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Vayne Build Guide by Doodlee

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doodlee

Official HollaHolla Vayne Guide - Including Pure OG Crush

Doodlee Last updated on September 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Tumblin' all day, enemies won't get away.

Best music for Vayne ever, because she's also an invisible girl.

About myself

My IGN is Doodlee and I play on EUW, you can find me in yoloque putting Caitlyn players in dumpsters.

I've been playing Vayne since her release, but I never really got into her untill mid Season 2.
I used to play toplane for a ranked team with a couple of IRL friends of mine, and one of my good friends played ADC (in particular, Vayne) and he just stomped with her. And I was so fascinated by her kit and how well you can assassinate with her. So I have to thank Iamnoob12 for introducing, learning and actually passively being the reason of this guide.

So... I played her since mid S2 and tried to learn her as well as I could. Personally, I think I was quite good with her at the end of S2, but then when S3 started with all these new items and comps and builds, I just died.
I failed to find a build or playstyle for Vayne and messed up so many times, even got called "worst fking vayne eu uninstal pls fktard".

But now I can ensure you, I can play Vayne at good level of mechanics and understanding the champion.



inb4 "omg dewdlee dis part of teh guide hez no kolours i cant reed it pls add some epik jheijhei fewnting and strektewring"

This guide is not like the other toothpaste guides.
What I mean with this is:
- Amazing fonts, lay-outs, banners, 40 hours wasted on copying Jhoijhoi's fonts and full of "Thanks for x for making a guide about how to make a guide kawaii desu desu"
- Still fonts and lay-out helpings used, but no amazing 10/10 structuring of guides so even snails could understand it.

Is my guide going to be a cheap tube of toothpaste with amazing design?

I wrote this guide with my own philosophy:

I will spend ALOT of time on matchups, actual mechanics, what to do on lane, in-depth graphics and explanation why this works and why this doesn't with a mix of typical internet humor so the guide will be enjoyable.

I prefer to write a guide that actually makes you ready to play a champion, not to make you allergic to an overuse of fonts, fading and structures.
But clearly I'm the only one.

If you are ready for somebody who actually loves Vayne and has alot of experience with her, then go ahead, read my topkek blaze it holla full of jokes and humor guide.
But don't forget, I actually wrote a guide that learns you a champion, and not a guide that makes you wonder how the hell I put on all these useless 0.1 second saving shortcuts.


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Lore (Care, very offensive.)

Spoiler: Click to view

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Every champ has is weaknesses and strong points.
If played Vayne correctly, she will hit like "A truck filled with trucks full of trucks" - Ocelote.
In teamfights she is one of, or maybe even the strongest.

+ Amazing kit to outplay.
+ With Ashe only ADC with stun.
+ Anti HP heavy tanks ( Silver Bolts).
+ Great escape tools.
+ Extremely good kit for 1v1.
+ Tumble is a great low cd steroid to your DPS.
+ Final Hour Is one of the best 1v1 ults for ADCS.
+ Every 3rd hit you deal greatly extra damage.
+ Can escape out tricky situations with Condemn and Tumble+ Final Hour.
+ You can rape the concentraction of your opponents with the stealth of Final Hour+ Tumble
- No skillshots like Mystic Shot(You can look at this as a pro and con, depends on the situation)
- Often gets earlygame denied by skillshot/high(er) range champs as Caitlyn and Ezreal
- Weak laning phase
- Squishy as hell
- Can be bursted down really easily
- Not a high attack speed in early.
- Easily to push her out of lane
- Succeeds mid/late, not early
- Heartseeker Vayne dumped Dr. Mundo :(
- Her Condemn stun can get denied by Flash or Arcane Shift

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The Kit

Passive: Night Hunter

A great chase and kite passive. With the Furor Enchantment you can harass and kite easily against skillshot champs while standing behind minions (f.e Ezreal).
It opens alot of windows for escapes and chases, but don't overrate this passive. It gives you speed while running towards enemies, not away from them. Keep this in mind while knowing that you're taking risks by chasing.
On an Ad Carry this passive is in overall great because Vayne is already such a mobile champion with her Tumble and Final Hour + Tumble.
Keep in mind that Night Hunter + Final Hour Triples her passive.

A/Q: Tumble

Tumble will be your most used ability (If you don't count the procs of Silver Bolts) in the entire game. This is your Ad Carry steroid, and this ability makes you what you are. A flipping Demon Hunter. The use of this ability is limitless, some tactics are well known, others are a little bit more tricky. Final Hour + Tumble gives you stealth for escapes, but also to position yourself in a tricky situation. Silver Botls + Tumble will give you a free burst.

