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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DUSTANDECHOES

No, you're an idiot. This is how you build her.

DUSTANDECHOES Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
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Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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1.0.0 6/3/11
First publishing of this build.

1.0.1 6/3/11
Thanks to LadyRayz' advice, I updated the "Chase/GTFO" and the "Command: Protect" sections.

1.0.2 6/4/11
Added Match History Section.

1.0.3 6/6/11
Updated Skill Sequence after some advice from S11yPutty. I now feel that Command: Attack is more for placement. I also changed my Glyphs.

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Command: Disclaimer

Okay, so I've been going to this site for builds since it started, but this is my FIRST guide.
So if you feel the need to troll or face-palm my build, then wait until you read the entire build before you downvote. I do, however, like constructive criticism.

But on the other hand, if you like this build, feel free to tell me so.

But I digress.

Also, I'm 20, in college, my first language is English, and I like to promote proper grammar on the internet to counteract the terrible plague of speech that is only vaguely understandable with a deciphering degree in mental ******ation. Despite this ranting on the downhill slope of the English language, I probably will end some sentences in.

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Match History

The system I used to take the snapshots for my match records isn't the greatest : /

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Command: Introduction

Okay, so Orianna just came out on Tuesday. right?

But I've seen people suck ballz-hard since then. Almost every Orianna I've seen I've played her numerous times and have tried different builds. I like Phreak, and he's a beastly player that puts me to shame, but she's not going to nuke like LeBlanc no matter how much you want her to.

So this build is not for n00bs, just as Orianna is not for n00bs. i'm not going to spend a bazillion hours making a build to coddle people and teach them how to play the game. That's what bots are for. I'm just going to give some tips as to how to play Orianna, who I find to be almost as versatile as Blitzcrank. *GASP* I know, shocking.

"What do I do?" you ask me. I'll tell you.


Got it?

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Pros / Cons

BROS: (yes, bros)

  • Great harasser
  • Free face-check on everything
  • Great chasing/escaping
  • Can get the element of surprise
  • Farms like an industrial harvester

  • Difficult to play
  • Even more difficult to master
  • DOES NOT burst like some idiots try to make her do

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Okay, so I'm not a huge "spending a billion IP for individual champion rune page" type of guy. So I try to have rune pages that can be used for a lot of champions. In my opinion, runes are really only good for early game and in some extraneous circumstances. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, a full crit dmg rune page (getting 46% extra) for and . The rest of the game is purely based on summoner skill.
Note: These runes are just what I have on my profile. It is highly possible that there are better combinations for the attributes the following runes provide, or even better runes, but I don't have enough IP to change them, Also, they work for various champions I own.

I use these for most champs. They help early game if you don't want to get a Doran's item but you still want survivability without playing too defensive.

Greater Mark of Replenishment Greater Seal of Replenishment
I hadn't used these up until recently, but my friend suggested them, and I really like them.
With a you get about 20-25 mana regen/5 at first level. For early laning phase, you can harass indefinitely (depending on the champion) and really annoy your enemies. Maybe you can even see them driven before you.

If you don't want the harassment from the mana regen early game, but you want to auto-attack more at early levels to last-hit minions or harass for free, then these are for you!
With both attack speed reds and yellows, you get 22% more attack speed at lvl 1. Trust me, this really improves your auto attacking at early levels. This is especially usefull with due to her passive. With the 8.91 AP that the give you, it gives you 1.78 extra damage on the first hit, 3.12 extra on the second, and 4.46 on every attack thereafter consecutively on the same target. Now this may not seem like a lot, but it's free, and you can't say that for all champions. Damage is damage, and believe me: it adds up. B!tches love numbers.
Note: The amount of harassment with auto-attacks you'll want to do depends on what champions you're laning against and their range(s).

This will give a bit more damage to your and your . Magic Penetration does a hell of a lot more than you think.

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I build 9/0/21 for obvious reasons.
I get enhanced and for the summoner spells.
Everything here helps aside from the .33% crit chance, even though it is funny to get that rare crit and laugh quietly to yourself at the low probability of achieving such a feat.

If you'd rather take , then get the enhancement for that. But I'll talk about such substitutions in the Summoner Spells section.

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Summoner Spells

is great for a quick to get to harass and farm even more. If you can, get also for the mobility to get in and out of harass range. But if you can't due to being OOM or low on health, then it's okay to just get Fiendish Codex.
I love Teleport because of the map control your team gets. Someone on every team should have Teleport so that you can protect turrets. Not many people in solo queue realize just how important protecting towers is. IT'S HOW YOU WIN. I used to use , but since they nerfeed it, it has kind if just been lackluster for me. Sure it's great for running away, but as Orianna, you keep your distance almost always and can get away easily.
Sure Teleport has a 5 minute cooldown, but it is worth it.

is the best spell for getting out of sticky situations and getting into that perfect position for the kill or keeping your ally alive. Never underestimate the power of going through walls.


is great for reasons that everyone knows. Movement and attack speed is slowed to a crawl, and with the mastery enhacement, their defenses get debuffed. It's just good.

