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Hecarim Humor Guide by Ahpulzz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ahpulzz

OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!!! (An AP Hecarim Guide)

Ahpulzz Last updated on August 15, 2014
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Gangnam Style!!!

Welcome to my

AP Hecarim Guide!!!

______Hi there! Name's Ahpulzz, and I'm back with my second League guide! This guide will show you how to leave your enemies in disbelief as you trot all over them with the sparkly, magical hooves of...

AP Hecarim!!!

______With the ability to clear entire waves with a single spell AND obliterate anyone with a single combo, this version of Hecarim is by far the most enjoyable of all and in no time you'll be yelling "OPPA GANGNAM STYLE" and "HEYYYYYYYY SEXY LAYYYDEH" all game long!

So now that I've introduced myself, start the music and lets get this mothah rollin'!!!

Table of Contents

Pro's and Con's


  • Good sustain
  • Very mobile
  • Highly underrated
  • A stupidly powerful + effective burst combo
  • Very easy to escape with
  • Can be played both Mid and Top
  • Ridiculously fun if you get ahead :D


  • Early game can be tough
  • Somewhat squishy depending your build
  • Needs to be in melee range to deal more damage
  • Positioning is important
  • Long cooldowns between combos
  • H4ters B H4tin' ;_;

Runes and Masteries

(Before I go on, I'd like to make note that there is no definite Rune setup for this version of Hecarim, so feel free to swap them up however you like!)

A good amount of early magic penetration lets you deal as much damage as you can during the early levels to both minion and enemy. Simply the best offensive marks there are for an AP carry like yourself. ^-^

Surprisingly enough this version of Hecarim has very little mana or mana sustain, which is why I opt for scaling mana regen seals. However, that's just my preference. If you desire to be a bit tankier at the start, go ahead and take health seals, instead.

Scaling AP works fairly well as they scale past static AP by level 6, which is when you acquire your big-boy, Onslaught of Shadows. However, if you feel like you're going to have a tough time against other mages and such, you can swap those in for MR glyphs.

AP quints are great for making your Spirit of Dread hurt early on and helps you with clearing waves. Another good choice would be opting for movespeed quints, which helps a melee champions like Hecarim maneuver better and stick to his targets.

Put the majority of your points in the Offense tree and use the remaining 9 points however you like. What I like to do is put enough points into the Defense tree to get Unyielding to help tone down lane poke, and then put the rest into Utility so I can get the extra mobility. Alternatively, using the remaining points for the Juggernaut pathway will give you extra health, early tankiness, and a more defensive start.

Summoner Spells

DIS SUMMONER...(OPAFplsnerf) Combined with Devastating Charge and Onslaught of Shadows, this summoner makes it very difficult for anyone to try and take you away your glory!

Burn, baby burn, Buuuuurn, baby burn!!! Not only will this literally 'burn away' at your opponents, but unlike Spirit of Dread, you don't need to stay next to your target to deal damage!... AND it reduces healing!

You lose some potential damage from Ignite, but hey... teleporting ponies out of random bushes ain't too bad either! Once you acquire Lich Bane though, split-pushing with Teleport becomes another option - all you need is some Rampage spamming and you'll be knocking down turrets like an adorable toddler knocking down blocks!


The lack of unit collision is nice, but other than that, this passive was meant for AD/Tank Hecarim and has little use when going AP besides adding a tad bit of damage to your auto's.

Early on, this won't do much of anything other than speed up wave clearing. However, once you whip out your Lich Bane, you'll be Rampage'ing all over Summoner's Rift with your glowing, purple riding gloves and make your adversaries jealous of your attire!


With a good AP ratio and base damage, a single Spirit of Dread combined with Rampage will have you eating up minions like Psy eating bibimbap! Like in most games, eating stuff heals the main character, right?... So why shouldn't it be the same for Hecarim?? -- (Use this whenever you need more health.)

However, though this skill rocks the party with enemy champions as well, know that it requires an insane amount of electricity to maintain and can't be used again after a while... so be careful!

This is your pre-entrance before you explode into your hippity-hoppity dance in front of everybody. Make sure to warm-up and move around a lot before going all out because your damage goes up based on the distance you travel while accelerating. On another note, this skill is very useful for escaping the PoPo - you do not want to get caught by the PoPo... o-o"

Also, because Devastating Charge counts as an auto-attack it also proc's the active from Lich Bane, turning that tiny nudge into an Earth-shattering ram!!!

( Devastating Charge also works better with the more movespeed-fabric clothing you have on, thereby increasing the effectiveness of movespeed accessories, including Enchantment: Homeguard.)

This ultimate is what lets you throw yourself onto clueless opponents and unleash your righteous, unadulterated Korean fury!!! With a 100% AP ratio, not only does this ultimate deal boat-loads of damage - it comes with an AoE fear as well, leaving no opportunity for your opponents to crash the party while you're bustin' moves. As if this wasn't enough, the free usage of Onslaught of Shadows gives you both a strong combo and an even stronger escape, allowing you to waltz over the thickest walls on the map towards joy and safety.

Skill Sequence

As always, max your ultimate whenever you can. Other than that, your main priority is getting your Spirit of Dread up to par since it's your only other AP-based skill, and is what keeps the dance floor alive after your grand entrance ( Onslaught of Shadows).