You can also get 3 stacks on Silver Bolts and then move away quicky with Tumble defensively. (f.e. Against people that can stun you or use your position to catch you: Alistar, Taric). In overall: it provides this 'chance' that the enemies have to take. If you have Tumble up, and you're fighting a CC champ, they will know you can dodge it, so make use of that. ALWAYS keep on your mind that your Tumble can be spammed.

F.e: You're fighting a Leona -> You know she will initate on you with Zenith Blade -> Zenith Blade= Skillshot. -> You can easily dodge skillshots if you're paying attention to her first milliseconds of to where she aims it.
Conclusion: A Vayne player that puts some effort in the game, can make plays easily just by using his Tumble smart.

Keep in mind that that Tumble resets your atoattack and will attack quicker if you use it against a wall/collision.

W/Z: Silver Bolts

This is a passive ability that will stay for the rest of the game since the moment you decide to level it. So, you cant really toggle it off.
Keep in mind that Silver Bolts are true damage and won't be affected by anything of resistance.

The damage of Silver Bolts depends on 2 things:

- The base damage that you get by leveling this ability
From level 1 - 5: 20/30/40/50/60
- The maximum HP of your target
From level 1 - 5: 4/5/6/7/8% of targets max HP

I made some graphs that show the damage with x amount of max hp for every level.
I'm not that good with making graphs, this is almost a self-cringe
because it isn't that great made, but it gives you a good view of how much damage you deal.

Level 1

Spoiler: Click to view

Level 2

Spoiler: Click to view

Level 3

Spoiler: Click to view

Level 4

Spoiler: Click to view

Level 5

Spoiler: Click to view

Ofcourse, these graphs don't give enough information about how much damage Vayne actually will deal with Silver Bolts. It's just a line graph with the basic formula of base damage of bolts + x% of max HP.
Just remember these numbers for a small basic of your Silver Bolts damage (Keep in mind that we pretend that Silver Bolts is level 5):
  • 500 Max HP = 100 Damage
  • 1000 Max HP = 140 Damage
  • 1500 Max HP = 180 Damage
  • 2000 Max HP = 220 Damage
  • 2500 Max HP = 260 Damage

Yeah, it's quite simple actually. For every 500 HP your oponent has, your Silver Bolts will deal 40 extra damage at level 5 (starting with 60 from 0 HP, because this is the base damage)

The album with all 5 graphs.

E: Condemn

A utility spell that does great damage. Condemn can be used for 1v1's to give you that 1.5 seconds of freedom to damage the opponent if you can effectively stun them. Condemn makes of Vayne the only ADC with Ashe that can stun. This is your biggest utility because of the potential to safe yourself or someone with it, or just secure something with the extra damage or to be a fake Lee Sin and Dragon's Rage the hell out of people.
Your Condemn is especially handy when you're dueling a melee champion with one or two gapclosers that outranks you at dueling in close combat. (for example Jax and Talon)
In a duel versus such a champ you can easily position yourself by Final Hour + Tumble and then land your Condemn to stun them into a wall. This will give you about 6 hits (Depending on your Attack speed at that moment).
Because Condemn is almost instantly and resets your autoattack cooldown, you can also use it to (In desperate times, like when going back after x creeps) last hit it after an autoattack. (Works with any creep/champion)
Keep in mind that Codemn deals double damage if your target comes in touch with walls/any form of impassible terrain. Jarvan his Cataclysm isn't one of these terrains.

R: Final Hour

Final Hour.

What does Final Hour do to Vayne her abilities?

: This + Final Hour triples the movementspeed she gets from her passive. Prettymuch just gives you 60 extra movement speed, this will increase with Phantom Dancer or Furor Enchantment and just everything what gives you % movementspeed.

: Gives you one second of stealth, what is pretty cool because it adds that Demon Hunter effect.
Final Hour + Tumble + Flash while in stealthmode can give you a big unseen gapclose for escapes or while chasing.
Keep in mind that the location to where you tumble won't be seen when you use it in combination with Final Hour.
This way, you can just Tumble behind them while you're running away from them.
If you're having a hard time picturing this, think about Shaco's Decieve, all you see is a orange cloud, but you don't know to where he ported.

: This + Final Hour = Silver Bolts.
Nothing(;_;) changes. No attack speed buffs, no +% damage, no + base damage. It just stays the same old Silver Bolts.

: There is a slight increase on this ability. You get + damage from your ultimate, so that damage goes to your bonus damage on your Condemn. This is everything that changes on Condemn. So don't think you'll get a longer stun. Just a stun that does more damage.

