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Gangplank Build Guide by aidanderson

AD Offtank Offtankplank doing major dmg

AD Offtank Offtankplank doing major dmg

Updated on January 19, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author aidanderson Build Guide By aidanderson 16,464 Views 13 Comments
16,464 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author aidanderson Gangplank Build Guide By aidanderson Updated on January 19, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
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  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
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  • LoL Champion: Gangplank


Gangplank is one of my favorite top lane champs because his pistol harras is so strong and can get assists halfway across the map. I am aidanderson and gp and lee sin are my favorite champs (hence why im making a guide for him). If your rate my guide badly please comment on why you disagree. Below you will see a few recent games i have played Gangplank with (don't mind the j4 game)
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Marks: Greater Mark of Armor Penetration-Gp is hard countered by armor
Seals: Greater Seal of Armor-Survivability in lane
Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Magic Resist-You may face an ap champ top
Quints: Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage-Last hitting is important
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Sorcery-Cdr over attack speed because you can q more.
Deadliness -Damage is always nice
Weapon Expertise -Gp is hard countered by armor
Havoc -Increases dmg
Brute Force -Helps with last hitting and harras
Lethality -Crit damage is nice on crit plank
Frenzy -You have 50% crit this helps crit more
Sunder -Gp is hard countered by armor
Executioner -Destroy low hp enemies
Durability -Survivability
Hardiness -Most top champs are ad
Resistance -Well we need 1 point for Veteran's Scars
Veteran's Scars -Extra hp gives nice survivability
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Item choices

Regardless of if you go the main build, or critplank, start with Brawler's Gloves first. Build it into a quick Avarice Blade for more crit and gp10. Then get Crystalline Flask for sustain and mana. After that get Ninja Tabi. Durring this time Sight Wards should be purchased. Trinity Force is up next starting with Sheen because it gives enough dmg and good survivability. Warmog's Armor is up next for overall tankyness. After that get an Atma's Impaler for crit, armor and damage. Get an Infinity Edge for late game crit and dmg. Finish the build off with a Spirit Visage. After your build is finished get Enchantment: Alacrity.

This item setup provides decent early game tankyness and still gives you damage throughout the game. Triforce comes first because you need hp and alot of dmg. You go Atmogs because it gives defence and crit. The IE comes later for late game crit dmg. The Spirit Visage gives the most mr in the game and it gives a bonus to your heal. I depend on my heal a bit more than i should because i prefer to get defence over lifestea. If you disagree, replace Atma's Impaler with a Guardian Angel and Spirit Visage with a Bloodthirster.
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Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
+Strong harras early game
+Hard to gank
+Can be offensive or defensive
+Good late game snowballing
+Strong aoe ad/ms buff
-Squishy early game
-Low sustain early game(unless you max w second)
-Mana hungry when harassing
-Hard countered by armor
-Vulnerable to kiting early game
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Early game

Gangplank's early game depends on whether you expect to win your lane or you expect to lose your lane. If you dont know, go to matchups. If you expect to win your lane, harras with q to keep them from farming. If you expect to lose your lane, farm with q and try to avoid harras or skirmishes. Gangplank has very strong harras potential because his Parrrley does a TON of dmg and it applys a DoT. It is very spamable.

One mistake I often see Gangplanks make, is last hitting with your Parrrley instead of harassing with it. DO MAKE THIS MISTAKE. Good times to last hit with your Parrrley is when you are losing your lane, or you cannot reach a minion (ex: you will take turret agro trying to get the last hit), or if your lane opponent isn't in lane/you are about to recall. I am not saying never last hit Parrrley, but dont only last hit. Always save mana for oranges cuz you may be ganked and stuned and the cleanse will allow you to escape with your life.
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Mid Game

It's still the same as early game, except you should roam once you destroy the enemy's turret. Understand that you must always make sure your lane isn't too pushed. Also DO NOT FALL BEHIND ON FARM. This is very important you need money for those expensive items. Infinity Edge and Trinity Force together cost 8k. Farm is very important but try to gank mid, or steal the enemy team's wraiths. Also have map awareness. If the jungler is ganking bot, then use your ult to get an assist and secure a kill on the enemy ad carry or support. Also if there are team fights try to be at them, but if you are pushing a lane and getting a turret instead of helping, just use your Cannon Barrage to get assists and make your map presence known.
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Late Game

Run around shooting people critting for 1k dmg and not caring about cc because you got oranges. In my build I rely slightly more on my oranges and the Warmog's Armor passive for sustain over life steal. This is how i play, if you believe this is a bad idea, state it in the comments.
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Lane Matchups

In this long section i will talk about lane matchups and i will rate them 1-10. 1-4 means easy, 5-7 means medium, 8-10 means hard.

Pantheon(aka Mantheon)- 9 This lane is a pain to deal with because his passive blocks your q harras. Just last hit with Parrrley and try to not take too much harras. Get your Ninja Tabi asap. Max oranges second

Olaf-10 You will inevitably lose this lane. His Reckless Swing will wreck you, and he will chase you with his Undertow. This lane will be hard. Max oranges second and get a second point at either 5 or 7 for better sustain. Ask for jungle ganks pre 6 so that he wont just pop his Ragnarok

Jax-10 farn with Parrrley and run away when he jumps you with his Counter Strike Leap Strike combo. Don't 1v1 ever unless he has 1/10 of your hp. Dont bother to harras because this is the hardest lane to play as when you are gp. He will become veeeerrrry strong at lvl 6 so dont get into sticky situations and have map awareness. Farm with Parrrley and use Remove Scurvy when he stuns you.

Darius-7 This guy is a pain to deal with his Apprehend's range is only slightly shorter than your Parrrley range. Keep your distance and last hit with Parrrley.

Nasus-2 No problems in this lane at all. He just wants to afk farm. Harras with Parrrley untill you run out of mana. Don't let him farm, but keep up with your farm.

Garen-8 similarily to Darius, he is a pain to deal with, just dont get caught in his Judgment and dont stick around at low hp because he will use Demacian Justice. Last hit with Parrrley and play passively. Get Ninja Tabi early. Start Cloth Armor and pots.

Cho'Gath-5 He out sustains you because of his passive, Carnivore. Dodge his Rupture and you should be fine. Due to his sustain, just out farm him using Parrrley. Doing this will get you more gold than him and you will win your lane money-wise. Be wary of jungle ganks because cho has very good cc and his slow is extremely strong if it lands. Eat oranges at the right moment.
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I have added this section because someone in the comments requested it. Critplank is a build on Gp where you get 100% or almost 100% crit. This makes you crit basically every attack. In this build, you do a TON more dmg than the main one because you have double the crit chance. I find this build lacks survivability in the form of health and resistances. With Crit plank your survivability is decreased, but your early game harras is extremely strong. This is more of a melee carry build, than a bruiser build, so treat him like that. Critplank relies on positioning, but he should still focus their carry if possible. Why go critplank? Just watch the video.critplank op
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Final words

Thank you for reading my guide. If you rate down please leave comments on why you think my guide is bad.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author aidanderson
aidanderson Gangplank Guide
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Offtankplank doing major dmg

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