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Volibear Build Guide by JuiceGrape

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JuiceGrape

One Bear to rule them all: A Volibear top build.

JuiceGrape Last updated on February 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Feel free to comment and vote, but please bear (haha, bear, because volibear is a bear, haha, I love puns) in mind that the guide is not complete yet.

Ok guys, this is large! Anyway, I would like to ask you to send me the end scores of you playing a game with this build, wins preferred :P, so you too can become a celeberity by being in this guide!

Hey guys, welcome to my Volibear guide!
Let's kick it off with a question: Why Volibear?
Well the answer is simple. The first time I played LoL (on a decent computer) I played Volibear, because he was free to play. And, I just fell in love with his skills. After I played him for the rest of the week, he was no longer free to play. I realized I had to buy him and went to everyone I know who could buy rp for me and 1 person did it. Fortunately, he was on sale the next week, so I got him cheap :p.
What I'm saying is, is that Volibear was my first, and still is my favourite champion. So I decided to make my own guide.

I have to add that during my initial period of playing Volibear, I was following Iorek Byrnison: A Rys Aberdeen Guide and thus my guide is based a bit of his.

What you can expect in this build:

As a Volibear player, you are going to end up with this:

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Pros / Cons


+ Chosen of the Storm gives you
extra effective health.
+ Chosen of the Storm and
Frenzy stack with health
+ Great chasing and
ganking trough Rolling Thunder
+ Epic burst for his tankiness
+ No real champion counters


- Easily countered by hp regen
reduction such as Ignite
- No natural escape
- Squishy early game
- Has to be agressive early game.
- Not alot of damage output except
for Frenzy
- Cleanse doesn't work
against Ignite

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Pro tips and tricks

To make you guys the best Volibear player you can be, I will share some of my tips and tricks with you:

  • Rolling Thunder is an on hit effect with extra physical damage. Because of this it can be used on turrets for that bit of extra damage.
  • Cleanse does work on ignite, but only on the damage part. If you want to remove the health regen reduction, you will need a Quicksilver Sash
  • Rolling Thunder will flip the enemy directly behind you, so if an enemy is chasing down one of your carries, feel free to run behind than enemy, flip him and slow him with Majestic Roar to save that carry.
  • If your carry is in danger of getting killed, and you know you can rush in to save his life, do so. You are a tank and have more chance to survive than that carry, thus giving the enemy less of a chance at getting gold.
  • People are usually afraid of Volibear's Rolling Thunder early game, so they will try to stay away from you. Use this to get some farm in while you can.
  • The damage from Majestic Roar is instant, and can therefore be used to just get than minion kill when you autoattack didn't kill it, or when it's just out of range.
  • When fighting 1 vs 1 against an enemy on lane, and inside his minion wave, be sure to use your Majestic Roar to fear those minions, and receive less damage yourself.
  • If an enemy is really low on hp, and running away, and you can't chase him, try using Thunder Claws and hitting a nearby minion to finish him off with the lightning bounce.

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In depth skill explenation

Chosen of the Storm

Chosen of the Storm activates when you reach 30% of your maximum health. It will regenerate 30% of your maximum health over 6 seconds. This is affected by health regen reduction such as Ignite. The cooldown begins immediately after Chosen of the Storm activitates, rather than after it ends. If you get killed while Chosen of the Storm is active, it will remain on cooldown. The cooldown for Chosen of the Storm is 2 minutes.

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder gives you 15% bonus movement speed for 4 seconds and the first hit you make in those 4 seconds will deal extra physical damage and flip the hit enemy behind you. The movement speed bonus is increased to 45% when walking towards a visible enemy champion. The flip is calculated about halfway trough the animation, so you can actually flip an enemy after they used a blink or dash skill ( Flash or Arcane Shift) or you can flip an enemy the other way, if used correctly. The cooldown activates the


Frenzy gives you extra attack speed per hit, which stacks up to 3 times. After it has stacked 3 times, you can use it's active effect, which damages the enemy for a base physical damage + 15% of BONUS health + 1% extra damage for every 1% of health the target is missing. The extra damage is calculated after adding the first 2 numbers together. After the animation starts, the damage will happen, and the skill wil go on cooldown, even if the enemy used a blink skill (I.E. Flash or Arcane Shift) to get out of the range.