Feel free to get it if it fits your style. it's all about being comfortable with your presence in the game.

I use it for for more grabxorz. If you just want to harass and spam endlessly, then feel free to use it. I'm too paranoid not to get due to Orianna squishiness.

I love this spell. It can make games. It can kill enemies after you've died defending your best friend: the turret.
Like I said earler, tower protection is of utmost importance. I get Fortify when I play and . Every team should have at least one Fortify on the team, so why not be the turret savior?

I use it when I play and I don't Jungle. It's great for getting buffs, killing the cannon minion every time, Dragon, Baron, and stealing buffs. It's also great for pi$$ing off when she teabags you with , stuffing his big furry nutsack into your mouth. Which is one my favorite things to do (to make her rage, that is, not to get teabagged).

is great if you're a go-getter. insure a kill, pi$$ off or someone getting healed. It's also great for just all around being a ****.

Now this is a spell which I've never really tried. I may have to sometime. it works in theory, but the again so does Communism.

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Skill Sequence

Now to get into Orianna specifically (without grinding her gears*)

is great. You can position it wherever you damn well please, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Whiz it back and forth, beaming enemies in the back of the head this way and that. They will rage sooo hard at you. This is your most versatile spell. Especially for lane awareness. It's well worth the mana to check a bush instead of face-checking. You can send it through walls, and The Ball gives sight of a good range.

is a great spell all around. It slows enemies; it speeds up allies, it does GREAT damage. I max this first

gives a great shield and gives bonus Armor and Magic Resistance for as long as it's attached to a champion. You can Command: Dissonance while it's on an allied champ. It also deals damage on the way to its target. It does everything except CC or heal. I max this second. Max it first if you have a really derpy risky lane-partner. I'll talk more about this ability in the chapter titled: "Command: Protect." Who'd have thought?

is your Ultimate, and what an ultimate it is! You get to throw as many champions as will fit in the circle around and deal great damage. Use it to initiate, use it to interrupt various enemy moves, such as , , (a.k.a. ***** Beam), , , and all the other channeling skills I hate. HOT SH!T

*I know, my puns are terrible. My friends and I just got done making endless Horatio Caine jokes while playing Pathfinder. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

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Item Sequence

I start with for the mana regen obviously. You shouldn't be getting in range to get hurt at early levels unless you're ensured a kill anyway.

I move this into for the AP and CDR.

I then build after I get my lovely . Why do I get those boots, you ask? There's a simple answer:

Most people don't realize how great it is to zoom around the map, do everything you need to do, and go where you please Mundo Style. You can when you want and get back soon. You can also win those long chases (> 5 seconds).

With my newfound CDR, I get blue if it's available for 40.00% as the legendary Jesse Perring has intended. After this, you go where you please. Gank lanes, protect what needs protecting, jungle, roam and be fancy-free. is great at supporting and doing solid damage.

I now build for obvious reasons. At this point your AD is greater than your AP, but not by much. Turn this as soon as possible into for more obvious reasons. Who doesn't like doing 120% of your AP as bonus damage on your next auto-attack after casting a spell? Not me, Mr./Ms. reader, that's for d@mn sure.

Next we get some survivability. I get and get great returns on my damage. As soon as possible turn this into . But don't do as I often do and forget its active ability. It can change things.

After you do this, it's time for some more survivability seeing as the enemy will have a lot of HP by this time. So get a . What do you have to lose? Turn it into and slow everyone the F*** down with every zoom and bang of your ball.

Now for the last item, I put in, but it's really dependent on the state of the game.

Rabadon's Deathcap is great if you're already doing great with no need to worry anymore about survivability. But if by chance you're stressing over about being bored for 1'30" seconds while you wait respawn, then get something else.

Get a for some more Helath, Mana, MR, and that hilariously amazing passive.

If you want to go more DPS than caster, get . It's sure not to let you down, seeing as you'll do more magic damage per hit and reduce their MR.

If you want to LOLZWTFBBQ I slow like a douche and tank liek a Panzer, then you could get another and build it into .
On every spell cast and every auto-attack you slow like a mutha****@. Where did they say they were going again?

You could also get if you're feeling rage-y. With , it's pretty easy to keep up the 8 stacks at all times.

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Moving The Ball

The key to playing Orianna is to have foresight into your enemies' moves and great map awareness. Most people who play her swish her ball around aimlessly being a DERP.

When you play her, plan your next move when you place The Ball. Think about where the enemy will be so that you can place it so that it can move to that spot quickly.