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Starting Items[

Doran's Blade

I prefer starting with a Doran's Blade more than any other item because with your lifesteal quins you can stay in lane thanks to the sustain, even if you get poked. In the beginning this will regen you aout 8 hp/hit (plus hpreg +-9hp/s) and if you stay on lane untill 10-12 minutes, this will be about 12-14hp/hit (plus hpreg +-14-16hp/s).

You can count in the 80 flat HP you get from it also as "sustain" or just label it as defensive stat because it will make you a little bit harder to kill and you're more resistant against poke.

The 10 extra damage make you lifesteal a little bit more and poke harder. It also makes lasthitting under the tower possible and just helps with poking in overall.

Long Sword + 2 Pots

Also a possible start, Long Sword gives the same damage as Doran's Blade, but no health and life per hit.
This start is pretty good if you already know your lane will be full of poke and the lifesteal/life on hit of dorans+quins won't be enough.
Personally, I don't use this start alot, actually almost never, but its still effective against f.e Caitlyn or Draven.

Core Build

Blade of The Ruined King

This item is with no doubt the best synergising item with Vayne in the game. List of all the pros of this item:
  • The slow of BotRK's active plus Vayne her passive make it almost impossible for her pray to escape
  • Attackspeed that synergises amazing with your Silver Bolts and just basic autoattacks.
  • Lifesteal for sustain on lane and in duels/fights
  • Amazing kite potential with the active + Condemn and spam of Tumble.
  • Extra damage output with the 5% current hp passive.

There are alot of ways to use the active ot Blade of the Ruined King to its full potential.
Some perfect examples are:

Chase an opponent that tries to escape from you.

Spoiler: Click to view

Leeching away health when you try to escape from a clutch situation

Spoiler: Click to view

(not really a clutch situation, but it shows you what I mean)

Get a speedbuff by leeching somebody while you're chasing/running away

Spoiler: Click to view

Phantom Dancer

Amazing item on Vayne because it gives her almost everything she needs.
Synergises really well with Silver Bolts plus the movement speed will help amazingly with your Blade of the Ruined King if you're chasing or escaping from a fight.
The critchance on this item is also really handy with your Frenzy and Lethality ,and if you're planning on buying one, a Infinity Edge.

Last Whisper

Last Whisper gives you so much benefits, and in my opinion its better to rush a LW than a Infinity Edge these days.
The armor penetration works with the passive and active from Blade of the Ruined King what will result your autoattacks deal more damage, not only because of base damage you deal, but also because of blade.
One of the great benefits is also the potential to kill tanks faster, what is one of the things Vayne does amazing. Items like Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart will be less effective and plus the synergy with Silver Bolts you can kill tanks easier than alot of the other Ad Carries.

Infinity Edge

Amazing DPS steroid if you already have Blade of the Ruined King and especially Phantom Dancer. You will become a glass cannon if you build these three items with no defensive items whatsoever, so keep in mind that if they have strong assassins like LeBlanc, Kassadin or Zed you will die if you get caught offguard. So unless their teamcomp is not focused on the assassination of carries, or they don't focus you, or your peel/positioning is so good that you don't need defensive items, I don't recommend this item to be rushed after Last Whisper.
But after all, this item is a huge buff to your dps, the 50% more crit damage will melt the enemy ADC if you can stun them into the wall with Condemn. And with Phantom Dancer you will have 55% crit chance, thats more than every 2 hits a crit.

Defensive/Offensive Items

Mercurial Scimitar

In Season 2 you had Quicksilver Sash what coudn't be build out in anything, but it was a very viable item because of the build in Cleanse active and a decent amount of MR.
In this Season you can build it out in an outstanding item for ADCs, Mercurial Scimitar.
Why is this item so good? You keep the Cleanse active from QSS and the MR, but on top of that you get extra Attack Damage, what makes it an excellent defensive item that still gives you some offensive power.
While the movementspeed buff isn't granted on ranged champions, the Cleanse effect and the aftercleanse is still amazing against champions as Twisted Fate, Ashe and Fiddlesticks.

Keep in mind that this doesn't work with Graves his Smoke Screen, the only item that helps with this is Oracle's Elixir.