Majestic Roar

Majestic Roar does instant aoe magic damage which is equal to a flat amount depending on the skill level + 60% of your ap and slows everyone damaged. It also fears all minions inside it for 3 seconds. Because this damage is instant, it can be used while walking without interrupting the walking itself. It's also a very efficient last hit method.

Thunder Claws

Thunder Claws is an on hit effect which gives your autoattacks bonus magic damage based on a flat amout depending on the skill level + 30% of your ap. It also creates a lightning bolt which passes on to a nearby enemy and damages it for the same amount, after that this happens twice more, but can never happen twice on the same target. This effect lasts for 12 seconds. This skill can be activated while in Rolling Thunder mode, during which the animation will not slow you down or stop you.

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Summoner Spells

Best volibear summoner spells

I like to use this skill on Volibear the moment Chosen of the Storm activates, this way it's harder for them to burst of the 30% of hp remaining, and you will be left with the full effect of Chosen of the Storm. I choose it over Barrier because I'm more of a teamplayer.

This summoner spell is also focused on Chosen of the Storm. This will mainly be used to clear of any health reduction from any other source than Ignite, and will help you escape much easier.

This summoner spell is a favourite of mine on alot of champions, and certainly on the ones that gain damage from on hit effects, such as volibear. It also goes well with Rolling Thunder for a GREAT chase or gank.

Viable volibear summoner spells

Exhaust is a good pick on volibear, just not my favourite. I don't pick it because it's mainly offensive. When your team is losing, and you have to play defensive, the only thing you can do is exhaust the carry, and by the time you get there, you're probably dead.

You can use Ignite to finish off the enemy, but I'd rather use Frenzy for that, and if they don't get killed by that, I just run after them, which is probably a bad idea if near their turret, but you should never really be near their turret unless you have a jungler on the standby. Anyway, Ignite can be used, but not to my preference.

Then we have flash. The summoner spell claimed to be super good. I don't like it because of the long cooldown. It is usefull on the burstier champions with less hp and defense, but hey, Volibear is not one of those champions. If you have to pick between Ghost and Flash on volibear, pick Ghost

Bad volibear summoner spells

Revive, is just a bad choice of summoner spells in general. I have seen 1 case in which it worked, where a Dr. Mundo died in the teamfight after being Ignited and revived instantly, helping us win the teamfight, get baron, and end the game. 1 game out of 20 more with revive that was.

This is for junglers, and in this guide you are not one of them. Volibear IS a really good jungler, but I don't cover that in this build.

Teleport, it can be quite usefull. But because of the long cooldown and easy recognizing of it, it is a bad choice.

Barrier is a self centered summoner spell only for protecting your own *** and nothing helping out the others. I don't like it, this is a team game, and it should be played as one.

Clairvoyance is for supports, and you are not one of them. And even if you were, you wouldn't take Clairvoyance, you'd just buy wards.

Clarity is for mana hungry champions who have to spam their skills in order te be effective, and Volibear is not one of those champions.

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Main Runes


Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Mark of Attack Speed: I chose this because Volibear is an on hit effect champion. Meaning that his power comes from items that provide extra damage when an enemy is hit with an auto attack. Now, if you gain extra damage with 1 auto attack, why not get more auto attacks? Frenzy also gives you 60% extra attack speed on lvl 5 and your ult is an on hit effect, so I enhanced it with attack speed marks.

Greater Seal of Armor: This give me a bit of extra armour, which is great early game. In late game you will have enough armour from theseseals and your gaurdian angel to protect yourself from the ad carry. You will also have the hp and the magic resistance, also from your gaurdian angel but also from your Wit's End, to go with the armour.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: This magic resistance is much needed, but only late game. And since Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist gives more magic resistance late game than Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, it is a better pick.

Greater Quintessence of Health: The health is really usefull early game, because Frenzy and Chosen of the Storm stack with health and because Volibear is really squishy early game.



Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

greater mark of armor penetration: If you really want some more damage out of Frenzy, I recommend these. But again, you are not here for the damage, but for the tank. And besides, the only time you will need the damage is early and mid game, and the enemy won't have alot of armour at thtat time anyway.