Start with Spirit of Dread and leash blue. - Yes. Leash Blue. Its hard to picture, but do-able over the trees. Then at level 2, put a point in Rampage to help with wave clear/last-hitting. Continue maxing Spirit of Dread the rest of the way, with a point going into Devastating Charge at level 4.

However, while you're busy maxing out your strobe lights, you can decide to max either Rampage or Devastating Charge next. Here's what may help you decide:

  • Sustained damage
  • Better for wave clear
  • Better for dueling/sustained fights
  • Burst damage
  • Lower CD = More mobility
  • Better for combos/all-in's

Skill Rotations

( Arcane Blade = Auto-Attack)



Even simpler than the one-one-two rhythm of the Gangnam Style horse dance! If you want to clear a wave, simply flip on your W and stay close to the minions while spamming Q. If somehow you're able to get close enough to your lane opponent to make them feel uncomfortable, don't hesitate to show them the epic power of your strobe lights, either!

(Again, I will warn of this kind of harassment since you need to remain close for most of the duration if you want to deal any worthy amount of damage.)

Wait, there's more! - It works out of lane, too! <-- L0l, no 5H17... -.-


> + > > +

This is your ultimate combo!!! Literally... your ultimate combo. Anytime you see someone worthy of joining your horse-dancing crew, use this combo to explode forth and seal the deal! Simply warm up with Devastating Charge first and proceed to barrel towards your target, unleashing Onslaught of Shadows when in range and auto-attacking afterwards to hit them with Devastating Charge. However, right before you sail over your victim with Onslaught of Shadows, make sure to Deathfire Grasp them so your ulti damage is also amplified.

**IMPORTANT**: Make sure you have Deathfire Grasp available for this combo - the full burst can't be dealt without it!!!


Starting Items

Opt for a standard AP start, except swap the extra Health Potion with a Mana Potion, instead. This is because Spirit of Dread already heals you and is your main spell, so you want it available at all times.

First Back

____( )

If you want to be the horse-riding phenom you are, you need to rush Deathfire Grasp as quickly as possible. This will most likely come in the form of a Fiendish Codex followed later by a Needlessly Large Rod. However, if you happen to do well and amass a large amount of gold, skip all prior steps and buy that purple pimp cane straight up!

Also, you might figure it'd be difficult to hippitiy-hop yourself across the map on your bear feet/hooves, so do yourself a favor and buy Boots of Speed as well.

On the flip side, if your having trouble getting down the moves, an extra Doran's Ring may help. (*^-^*)


This is the all-mighty leader's baton of Gangnam Style!!! Not only can this make mediocre dancers like early-game Hecarim dance 10x better, it can be used WHILE you explode on someone with Onslaught of Shadows! Dat party don't stop for no one! ;D

-_Kicking Up the Dust_-

> >

After you finish your death-baton, you can now begin turning your newbie footwork into that of an expert! These next few items will allow you to prance around the map much faster, and add even more people to the Gangnam Style crew!

Prioritize Sheen and Lich Bane, since you'll have a hard time persuading anyone to join you without some fancy, light-up gloves. After you buy the gloves, you may now save up for the light-blue All-Stars, dubbed Sorcerer's Shoes, to further impress both friend and foe all while horse-dancing at a million miles per hour!!!

Offensive Choices

Literally, THE ability power version of Infinity Edge. Only in extreme cases would I not get this item - it simply gives too much AP to pass over!

Whether you like it or not, it will come to your enemies' senses that you rock the party way to hard. When they do, they'll build magic resist to try and knock you out of the spotlight. If or when this happens, promply grab a Void Staff and teach'em who's boss. >:l

One policy for playing AP Hecarim: Everything that builds out of Needlessly Large Rod is A+, Approved! This couldn't be more true regarding Zhonya's Hourglass, which gives you tons of AP, tons of armor, and an active that turns you into a golden statue... A GOLDEN STATUE!!!

Not getting enough health back from Spirit of Dread???
After reading this brown manual, you'll be restoring health up to your standards and then some!

The VoODo0 WaND... OO00000oooo000OOOO0000oooo000OOO000oooooo!!.....
U need a littal trinket to git rid o' da scary mojo, mon? Dis bee da one, brudda! -u-

Defensive Choices

Want blue gloves instead of purple ones? Blue gloves are better when you're against a team filled with gym-rats that love to flex their physique at people like Psy and yourself... how show-offish and rude! >:L

For all 'yall cosplayers out there. If you feel like people are judging you for being different or just focusing you in general because you are OP, show them your individuality by putting on a Guardian Angel and winging yourself to freedom! (figuratively, ofc.)

Are you a die-hard meta- Hecarim player? Yes?...
THEN GTFO OF MY GUID... jk. This is still a good item if your against a lot of AD and want an extra DoT on top of Spirit of Dread and Ignite. ^-^

For those who prefer a tanky-mage setup, these items will make you a very healthy Hecarim. No pun intended! (Again ofc, you don't have to build both.)

Game Play


Either way, I'll git back to finishing this bb in a few days hopefully. There's a bird currently trying to nest around an air vent above my stove. (fkn Swain/ Anivia/ Quinn, swear to god. -_-)

But hey!!! If you liked this guide, why not give it an ^ Upvote ^? Couldn't hurt, right? ;)


Oh, and also!... If your interested in reading more, I have my own Kassadin Guide that I made on this site. Its my first guide, and its a LOT more in-depth/informative than this guide. :P


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