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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Pantheon Build Guide by Rich4rdWildm4n

AD Offtank Pantheon [Solo Top] By Wildm4n

AD Offtank Pantheon [Solo Top] By Wildm4n

Updated on September 7, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rich4rdWildm4n Build Guide By Rich4rdWildm4n 17,752 Views 2 Comments
17,752 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rich4rdWildm4n Pantheon Build Guide By Rich4rdWildm4n Updated on September 7, 2013
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Hello and Welcome to my first guide ever. I'm here to teach you all some usefull tricks about Pantheon, The Artisan of War.
Why am I talking about this champion and not another one? In my opinion, this is the best solo top in LoL, and my favourite champion (my main).
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Pros / Cons

  • Fun to Play
  • Good Early Game
  • Nice to turret Dive
  • Ultimate Grand Skyfall works as teleport, and it's nice to enter team fights

  • Mana Problems
  • Grand Skyfall hard to hit, needs practice.
  • Not a great sustain (Pre-6)
  • He has no face :(
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While playing as Solo Top, Attack Damage will help you in the normal 1v1 fights and, mostly, will help you to farm easily and faster. For any good ADOfftank and ADcaster it's pretty good to have a great AD bónus in early game, since you will be in advantage against an enemy without runes. Flat AD runes help you more than Scaling AD runes.
Also while playing Solo Top, in early game, you will need to lose the less Health possible. Minions will not take you as much Health as they would take if you were without Armor runes. Possibly this can save you against most solo tops as Darius (Which you counter) and Wukong
When solo top, you have to Grant much sustain as you can, so, survivability it's really important. Against AP solo tops as Teemo and Akali, this will give you a survivability bonus.
This have the same explanation as the marks.

Viable Choices

If you bet on mid/late game, and if you think you can survive withou Magic Resist til a nice level, then this Runes are also a good viable choice.
When playing solo top, head to the base quicklier is a nice thing, but the utilitys of this Quints are great. When chasing the enemy, having more speed then him is great to approach and stun with Aegis of Zeonia.
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I do my masteries based on an agressive playstyle.
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Summuner Spells


Teleport grants a nice sustain, teleporting to the lane when you need to head to the base.
Cause of Pantheon lesser escaping methods, Flash is a usefull spell.

Other Viable Choices

Ghost can be used as Flash to escape, or has teleport to head to the turret quickly.
Ignite This spell is pretty usefull to Grant kills with bother to chase the enemy, when he is low Health or to counter Healing spells as Master Yi, Meditate
Barrier It's nice to save yourself of some other spells as Miss Fortune and Tristana "Ignites" or of a regular Ignite
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Skills and Order

I think you have to give priority to Pantheon Spear Shot, cause it's his harassing abilitie. Basicly, you only use Spear Shot and Heartseeker Strike to deal damage, and Aegis of Zeonia to stun the enemy. The ultimate, Grand Skyfall is a nice abilitie to grant more sustain, and you can use it as a teleport, or a teamfight opener.

Priority Order :

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Items and Builds

Standard Solo Top

This kind of boots are the tankiness and survivability usual in a Solo Top ADofftank. You have other options do not make you feel secure due to the tenacity, but they actually do work pretty well
Berserker's Greaves Are also usual on Pantheon, but i think it's not reccomended for him.
Ninja Tabi Better boots against low CC and heavy AD champs.
Mobility Boots are a nice choice to going ganking mid quickly, or move to another part of the map quicklier.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity works on Pantheon cause he really needs CDred, but i don't recomende this boots.
This item is the best option there is for Pantheon. It gives everything a Solo Top needs: AD, ArmorPen, Health and CDred. The item passive allows you to fight agains heavy armored champions as Malphite or Rammus.
Last Whisper it's a nice choice for Black Cleaver place, if you have to bet on ArmorPen.
The best item on Pantheon. It gives you AD, LOTS of tankiness and that **** passive that slows up the enemies on every basic attack. I can't actually think of using Pantheon without this item, it's just perfect.
It's a nice item for survivability, necessary to any solo top. The regenaration of Health helps you to sustain the lane longer.
Sunfire Aegis You can get, as in Warmog's Armor, lots of Health, and, with this item you get na extra protection against AD champions in top. Sunfire Aegis is usefull also to deal damage to all the enemy team in team fights.
Randuin's Omen it's usefull if youre being kicked. You can play as Frosty Pantheon, and get lost of slows with this items. U also get bónus Armor, Health etc...
You're playing as and ADCaster soo, the CD reduction, and the Armor Penetration gives you everything you need.
Muramana Nice choice to replace Youmuu's Ghostblade, since you can correct the mana fails, and dealing damage based on that mana, getting also a extra AD.
Infinity Edge The most offensive item you can get, it provides you lots of AD and critical's. U can replace Youmuu's Ghostblade by Infinity Edge mostly when your team (and you) are owning the other team. This way, you'll get kills quicklier.
Blade of the Ruined King It's a great item to Grant more sustain due to life-steal but, also it makes easier too get your enemies killed faster. (AD / AtkSpeed). Greatful item.
It's the ultimate life steal item. When you get kills, you get more Damage and Life steal. If the game is being good for you, i reccomend this.
Ravenous Hydra If the game is being bad for you and your team, i reccomend this. With this u can get AoE damage out of basic attacks.


Starting Items

You need to, when solo top, hold on top the most time you can. As Pantheon has lots of Mana Problems i reccomend to get or the standard with Mana pots: Boots; 2x Health Potion; 1x Mana Potion or, my favourite, starting up with Crystalline Flask; 1x Mana Potion or Health Potion ; Sight Ward


I basicly make my first 3 items based on the most Important items for Pantheon. Soo, the first 3 items to get, are tankiness items, 1 of them are the boots.

I start by making the Boots, Mercury's Treads or against low CC and AD champs, Ninja Tabi; next i build Frozen Mallet or Black Cleaver depending if I whant a more Offensive or Deffensive start, but i end by buying both.
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17/04/13 : FINISHED
19/04/13 : Update Started
19/04/13 : Item changings (In Progress)
28/05/13 : Fully Changed (Item Updated)
03/06/13 : Items Changings (In Progress)
05/06/13 : Updated finished
05/07/13 : Monthly Check-up Updates (Added Blade of the Ruined King and Ninja Tabi to optionals)(Abilitie Order Changed)

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rich4rdWildm4n
Rich4rdWildm4n Pantheon Guide
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Pantheon [Solo Top] By Wildm4n

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