The Ball can travel long distances if done properly. This can be helpful, or it can be VERY hurtful. It can be helpful to damage more enemy units in it's path along the way.
But it can be hurtful if you need it to get somewhere quickly and it's too far away. This has lost me kills because my ball was too far away to get to them. BE AWARE.

Move The Ball in odd directions sometimes to confuse your enemies. You can place it in a bush and auto-attack until they forget about it (this is in laning phase mind you), and then it out of the bush and on their face for a WTF? reaction.
A big reason why Orianna is so hard to play is because you essentially need to keep two champions in the right spots at all times. Fortunately for you sir/madam, only one of those can take damage.

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Command: Protect

is a great skill for saving idiots on your team or protecting your own @$$.

You can pop it out of a bush to an ally to grant them the kill in those close 1v1 fights. Trust me, the enemy is not going to expect this.

You can pop it onto an initiating tank to give them more survivability and then pop to CC them and then to slow them without ever leaving the comfort of the back lines all in a few seconds. Then you can go into rape mode with your hybrid capabilities.

Remember something that a lot of people don't realize about .
It damages enemies it passes through on its way to its target based on a percentage of the shield it grants.

You can also pop Command: Protect on the initiator (be it tank or otherwise) and use Command: Shockwave and then Command: Dissonance for some great CC on the enemy to start the team fight.
This will allow your cooldowns to start at the beginning of the team fight so that you can use Command: Dissonance again VERY soon.

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Farming is easy as hell as . Zoom you ball around through minion waves and neutral monsters and to wipe them out in what seems like no time at all, especially mid to late game.

My favorite thing is to stand outside the wraiths through the wall and into them and then to insta-kill them. take note that you have to Command: Dissonance immediately after or they'll chase you, making you miss them.

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Tower Diving

is the best tower diver besides maybe with her riduclous that makes me rage every time when I face her and LOL everytime she's my ally.

You can harass from out of turret range with The Ball and pi$$ off the turret huggers until they have to B.

But as for actually diving, here's the order of operation:

  • you pop into the turret
  • auto-attack
  • back out before turret attacks you
  • Auto-attack
  • Auto-attack
  • back to yourself, damaging the enemy on the way back
  • Auto-attack
  • ????

Don't be afraid to out of turret range before it attacks if you need to. That's what you have it for.

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Sight Ward?


Who needs wards when you have a ball that can face check EVERYTHING and do damage to any enemy units it passes through? I'l ltell you who, no one.

I prefer to side-lane as her mostly for the fantastic bush presence (har har).
You can see into any bush a fixed distance as long as The Ball is in it. RIDICULOUSLY USEFUL. End of story. But wait! There's more!

You might need if you're playing against an annoying invisi-douche like or , but you'll still damage them if you thrust your delicious metal gumball through them or use on their invisible faces, which you won't see grimace in pain while their slowed, damaged, and limping away in self-dissapointment.

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Luring with shiny, spherical objects

It's a fact: People like shiny things.

So naturally they're going to be attracted to them. use this to your advantage. you could poke your ball out into a lane near an enemy champion from the jungle with and soon thereafter retreat it to yourself or ally with so that the enemy thinks you've hastily blown your cover.
At this time, they'll face check the jungle, where you and your team face-roll them in 1.345689 seconds.

Trust me, a lot of summoners are stupider than you think. At the very worst, they'll run away in fear of being thrown about or slowed.

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Ganking is just plain fun as .
If you do it right, you don't even need to leave the jungle.

You , and before they even realize what hit them, Command: Shokwave on their face and immediately .
over them again
across them for more damage in there.
Throw in some auto-attacks and you should have yourself a kill.

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is great at chasing down those pesky runners and also for running away from relentless champions up in your grill like the "I'm-not-dying-today-button" and the ever-beloved "I'm-going-to-*poof*-right-to-you" .

To Chase:

on their face or in front of them and then to slow the sh!t out of them and speed your merry self up. This is executable about every 5 seconds or so with the CDR from .
With , it's relatively easy. Just don't get too cocky, kid.


[list=1.)] on yourself and then to create some initial space between your assailant and yourself with the ridiculous speed difference, not to mention the shield and defense buffs.
[list=2.)] Then a few seconds later right before Command: Dissonance is off CD, in front of you and then pop to get the movement buff for as much space as possible.
[list=3.)] Repeat step 2. as many times as necessary.

It's that easy. I did it three times in a row to run from an incredibly douchey . THE BOOTS OWN!!!!!

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So I've said a lot, and I found most of it to be explanatory.

If you feel that there's something that i could improve about this build, or if I made any mistakes. Please tell me. I want to know what I've done wrong.
I love the League and want to make it better.

Who knows, Maybe I'll see you on the Fields.