Greater Seal of Health: Some extra hp is always welcome on Volibear, but it will cost you alot of armour early game, so even though your effective health and the damage on your Frenzy goes up, you will probably be squishier than with Greater Seal of Armor.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: If you're up against those pesky magic damage top champions like Teemo or Swain, these are the runes for you. You wil desperately need the extra magic resist early game against those kind of top champions.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Another thing that makes Volibear so strong, is his mobility. This mobility gives him his chasing and harassing power. Combined with his Rolling Thunder, these runes make for excellent ganking, chasing and harassing. But you are giving up on some health, which is needed so desperately early game.

More Alternatives


Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Percent Health

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor: If you take armour per lvl instead of flat armour, you will always end up with more armour, so you will be tankier late game. The problem is that Volibear needs it more early game than late game, so this is not the best choice.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: This will help you be more effective in a teamfight, as it will make you use your skills more often. But since you still are squishy early game, it will make for a bad laning phase.

Greater Quintessence of Percent Health: This is a personal favourite of mine, but I tend not to take it on volibear. Again, you need the flat health to start of your game with, so you don't get killed and harassed early game. But, the extra 4.5% of health will scale extremely well if you buy alot of health items, which is great for a champion that also has abilities which scale with health, like Volibear

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Early Core Items

Item Sequence

Nomad's Medallion

Crystalline Flask

Kindlegem: We take Kindlegem because Volibear is a health tank, meaning when building health items, he will get very strong and tanky, even more than other champs. Also the cooldown reduction is great if you want to use your Frenzy more than once in a teamfight. This is also a part of the later builded shurelya's reverie

philosopher's stone: The mana and health regeneration on this item is extremely usefull, since it gives you enough sustain to stay in lane just that bit longer to outfarm your enemy. Also the gold per 5 is usefull. This is also a part of the later builded shurelya's reverie

Crystalline Flask: This item is great. Having a health and mana potion in one, meaning less space consuming, it refreshes every time you go to base, meaning less money spending on pots. Crystalline Flask gives you more sustain and uses only 1 slot! Feel free to sell this when you need the inventory space real bad, or skipping this if your lane is going quite well.

Mid Core Items

Item Sequence

Talisman of Ascension

Warmog's Armor

Mercury's Treads: Check below for boots and explenations.

shurelya's reverie: One of the most underrated items on Volibear. This item is one of my favourites, because Volibear uses all of it's aspects. Volibear benefits greatly from the 330 health it gives, the CDR is also really usefull and helps you be more effective in a teamfight, the health regen helps you stay on the battlefield even longer, and of course, the mini Ghost aoe speed boost. This active has a short cooldown, and makes your ganks and chases so much more powerful. If your support is building one, try to consider hanging around the support more so you can use his instead, and saving you a slot for something different. Or you can just buy 2 of them, and use them after each other for a longer effect.

Warmog's Armor: The health from this item is insane. On a health tank live Volibear, this item is a must have. The health regeneration of Warmog's Armor is now also insane, and makes you stay on lane so long, the enemy won't even know what to do.

Late Core Items

Item Sequence

Guardian Angel

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Wit's End: An on hit effect item, making your autoattacks really strong, and also giving you some epic attack speed which also synchronices with Thunder Claws, which is also an on hit effect, and with Frenzy which gives you massive attack speed.

Guardian Angel: Strong on Volibear, because it gives magic resist, armour, and of course the famous ressurection. Having this item means that you will be alot tankier, and that you will be able to use your effectiveness again in a teamfight after dying.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: Another on hit effect item, which gives a nice amount of attack speed and also gives you some attack damage, and a nice amount of ability power, synchronising at a epic rate with Thunder Claws. Alternatives below.


The Right Boots

Item Sequence

Boots of Mobility

Ninja Tabi

Mercury's Treads: We take these boots because, well, alot of cc cripples Volibear, and we also need a bit of magic resist since we do not have that early game, neither from other items or runes.

Boots of Mobility: These boots give you that extra movement speed if you're roaming. Of course the only time that you would roam is when you have practically won your lane, and the other lanes are not doing that great. The bonus movement speed is usefull for ganking when combined with Rolling Thunder, and usefull for getting from lane to lane quickly.