Guardian Angel

My favorite defensive item in the game on Vayne. It provides the Zilean ult effect in my opinion. If the enemies see you have a Guardian Angel, they can switch focus on the AP carry instead of you, so you will have extra time to stay alive and deal out damage.
Or if they pop your Guardian Angel passive, your team will have some time to get in position to defend you, or kill the enemy team if they blowed all their cooldowns into popping you in GA.
The defensive stats on Guardian Angel are really good because it gives Armor and Magic Resist and a good amount of both. But without the revive passive on the item its a quite bad item. So in the very late game, if you have a GA and it is on cooldwon, I advice to sell it and buy another item. (If you know you have enough cash to buy another item and then rebuy GA when the 5 minute CD is over.)

Randuin's Omen

Helps you kite auto attack heavy champions thanks to the slow passive, plus gives really great defensive stats against physical damage dealers. You can use the active if people are jumping on you, or just on one person to escape/lower his damage output/chase.
Its a strong item, that for sure, but the lack of offensive stats makes it situational but still viable.

I advise it against Zed, Jax, Fiora, Quinn and other very physical heavy champions.
You can always get other defensive items like Guardian Angel and Mercurial Scimitar but Omen is also very hand in these situations

Banshee's Veil

With the new item in patch 3.10, Spectre's Cowl is an extremely gold efficient item that can be used against magical damage poke teams, or heavy harass supports like Zyra, Soraka or Thresh.
The shield of Banshee's Veil has 20 seconds cooldown, so in a decent teamfight it should be able to trigger it twice. Depending on the ability it will block, this can be lifesaving or make you question the meaning of life because it was useless.
Questioning life is a part of life dear reader. Upvoting this guide isn't a part of life, it is life.

But yes, Banshee's Veil is a great item because if the enemies have one heavy initiation like Unstoppable Force or Chum the Waters they will have to pop your Banshee's before going in, so it creates a psychological barrier that they have to pass by popping your virginity shield.

The stats on the item are mostly benefitial against an AP team because of the high Magic resist and health you get, but against AD casters this is also a very great item.
Very useful for heavy damage pokers with medium/high cooldonws like Jayce or blocking CC like Grasping Roots.
Keep in mind that it doesn't block Graves Smoke Screen.

Berserker's Greaves

I never thought these boots would make such a drama in my comment box, but hey. This is Mobafire after all.

These are prettymuch the standard boots on ADC's, in most of the matchups or games you will buy these, except if they have a very CC like combo or just a mash of AD/AP enemies, then you can always go for Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads.

I prefer to get Boots of Speed after I finish Bilgewater Cutlass because I prefer to actually invest 325 gold into 25 movementspeed so kiting and hunting people on lane will be a little bit easier. This is a personal choice, you can always skip this and go straight for Blade of the Ruined King.

but doodlee, why do you buy le first tier boots you should insta go for blade

First of all.
This is my guide, not yours, I'm not commanding you to follow everything I say, but this is how I play Vayne. Peoeple tend to have a hard time getting that in their mind.
You are free to experiment with Vayne. Heck. Buy 6 Zeal's if you like that! I'm just saying that this buid is how I play Vayne.

As I said earlier, I prefer that extra boost of movement to actually out-run people that have a slow or any CC that can stop you from chasing.
Ofcourse, her passive ( Night Hunter) gives you 30 MS, but lets say you're playing against Twitch.

His Venom Cask will slow you for 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45% at respective levels.
And lets say you're dueling him at level 8, you will have Bilgewater Cutlass and Boots of Speed by now.

According to the #1 Twitch guide on Mobafire, you will have Venom Cask level 1.
That means a 25% slow.

How much will your movementspeed be without the boots?

> Vayne her base movementspeed is 330.
> She gains 30 thanks to Night Hunter while running towards a enemy champ.
> 330+30 = 360
> 360/5 = 72
> You will get slowed for 72 -> 360 - 72 = 288

Conclusion: You will have 42 movementspeed less than Twitch.

but dewdley wut about vaeyn + ult?

Fair enough:

> 330 + 30*3( Night Hunter triples the passive movementspeed buff)
> = 420 (blaze it)
> 420/5 = 84
> 420 - 84 = 336

Conclusion: You will have 6 movementspeed more than Twitch.

So if you want to activate your ult to pull off some autoattacks, go ahead, I won't stop you.
I prefer boots for the extra so called "safety".
What do I mean with this?

- You can run away from people with your extra 25 MS who don't have any slows/ms advantage/or if they already used their CC.

- With your ult, you will have even more MS and will be more resistant to slows.

- While this does give you a small disadvantage of 325 gold spend on boots, it will give you an advantage of farming creeps if you're getting zoned because you can run faster to them and run away faster after taking the lasthit.

