hold Position". The difference is that Hold Position will still auto-attack any enemy units in range while Stop Position will stop any action and you will stand still. We want to use 'Player Stop Position'. My hotkey for this is 'X', but you can set it to whatever is most comfortable for you.

Mechanic: Flash+Harpoon Combo
This one is fairly simple, and self-explanatory.

- How do I do it? Use your E before your flash, this will cancel the cast time and will be more of a surprise engage/kill on the enemy, making them less likely to be able to react in time. Much faster than flashing and then casting E.

Mechanic: Flamespitter+Zhonya Combo (Also Tahm Kench W)
Again, incredibly simple and easily mastered.

- How do I do it? After casting your Flamespitter, at any point over the duration you may also press your Zhonya's Hourglass. If done correctly, you will continue to cast Flamespitter while invulnerable, just make sure you're facing the right way since it will be easier to walk out of/away from! (I try to avoid overheating when I use this but it cant always be helped)
Playlists based on your Rumble Skin Back to Top
These playlists are statistically proven to increase performance by up to 300%. Each playlist created specifically with its own skin in mind, although many of the songs will appear across all playlists. Click on the name of the skin to view the playlist! I suggest putting them all to shuffle.

Classic Rumble - Featuring rock legends such as Queen, Twisted Sister, AC/DC and goofy classics like School of Rock and Sonic Heroes OST! (LINK)

Rumble in the Jungle - Featuring iconic jungle tunes like Tarzan's 'Son of Man' and classics from Donkey Kong 64 including Jungle Japes with some island-like tunes from Super Mario Sunshine and Final Fantasy X! (LINK)

Bilgerat Rumble - Featuring Pirate Shanty's, Island sounds and rugged rock tunes to really get you into the mindset of a pirate... yordle... mechanic? (LINK)

Super Galaxy Rumble - Featuring tunes that, like the skin are out of this world! Turns out Rumble likes Nightcore and inspirational techno beats from Gurren Lagan, One Punch Man and more! (LINK)

Badlands Baron Rumble - Featuring rough, mad max inspired tunes and catchy rock tunes from Cage the Elephant, Jonathan Young, and Papa Roach! (LINK)

If you have suggestions for any of the playlists, comment below or message me on Discord! (Nahde#4046)
Additional Resources Back to Top
Additional Resources

LoLWiki for Rumble
Rumble Probuilds
Went Rumble Stream (Not me!)

Have questions? Add me on Discord!

If you have any questions that you would like answered, be sure to reply with a comment and I will respond or edit your suggestion into the guide! I would like to thank my old friend Hunger x Hunger (his Interview), one of the first people to inspire me to play Rumble and my good friend Leo "Lyze" Zhang for giving some suggestions and helping me learn the game since I was Bronze V. Lastly I'd like to thank everyone who reads this, I sincerely hope this guide was informative and will inspire a new generation of Rumble Gods.

Whether you're Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum-- Diamond and beyond is within your grasp. Be a Champion and push it 'till the limit breaks.