Ninja Tabi: These boots are for when you just need that extra armour because the enemy team is kind of winning and really physical damage focused.

Item Sequence

Blade of the Ruined King


Working on it

But I don't like Guinsoo's Rageblade!

Item Sequence

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Frozen Mallet

Working on it.


The items for replacing Guinsoo's Rageblade can also easily replace Wit's End.

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Your job in teamfights is fairly simple, yet quite difficult. Because of the high mobility and the cc of Rolling Thunder you should initiate, except if anyone in your team has a stronger initiate. After this, you should always try to rush in and take out of the their carries, being the ad or the ap carry. If you have the choice, go for the ad carry, as the ap carry probably has already used his/her skills already, and has to wait for them to go off cooldown. You should not use your Rolling Thunder on an enemy tank, bruiser or support, always go for the carry. After you have flipped him, use Majestic Roar to slow him/her, and let your team finish them off. After this, your job is simply to stand there, kill of some enemies, and tank everything.

An important side note:
Try not to killsteal with Frenzy. It's simply annoying and makes your team rage. I've caught myself doing it a few times, and blaming it on the fact that I'm a bear. While this is ridiculously funny, it's very annoying for your teammates. Remember, your carry can use the kills way more than you can, so try to give them kills as often as possible.

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Added a quick teamfight section, so my guide can actually be used for things other than just reading.
Made the changelog, added some of the memes, fixed some grammar mistakes.

Some quick changes, some grammar mistakes fixed
Started working on the In Dept Ganking Guide (the idgg :D), and just, being a bear in general.

Started adapting it to season 3, finally xD

Quick edit, forgot to get surge out of the summoner spells, started reworking the calculations.

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Calculations for frenzy

I'm aware that this is outdated, I am working on it.

I will begin with this:
Frenzy stacks off BONUS health, not full health, a common mistake.
Now for the calculations:
Assuming this is late game, and you build is complete, with a fully stacked Warmog's Armor and you trusty Ionic Spark by your side.
Anyway, you will have:
920 + 350 = 1270 hp from Warmog's Armor
330 hp from shurelya's reverie
250 hp from Ionic Spark
and 26 x 3 = 78 hp from Greater Quintessence of Health
This gives a total of:
1270 + 330 + 250 + 78 = 1928 bonus hp

Now we will discuss 3 cases:

  1. 1. The target is at 100% hp
  2. 2. The target is at 50% hp
  3. 3. The target is at 20% hp

1. We have 1928 bonus hp, and frenzy damages for 15% of that, so:
1928 x 0,15 = 289,2 physical damage.
As you also begin with 260 damage, the total damage is now 260 + 289,2 = 549 physical damage in one go, with them at full hp. Not bad right? But it gets better!

2. As we saw in the last case, we had 549,2 physical damage. But now, we have a target at 50% hp, which means 50% more damage, so:
549,2 x 1,5 = 824 physical damage, which is ridiculous by itself, but it gets better!

3. As we saw in the first cas,e we had 549,2 physical damage. But now, we have a target at 20% hp, which means 80% more damage, so:
549,2 x 1,8 = 989 physical damage!
Almost 1k of damage in 1 skill, that's enough to take any carry down in 1 hit, amazing isn't it?

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Calculations for chosen of the storm

I'm aware that this is outdated, I am working on it.

Well, as you all know, Volibear has 1 more epic skill that scales with health. His hidden overpoweredness. His passive, Chosen of the Storm!
This passive allows Volibear to regenerate up to 30% of his maximum hp in 6 seconds after dropping down to 30% of his max hp. This effect has a 2 minute cooldown, which is not affected by CDR (cooldown reduction)
The following calculations are based off a full build, with my runes and they are assuming that you do not get ignited or have you hp regen cut down in any form.

We start with our base health at lvl 18, which is 1988.
As we saw from my previous calculations, this will be increased by 1928 hp so:
1988 + 1928 = 3916 hp! That's alot!
Now, 30% of this is:
3916 x 0,3 = 1174,8 hp in 6 seconds!
This makes Volibear's effective health:
3916 + 1174,8 = 5091 hp!
Which is, according to my books, alot.