- Most of the matchups, I tend to outfarm the enemy ADC because my strategy for lane will be farm>harass. Denying and securing farm is something I learned to excell at on lane, so I don't mind spending 325 gold on a MS boost and building towards Berserker's Greaves. This is a personal thing, but if you catch yourself outfarming the enemy, you can also use this tactic.

Oh, and if your anti-theory is duudleey, but if u use bilgewotar u will catch up so im right kekekke

Answer: You both have 550 range, so he will be able to use Bilgewater Cutlass too if you use it.
How do I know he will have it in a normal situation where you're 500 gold ahead? Because you bought boots, and on level 8 you should both have it.

and wowpls, don't you dare to say that I didn't use enough colours/things that make this easier to read/... because if did actually read this guide, you would know that I said I put information>layout.

Furor Enchantment

To start this part of the chapter off: I didn't know Furors didn't count as boots in your core build, so I changed the Furors in my core to Berserkers.

I LOVE this enchantment so hard, it's so perfect on Vayne.
Your kiting and chasing potential increases with so much. Ofcourse it will decrease after time, so you won't actually stick with the 12% it gives on max boost, but with decent attackspeed into the mid/late game, you can stay between 9-12%.
This is still a huge boost, you can see the numbers here:

Base MS : 330
MS + Night Hunter : 360
MS + Boots of Speed : 355
MS + Berserker's Greaves : 380
MS + Night Hunter + Boots of Speed : 385
MS + Night Hunter + Berserker's Greaves : 410
MS + Night Hunter + Enchantment: Furor (Max) : 459
MS + Night Hunter + Final Hour + Enchantment: Furor (Max) : 526
MS + Night Hunter + Final Hour + Enchantment: Furor (Max) + Phantom Dancer : 541

You will be so mobile with these beauties. Although the MS buff from Enchantment: Furor only stays for 2 seconds and decreases rapidly, it will help you kite and chase up an enemy very hard thanks to the amazing outrunning/kiting potential of Vayne thanks to Tumble and Condemn.

I will add more to this section tomorrow because I'm going to sleep, goodnight all!

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When is Vayne her time to shine?

We all know Vayne is amazing at 1v1ing with 6 items or just in the lategame, but when is her time to shine in lane?

Also, what is not a secret is that Vayne her lanephase isn't exactly the best, its rather bad because you can get outpoked really easily by champions who have higher range thanks to skillshots or autoattacks (e.g. Ezreal, Varus or Caitlyn).
While her lanephase isn't THAT bad compared to other hypercarries, she still can lose lane or get forced to play passively thanks to this.

Winning lane with Vayne

I'm not saying winning lanephase is impossible, by far not, you can always win lanephase.
  • Getting a succesfull gank by your jungler can win your lane pretty easy because once Vayne starts to snowball, she is hard to get stopped, and the enemies will have to waste alot of resources to stop her from actually getting to lategame.
  • Make use if your opponent is a defensive player or has a non healing support.
  • Try to go botlane with an aggressive support who can all-in on level 6, if you win then, you can snowball for the rest of the lanephase and get a high cs lead.
  • Try letting your support poke out or scare the enemy ADC so you can farm or get more into an agressive stance than getting outpushed by the enemies.
  • (High risk) Play extremely agressive and try to scare the enemies from going in on you. Risk of gank or a very bad trade can lose you your lanephase or maybe even the game, so if you cant play in an agressive playstyle, this is not adviced.

ADC Matchups

A small tutorial on how to read the following images I will use to help you make you understand the matchups:

And the range of every ADC in the game except Tristana(550-703) and Lucian(550)

Caitlyn "Stack your tears Vayne" The Sherrif of Piltover

pls no more headshots ;_;

Caitlyn is known as a wrecker of Vayne in the lanephase because of her high range and superiour lane presence.
If Caitlyn uses her traps correctly, you will barely have the ability to leave your tower range or you will take a free autoattack or Piltover Peacemaker to the face.
That means that if she gets ahead early on by a misplay or getting to close in range, you will be forced to play passive and miss alot of cs.

So what do do?

Use the brush to your advantage, try to get a pink in the brush you're standing in and hold the wave in the middle of the lane, or maybe a little bit closer to your turret if you're scared of ganks.
Caitlyn is a lanebully yes, but on level 6 you can out trade her with your ult if she doesn't use her Ace in the Hole in the beginning of the fight, or to poke you when she hits 6.

Her vulnerability lays in the fact that she has only one escape mechanism, her 90 Caliber Net and also her duel ability without using her ultimate, you should definetly make use of this by catching her out of position against a wall or while she is loading her ultimate you can Condemn her so she stops loading it.

Small graph I made with Mr. Robot about dueling with Caitlyn:

And the link to the full champion build. Keep in mind that this is a duel where everything is used, you can change the duel to your preferences by changing the build, times, summoner spells and clicking on "Show More Details".

So what do we see here?

!!!! This graph is if Vayne stuns Caitlyn into the wall and opens with Tumble but also Caitlyn opens up with a Headshot and Piltover Peacemaker. Also all summoners and actives are used. !!!!

After 3 minutes Vayne will always win from Caitlyn if it's a clean 1v1 fight, this shows that if you get Caitlyn out of position, she will surely die.
Soooo, what do we do? We play as a real Night Hunter.

If you can get ahead earlygame by a gank or maybe just because the enemy Caitlyn is bad, you should insta start snowballing by becomming the dictator of the game.
Tell your support to ward because you want to go agressive now, pink ward the lane brushes so you can camp in it and if Caitlyn thinks you're back for an item or doing drake or taking wolves( IQ below 50 required for thinking this) then you just camp in the brush and wait for her to stand against the wall.

Oh and btw, if you're a Caitlyn main and you're reading this: screw you I outscale you anyways in lategame SO /FF20 *****.

Tristana "I swear that range is bugged" The Megling Gunner

gurl your range is so high, you could be 200m xp on runescape

If I see Tristana in the loading screen at enemy side I get really really sad because she is one of the only champions that can actually outscale Vayne in the lategame.
Most of the times when you see a Draven or Caitlyn you know you can win late game even if you lose early or if it goes even early.
But Tristana is different. She will slap your **** if you screw up lategame.
Wanna know why? Because she will out-range you with 153 range, thats 53 more than Caitlyn, thats about 2 stacks on your Tear of the Goddess per second..

So what to do?

Tristana is very manahungry earlygame, she likes to spam Explosive Shot to harass you so her earlygame will be a little bit easier.
When she uses Explosive Shot she will probably chain some autoattacks too, this is where you trade back with Tumble->Autoattack->Autoattack.
You need to trade if she uses E because if you will get out traded 2-3 times she will take advantage by pushing you onto your tower where you might fall behind in cs and she might start snowballing by only farming.

Because your Tumble is very low cooldown it will let you lifesteal more especially if you use it to lasthit a minion with 10 health left.
Tristana doesn't have this. She even has a harder time than you to lifesteal back because of her uncontrolable waveclear with Explosive Shot passive. So if you lose trades with a little bit or you will come out on even, you can just spam aa's and Tumble to lifesteal back while Tristana cant outsustain you if she autoattacks or lasthits creeps.

When I was reading this guide about Tristana I stumbled upon the matchup against Vayne, here is the picture of what the writer said about this matchup:

" Vayne: Dont worry about her."

I feel offended.
But I honestly hope every Tristana player that read his guide will think like that about Vayne, because if she isn't scared about the damage Vayne can do, then you can just outplay her because she will trust her ego and confidence.

"Her range is low... really, really low"

Strange to say "Her range is low" when Tristana her range won't be that much higer untill later in the game.
But this is true, Vayne her range is low-average, but people tunnelvision about this, let me explain:

Yes her range is lower than Tristana her range, but her Night Hunter makes up for this. You can get in range because of the 30 movementspeed buff while running towards enemies, that means Tristana won't be able to use her range to kite and get free hits while you're chasing her.
And on lanephase you can quickly use your movement speed to get 3 hits off and then run back.
So I think, on lower levels it doesn't really matter that her range is lower because you can still keep up thanks to your passive.
Lategame this will be harder, but don't forget: your ultimate triples your movementspeedbuff from your passive!

"Still after level,what,6 you don't even need to worry much about it"

In theory, Vayne will lose from Tristana even with Condemn stun. But don't forget, this is theory.
This is that one time that you both took 0 creepdamage, 0 help/heal/cc/... from supports or teammates or towers so still yes, Tristana wins from Vayne on level six.
But this woudn't be a true Holla guide if I woudn't defend Bruce Vayne from every villain in Gotham City.

What you have to do on level 6 to win the trade is abuse your kit to the fullest. Tristana will have 54 range more than you, what isn't exactly alot. If you want to know how much this is look at this image. Vayne her range is displayed in light blue and Tristana her level 6 range is 4 range more than Ashe her range, what is the light purple one.
Luckily, compared to Ashe, she doesn't have an on-hit slow.
Before you pop your ultimate with Vayne to chase a Tristana you should always think about two things.

- Will you have the movementspeed to catch up with her Rocket Jump and Buster Shot?
- Will you be able to kill her quick enough before her team responds or will you be able to tank the creeps/towers/enemyteam?

Chasing her is easier in a group because if she uses her Buster Shot on one person (even if its you) your teammate(s) will still bring her low or prepare her for the kill. That's why I advise that if you want to kill Tristana after level six in lanephase that you should ask your team to help.
A tanky jungler with lockdown like Maokai or Nautilus or if you prefer a heavy damage jungler like Lee Sin or Nocturne this will still work because of her low damage earlygame and only one gapclose escape ability.

Draven ,The Gloryhole Rapexecutioner

Since the nerf on Draven his passive, his godmode in the earlygame against hypercarries or squishy targets (f.e. Sona, Zyra, Vayne ) I don't want to rate him as a "hard" counter/matchup against Vayne.
If you got hit by 3 axes with the old passive on level 3 you would drop below half hp instantly, plus the passive stack would deal about 50 damage, what is huge.

He's still an amazing thread in the earlygame and he will just melt you if you get stuck in a CC like Grasping Roots or Terrify.
There is a very low amount of dueling options without any advantage against a Draven in the lanephase without getting forced to back or risks of dieing.
Also his ability to just run up to you with Blood Rush and Spinning Axe combo can lose you your lanephase thanks to a couple of mispositions and laggs or mouseclicks.

So what to do?

Almost all the damage of Draven comes from Spinning Axes, so if you can lock him down into a wall with Condemn or just in a teamfight with any hard CC, you will have the time to kill him or force a flash.

On lane, while he's farming minions and his support isn't in range to counter-initiate, you can wait for him to throw an axe and when he walks towards the catch spot you can pull of a free Tumble or autoattack and then Tumble away. Heck, even Condemn him away if you see he will try to trade with you, keep in mind that Condemn is a very mana-hungry ability so use this only if you really need to.

Good thing about Draven is that he will fall off in the lategame if he doesn't get ahead too much. If you really can't do anything on lanephase, try not to die. I know this sounds like the average Blitzcrank in your soloq game that says "pls dnt feed or die cuz dis is my promo game kthx", but really. If you are low on health and have no escape summoners or their jungler is missing, its really not worth it to go in for that one autoattack or those 2 creeps.

If he doesn't get ahead in the lanephase, or you keep your cs close to eachother (on 15 minutes 0-30 creeps behind) you can be sure that you can kill him if you start the fight with a Condemn stun, or just gank him as I explained in the Tristana section of the guide:

Get a strong damage jungler that can kill him on the spot or by baiting him into a trap (f.e. Jarvan IV, Evelyn or Nocturne)
Or you can dive him if you can stun him into the wall or chain cc with a champion as Jarvan IV, Udyr or just any champion that has a good CC or tower tank ability.

What I prefer to do is just play passively in the beginning untill he makes a misplay of some kind, like standing very close against a wall or going in agressive without any support covering his back.
A good Draven won't make these mistakes too lot, so most of the time you won't be able to get a lead in the beginning because Draven is designed to bully you out in the early game and win it also.

Second option is to ask a gank if he's pushing very hard (what he probably will do). This may lead into a kill, maybe only summoners will get popped or maybe they have to back away. In either of these situations, you will have the lead.

Since the nerf on his passive I haven't seen too many Dravens in soloque, so that means you can't really practice against him or see him as a huge thead because people prefer to pick Caitlyn against you than Draven

Honestly, this graphic is really weird. In the mid-late game Vayne seems to have amazing powerspikes that just can't be unseen while in the 6 item stage, they both come out on 0.00 damage trade win/lose.

I can't really tell you "yeah as you can see, Vayne will just wreck Draven in the midgame" because thi graphic is extremely theoretical. Everything in this grapthic is shown if its a pure 1 on 1 trade with no other factor as creeps, supports or even buffs.
What it does give you is the very tunnelvisioned showing of " Vayne dominates midgame".
Yes, if you can stun him into a wall at the beginning of the fight, you might have the duel in your pocket but you shoudn't ever underestimate Draven his suprise damage with Spinning Axe and Whirling Death combo.

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We come together

And the song I based off the title:

/league-of-legends/champion/alistar-4 I will write some of the most populair supports and the ones I think fit the best with Vayne:


Playing with:

Alistar is amazing in alot of situations because he allows you to play defensive, and you can use him as an amazing peel support and disengage support, or very agressive with towerdiving and chaining CC.

When the game starts you will have to make a choice when you enter lane:

Will you play with a defensive mindset? Waiting for lategame, opportunities of huge outposition or ganks and bad plays.
Or will you go agressive on the opponent? Engaging on early levels and trying to poke down the enemy when he tries to take CS, abusing Condemn stun on walls and spamming Tumble.

The good thing about Alistar is that he has alot of presence in the lane, if you can pull of one good trade, you can lock down the brush as your territory.
He can just stay in it and if somebody comes close lock them down with Pulverise

Doing this next to a brush can give you an easy Condemn stun, depending on your item/level/advantage/their HP, this can give you a kill, force a summoner or two or just let them retreat to base or play extremely defensive.
Either way, you will win in this trade if they use no counterplay strategies or just don't trade back.
And if you don't screw up ofcourse.

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Thank word

This guide took me way to long to make thanks to my amazing inhuman ability to procrastinate things straight to the void abyss.
I'm still working on it because its not finished at all, but my friend TEHREGO keeps on asking "AMG WHEN R U RELEASING GUIDE WTF TAKES 2LONG."
So I decided to quick rush things by working 2 hours on this thing/day for 4 days straight (drawings and screenshots were a pain to make, thats why it may seem as I didn't do anything.

I didn't make this guide to brag or make money from it (I don't even think thats possible except if you're a pro or something.)
I made this guide purely because I love Vayne and I enjoy making guides that are actually fun to read or have humor in them.

I really worked hard on this, and I still will, but because I keep on procrastinating so much things and with school comming up plus patches and this that I will have my hands full for a loong time.
My personal goal with this guide is to get it to #1 spot of Vayne guides, so every upvote counts.

But enough about me, this is a list of people who inspired me to make the guide, or who helped me with the project itself:

  • TEHREGO - For pressuring me with making this guide and actually being a fan and giving feedback. Plus for keeping me company on skype while making this guide and stacking tears while watching LCS and regionals.
  • Justme8 - Helping me with taking screenshots, although they failed so I coudn't use them, he was still always ready for helping me with this guide, amazing respect to that
  • Iamnoob12 - He inspired me to play Vayne and I learned so much from watching him play it in ranked. Plus he always supported me as a good friend in games and just in real life, amazing friend, thanks for everying (plus hes best UDYR IN THE WORLD)
  • Yorgske10 - Prettymuch the guy that learned me the most from all my friends about League. I can't count how many amazing memories I have with him and how much games we played together. Amazing player and although we have arguments sometimes, we still stay very good friends.
  • Time for panic - The best support and Swain player I have ever met. I played with him since level 20 and we've been playing for over 2 years together now. He knows me at botlane as nobody else and I trust him at botlane as nobody else. Woudn't want to trade this guy in for even MadLife. Really thanks for the epic games and times we have in rankeds and normals, doesn't matter if we win or lose.
  • Sneepers - Damn lol, I had so much amazing times with this guy, his dancemoves on dubstep are just too epic. He carried me so many times with Renekton like this amazing outplay. Now I think of all the times when we played in ranked 5s or even duoqs, I learned so much with him and we had so many great games. Feels amazing to have you as a best friend homie. too toplel
  • Michellekyc - In desperate times she was my duopartner and the only person I know that actually enjoys Suits. We had so much fun times stomping trash in duoque and sending actually good music what was 99% Suits soundtracks and Frank Sinatra remixes. Thanks for all the "muuuuh"'s on skype and great duoqs. I hope you'll come back soon to league to crush trash.
  • Sgt Puma - Introduced all of us to League of Legends thanks to his amazing hipsterskills of finding mobagames and cool things to do. Also a great support and a real playa with his swagga moves #420inhaleit
  • Jasmin - Because if a girl can write a blog in one day, why cant I finish a guide in 4 days? wowpls. Thanks for the inspiration to finally finish this thing.

Last note:

I can't believe I started it so long ago, but finished in a very small amount of time compared to how long it "actually" took.
I had to change so many things everytime I tried to update this guide. It had 4 other names before I came up with this one, and I have no regrets.

As I mentioned before, (a couple of 400 times) I will still work on this guide because its really not finished yet. I have so many more ideas for it, but for now I think it can handle the *****torm that might fly upon me for being "uncomplete".

If you have read the whole thing, you're amazing, honestly amazing and I thank you for your time to browse through my work and also to actually have the balls to play Vayne and crush trash in soloque with her.
If you see any bugs or mistakes or you have any suggestions, feel free to message me on League/Mobafire, I will check daily and work on the errors too!

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Changelog, Obama 2014 CHANGE.

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